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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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We're on a new board, so why not a new desktop thread? Let's keep this board active. Hopefully a fresh thread will draw some activity.

You know the drill: post your desktops, talk rice, etc etc.
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based redstar


I can't really think of anything I would to do in a menu. Definitely not sending emails (I don't even use email for anything outside of website signups)


File: 1627435047865.png (1.01 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_2021-07-28_03-1….png)

Just got started with Xfce, where should I go from here?


File: 1627503658255.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 2021-06-13_03-08-06.png)

wallpaper may vary


File: 1647807662239.png (58.72 KB, 1919x1078, 2022-03-20_20-20.png)

what font is that?

File: 1622363139940.gif (1.78 MB, 540x304, 1493672115206.gif)




Didn't click.


im retarded how do i get past the article payment gate

whats the gist?


>ctrl+f porn
>0 results




There's a Firefox app

File: 1608525831336.jpeg (5.75 KB, 256x256, t56756756.jpeg)


I was using riseup.net as a VPN, but, now cloudflair (The upstream provider for the site) is blocking it. Furthermore, it's come to my attention that riseup boofed their canary after the FBI requested server logs. They are glowin the darks, for real, and confirmed.
What VPN would you suggest anon? What VPN, if any, do you use. I was thinking of routing all my traffic over tor, but, currently the site still blocks tor traffic.

Help me out guys, I feel naked, thanks.
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How do they finance themselves without selling your data? I mean I'm assuming they don't.


Donations. It doesn't cost that much to have an unlimited multi-gigabit connection in a data center these days.


File: 1630741482598.png (73.07 KB, 1512x52, Screeshot.png)

This VPN's marketing is getting to personal
I can't tell if they're targetting me personally or not


Don't click, it's some bullshit ad about writing articles with AI.


Tor is good, but it's only 100% safe if you are running your own entry node.
A mysterious threat actor is running hundreds of malicious Tor relays

File: 1641982086034.png (31.61 KB, 224x240, 1612129656526.png)


Looking for details in what's being used for Havana syndrome attacks and will pay Bitcoin. At least .1 btc for anything with proof up front and even more for really good info. Email me with your wallet, info and proof for easy transaction. [email protected]


File: 1642197598025.png (219.68 KB, 322x252, iggy.png)

File: 1619136971629.jpg (84.16 KB, 1280x720, 1605654433679.jpg)


    mkdir tmp out
    for i in {1..16}
      p=`hexdump -n 3 -v -e ' 3/1 "%02X"' /dev/urandom`
      convert -size 32x32 xc:#$p tmp/${p}.png
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.1 -pix_fmt yuv420p tmp/${p}_1.mp4
      ffmpeg -loop 1 -i tmp/${p}.png -c:v libx264 -t 0.01 -pix_fmt yuv444p -vf scale=15000:15000 tmp/${p}_2.mp4
      echo -e "file ${p}_1.mp4" "\n" "file ${p}_2.mp4" > tmp/${p}.txt
      ffmpeg -f concat -i tmp/${p}.txt -codec copy out/${p}.mp4
      rm tmp/*
    rmdir tmp

Batch upload the content of ./out on gfycat.com, and paste the URLs in 4 lines (Discord will only display 4 images per line). In case your victim's client can handle the cursed video format change, each animation will consume around 2Gb of RAM and you have 16 of them.

Adapt the script to suit your needs. Enjoy the termination of your account and your newfound freedom!
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Save the script as whatever.sh, make it executable (chmod +x whatever.sh) and upload the media that comes out to gfycat or whatever.


I don't get how it works. If I make it an executable how does that pertain to it working and uploading to a discord server? Will it crash the whole server?


Once the script makes the pictures, upload them to gfycat. Then simply post the URLs, four at a time. Discord will preview them (most people have this turned on by default) and should lag their browser.

Theoretically, I don't know if it will actually work.





File: 1640085043293.png (166.08 KB, 967x877, darkpaste.png)


DarkPaste - Share Text and Files Anonymously on the Tor Network.
URL: http://darkpastendsixpmwpwhfoqlkab74rhopzk26pnca7aapjwr3b5nzgid.onion/trending

Included is a full user system and commenting on pastes. Sticky pastes are possible. Password protection is optional.


I was actually looking for this.

File: 1637013970514.jpg (506.8 KB, 1536x2048, 20211115_145105.jpg)


Wtf am i supposed to do with this
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Is that you Nyx?


>Wtf am i supposed to do with this

MS shills ?
is elevendows that unpopular ?


I think they were kidding bro only gaymers use M$


What's the build quality like on these anyway? I still have a hard time justifying the price tag on my System76 machine.


Use LUKS to set up your disk drive, then install AlienBOB's "Slackware Live" edition. Switch your repo to "-current" if it's not and grab sbopkg to simplify package installation. You're going to want dwm for your window manager.

File: 1636459758223.jpg (5.04 KB, 300x168, lkgt95h.jpg)


how can i get some phone sims?


You can order blank ones online. Probably from the chinks.


but i want a number


Sim cards are gateways into the network. Basically, you have to have verfication from the phone company to access the network meaning you can't get in with out one of those.


btw, idk wat your plans are and the anon above already made clear why just "sims" isnt enough to use the cell networks, but also just know that the phones have serials too that are tracked along with sims… jsyk in case it matters to u


also, the answer is lots of stores have them, like walmart, and places online ofc like the websites of carries and service resellers u can probably order active sims to be shipped

File: 1632726423747.png (3.75 MB, 1289x1081, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't know much about mechanics, technology, physics and electrics but I heard these things were the greatest invention because they're used the most in modern electronics

My question is will these ever get replaced by something better? Is that possible or not?
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Well, start!


The basic signficiance of the transistor is that it provides an efficient way of using analog signals to do digital logic. I would think that the replacement for the transistor would basically be a more efficient digital logic component. Now I will speak out of my ass: Cockshott has remarked that physical matter itself is discrete, which is to say that "continuous" electro-magnetic signals are actually quantized. So I imagine that quantum computing makes use of these discrete signals to do its logic operations, but I actually have no idea. A quick search brings up some articles on quantum transistors.


I asked for marxism, not for cockshott


>hysical matter itself is discrete, which is to say that "continuous" electro-magnetic signals are actually quantized. So I imagine that quantum computing makes use of these discrete signals to do its logic operations
very Interesting thesis: Towards a theory of quantum computers that we might actually understand.

nobody asked for sectarianism, so …


I'm not sure what a marxist understanding of a transistor would be besides materialist

File: 1634684201893.png (811.57 KB, 700x486, AOC astronaut.png)


I say it’s time we seized the means of crypto production!

Contract Address : 0xd0F2Fc1Ef7d017FB6E1d57d179DD653f5C51311B

<Over 50 holders and counting,

<Liquidity has been locked
<Ownership has been renounced

Come on, guys, let’s get AOC to the moon! sieze yourself a few thousand of the PEOPLE’s coin. 


Dude, are you a capitalist pig trying to usurp the woking class?


Wut? Me? I am shocked you would even suggest that! SHOCKED!


Social Democracy in one currency

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