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File: 1659749724043.png ( 87.89 KB , 568x548 , 1654098695300.png )


More people should use the pleroma and full up the shout box with fun activity.
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It's not really social media though. Most people who use it have a chan culture aspect about them.


If you have a profile (it doesn't matter if it's privacy friendly or anonymous) and there is some sort of point system, it's going to have a social media culture. It's not twitter, obviously, because 90% of the users are not normies.
You can't discuss freely like in an ib because anyone can read what you wrote 5 months ago. Or even worse, try to doxx you to win the conversation or refute your argument.

Social media is pure toxicity and the fediverse didn't change anything.


You clearly have never used a fedi instance and clearly know nothing about privacy in the first place. The point of an anonymous handle is exactly so you can't get doxx'd. That just isn't true because what breeds the type of toxicity you are so paranoid about is having an identity that can be traced. You're wrong. Arguably the ability for me to point out that you are a sour retarded fag who doesn't know jack shit because of my anonymity here is as toxic if not more so than social media. Fedual is a pseudo anonymous culture


>The point of an anonymous handle is exactly so you can't get doxx'd
Being able to know what you said 7 months ago, it's a form of doxxing. Your profile is public and anyone can do it.
If you have an identify and a point based system, most people are going to try to be popular in there. This is why I said private social media will remain toxic, the fedi didn't change the culture.


Oh I guess I should re-read what you said, but, still I don't think the same culture you are talking about applies to the fedi and you're expanding your definitions so much that you can basically apply anything to it. I disagree with that and I have been lurking the fedi for months now.

File: 1623980542452.png ( 1.37 MB , 900x900 , ClipboardImage.png )


how do you glowproof your PC? Do I need to learn how to set up Gentoo? I feel like I'm being watched every second by glowuyghurs, winglows 10 and hackers. They're mining all my data. They're watching me. How do I stop that? I also feel like if I wanted to transfer my files to another computer they would just embed their viruses into my files and infect the next computer. How do you stop it?
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You can't really glow.proof it but you can make it a pain in the ass for them


It is not possible to truly glow-proof a modern PC that is connected to the internet. These machines are so complex that there will always be some vulnerability somewhere. This is especially true when dealing with the feds as they are known to sit on exploits they discover so they aren't patched [https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/08/the_nsa_is_hoar.html]. There are some vulnerabilities that go down to the processor level, like Intel IME [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_Engine]. No computer can be assumed to be 100% secure.
The best most of us can hope to do is opt out of dragnet surveillance. This can be done by not giving out personally identifiable info: IP, govt. name, home address, traceable email/phone, credit card, etc; general avoidance of big web services; and don't use windows, android, or any other corporate or state produced OS. If your worried about targeted surveillance from the Feds, only real chance is with Tor or non-US vpn but even that's not a sure thing. Probably the single best thing you can do is to encrypt your hard drive, because that denies them the option of simply breaking down your door and seizing your machine to gather evidence. However none this is 100% effective, there will always be a vulnerability somewhere, your best bet at beating the feds is the fact that they have to economize their efforts and probably won't use their most exotic stuff on you unless you're a state actor or a violent terrorist.


1. me_cleaner or old processor without ME
2. coreboot
3. source-based distro like guix or gentoo (preferably without binary blobs
4. mandatory access control, containerization, sandboxing and the like


also 5. LUKS encryption


Liberte Linux ( https://dee.su/liberte ) is an ultralight (~210Meg ROM, ~192Meg RAM, x86 Pentium Ⅲ) that has both Tor and i2p, first to have UEFI safe boot and laptop mode tools, which are a requirement for my needs and maybe even yours


Literally never heard of this can't tell if spam or not.


>Literally never heard of this
It is very old (around 2011 timeframe).
From the days of Arab Spring and Operation Darknet.
You can tell from the old headless suit Anonymous logo and the copyright dates on the website.


arab spring was deep state op why are you shilling an NSA/CIA distro?
idk what operation darknet tried to achieve but certainly not the shutting down of child porn sites or they would have spent their energy informing people about the world's largest social network for pedophiles:
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0 (Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019))
See also Tracy Twyman

File: 1648405739697.jpg ( 22.38 KB , 480x438 , FB_IMG_1498226686108.jpg )


I recently opened up my own HTTP page and it's incredibly trivial and easy. I know Luke Smith is a faggot but he has solid advice on starting a web page. Using his tutorial on landchad.net I was able to get the site up and running in about 3 hours. Then in 2 days with some on the cuff learning of basic HTML and CSS I had my own perfectly respectable we space up and running in no time.

https://leftychad.net you can also do this and I believe that an ecosystem of interconnected webspaces each self hosted is far superior than the soy model of imageboards implemented by our other peers. Just host your own website and you won't have to deal with faggy mods banning you.
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File: 1658480891567.jpg ( 85.73 KB , 1069x1280 , 1654093581598.jpg )

This is another thing I am back and forth on. On one hand I agree that people will be pushed in a more radical direction. On the other hand, Karl Marx ans Engles, specifically, did not have to deal with what we have to deal with today and I think they underestimated how nefarious capitalism truly could be.
I mean, think about it, we have think tanks like citizens united and nut cases like Alex jones and fox news all working as reactionary wings of the federal government trying to convince people that the answers are jews and mexicans and not the system itself and, to a degree that isn't arbitrary, it's working.


Something to think about; The Democratic party works very hard to keep third parties off the ballot

This shows a certain weakness that might be exploited, at the very least they're occluding Engel's barometer I reckon


>Engles barometer

What do you mean friend?

Yes they do fight to keep third parties off the ballot but they are so successful…

To qoute Lenin: What is to be done?


>Yes they do fight to keep third parties off the ballot but they are so successful…
>To qoute Lenin: What is to be done?

That makes the process undemocratic. If they expend a lot of effort to prevent a third party, they are telling you that a third party might be effective. Despite many attempts to create third parties, this has failed.

It could be that it is possible to create a third party and that failure was lack of political appeal.
A third party would have to position itself as "neither DEM nor REP" and pander to the the politically disenfranchised people who no longueur vote at all, and those that are taken hostage by either of the 2 big bourgeois parties.

It could be that the game is entirely rigged and bourgeois politics is 100% spectacle without political substance.
In that case you have to create your own separate elections, that they can't rig. And the battle for democracy then becomes a 2 stage battle. First winning the masses over to consider your new election system the most legitimate one, and the second to actually win the elections inside your own system, without rigging it.

If you went for a new system it would probably be easier to have just an election lottery. Everybody would be allowed to sign up and representatives would be chosen by the luck of the draw out of all the people that signed up. This system is simpler to set up and much less vulnerable to manipulation, and the bourgeoisie doesn't get to use their advantage in promoting political candidates, because there is no electioneering. This would be set up as an opinion poll that seeks to gain influence. if you gain traction with this you could ad more democratic features like polling everybody that signed up for their policy preferences.


I think the best way to do something like that would be to organize people into labor unions again on principles like this as the ultimate goal. Sortition on top of these sounds quite nice.

File: 1608526088541.png ( 368.59 KB , 680x838 , dangerously based.png )

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I've decided to make my script open source. Enjoy.

Edit: This script has been banned on leftypol, hobby, tech, edu, games, gulag and anime. But you can still post with it in this thread, I guess.
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This is bunkerchan in all but name


Make pls




File: 1658308826614.gif ( 1.05 MB , 498x498 , cow.gif )

>make fun novelty
>mods kill its use


You can post wojacks here

File: 1628429077559-0.jpg ( 43.27 KB , 1000x631 , nuclear spacetug1.jpg )

File: 1628429077559-1.jpg ( 76.14 KB , 1024x511 , nuclear spacetug2.jpg )

File: 1628429077559-2.jpg ( 29.25 KB , 730x423 , nuclear spacetug3.jpg )


Russia is building a new spaceship they call Zeus, it's made by Roscosmos and it's a nuclear powered space tug.
It uses a regular chemical first-stage booster for going to orbit, but once in space they say it will be very fast and out run anything using chemical thrusters. Apparently Russia never stopped working on space reactors, and they do seem to be on track for meeting their timeline to get this thing operational in 2030. It's apparently meant to out-compete Spacex starship in interplanetary travel in speed and cost. It's not a direct nuclear propulsion it's a nuclear reactor powering a plasma thruster, so it's less hardcore than direct nuclear propulsion like an Orion-drive but it's also more realistic that it will actually take flight.

Does anybody know how well this will work ?
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File: 1656655044009.jpg ( 92.67 KB , 960x540 , ezgif-2-22da00cd06.jpg )

forgot pic
So these numbers represent the potential for starship at its peak. even in the unlikely event these numbers end up being off by a factor of 10 that would only make the sls 100x more expensive rather then 1000x more expensive. The cost savings would allow public space to focus on making and launching more nuclear ships, maybe hundreds, rather then paying out the ass just to get a couple ships to space. Spacex is going to mass produce the starship like it was an automobile, the plan is for a starship to roll off the assembly line every 72 hours. Every 72 hours a new starship capable of launching 3 times a day every day for years, thousands will be built do you not get it?

People are sleeping on this because they can't wrap their heads around the absolute scale of it, the brain simply refuses to accept it, we've been so conditioned for low expectations, happy with a couple space telescopes every few decades and maybe 2 or 3 rovers on mars, a few flybys. That's not a space age, that's a few toys and some neat pictures.

The approximate total mass to orbit, everything put into space, throughout the entire history of space travel to the present day is roughly 15 million kg. A thousand starships launching 3x a day could put that much mass into orbit in 2 months. 70 years worth of payload capacity in 2 months. 6 times the entire history of man in space every year. 60x times everything put up there so far in a decade.

There is essentially no limit, the public space program won't have to hold itself back anymore. All the space telescopes and space stations and nuclear whatevers, rovers, human colonies. Whatever the fuck we can come up with and build we can now afford to put it up there. That is a space age, and we're on the cusp on it now.


>Have you seen the cost of the sls? The latest public space heavy rocket, the costs are astronomical.
It's still private contractors that build this, so the price of this also is about subsidizing private industry.
It's not an actual example of public production because the factories that build it aren't public.

>Having nuclear balls is great but not so great when you can barely afford to put any of them into space.

It's about physics, chemical energy is not very concentrated compared to fission energy. Spacex Starship needs 9 launches to put one Starship into orbit and fully fuel it. (8 fuel launches). And with that it still can't go as far or fast as the nuclear fission powered ion-thruster in OP

>Affordable heavy lift rockets are needed, and only elons balls could provide that.

Spacex is still is de-facto subsidized by the US public. For example US Air-Force payed over 300 million to launch a spy satellite, that's approaching Space-shuttle money. That's no where near the advertised launch-cost price-tag in Spacex marketing material. Even outside of such extreme aberrations Elon Musk promised that reusable rockets would make it 10 times cheaper, but the reality is that reusable rockets economize to the tune of about 10% cheaper. That's a solid efficiency improvement considering that fundamentally it's the same technology that's been used for the last 50 years, but it's also 100 times less savings than what the Musk-fans use in their mental calculus.

It's a strange choice of words to call engineers and workers at spacex "balls"


Ok fair point about the private contractors. But if the factories were public would that actually change anything? Governments are famously bad at balancing any kind of a budget. And politics gets in the way to the point where to get approved the programs have to satisfy the demands of multiple politicians.

Spacex Starship will only need multiple launches to go beyond orbit, it can do orbit on its own. Think about it, would need to get into orbit in the first place to be refueled.
>Still can't go as far or fast as the nuclear powered thrusters
That's not the point, how are you getting those nuclear thrusters into space affordably?

The space shuttle cost $54600 per kg to orbit
The Atlas V costs $8100 per kg to orbit
Russias Angara rocket is the second cheapest option at $4000 per kg to orbit (only 2 launches to date)
The Falcon 9 is $2600 per kg to orbit
Falcon heavy is $1500 kg to orbit

You said Spacex is only 10% cheaper, it's more like 70% cheaper.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


and the atlas v at $8000per kg is the second cheapest option available to the United States. 10% of $8000 is $800 so when people say spacex is 10x cheaper ok they're wrong, it's only 5x cheaper. But when they say 10x cheaper they're talking about a hypothetical fully reusable falcon 9, a project that was set aside to focus on the much more promising Starship.


Of course that $20 per kg is the potential of the Starship program at its hypothetical peak with economy of scale and mass production. It won't cost $20 per kg on the first launch. And even if those estimates are off by a factor of 10 (unlikely) that's still $200 per kg ie 40 times cheaper then Atlas V rather then the projected 400 times cheaper, either way if Starship works, whatever it ends up costing per kg, it's going to be massively MASSIVELY more affordable then anything else.

People like to shit on Spacex because they saw some bullshit ragetubers lying on youtube for clicks and it satisfied them for some reason.

File: 1642200258553.png ( 57.69 KB , 450x338 , templeos.png )


1. Saint Terry made it alone, not outside help except from God's
2. made specifically for you, while being universal
3. easy to learn language (like all you've gotta do to say "Hello World" is Print("Hello World); and you're done)
4. very smoll, at 16.5mb of space, better than any linux or windows
5. Linux is a truck with 20 gears to do something simple, Windows is a regular family SUV while TempleOS is a motorcycle, if you lean too much to the left or to the right, you crash
6. No CIA glow uyghurs put their hands on this masterpiece
7. CLI for da B0$$
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And that's how an ant colony works.


his waifu getting blacked really took a toll on him mentally on top of his schizo antics


did he wife get jungle fever? I thought he was alaways a skitzo.


He didn't have a wife but his oneitis was 'physics girl' a social media pop-scientist, she got a boyfriend (who turned out to be black) and Terry didn't like that, I suspect that's how he became 'racist'.


Holy shit, so that's the origin of why he hates the nigs. Fascinating, I missed the Terry Davis saga. Heard he went out homeless…sad.

File: 1616439926035.jpg ( 38.02 KB , 580x346 , niceproprieshit.jpg )

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Although he still hasn't regained his position at MIT, Richard Stallman is returning to the board of the Free Software Foundation.


How will the corporate apologists, identarian social climbers, and Microsoft agents who smeared him in the first place respond to this?
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File: 1650278056436.jpg ( 1.06 MB , 2240x1680 , 03.jpg )

> The US needs to change its tax and investment laws so that asset strippers can't operate in any industry. The only assets that strippers should work with are the sexy ones.



File: 1651060664335.jpg ( 3.34 MB , 4608x3456 , DSCN2114.jpg )

> Yesterday I went to a party in a well-ventilated space. When I got to the transfer station at Park Street I found that the train line from there was shut down; we had to take shuttle buses instead. There were not enough shuttles so there was a long line. People were waiting in line for half an hour, standing quite close to strangers, to board a packed bus; most of them had no masks. I decided not to ride a bus under conditions like that.

> I waited quite some time and saw that the line was not getting shorter, so I tried to look for a taxi. No one could point me at a functioning taxi stand, there in the heart of Boston. A hotel bell captain tried to phone for a taxi for me, and got no answer. I did see some taxis go by in the street but there was little chance of finding an empty one.

> On returning to the shuttle stop, I found that the line had become short and buses were no longer packed. I reached the party over two hours delayed; many of the people had already left.

> 26 April 2022


File: 1652089410676.jpg ( 65.84 KB , 640x480 , MVC-465F.JPG )

> I love eating fungi, but I want them to taste and feel like authentic fungi, not like fake meat.

> 8 May 2022

> Sometimes I wish we had a vaccine against religion too.




Richard Stallman is the original /leftcel/

>We are now invited to despise the bullshitter for telling a 17-year-old woman at a party that he found her attractive. We can hardly assume that the bullshitter’s boasts were true. Even men who are usually honest on other topics have been known to lie about their sexual achievements. However, I wouldn’t assume they were false, or that he did an injustice to anyone at these parties. In a group of 50 models, there could well be some that would eagerly go to bed with a rich man, either to boost their careers or for a lark.

>If you condemn men for finding teenage female models attractive, you might as well condemn men for being heterosexual.

>The bully may be predatory, but it appears he didn’t display this overtly at those parties. There are indications that he arbitrarily chose the winners of the Miss USA beauty contest while he owned it. That would be a real wrong, since it would have made the contest dishonest. I understand the desire to condemn the bullshitter on every aspect of his life, but it is no excuse for ageism. If you can understand that we shouldn’t dictate people’s gender preferences, you should understand that we shouldn’t dictate their age preferences either. There are plenty of tremendously important reasons to condemn the bully. He is attacking workers’ rights, abortion rights, non-rich people’s pensions and medical care, the environment, human rights, and democracy, even the idea of truth. Let’s focus on those real reasons.

stallman.org 17 July 2018 (The bullshitter’s flirting)


File: 1631893828904.png ( 94.85 KB , 465x421 , pspherexmpp.png )


There's a new Jabber/XMPP server in town, running on Prosody (https://prosody.im).

prolesphere.one | d7dchu2gnb4xce7y7vwmulonr4k2wh2dmobqyitwwjeiojfotrvw37yd.onion

Registrations are open, and so is room creation. The MUC (Multi-User Chat) server is at hive.prolesphere.one

The server supports OMEMO and OTR encryption. Expect some growing pains in the early stages, there might be kinks to iron out so server may restart spontaneously. You can report any problems here in the thread or by messaging me at [email protected] (not an email).

You can find a list of XMPP clients here: https://xmpp.org/software/clients/

I use Gajim on desktop and Conversations (available from F-Droid) on mobile.


Country of location?




I am using conversations from fdroid, and I made a public chatroom
Do I need to share the address for people to join? How I see other chats?



File: 1610225757848-0.png ( 1.3 MB , 2560x1080 , gnome.png )

File: 1610225757848-1.png ( 1.38 MB , 2560x1080 , lisp.png )

File: 1610225757848-2.png ( 1.9 MB , 2560x1080 , tile.png )

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We're on a new board, so why not a new desktop thread? Let's keep this board active. Hopefully a fresh thread will draw some activity.

You know the drill: post your desktops, talk rice, etc etc.
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based redstar


I can't really think of anything I would to do in a menu. Definitely not sending emails (I don't even use email for anything outside of website signups)


File: 1627435047865.png ( 1.01 MB , 1366x768 , Screenshot_2021-07-28_03-1….png )

Just got started with Xfce, where should I go from here?


File: 1627503658255.png ( 1.51 MB , 1920x1080 , 2021-06-13_03-08-06.png )

wallpaper may vary


File: 1647807662239.png ( 58.72 KB , 1919x1078 , 2022-03-20_20-20.png )

what font is that?

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