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how do you glowproof your PC? Do I need to learn how to set up Gentoo? I feel like I'm being watched every second by glowuyghurs, winglows 10 and hackers. They're mining all my data. They're watching me. How do I stop that? I also feel like if I wanted to transfer my files to another computer they would just embed their viruses into my files and infect the next computer. How do you stop it?


Install OpenBSD, stop using Google services.

But for real? They aren't really looking at YOU individually, so just try to evade Google produtcs (google.com, gmail, google calendar…) and you'll be fine


They are looking at me individually, they do watch me. I know.
AND it's hard not to use google when it's the only way I can extract certain infos. Such as, it's hard for me to extract info. There's commands you can do on google like direct quotations (say I want to search for "beanie babies" in quotes and not beanie babies without, it gives different results… or a certain timeline "2008..2010" for instance…), these features don't appear on Startpage or DuckDuckGo (the latter of which I distrust anyway). Is it available on Searx?


I think Searx should work like google

If you don't trust them use Tor to browse google then


I may try Googling through Tor if Searx doesn't work… although that might work slower.


another schizo here with a simple question, would it be a safer bet to get a core/librebooted thinkpad with me_cleaner or a pre-PSP amd cpu? i dont plan on doing anything resource intensive


The best way to escape the glow for sure is to stop using the internet.
It's probably not worth it.


It's impossible to stop the glow, it can only be mitigated especially if you're targetted by them. The only way is to stop using the internet on ur PC or phone.


>It's impossible to stop the glow
That seems perhaps too pessimistic. The glow are technically just hackers, and if they can't be stopped it would mean that eventually everything would succumb to hacking-chaos. It's probably a long road until glow proofing personal computers can be done with reasonable effort but we should not consider it a categorical impossibility.


You can't really glow.proof it but you can make it a pain in the ass for them


It is not possible to truly glow-proof a modern PC that is connected to the internet. These machines are so complex that there will always be some vulnerability somewhere. This is especially true when dealing with the feds as they are known to sit on exploits they discover so they aren't patched [https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/08/the_nsa_is_hoar.html]. There are some vulnerabilities that go down to the processor level, like Intel IME [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_Engine]. No computer can be assumed to be 100% secure.
The best most of us can hope to do is opt out of dragnet surveillance. This can be done by not giving out personally identifiable info: IP, govt. name, home address, traceable email/phone, credit card, etc; general avoidance of big web services; and don't use windows, android, or any other corporate or state produced OS. If your worried about targeted surveillance from the Feds, only real chance is with Tor or non-US vpn but even that's not a sure thing. Probably the single best thing you can do is to encrypt your hard drive, because that denies them the option of simply breaking down your door and seizing your machine to gather evidence. However none this is 100% effective, there will always be a vulnerability somewhere, your best bet at beating the feds is the fact that they have to economize their efforts and probably won't use their most exotic stuff on you unless you're a state actor or a violent terrorist.


1. me_cleaner or old processor without ME
2. coreboot
3. source-based distro like guix or gentoo (preferably without binary blobs
4. mandatory access control, containerization, sandboxing and the like


also 5. LUKS encryption

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