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File: 1689926796153.png ( 1.61 MB , 1504x976 , META.png )


I found a pretty wild website that seems to be all about open source and trash recycling, it's pretty funny: http://www.southplatte.net/
It also has a github with some very out there code:


And an ebook? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LafeLabs/pibrary/main/geometronmagic/main-large.pdf

I thought it was interesting, thought I would highlight it.

File: 1687531153074-0.png ( 22.15 KB , 762x723 , closed-hat.png )

File: 1687531153074-1.png ( 16.84 KB , 1244x295 , redhat shortterm cashout.png )


Redhat is going closed source for Redhat enterprise linux (RHEL).

Jeff Geerling the guru for Ansible server deploy scripts is already jumping ship

Behind the scenes this is probably something that resulted from IBM buying Redhat. They're probably going to wreck the RHEL ecosystem with this move. It seems like a short-term cash-grab.

I don't quite understand the legal stuff how they can close off gpl software. It's probably not a big deal given that there are many other enterprise Linux distros, but it's still kinda fucked up to burn such a big project.
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>maybe there will be blue-hat enterprise Linux
horrible name

black hat is much better

>It could also just kill the red-hat ecosystem.

I don't think they care. Red Hat has big contracts with DOD.


File: 1689700501807.png ( 17.42 KB , 270x195 , suse forks rhel.png )

So apparently Open Suse is going to fork RHEL,

<SUSE declared it would invest more than $10 million toward the development and maintenance of a RHEL-compatible distribution available to all without restrictions.



but susa has its own enterprise linux that is not RHEL-compatible.. so what's the fucking point?


tho I'm all for susa rolling in. Their Open Build System is awesome


>what's the point?
ibm/redhat has alienated a sizeable chunck of their customer base with their recent moves and most of the free code contributors. SUSE is capitalizing on that.

>susa has its own enterprise linux

A RHEL-compatible is complementary to their own offering.

If you have a company network that runs on rhel, switching over to suse enterprise linux is a lot of effort, but if Suse can offer you a RHEL-compatible, it's basically zero effort for you to switch over to their services.

File: 1684559242137.png ( 7.97 KB , 48x43 , h978h87h8.png )


anyone know how to edit/add leftychan to to 4chan x


There is a kuroba download with leftychan added. I don't think you can do it with 4chan X though, although I have never tried.


File: 1688280632303.png ( 262.8 KB , 480x360 , (MAD) Serial Experiments l….png )

Thanks Leftnon


You can benefit from using userscripts for particular stuff. I stopped using 4chanX and benefit from userscripts across other websites too. The only thing I missed was the image preview but there is an addon called "Image Max URL" that I tweaked and is amazing.

Bookmark Dupes: Remove duplicate bookmarks
Context Search Origin: context search using your bookmarks
Drop Feeds: RSS reader using bookmarks
Image Max URL: image options, can make a catalog of pictures in tab
Image Search Options: reverse image search
Motherfucking beautify: motherfucking debloat the page
Panorama Tab Groups: manage tabs as a tiling window manager
Save In…: save stuff by folder
Speed Reading Mode: pro reader and trainer
Text MultiCopy: copy text from multiple sources into a single paste
Tridactyl: vi keys
uBlock Origin: use the filters
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File: 1689709148527.png ( 58.99 KB , 1280x800 , ' tixati-for-ubuntu.png )

scripts are masterrace, wish i could learn em
Copy All Tab Urls
Channel Blocker
Copy Selected Links
Order Tabs by Domain
Snap Links
YouTube Auto-Liker
Youtube shorts redirect
Reddit Overwrite
Better Reddit Delete

File: 1681183451856.jpg ( 130.16 KB , 525x571 , 1669150317058444.jpg )


I'm dropping this thing because I thought it was going to be a one weekend project but ended up taking me an entire week and I have to ditch like half of the features I had in mind when I began. Maybe someone here can use it as inspiration for something better.

The idea was basically to have a base program that runs a simulation and can execute arbitrary planning algorithms, which are isolated from the simulation code. In this case I decided to use Zig for the base program and Lua-JIT for the planning scripts because it is easy to embed. Maybe Julia or Python would have been better choices, but I didn't want additional dependencies.


dude you are awesome, looking forward to see a gui if possible but now I have a program to show fellow lefties


I can't believe leftychad can be this based, tbh.

File: 1621474187293.jpeg ( 231.6 KB , 1200x801 , 1984.jpeg )


I think I'm reaching unhealthy levels of being unable to cope with surveillance capitalism. Some random person caught my face for a few seconds during a whatsapp video chat and my day was fucking ruined, seriously.
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I didn't mention freenet or any other overlay network anywhere

>Gnunet.. build on top of TCP-IP

"Addressing" section..
read it..

>Technically you don't have to assign any network addresses to computers.

I've never seen any routing protocol that doesn't use some addressing scheme..

>You could base it on a system that puts the addresses on files rather than computers.

>In that system you can't directly connect to another computer, the internet would be a distributed database, and you can upload a file to it and request a file from it. What currently are network switches would become memory-nodes that temporarily hold files. Servers would hold permanent files. Your home router would also be a memory-node too, and it would be connected to your Internet-service-provider and also your direct neighbors.
I don't get it.
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>I didn't mention freenet
Sorry that was an error on my part


>"Addressing" section..
>read it..
will do

>I've never seen any routing protocol that doesn't use some addressing scheme..

Because it's not a routing protocol, it's just a distributed database with a self generating data manifest.
Imagine treating the entire internet like a usb-stick with a wacky file-system.

If a node gets a request for a file it doesn't have, it forwards the file-requests to its neighboring nodes. Once the file request lands on a node that has the file. It get send back the path the file-request took. Every node is only aware of direct neighbors connected to it. Every node just exchanges files and file-requests with it's neighbor nodes. If a node gets a file, it looks up which of it's neighbor node gave it the corresponding file-request and sends it that way.

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the surveillance state is the end of humanity, and this is not an overstatement, it's leading us to new dark ages.


File: 1688901312317.jpg ( 118.03 KB , 1600x1280 , Times_Most_Influental_Imag….jpg )

how will it end? how long will it last?


In a way we already entered a little dark age, we certainly aren't doing much enlightenment these days. But i think this is too much doomerism. Surveillance repression can be overcome like every other type of repression. You just have to figure out the exploitable weakness.

When it comes to surveillance-repression we can't just single out the state, we also have to point the finger at surveillance capitalists.

Lets look at the opposing tendencies:

The privacy community seeks technical defenses and legal restraints through political advocacy. I'm unsure but that might eventually work. So that's definitely worth while doing. The only criticism that one might be able to put towards the privacy community, they only consider strategies of preventing data collection, but ignore data dilution strategies. Surveillance can also be rendered inert by feeding it bogus data.

However that might not be the only path. Consider the systemic view from high above. All those surveillance systems gather data and eventually that informs actions. If somebody can feed the system manipulated data it might be able to manipulate the actions too and that would make it exploitable. Even with the limited capitalist logic, eventually capitalists will start eating surveillance systems because they feed it manipulated information to game it for money.

File: 1687738092940.jpg ( 143.26 KB , 864x1034 , IMG_20230625_170736.jpg )


Prove me wrong.


<A top secret military acoustic detection system designed to spot enemy submarines first heard what the U.S. Navy suspected was the Titan submersible implosion hours after the submersible began its voyage," and that "the U.S. system detected what it suspected was the sound of an implosion near the debris site discovered Thursday."
They probably knew these people were dead all along, but for several days after they lead everybody to believe they might still be rescued. And that might have been to distract from a tax-scandal.

Yeah remote controlled drone submarines have existed for decades. Of course 3d-goggles are much nicer than a closed-circuit-camera feed on a 480-lines cathode-ray-tube screen from the 80s but it's essentially the same thing.

The next technical evolution of this is going to be swarms of AI controlled drone subs that use cameras and a bunch of other sensors to do a volumetric scan of an entire area and then you get like a detailed 3d render with a video game interface.

File: 1619136971629.jpg ( 84.16 KB , 1280x720 , 1605654433679.jpg )


    mkdir tmp out
    for i in {1..16}
      p=`hexdump -n 3 -v -e ' 3/1 "%02X"' /dev/urandom`
      convert -size 32x32 xc:#$p tmp/${p}.png
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.1 -pix_fmt yuv420p tmp/${p}_1.mp4
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.01 -pix_fmt yuv444p -vf scale=15000:15000 tmp/${p}_2.mp4
      echo -e "file ${p}_1.mp4" "\n" "file ${p}_2.mp4" &gt; tmp/${p}.txt
      ffmpeg -f concat -i tmp/${p}.txt -codec copy out/${p}.mp4
      rm tmp/*
    rmdir tmp

Batch upload the content of ./out on gfycat.com, and paste the URLs in 4 lines (Discord will only display 4 images per line). In case your victim's client can handle the cursed video format change, each animation will consume around 2Gb of RAM and you have 16 of them.

Adapt the script to suit your needs. Enjoy the termination of your account and your newfound freedom!
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>explain this nerd shit
It's making a 15000x15000 resolution video from random data (so it can't be compressed) which will consume tons of CPU and RAM to play. And apparently fbi.gov autoplays videos without checking for stuff like this. Or used to. This is a 2 year old thread your dumbass comrade necroed. fbi.gov probably fixed this by now.


A thread so old it predates the wordfilter.


you're the tard for thinking trotfag was doing anything other than a test post


Two years and nobody could explain what OP's code did. The absolute state of leftist /tech/ boards.


it appears to be the same as a "zip-bomb" except it's not using archive compression it's using video compression.

File: 1683340212116.png ( 15.74 KB , 1280x720 , nintendontt.png )


A video game that nintendo had a legal distribution monopoly on was leaked ahead of the official release. They got really mad about that and they are trying to take it out on the video-game emulation communities, by attacking emulation related software projects on github.

So the lesson here is if you give companies like that money they are going to use it to attack your hobbies. I think this legitimizes "pirating" games because you have no legal option to buy these games without also supporting nintendo's legalistic mafia-terror.

If copy"right" wasn't set up like a monopoly, and you could buy these specific games from any distributor not just nintendo, so that you could choose to buy from non-mafia sellers, it would at least be logically possible to make a case against "piracy". But as long as that's not possible "piracy" is basically just self defense. Keep in mind that nintendo doesn't make games, it's just a legal entity, and not the same as the people that make the games like for example programmers and artists.

Obviously there also is the hole deal with DRM which is total hypocrisy, it basically attacks the concept of personal ownership of your possessions. It's property-rights for me but not for thee.

If they were to reform copy"right" and remove the distribution monopoly aspect, so that everybody with the means to distribute copies was free to do so as long as they gave royalties (as a form of revenue sharing) to the people who actually created the stuff that is being copied. Maybe that would work.

But as long as they keep the monopoly part "piracy" is basically just competing distributors that were arbitrarily banned from participating in the market. Some times people make the strange argument that pirates gain from the work of others but that's also true for the capitalists that own nintendo, by that logic all of nintendo's profits are pirated.

I sometimes feel like the copy-monopolists take the most extreme ideological positions, while we don't and that's why this hole shit drifts ever more towards reactionary insanity where Nintendo gets to rape random software devs on github as some kind of bully-frustration release mechanism and it's a crime if you play with toys "the wrong way". Maybe we should redefine piracy as everything that keeps works-of-art outside the creative-commons/public-domain and drm as a product defect. Maybe that will create a counter-weight.
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>Nintendo is now trying to get emulators kicked off steam
Based. Fuck Steam.


This is not harming steam tho, because if Nintendo gets away with this crap they'll likely be able to pull this shit on other software distribution platforms as well.

If Nintendo can de-platform enough emulators, that means software preservationists either have to fully embrace the ways of software-"piracy". Or completely change their technical base towards recreating old programs from scratch. That means for example making a special game engine that can mimic the appearance and behavior of older tech. It also means they'll have to recreate the art assets as well. That is probably doable with a reasonable effort considering that ai-tools will speed up the process but it'll become significantly divergent clone-ware and not authentic preservation. Maybe future generations will think that people played Hyper Dario from Eightendo in the software stone-age.

I doubt this cancel-tendo business is even profitable for them, because all those crusading lawyers combing through the internet ain't doing it for free. I think this is born out of spite and vitriol.


>because if Nintendo gets away with this crap they'll likely be able to pull this shit on other software distribution platforms as well.
why do you need distribution platforms for emulators lol?

>that means software preservationists either have to fully embrace the ways of software-"piracy"

majority of emulators are open source, you only need to "pirate" bios files on some of them

>It also means they'll have to recreate the art assets as well.

wat 2x
art assets are just art assets lol, emulator doesn't give a shit if they are "pirated" or not


>why do you need distribution platforms for emulators lol?
>majority of emulators are open source, you only need to "pirate" bios files on some of them
that's true but for long term preservation it would probably be help-full if it was normie friendly, and you know preservation is easier if the preservers are not being persecuted.

>art assets are just art assets lol, emulator doesn't give a shit if they are "pirated" or not

Yes but if software preservation shifts from software-emulation to software-recreation old assets won't be compatible anymore.


>for long term preservation it would probably be help-full if it was normie friendly
Normies just download dolphin.exe from the website.

>you only need to "pirate" bios files on some of them
… and the games. It's not like breaking the encryption on the DVD and making a digital copy is any less illegal than just torrenting someone else's ISO.

File: 1679354506511-0.jpg ( 91.18 KB , 1200x900 , fuse.jpg )

File: 1679354506511-1.png ( 55.55 KB , 1160x1072 , nukes-in-space-vacuum.png )


It's potentially possible to use modified low-yield fusion bombs for power generation.

It's definitely not the first choice for generating fusion energy, but since the technology has already been developed, and the production-facilities are build, one might as well repurpose military tech for civilian use. Weaponized bombs and energy-generating-bombs are similar but not the same, so the currently existing low yield bombs aren't directly usable for this but they could be modified or recycled for raw materials. Existing weapons-stock can be burned up in power generation.

The technical principle is that you put a low-yield thermonuclear device into the center of a giant hollow vacuum "filled" metal-sphere that is lined with led, and by detonating the fusion bomb, the big metal ball gets really hot, and you can use that as a high-grade heat-source for power-generation.

It might be useful to do this as a power-satellite in earth orbit, because space already has a gratis vacuum and you can use a mirror array to send infrared heat-energy to many different power-receiver stations which reduces the load on electrical grids. It can also be used to power container ships and huge water desalination plants.

This would use mostly off-the-shelf parts which would greatly reduce the engineering requirements, and could be build very quickly. As a parallel development high priority project, this could go online in a few years.

The economics on this are pretty good, even capitalism might be able to pull this off, because this is not a long term project and upfront capital costs aren't that high. The political aspect might be harder however, because mass-producing tiny h-bombs might ruffle some feathers.


okay, suppose I want to build one of your engines in my backyard, how thick should the metal-sphere be? can I use recycled steel cans?


File: 1679405045568.jpg ( 95.9 KB , 885x608 , steam punk fusion.jpg )

>okay, suppose I want to build one of your engines in my backyard, how thick should the metal-sphere be?
It just has to be strong enough to hold a vacuum inside, while being really hot.
>can I use recycled steel cans?
In principle yes, just consider that most cans are made from aluminum these days.

I'm not sure if you meant this request in earnest, but in principle this can be miniaturized, and build like a steampunk fusion reactor. Except for the small fusion bombs that essentially are the fuel, those get more complicated to make the smaller the reactor gets.
The fusion reaction is set off by a fission reaction that needs a critical mass of fissionable materials. You would need exotic materials to make that happen in a small size. For example Californium-252 reaches critical mass at 1.8 grams, and that would allow you to make a really tiny fusion bomblet for a small reactor. You have to store it in cold conditions below -15°C / 5°F to keep stable. So a really reliable freezer is a must-have to store your fuel igniter-caps.

You would place the ball into a tank filled with salt. Purge the tank with nitrogen gas before adding salt to avoid corrosion problems. You run radiator pipes through the salt and if you put water into one end of the pipe it will come out as steam on the other end. The salt is a cheap way of storing lots of heat energy in a smallish space, it's not critical and you can also use something else like quarts-sand or graphite-powder.

Even if you could manage to get Californium, i don't recommend building this as the most ambitious diy project in history, because if your vacuum seal fails it will vaporize your yard and a bunch more.


nukes aren't real


This is why I come to leftypol.

File: 1676494695487.png ( 43.62 KB , 876x1143 , corporate trash can.png )


Samsung is lobbying to get a general exclusion order against phone-screen imports in the US.
They claim it's because screens that are imported by the phone repair-shops do a muh-patent-infringerino.

The real reasons is because Apple wants to switch their screen supplier to BOE, and Samsung wants a monopoly on screens.
Samsung can't go after Apple directly because Apple has enough money to wage patent-warfare until the end of time.
Samsung can't go after BOE because that's a Chinese company, and patent-trolling doesn't fly in China.

The result is going to be the destruction of the repair industry, and a precedent for banning technology parts as a means for installing a monopoly. If you aren't allowed to get parts for fixing your stuff, it's more corporate shit encroaching on personal possessions.

here is a video from Rossmann going into more details
His take is to make Samsung a dirty word.

My questions:
Would it not be a better strategy to bypass this by (legally grey) relabeling tech parts and importing them anyway. So that Samsung gets cut out completely ?
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intellectual property must be destroyed


File: 1677774928250.jpg ( 17.01 KB , 600x600 , st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg )

>Would it not be a better strategy to bypass this by (legally grey) relabeling tech parts and importing them anyway. So that Samsung gets cut out completely ?
Based accelerationChads on leftychan identifying lines of flight and creating Zones of Offensive Opacity against the monopolization of capital. Remember, Marx voted for free trade specifically for it's accelerating, destabilizing effects against the companies.


File: 1679515626879.jpg ( 115.34 KB , 870x500 , soldiering the motherboard….jpg )

EU right to repair legislation has dropped

the official document says:
<1 - A right for consumers to claim repair to producers, for products that are technically repairable under EU law, like a washing machine or a TV. This will ensure that consumers always have someone to turn to when they opt to repair their products, as well as encourage producers to develop more sustainable business models.
<2 - A producers' obligation to inform consumers about the products that they are obliged to repair themselves.
<3 - An online matchmaking repair platform to connect consumers with repairers and sellers of refurbished goods in their area. The platform will enable searches by location and quality standards, helping consumers find attractive offers, and boosting visibility for repairers.
<4 - A European Repair Information Form which consumers will be able to request from any repairer, bringing to repair conditions and price, and make it easier for consumers to compare repair offers.
<5 - A European quality standard for repair services will be developed to help consumers identify repairers who commit to a higher quality. This ‘easy repair' standard will be open to all repairers across the EU willing to commit to minimum quality standards, for example based on duration, or availability of products.

I don't know if those rules are any good because you usually have to be a level 12 legal wizard to understand what it really means, so I'm deferring to somebody else for that judgement.

here is a video of Louis Rossmann ranting about the centralized database (point 4) where repair services have to compete on price
The reason he's upset is because if all repair shops have to compete in a central market place their margins will be razor thin and won't be able to accumulatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Did Marx actually do this though? I've never seen any proof of this but I've heard it said.


Marx scarcely took direct positions on policy.
However Marx seems to lean towards unrestricted commodity exchange with strong capital controls. So free-flow of goods but not free flow of capital. But i'm not entirely sure that Marx would be happy if you turned this into a generality, he'd probably tell you that everything depends on the material conditions.

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