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File: 1619567492539.jpg ( 116.87 KB , 720x594 , Screenshot_20210428_075005.jpg )


I find myself drawn into obsessively wasting my time on the internet. i used to be more productive when i didnt have a smartphone but now, the itch of having distraction at my fingers every single minute of every day has tanked my attention span and drags my attention away whenever i do work.

There has never been better systems of control than these that keep us occupied on vapid bullshit at all times of the day.

i know i can fight it but i need some tools. How do you guys mitigate the itch to look at your phone or whatever. i live in China so i cant get out of using my phone for literally everything, you cant survive here without one on your pocket. But whats your advice/ tools for mitigating this?


Get rid of all the accounts you don't need, even going as far as hunting down all the old stuff you no longer use and purging that as well
Get a password manager to manage the accounts you do have
Use something like pomodoro to force yourself to do something if you can't get yourself to do it naturally
Physically write down what you need to do in the morning, then keep a backup in an application like Emacs org-mode if you need to. Do the most annoying/tedious work first if you can.
Think of your long-term goals and also physically write those down, then make a digital backup
Sync your password manager and goals across devices, make sure your goals are somewhere will you see them a lot so that you are reminded of them
On your phone, delete all the apps you don't need and shut off all the notifications that aren't important


thank you this is very helpful


Can confirm this shit works.


Hey my landlord does the same thing, that is a pretty good idea

File: 1618603810817.png ( 15.23 KB , 260x238 , logo.png )


Is anon going to join the GNU Assembly?
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lol wtf, this whole project seems like it was designed to make life shitty for developers
>Contributor Code of Conduct enforced on your project if you join (see the nightmare that Debian has become since they did this), all interactions in the organization also must be mediated through the code of conduct
>Mandatory social contract says you cannot tell wreckers to fuck off because it would not be inclusive
Not to mention how it looks like they want to break away from the FSF, which would lose them legal and monetary protection. Is Stallman Derangement Syndrome in tech liberals really so severe that they'd be willing to nuke everything for woke points? Or are some anti-Stallman/FSF groups quietly funding this?


It's IBM/Red Hat


Based rms





File: 1619499616130.jpg ( 11.55 KB , 305x445 , 31C6PeKLrML.jpg )






>try to change sim cards
>hole is filled with dirt


>try to remove battery


We have you surrounded, come on out and enjoy the new iPhone!


I use my dick. I find hat helps.

Not being able to open the phone and replace the parts is a truly disgusting thing.

File: 1619433282150.png ( 52.4 KB , 250x165 , 1579304983027.png )


>The emerging dream of an internet where every interaction is a financial transaction

I FUCKING HATE TECHBROS Why is this shit presented as a good thing?


Because they think they'll be high enough on the pyramid to not get fucked. Same thing with libs who want the great reset (same shit but in the real world).


bruh just learn to code


Doesn't matter, if such thing comes about people will just stop using the internet


File: 1619457412163.png ( 1.13 MB , 1062x1062 , ClipboardImage.png )



>if we reduce every interaction on the internet to money maybe we'll get rid of ads :)))))
Tech people are really good at coming up with the most retarded solutions.

File: 1619375181628.jpg ( 256.49 KB , 1014x1284 , IMG_1435.JPG )


If I wanted to start my own website dedicated to piracy that is open to the public such as Pirate Bay, libgen, or sci-hub how would I go about it? What providers will protect me from government intervention?
Pic unrelated


stop calling it piracy, stop the verbal diarrhea, this are examples of piracy:

If you don't know how this is done, your only option is to join the copy-censorship mafia organizations that want to shake down online sharing websites, to learn all their tricks and get into a position to disrupt their activities, before you start your own online sharing platform. Extra points if you can trick them into funding it. People in the know will never spill the beans in a public forum, the howto you are looking for doesn't exist.

If you want my advice, start a web-service for creatives and "content-producers" that enforces creative commons licenses. Get good integration with free software tools. Your goal is to create a network effect for your licensing scheme that draws in all the creative workers into the creative commons dimension. Once all the living producers of media operate in the creative commons, politics will change and all the old media with copy-censorship licenses will loose enforcement. Creative commons production has one killer feature, it's much easier and cheaper to reuse media assets. You have to make new media formats that have mandatory mod-hooks for styling and theming. Producers should be able to reuse any media asset in the creative commons library and apply styles and themes that make them look consistent. You also have to make the finished media products interactive, for example a video game made with Modable.Creative.Commons. assets should allow artists to pause the game and rightclick on a game-asset and save it for later reuse.

You can make something new that doesn't already exist or you can do something boring like yet another sharing site.


I'm not making another sharing site. I want to create an application akin to Spotify and Soundcloud that has equally gigantic libraries without any copyright enforcement so certain libraries aren't sacrificed. while still keeping it social such that people can create and share playlists easily.
I have a feeling this would be pretty popular based on the responses I've got to such an idea.


My advice would be to add a feature for making and remixing music that is on you application, so that it's not just a spotify or soundcloud clone without copywrong enforcement.


I've toyed around with this idea before, but I don't exactly have the technical knowledge to make it come to fruition. My only concern would be that the tech-mafia would go after the end user. You could create a website with a library of all the media and host it in russia, and then maybe an app where links could easily be viewed but is not explicitly linked to the website.


I could program the website I just dont have the expertise when it comes to security and taking precautions against western governments.

File: 1618065066623.png ( 52.83 KB , 250x192 , GLO.png )


Hello tech, does anyone here know of a way to bypass public VPN/TOR blocks, such as those used on 4chan and wikipedia? It must be technically possible no? Any other anonymizing software that might not be blocked?
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File: 1618677022251.png ( 983.72 KB , 640x640 , tenor.png )

A Tor bridge? Like Meek Azure or Obfs4? Those are for disguising you at the entry node, not the exit node.


OP's talking about exit node blocks

Put a proxy at the end of Tor. I sometimes even use web proxies from within Tor Browser.


>Put a proxy at the end of Tor. I sometimes even use web proxies from within Tor Browser.
Based, what proxies do you use? For using wikipedia with TOR should I hire out a dedicated IP proxy with BTC or something? Or does that completely defeat the purpose of using TOR circuits dedicated for use with a single account?


I don't know why this didn't occur to me before, but you should be able to use 4chan through Tor if you use a 4chan Pass. Which requires money. It can be paid for with crypto, but CURIOUSLY not Monero.
I probably wouldn't give money to 4chan though. But it's a way to get around rangebans and shit, people use it to use rare VPNs that have permabans on them so they can get North Korea or China flags on /pol/


She has oppai

File: 1619283717399.jpg ( 29.22 KB , 417x336 , dprtp.jpg )


Discussion of automated bots and scripts.

Hello comrade wizards of /tech/ I am making a thread to seek advice regarding the implementation of simple bots and scripts to simulate user actions. Our team has been experimenting with simple bots ran using tamper monkey, and we are looking to learn more. Please share with us your arcane knowledge in the field of bots, scripts, and sock puppets. And use this thread to discuss anything related in general o7
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How do you get those americans to do bot-like mass actions on order?




>Our team


you should infiltrate it then, can't get v& if u hide in the honeypot :' )

Seriously though this info should be useful to any communist interested in information warfare. I'm not asking for personal info or something. Seeing as this is /tech/ I would ask you kindly that you reply in earnest if you may


Is it troubling you that seeing as this is /tech/ you would ask I kindly that I reply in earnest if I may?

File: 1619327436308.png ( 23.59 KB , 370x227 , mongodb-logo.png )


Friendship ended with AGPL. Now SSPL is my favorite copyleft license.


>In October 2018, the MongoDB database was released under the SSPL. The Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Fedora Linux distributions subsequently dropped MongoDB, citing concerns about the SSPL.
Reveals who is a friend and who is a foe.


What do you mean? SSPL is literally free as in free labour.

File: 1619234191426.jpg ( 54.16 KB , 578x509 , spotify-playlist-downloade….jpg )


What's the hip new way to download from spotify?

All my songs are in my liked playlist so I can't just copy paste the url into a downloader

File: 1619207384724.gif ( 125.07 KB , 500x332 , 1411105646498.gif )


Spin off from >>7090
Right now we're under threat of big tech companies finding loopholes on the GPL to take out software and make it closed source without giving anything back and because the FSF is staffed by corporate stooges once Stallman dies we're at their mercy.
We also need to promote the use of copyleft licenses and dissuade people from using permissive licenses.

What is there left to do?
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we need a new license, since the GPL is (as good as it is) still too much of a liberal and idealistic license. consider a license which is based on GPLv3, but which also provides that the software cannot under any circumstances be turned into a commodity or a capital, and must (whether in original or modified form) be not only "free as in freedom" but also "free as in free association of producers" and also "free as in free healthcare". in other words, a license which communizes software, making it the common right of the workers of the world.


I don't like the framing around "giving back" as it misleads from the issue Free Software is trying to solve. In case you are not aware, nowhere in the GPL or the four freedoms is "giving back" present. If you receive a software under the terms of the GPL and modify it, you don't have to make your modifications available to the person who gave you the original software. You do have to make it available to those who use your version of the software. If you send your modified program to a friend, you have send the modified code to them. But you don't have to publish it. Your friend could publish it, and you can't stop them from doing it, but they don't have to do it either.

I have the suspicion that most posters here wouldn't agree with the Free Software philosophy if they actually read what Stallman wrote.


Start with Affero provisions. Service in place of software is a very serious threat to user freedom and with Google's monopolistic take over of web development they're trying to turn all computing into web.


Parity License seems good, dunno if it'll work legally in burgerland though


GPL was defeated when cloud computing and SaaSS became practical for most things. Anything less than AGPLv3 or EUPL is the same as the MIT license. But those aren't perfect either. Something like Parity License is better, but I don't think it would hold up legally. So our best would be to have AGPLv4 drafted while Stallman is still there to oversee it.
If you're a burger, it's imperative that you support the Right to Repair movement both nationally and in your state. The northeast coast has the strongest presence for it.
Open hardware development should be prioritized. This is an important piece to stopping the "proprietary streaming brick" dystopia that is being built.
It is also important to make federated versions of everything you can (under an AGPL-like license of course) as well as mobile apps for using them.

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