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What are your favorite distributions and why?


I just use Debian because it's great for lazy cunts like me. Though the deliberate outdatedness is occasionally inconvenient.


Linux Mint because I'm a noob mouth-breather.


A lot of packages do have backports


Xubuntu/Lubuntu on my desktops/laptops because I just want shit to work. I'm probably going to move off them to Devuan in the future though, after Canonical made the decision to drop 32-bit libraries and fuck over the Wine project. Void Linux is my preferred distro for servers because it's nice and simple.


Manjaro, it's all the benefits of Arch for people who don't want to spend time keeping up maintenance with it.


Arch Linux ofc cuz i set it up the way i want to


I've been using Arch Linux for four years now, I think.
I might try Gentoo just to see what it's like, maybe burn a few CPU cores.


wish I knew how to use distros but im too retarded


File: 1621690326841.jpg ( 132.69 KB , 1000x1414 , debian-stable.jpg )



void because it's what archfags think arch is
great package manager, uses runit, it was a total pain to put together at the start because it really comes with fucking nothing unless you install a DE flavor (then its a piece of cake), but now it's the smoothest OS iv'e used, totally perfect for my needs at least
debian is also great, but fuck stable cuz it's way fucking behind on shit
on one computer i couldnt get debian to work forever, until i tried using unstable and bam everything worked wow
also debian docs are literal shit. God bless arch and gentoo nerds for writing dogs for all the other underdocumented projects out there

anything ubuntu is literally the worst trash
if your distro looks like windows, kill yourself
if it has a "trash can", set your computer on fire
ja bless


KDE Neon.

Yes, it's based on Ubuntu. I don't care if it is a noob distro or not as cool as Arch or Void.


Arch, because the AUR is a godsend and the packages are up-to-date


I really want to like Guix


File: 1623738851555.jpg ( 45.45 KB , 512x468 , 1623679220811.jpg )

Gentoo is the only Distro worth anything. Emerge and Portage give you total control over your machine. The minimalist nature of it means you know everything going on inside your machine and it gives you a unique understanding about only computers and linux machines function on a level that other Distros cannot and will never be able to give you. Gentoo is literally the only Distro worth anything.


OpenBSD because there have only ever been two exploits discovered in its history. They test every change to the OS before releasing, cannot say the same about most Linux distros.


Linux Mint because it's perfect for lazy fucks. I still tighten and strip down the system a bit post-install, use my own forks of some Mint programs, but it's much less work for a very polished system than setting everything up by myself from scratch. And I really don't have the will to maintain a system anymore.

If LM disappeared then I'd try Parrot OS.


Why don't you?


File: 1623753876229.png ( 62.51 KB , 295x273 , 1621539959934.png )

LM was the first OS I ever used for Linux and if you are openly making declarations of your laziness then I can't fault you. Hell, I use Gentoo on my desktop but i installed Ubuntu on my laptop just out of sheer laziness. Mint is a great Os though and I can't knock you for using it for the sake of laziness.


Fedora for desktop and Centos for servers.


Debian, because it just werks


Debian. Works for almost every use case from making old computers still useful to my daily programming work, container shit, server side stuff, etc. and has a massive community that ensures that you have reasonably up-to-date versions of every software within the linux/unix ecosystem.

Also it helps that at least some who use and develop for it still have an ideological inclination towards the FSF and real free software instead of being fronts for corporate shit (Fedora, Ubuntu, etc) or total sellouts like the user-focused ones whose priorities lie more towards being Apple clones in functionality instead of free software.

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