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File: 1617280465551.jpg ( 185.52 KB , 651x438 , federalinterest.jpg )



Enjoy being flagged by PRISM for being communists.


How does this affect Tor users and how to circumvent it?


File: 1617286785883.jpeg ( 53.21 KB , 640x349 , 48mqsj.jpeg )


they don't need to get data from CF when they already have every direct access and a wired server room in single ISP in America's facilities.


also what the fuck is your alternative for small sites who cant afford homebrew protection of the same grade?


The glow is everywhere already.

Plus this sort of application inherently is large scale, so the ordinary user cannot easily replicate its capabilities.

But even if individualized privacy tech. can't stop it, proper organization can render it superfluous.

File: 1616522965159.jpg ( 70.76 KB , 884x832 , phinphisher3.jpg )


Hi, Is any1 interested in contributing to a hacker zine coming from the left? All is welcome, art, articles, poetry, 0dayz, ownz, tutorials, propaganda, etc. Feel free to reply or discuss ITT or email.


Similar to the lainzine?


I would say similar to Hackback! and similar to HackThisZine with some passing similarities to the anracho zines like 325 in some style and format ways. I'd like it to be as open as can be politically.


File: 1617056555048.png ( 283.94 KB , 772x623 , ClipboardImage.png )

A few things:
Firstly, an article wrote for this project is about thinking outside the box and a positive examination of 'Security through Obscurity'. This piece comes with a block of code that will per configuration will insta-kill all networking, wipe RAM and swap before either delete or encrypt everything on your hard drive as soon as your earplugs are unplugged, the use case would be for example to counter how DPR was arrested and it's not as obvious as having a usb tie to your wrist …anyways! what I wanted to ask is there anyone who would be so kind as to test this, give me specs of your machine and speeds of the softwares to do it's jobs? And is there any improvements or critique of the concept that you have?

Secondly, I've been writing a news section a la picrel but with hacking and radical tech related news (such as unionization in the tech sector which incidently i'd love an article on if anyone has one or wants to make one), i,f yo have a interesting tech happening that has a lefty bent please post, thanks.

Also, I did not know where to put this but I have a feature request: A Gitlab instance. It would be a great thing for the community, I can see no downsides at all.


FYI GitLab is now funded by In-Q-Tel, the private research funding arm of the CIA. Would be a good idea to choose a different git for the future.


Good call. I'm indifferent to the software used tbh, I just think having our own could be a really useful resource and lead to some interesting things. hopefully. :)

File: 1608525863596.jpeg ( 183.2 KB , 1200x900 , 1200px-HTC_Dream_Orange_F….jpeg )


Yes, smartphones are cool gadgets: You can read theory, browse /leftypol/ and listen to music on the go! Let's talk about these awesome devices in this thread! What models are you using?
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It's a walkie-talkie for text messages. LoRa operates on frequencies which were used by paging companies in the past, and still used for radio keychains for cars/garage doors, they're colloquially called ISM band.
I don't like presence of bluetooth and gps functions on this thing, the idea glows suspiciously,a s well as lack of publicised fdroid distribution. The board should connect to phone via USB to avoid insecure wireless Bluetooth link to something you carry on yourself already, drop the ridiculous battery, and since phones already have GPS, it shouldn't have another one either.




I'm running both a Oneplus 3T on lineageOS and a stock 7T pro McLaren 5G.




LG G5, with LineageOS. Everything runs great, replaceable battery is a plus, camera is great.

File: 1616788078119.jpg ( 71.77 KB , 590x350 , 1485952833634.jpg )


What are /leftypol/-approved DNS providers?
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I just use opendns. Is this bad? Should I not use open DNS?


Cisco bought them out in 2016, which is definitely a dealbreaker for me. But I feel like I stopped using it earlier than that for other reasons related to censorship that I can no longer remember.


Fuck, I had no idea.


so using a DNS will prevent your ISP from viewing what websites you've visited?


Using a DNS server that does not harvest one's requests will be quite probably more private than default ISP DNS servers that might surreptitiously collect information on the domain names being resolved.
Use a hosts file to get to sites if absolutely paranoid.
On a separate topic, usage of a DNS SEC capable resolver is probably also a good thing.

File: 1616274298806.jpg ( 26.97 KB , 571x460 , 1446220347873.jpg )


How the fuck do you deal with a pesky schizo shitposter with way too many VPNs at his disposal?
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Kindly return to whatever radlib shithole you came from.


I actually got introduced to this term quite recently and it was the most apt way to describe this behavior, I had no idea it was associated to SJWs.

If the term bothers you that much then "constantly acting in bad faith" could also work.


We can't really help you without you pointing out their posts.



Now I'm curious. Post the site at least.


Shadow the banhammer

Is the site perchance bunkerchan.net?

File: 1611528688113.jpg ( 210.39 KB , 1080x841 , holy freaking crap.jpg )


How do I stop being neurotic about privacy? I'm seriously considering turning down a job offer just because thanks to this pandemic I'm going to have to use Google Meet every day for a few minutes. I don't want to give my data to the basilisk but this honestly feels like a losing battle. Should I just give up and perish like a dog?
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I really don't get the privacy-whoring. Like sure, its retarded to give your private info and such, but being paranoid about your email links, YouTube, game or porn preferances and personal politics? Like, you aren't really giving away your privacy. Its just going to be some algorithm in a database that will scan you and send apropiate adds to annoy you. Whats the worse that could happen? Some technofeudal fascist purge? I mean, for one its so unrealistic that its like being a germaphobe, and two, remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time. So unless you are some /dead/ schizo doing epic illegalism, there really just doesn't seem to be that much reason to go full on data hermit.


>remember that CIA had the data about 9/11 collected, just never got around to review it in time
Stopping crimes has never been the point of mass surveillance, it's been noted many times that the NSA's PRISM program has more data than they could ever possibly sift through. The point is to collect things that can be used to intimidate or silence people who threaten their power.


Is the mass surveillance really relevant outside of the Imperial Core?
I live in a periphery country as a shut in prole and haven't had social media in 6 years but still have a google account which I rarely use even if it has some personal data required for government procedures linked to it which makes me reluctant to delete it.


Should I do the Tor survey when you launch the browser or is that a test to see how retarded you are about security?


Read a book on the civil rights movement in the U.S.

File: 1616178638094.jpg ( 18.41 KB , 720x717 , uhm.jpg )


If I have a specific way of opening a given application on Linux, namely via Terminal, is there a way to make this specific terminal command into a desktop icon so that I don't accidentally click the normal icon by accident and fuck everything up like I just did?
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Based retard


Different anon. Here's the spec:

Example Desktop Entry File:

Add your
[Desktop Action …]
and put what you need into


File: 1616190517820.gif ( 1.54 MB , 480x264 , emoji-thonk-heating.gif )

Start with making a directory and empty, executable shell script
mkdir Application
cd Application
cat > application.sh
chmod u+x application.sh
Now open the executable shell script in a text editor and add:
whatever bash line you wanted to have as an executable script to begin with

Go to a search engine and find the icon you want to have, in line with this general-purpose guide we'll name it application-icon.png

Now finally we make the .desktop icon:
cat > application.desktop
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congrats on figuring it out on your own! in linux, most of the quality of life additions should be able to be implemented in simple shell scripts.

That being said, why are you using per application vpn? does your plan require you to throttle it?


>That being said, why are you using per application vpn? does your plan require you to throttle it?
No, no. It's just the addition of a missing infosec feature. It's a specific type of proxy.

File: 1608525879023.jpg ( 46.98 KB , 750x450 , shutterstock_1036798300-75….jpg )


What do you think about BMIs and relatively recent advancements by companies such as Neuralink? For those of you who don't know what BMIs are, it's a technology that implants electrodes from a chip inside your brain to read neurological activity and possibly send electric signals to your brain in an attempt to interface with computers.

Here is Neuralink's white paper in case you are curious

And a popsci video of it, if that's more your thing
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I doubt that even among fanboys, you'll get many people that'll go through with it. Tattoos and piercings are fringe in every modern society.
You are framing injecting implants as futuristic and people avoiding this as anachronistic. That is sort of a dishonest way of distorting my argument, I'm not saying that there is a cultural momentum preventing this, I'm saying that people will not adopt this because it hasn't got enough advantages to outweigh the downsides. Opening a car or paying with your hand is just a novelty, it's not substantially different from having that functionality in a separate item. Do you understand it's not a new ability it's just a different package.

I clearly stated that the calculator-chip had to have the feature set of a scientific calculator, not just a basic one, you would benefit from this too, I sincerely doubt you can do very advanced maths entirely in your head. The main point is about reducing the mental effort as well as improving accuracy, it's not really about speed. I'm not sure how to convey this: consider that you could in principle look for mathematical patterns in every object you look at, but usually you don't because that would be very exhausting, and that's the bottleneck this would solve. Just consider that people could have accurate intuition for stuff that involves large numbers because they could calculate probabilities in their heads, with such low effort that it would feel like "intuitive knowing". You can't really dismiss ho much benefit this would bring.


Sounds boring, we'd start acting more and more similarly.


It's a meme. The technology isn't there. Just another adolescent science fiction fantasy of Musk

this anon has some good points too

implants wont happen because the immune system will reject them unless you have people on cancer drugs or w/e to prevent that and even so there will be problems with infections and shit. The most I believe will happen is one time implants of brain surgery to solve severe seizures or neurological disorders, maybe in 30+ years at best but as we all know Musk will probably run out of steam by then

We don't have anything even remotely close to understand the human brain on its own, let alone interface it with a computer.

All of these "meme projects" like immortality, neural interfaces, floating ancapistan on a oil rig, etc. should really be looked more like shit for an eccentric billionaire to waste money on than anything that will meaningfully advance humanity, just the modern version of a Qin dynasty Chinese emperor trying to find immortality


It's called a keyboard and mouse.


>We don't have anything even remotely close to understand the human brain on its own, let alone interface it with a computer.
Yep, we've been literally probing brains for quite a while and we still have no fucking idea what to do with that data.

File: 1612330584626.png ( 1.78 MB , 1280x1493 , thisisfine_Space.png )


VIchan was forked from tinyboard, the earliest commits I can find from it are from 2011 or 2012. Laravel's first release was in 2011, Codeigniter was in 2006, Symfony came out in '05, Zend came out in '06, CakePHP in '05.

Literally any of these frameworks (even CI), and plenty not named, would have been better than the structureless, hand coded ball of spaghetti code that tinyboard/Vichan/lainchan ended up becoming, with its handcoded crappy ORM and barebones html templating, not to mention lack of a router.

Imposing some basic, even minimal MVC type architecture on tinyboard at the beginning would have made things a HELL of a lot better for all future maintainers even 10+ years later.

At this point coding a new imageboard from scratch is a huge task and few have attempted it successfully (lynx being one).
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tinyboard/vichan develoeprs were evidently self taught.
php has been the "self-taught" language for a lot of years, so it's no surprise that it was done on PHP. also using frameworks wasn't really popular until after ~2008 afaik.



yeah but that was still 3-4 years before they made tinyboard, even as self taught guys i wish they had done a bit of research :(

Anyway the enterprise world had frameworks (albeit terrible, bloated ones) like JSF and Spring MVC for years, since like the early 2000s.


Frameworks suck ass.


Maybe in Goloang or something, but PHP devs should probably use a framework which forces them to use something closer to best practices.


Because STI was a fucking retard.

File: 1608526233282.png ( 44.3 KB , 900x720 , png-clipart-windows-xp-mic….png )


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>Looking at stolen code is no reversing, it's called stealing!
>And as last fact. Stealing != Science. Stealing is a crime and I am very happy that it is. If you wanna steal, then do so, but. Not. HERE!

Jesus, what a cuck.
I get they want to keep the project untainted of any possible copyright issues, but damn he sounds like that kid who bragged bought all of their textbooks new in school.


Of course it's a G*rman


> cant reverse
> can barely code
> forum moderator
Yup its an IT midwit


> he doesnt understand that free software project is basically communist in intent


>My reply was not militant. It was a FACT.

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