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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1622681139430.jpg ( 69.41 KB , 600x404 , 1613301273006.jpg )


Opinions on suckless? I kinda like the concept but the idea of sharing the space and potentially looking for problem solutions together with alt-right retards who unironically rant about "social marxists" makes not wanna use their stuff. I know it's kind of illogical but I get a weird feeling whenever i'm about to git clone their repos or if I'm trying to look at examples and all I get is Luke Smith's videos about it.


How convert them if no interact w/ them?


You think I should appropriate their technology and do a leftie takeover?


How that convert them to communism?


what did he mean by this


and I cant believe people are actually able to be this fucking retarded yet here you are

File: 1622580315641.jpg ( 821 B , 20x20 , 1622565767176s.jpg )




File: 1622580419975.mp3 ( 5.9 MB , molotovcocktailparty.mp3 )



A magnifying glass.


lighters work pretty well, and are reusable to a point. More than matches at least

File: 1622361248628.png ( 268.56 KB , 640x500 , 1622303584785.png )




It relieves stress to travel long distances and imagine never going back


introduce them to traffic jams


File: 1622366071311.jpg ( 225.18 KB , 1311x1842 , 89863791_p0.jpg )

Nazrin is a mouse!


I really really like this

File: 1622476207625.png ( 49.34 KB , 853x391 , wearable_technology_health….png )


I think it's moronic and doesn't have much practicality but might be used in a better way in a communist society

What do you think about wearables and do you think it would exist in an advanced socialist society?

Just look at how stupid this shit is


No it's truly useless.
It's only purpose is surveillance and harvesting useless consumer data.

Computers are general purpose tools, but everything after that was designed to collect useless data on people and nothing else. It belongs in the trash.


Yeah I've come to feel everything more mobile than a laptop is pointless and life-wasting in current year. Definitely necessary to reach extremely small computers so whatever, let the normies fund it.


Useless unless you have heart problems or something and I'm sure there are gadgets better suited to keep that in check.
This is only something PMCs buy to count their daily steps or something retarded like that.


A big tech corporation might see this as a "new market" or a way to extend the reach of their sensors, but from a user perspective this is a useless gimmick. And it's not new, when mp3 players were all the rage you could get a jacket with an integrated mp3 player. People prefer separate devices because they can use the functionality with all their clothing.

Wearable technology is not going to be a thing until it stops trying to attach stuff to clothing, and start improving clothing. The obvious improvement for a jacket would be including a thermostat that regulates the temperature.

File: 1622518835551.jpg ( 50.38 KB , 500x500 , 79ee33dca5ab8ad0c3f9647b98….jpg )


Keywords being "easy to digest". I heard there was a netflix (I know) documentary on datamining and surveilance but I haven't see it yet, anything else?


It's called The Social Dilemma.
It's as dumbed down and dramatized as you can possibly get. If that doesn't make them think about privacy and what the tech companies are really up to, nothing will.


File: 1622524375708.jpg ( 80.14 KB , 640x640 , nothing to hide nothing to….jpg )

>Author and digital media researcher Wendy Hui Kyong Chun argued that the film gives an inaccurate portrayal of how social media algorithms work and exaggerates how much control they have over their users.
<"The idea that somehow they control you is overblown," she said. "At the same time, you can say that a lot of what they know about you is accurate. But then the question you have to ask yourself is: So what?"

>Facebook released a statement on its about page that the film “gives a distorted view of how social media platforms work to create a convenient scapegoat for what are difficult and complex societal problems".


>Mozilla employees Ashley Boyd and Audrey Hingle note the film's lack of "insights from women and people of color who have been important voices on these topics."

Thank you Mozilla, very cool.

File: 1622165913372.jpg ( 145.88 KB , 1080x1100 , 1622161573007.jpg )


Solutions from the brightest minds in Silicon Valley.
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File: 1622238615338.jpg ( 327.81 KB , 1280x1280 , three-poisons.jpg )

as a Buddhist, fuck the McMindfulness corporate appropriation

it was created as a liberating practice in a society where people voluntarily shared food with wandering ascetics, so twisting it into a stress-reduction technique for wage slaves living in the individualistic neoliberal hell is especially evil


Not all religions are reactionar-


people using something for reactionary means doesn't make the teaching itself reactionary

if anything, Marxism itself has been twisted many times

File: 1621981751593.jpg ( 214.28 KB , 1073x802 , Screenshot_20210407-232031….jpg )


so /tech/

How would we make https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/279348.html#279864 happen IRL? What kind of libraries should I be learning to use if I were to implement something like this?

>picture probably unrelated


>Proposal: we create an artificial intelligence and feed it marxist literature until it does a revolution for us


Like this newfag:


AI is a meme
you can create a markov chain using Capital if you like. such things are good for a laff


This is interesting, anon.
I will learn how to implement this in Java.


Our understanding of AGI is nowhere near advanced enough for something like this

File: 1622217711811.png ( 6.12 KB , 350x60 , OpenPOWER_logo.png )


Are there any laptops on the market without hardware backdoors like Intel Management Engine or AMD Platform Security Processor? There's a group working on building a Power ISA based laptop (since IBM made Power ISA open source in 2019.) This is the only modern hardware that I know of without a backdoor, but it's not in production yet. https://www.powerpc-notebook.org/faq/
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>verified boot
Microsoft has the fucking golden key, there is nothing secure about it.


every notable security researcher disagrees with you


>Purism and System76 computers with Intel's NSA backdoor "disabled"
Do you know how they do it and if it can be done to other computers? I haven't found any info about it.


I thought most linux distros had secure boot keys. Qubes doesn't?


File: 1622167407639.jpg ( 2.72 MB , 2816x2112 , Libretto_70CT.jpg )


Why aren't subnotebooks produced anymore? What do you think of them?


File: 1622167526817.jpg ( 416.09 KB , 1718x2048 , 1622045089828.jpg )

Lemote Yeeloong from China. No idea how secure it is.


File: 1622169154101.png ( 986.33 KB , 1134x732 , bear computer.png )

bear computer


File: 1622175597686.jpg ( 52 KB , 972x637 , jinpad.jpg )

The next best thing is a Jingpad
it ships with a Ubuntu derivative Jingos


File: 1621855409332.png ( 40.95 KB , 622x1154 , internet2020.png )


Is webdev the worst field?


File: 1621856307426.jpg ( 27.33 KB , 702x438 , reader.jpg )

you can use the reader view, that sometimes makes it better. but yes websites are too bloated


File: 1621856690071-0.jpg ( 94.41 KB , 1125x1006 , virgin-chad-website-1.jpg )

File: 1621856690071-1.jpg ( 134.78 KB , 1125x839 , virgin-chad-website-2.jpg )



File: 1621943944367.png ( 195.99 KB , 601x447 , 1621943746587.png )

UX in general has become shittier.


I'm a newcomer and ngl it's pretty fucking bad. I spent a week once trying to do something only to find out that it was impossible.

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