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File: 1627273089378.jpeg ( 3.15 KB , 216x233 , download (2).jpeg )


The shovel is a simple tool used to dig various substances
You can use a shovel to dig farmland, roads, tunnels, holes, mines, foundations, or digging away unwanted substances like chemical waste and mud
A shovels ability to dig however is restricted by the density of the blade, a light plastic shovel will be able to dig conserdiably less than a heavier steel shovel, remember the denser the blade the more you can dig as the mass of the force struck towards the earth when digging overcomes the mass of the ground within a designated area.


I found out that if you pour water on dirt it becomes easier to shovel


File: 1627812678048.jpg ( 43.32 KB , 800x650 , shovel.jpg )



Kek you forgot to include the part where it breaks after a year of use


File: 1628328942766.jpeg ( 56.4 KB , 1500x1500 , d9a9b3df-dd5b-47ba-8196-f….jpeg )

Shovels are the perfect tool to keep in your car. The best shovels are Spetsnaz shovels that can be used as an offensive tool against road rage attackers, as well as a tool to help you when your car is bogged down. Unlike a gun, you can keep a Spetsnaz shovel next to you when driving and the police will not bother you anywhere.

File: 1624044683483-0.jpg ( 288.01 KB , 2000x1716 , PinebookMain.jpg )

File: 1624044683483-1.jpg ( 749.45 KB , 1333x2000 , LuneOS.jpg )


Does anybody here use any Pine devices such as PinePhone or PineBook?
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File: 1624076654985.png ( 937.74 KB , 1280x720 , 1624071559119.png )



When my phone dies i'm going for a pinephone. I fucking hate android


Yes. I bought a PineBook Pro to be my new primary machine. It's nice enough, but the default OS is terrible, and I haven't fixed this yet.


i bought a beta edition pinephone and i run postmarketos. the default was manjaro arm; WAY buggier and harder to use than postmarketos. but the phone in general is buggy and fragile. i love the hardware switches and getting to use a linux terminal, but the microphone is now broken and it can no longer be used daily (i swapped back to my android ;_;)

pinephones need to mature a lot before even regular linux users can feel comfortable on it. need to mature even more, for even a fraction of normies. i say, keep up the good work, and i'll buy another in a few years.


Does Tinder work on pinephones?

File: 1617905774705.jpg ( 155.67 KB , 1280x804 , EtRGx4dXEAEtHlj.jpg )


Any programmers here? I thought about simulating a population organizing resources for a while. Nothing serious, just doing it for fun. Anyone tried that before in their free time? Do you have any conceptual starting points? I will start:

Type: Person
Attributes: sex, age_range
That is to predict how much resources they themselves need and how much work they can produce. All based on averages.

Type: Resource
Attributes: quantity, state
Subtypes: metal, mineral, wood, food
The attribute "state" describes for example if the resource has been refined based on some procedure. The mentioned subtypes have further subtypes of course.

Type: Product
Attribute: kcal, components
Subtypes: electronics, furniture, dish
kcal is supposed to represent the average amount of work exerted with the most efficient available tools available to produce the product.
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Brainlet here, but for the "Too simple" etc etc didn't Cockshott make an open source program in Julia for planning?
Couldn't you anons use this as a base?


Cockshott has a github with some relevant code: https://github.com/wc22m?tab=repositories


yes that works but the question is scale


Write an OpenTTD script/bot or whatever


At such simplistic level you could just structure the whole thing on iterations, so you have a simple mathematical function that takes the current state as input and transforms it according to some chosen model to produce a new state which is then again fed as input. Then just iterate to see how it behaves through hundreds of generations.

File: 1628134482894.jpg ( 19.16 KB , 500x449 , 1608525720577.jpg )


Does anyone know a type of petrol that turns into a gas and gives off heat without turning into carbon dioxide and water vapour?
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But doesnt hydrocarbons when burned into a gas naturally diffuse heat(energy) until it returns into its base temperature resulting in it becoming a fluid again? In this context fuel is ignited turning into hydro carbonic gas before releasing its heat into the water turning it into water vapour. That released heat allows the fuel to turn back into liquid with reduced mass


no. burning stuff results in a chemical change, not just a phase change
you can turn CO2 + H2O back into hydrocarbons, but it requires an entirely different process. specifically, it requires a reducing environment. if you run CO2 + H2O over hot coals in an oxygen free environment you'll generate syngas which in turn can be turned into hydrocarbons


CO2 + H2O + 2C + energy -> 3CO + H2 (syngas)
this process requires coal and is endothermic
then apply https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischer%E2%80%93Tropsch_process which mostly requires steam and is exothermic
I'm not sure whether the combined process is endothermic or exothermic. probably endothermic because the coals have to be red hot


What about oxygen free fuel tanks where the petrol has nothing to combust with then what?


uh.. you typically don't have fire in your fuel tank

File: 1626893822250.jpg ( 83.39 KB , 807x1100 , batteryhouse.jpg )


Here is a video from a nice youtube channel that combines entertainment with education.

If you didn't watch, it explains the potential for using the heat storage capacity of houses to buffer energy for reducing peak loads on the grid and for buffering renewable energy fluctuations. This can be achieved by using networked devices like the so called smart thermostats that dynamically time shift energy consumption from heating and cooling in the home to low-power-demand periods of the day like late into the night.

It's a very efficient scheme, but reality will look very different. Technical optimization of this type produce a value add which could be used for the benefit of the end user like the video describes it, but that value add is going to be captured by capitalists instead. They will use any of these efficiency gains to reduce their investment-cost in fixed capital like power-transmission-lines and generators. They will not do stuff like improve the grid capacity, they will maximize switching off low income users as long as the existing capacity is enough to not inconvenience all the rich people that will pay higher rates. It will create a divide in society for the ability to use energy.

But minimizing cost and maximizing profitability at the expense of end users is not the only abuse vector. It allows for energy use profiling, which causes all sorts of privacy violations. These will have consequences like the power company being able to find out about your "inflexible power demands" where you will pay the higher electricity price no matter what. Do you like to brew hot caffeinated been juice in the morning ?, well get ready to have your addiction monetized!

This system also gives Capitalists the ability to influence demand. Capitalists do not want to sell commodities for low prices with low profit margins they want to sell for high prices with high profit margins. So what will capitalists do with the ability to control electricity demand, they will remotely switch on stuff until demand causes the prices for electricity to reach the highest level the market will bare. If they can control your heater or cooler they will crank it up to eleven during a demand-troth. If they can they will switch on the heater and the AC at the same time so you don't notice a temperature difference, but Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


A friend linked that video yesterday, it took him 10 minutes to admit what that alternative was, I stopped watching after that. uygha just babbles around, get to the point smh


Tech solutionism that only optimizes negative effects without attacking the cause. But prolonging the lifespan of capitalism with superficial gadgets is a profitable market right now. Top porkies (investors) just love the idea that we simply need better tech, they're the primary dupes of this snake oil sold by entrepreneurs.


Just hire a union of bricklayers to build you a masonry stove in exchange for labour-day vouchers, then use logs from local kolkhoz managed horticulture area to fuel it up. Why pay the greedy capitalists for heat when you live in USA where it's above freezing point 11 months of the year, right? Just don't trip over your power cord extenders and die in a styrofoam-OSB housefire, okay?

File: 1622826507101.png ( 1.26 MB , 2000x2061 , lispers-unite.png )


Lispers of the world, unite!
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hwath goingon guyth?

fewoew lithper here!


Is nim a lisp?


Why would it be?


File: 1628114793637.jpg ( 11.47 KB , 480x360 , hqdefault(1).jpg )

He's right, you know.


>being a femboy is exploitation
wtf i love capitalism now

File: 1628101000231.jpg ( 28.03 KB , 768x432 , new20210204_ROW_TEGUH_APRI….jpg )



I need some real user data, namely - URLs, timestamps and some extra information about the visit. User must behave normally, so typical "pay Turks 1$ and ask them to do actions you need" does not work.

Where can I get such data? As far as I understand, botnet owners might help collecting that. Where can I rent a botnet?


Added: I do not need passwords or personal data, but I do need detailed events, such as knowledge of from which page user navigated to current one.

File: 1624167488802.jpeg ( 7.54 KB , 293x172 , hands.jpeg )


Why does Rust get hate here? I know its a memed language but is there any good reason not to use it other than be contrarian?
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Rust is nearly inseparable from its cultish, toxic, idpol-heavy community.


No it isn't. I use it for loads of stuff and I never interact with them.
The main problem with it is its LLVM dependency and the lack of a GPL'd toolchain. Apart from this, other infra dependencies like crates.io, which is tied into github. Hopefully we can have a GPL toolchain for it and idk maybe cargo can use other package hosts than crates.io.


I think there's some work on getting it to work with gcc. Then, to be extra based, Guix could be used instead of crates. The permissive cultists that plague Rust would be seething.


Rust is the effeminate man's Ada.


It's a fine language.
I've seen people seethe because it isn't C or C++.
Monolinguists are weird.

File: 1625962966349.jpg ( 28.25 KB , 321x445 , holy.jpg )


Why is lib culture infesting Free Software (or rather, open source) so god damn much?

Contributor Covenant, RMS cancelling, master -> main, it just keeps on going. It seems like everywhere I talk about software that isn't here or 4cuck, 70% of people hold these retarded liberal views. Why is this and what can be done about it?
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>The difference is when Red Hat is contracted to run Linux systems, if they find a bug and fix it, they are legally obliged to publish the patch as per the GPL.
That's not true, if they only patch the bugs in their system and don't release it anywhere else then every user already has access to the source code and they are under no obligation to submit the fix or even acknowledge the existence of a bug.


>RMS cancelling
Maybe he shouldn't have said what he did? Even for very based people, there are consequences for saying very poorly worded statements. It doesn't seem to have ultimately affected things, isn't he reinstated?

>Why master -> main

>Because corporations
This is the only thing that needs to be said. Corporations need to look good.

This is where you are wrong. The thing that makes the GPL "strong" is that you can't relicense it without the consent of the contributors like you can with BSD or MIT. Audacity is still governed by the GPL but developers now have to agree to a developer agreement to relinquish their vote should a time come when that becomes an issue. The claim was that this was necessary since many old developers who worked on the project had since dropped off the face of the earth and e-mails sent to them about license changes bounced back. I think Stallman intended necessarily for it to be very challenging and problematic to change licenses for a large project.


> I don't see too many college professors filling blogs and YouTube with free college-grade lessons, or open sourced books
Guess it depends on who you are talking about, then. Some of my favorite processors wrote a textbook that they licensed with Creative Commons licenses so that students could freely acquire the book at no direct cost.


You have to go back


Yeah, but does Audacity still have the support of GPL supporters?

File: 1613003768241.jpeg ( 14.8 KB , 474x249 , 09876546789.jpeg )


Hello tech! Recently I have been feeling a bit nostalgic as of late and I am looking to build a computer with the best specs I can put in it that will still be reasonable and run windows 98 for nostalgia and classic computer gaming purposes. The only issue I am having trouble with is where, exactly, to start. I was around during this time, but, I was not exactly very tech savvy. I am curious if anyone would have any ideas for how this build should go. What case should I use? Hard drive? Floppy drive? Etc etc.

Would enjoy to get this off the ground. I think it would be a neat project. If you have any advice let me know. Thanks, tech.
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File: 1627873364945.gif ( 858.82 KB , 500x500 , start.gif )

The USB stick floppy drive emulator exists right in the middle of that uncomfortable purity spectrum for me. They even make ones that emit fake floppy drive noises.
That's not to shit on your project OP. At least your nostalgia project can be built. That has always been the beauty of *personal* computers. Everything goes to shit the second your nostalgia project requires active participation of other people.

For group stuff, it's best to accept that the past is a place you can no longer visit. You lived in Rome. Visiting ruined temples, or a museum, or throwing a toga party are not going to be acceptable substitutes.

(Actually the historical reenactment example might be bad, because that community has some of the worst purity fights ever)


File: 1627877343983-0.png ( 497.26 KB , 646x674 , VRChat-GIJoeC64.png )

File: 1627877343983-1.gif ( 11.81 KB , 640x480 , TRS80cass.gif )

Not OP but for group stuff I think virtual is safest route to go for nostalgia. It makes sense to feed virtual disks into a virtual computer where disk images are models of disks and the drive is a model of a drive. Though it is not a new idea, it is just a number of frontends don't think much about the physical they are representing other then how to show the image when it was meant to be shown on a CRT.


Virtual is exactly what purity spergs are most opposed to.
Minutes after making that last post, I came across some people arguing about setting up a retro arcade cabinet. Practicality of running a particular retro game, vs not having the hardware to run it and having to put a x86-64 running an emulator in the cabinet.

And since you posted a c64, most c64fags won't accept an emulated SID chip because it doesn't sound exactly like it did in their childhood.


Yes because they focus on the physical artifacts from that time while on the opposite end those making VR frontends for emulators are focusing on the experience.


And that's why I'm anti-nostalgiafagging, and avoided going down that potentially very expensive rabbit hole.
By the way, if you make a perfect VR experience then nostaligafags will complain that it doesn't replicate the correct smell of body-odor from a real arcade.

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