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Give me one reason why I shouldn't.


more like OpenButtslut


Open Butt slut dick.


What is the difference between this and FreeBSD? What apps run on it that don't run on Linux?


Because if you aren't personally targeted by hackers it's probably a waste. Also, far less compatibility than Linux or even other *BSDs. Check everything you need a computer for is supported before you migrate.

>What is the difference between this and FreeBSD?
Core focus on security, willing to sacrifice other things for it.
https://teddit.net/r/freebsd/comments/khdluc/freebsd_vs_openbsd/ for further reading links.

See also HardenedBSD.


The bootlicking software license.


File: 1624236252316.jpg ( 70.22 KB , 980x653 , 1623105716400.jpg )

Yeah that's pretty gay, but, arguably it's less boot licky to have a group of devs democratically voted on to pass commits for code changes to the kernel and such. Also it's not like they are forcing us to use proprietary software. But i do agree


I don't get the capability argument. The only people that really suffer are NVIDIA fags. My AMD Ryzen will be unfazed.


>democratically voting on people
Please do not use words you do not understand. Elections are not democratic.


Wtf is this autism.

What do you think communism is retard. Can you faggots go for five seconds with out dragging out your gay ass tabkie bullshit. American elections under borg democracy are not the same thing as voting on people in and running your party you fucking faggots.

Work places should be run this way our mod team runs things democratically to some degree. This is just ideology. Stop it.


Arguably democracy is a very ambiguous word, but a marxist refutation of the represenativeness of OpenBSD's voting procedures would involve first examining potential factors like vendor pressure.


Democracy is voting to make decisions, elections have always been oligarchic in nature. You're operating on a misinformed definition of democracy that stems from an Orwellian inversion of meaning peddled by aristocrats in the late 18th century. Aristotle outlines clearly in his Politics that the people who actually invented democracy considered sortition to be democratic while elections have a tendency to select for people who are already in the upper levels of society.

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