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File: 1681173353813.jpg ( 48.31 KB , 900x639 , internet archive under att….jpg )


So apparently big publishers want to kill the internet archive again.

They accuse I.A. of having done a copywrong by lending out books. I won't bore you with the legal technicalities because i think it's just a pretext for publishers trying to kill a library because it's a cartel that wants a monopoly.

I think the lessons here are if you pay these people money, they're going to use it to attack nice things like the Internet Archive, and "copy-right" is nothing but a heinous weapon.

People who build archives to preserve the memory of the past are like really rare flowers, it's an incomprehensible act of barbarism to try to burn down their archives.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the whole principle of scientific inquiry was supposed to be based upon something like the open source ethic, otherwise the fundamental criteria of Peer Review would not be possible… right? Mind you I am talking about science before the advent of The Science™


>Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the whole principle of scientific inquiry was supposed to be based upon something like the open source ethic, otherwise the fundamental criteria of Peer Review would not be possible… right?

Some parts of research are open, although many scientific papers are blocked off behind paywalls. Other parts of research are fully closed, like military secrets or commercial unpublished research. Science isn't merely research, it's also education. Scientific education is also only partially open, like you get some scientific education in public schools and some of it's also freely available online, but a sizeable chunk is pay-walled.

I think that there are conspiracies to disperse false information too. Like for example a few years ago the quantum computer industry all of a sudden started pushing bits of quantum-theory that had been refuted in the late 1980s.
<Science minutia start
There was an attempt to rule out all hidden variables theories using Bell's theorem. But as it turns out that Bell's theorem only rules out local hidden variables, while it does not rule out non-local hidden variables theories, like for example the de broglie-bohm interpretation of quantum theory.
The refutation came from: Carl H. Brans in February 1988
The paper is called "Bell's theorem does not eliminate fully causal hidden variables"
<Science minutia end
This erroneous bit of information has made it into scifi Television shows, various youtube edutainment and potentially even into some of the online science education services. I'm relatively sure that it's quantum computer companies doing this because the people who proliferate this, often say that they have consulted with people working in the quantum computer industry.

I've considered that it might be something motivated by ideology, like for example the physicist David Joseph Bohm was exiled for "unamerican activities" from the US by McCarthyism in 1951. I somehow doubt that quantum computer companies in the 21st century are still worried about something as moronic as "communist physics". Realist/Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


This keeps happening.


<some of the world’s largest record labels, including Sony and Universal Music Group, filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive and others for the Great 78 Project, a community effort for the preservation, research and discovery of 78 rpm records that are 70 to 120 years old.

<Of note, the Great 78 Project has been in operation since 2006 to bring free public access to a largely forgotten but culturally important medium. Through the efforts of dedicated librarians, archivists and sound engineers, we have preserved hundreds of thousands of recordings that are stored on shellac resin, an obsolete and brittle medium. The resulting preserved recordings retain the scratch and pop sounds that are present in the analog artifacts; noise that modern remastering techniques remove.

So it's ancient music where all the authors are dead, and it also crappy quality.
Clearly bad faith actors abusing the legal system to attack the internet archive.


Looks like everyone is trying to extract their pound of flesh from them now. These fucking idiots need to spin off the original Internet Archive from their other media activity right now, I do not want to see the most important preserver of web history destroyed over this shit.


File: 1692382624947.jpg ( 143.4 KB , 1536x888 , rocket horse.jpg )

You are probably right it would be legally prudent to do this.

However that's probably not going to be enough. These record labels might once have served a function for music distribution, today they are just predators and have to be killed off, otherwise this shit won't stop.
Check out this
There was an attempt to ban youtube-dl. Which is a piece of open source software. It's not even possible to pretend that software logic contains music. Their interpretation of copy-"right" is expanding into the absurd. They're basically on a trip of defining everything they don't like as violating "their IP". Or in legal terms they want their rights to extinguish yours.

I think the best business model today is musicians uploading their music online for free and when they get enough fans they become professionals that sell concert tickets and merchandise. This has made concert tickets very expensive but I've been and it's usually worth paying 50-150 bucks for the experience. For this you only need trademark law, no copy-ban crap. Capital accumulation is shifted away from music distributors to the musicians them self's and the companies that do the technical support and crowd-wrangling services for concerts as well as merch producers.

That said there still is demand for physical copies. There are loads of audiophiles that want lossless digital audio with all the features and all the fidelity, and they want it stored on indestructible memory crystals that will still work a thousand years from now. They like the take media from the collection and insert media in the machine ritual, as well as glowing electronic components. There are hundreds of research papers where scientists used lasers to store data in crystals, satisfying the durability and light-show aspect. That won't need either copy-ban or drm shit because those people want functional items for their collections. This could have been a chance for the old music distributors to survive but they decided to invest in legal copy-trolling instead of data-storage engineering. If the music crystals ever happen it'll be becausPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1691375928861.png ( 183.13 KB , 907x849 , ClipboardImage.png )


Hexbear and Lemmygrad are now federated


How does this work? Aren't they only accessible over tor?


It's just a reddit style site but different instances of the site can talk to each other. lemmygrad is lemmygrad.ml and hexbear is hexbear.net (formerly chapo.chat which started because reddit banned chapotraphouse).

I guess as a user you can see posts from other instances and jnteract with them without leaving your instances website. Of course freedom of speech loving liberal instances are already defederating from communist ones like lemmygrad.


Ohhh I see.
So a a .onion website is still a .onion website but federated it can still communicate with a clear net instance.


So it's like mastodon


I think so, I haven't seen a federated onion site yet.


File: 1624598884259.jpg ( 22.98 KB , 474x266 , windows 10 AME.jpg )


Does anyone use Windows 10 Ameliorated/AME edition?

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>Tho I don't know about licensing or contract law, does it have a conditional licensing feature ?
also, yes, as the use of engine is licensed, the devs can't do this "ransome-source" thing


File: 1690872270266.png ( 7.42 KB , 267x318 , mononucleosis.png )

You boyos thought Wine was bad? Hold my beer.


Mono is just for C# fags making mobile apps, nobody uses this shit in linux space except maybe corpos who have C# monkeys on payroll.


File: 1690991263053.jpeg ( 14.75 KB , 450x259 , haha.jpeg )

always cracks me up how windows gatekeeps their stockholmed userbase cattle from the LTSC versions

sorry beta-testing pay-pigs, stable versions for business clients only


Sadly, a large number of game developers still use Microsoft's C# and .NET cancer, and then they release Linux "ports" over Mono.

File: 1685915877366-0.png ( 25.92 KB , 508x681 , Capturebin1.png )

File: 1685915877366-1.png ( 29.7 KB , 1060x436 , Capturebin3.png )

File: 1685915877366-2.png ( 17.1 KB , 221x592 , Capturebin2.png )


so i'm motivated to planing to create a archive for threads and websites. thread and web writings that are important enough, have quality, and or can be used to counter western media and history naratives.

the archive i want to create for the threads is different from things like internet archive or things like that because i want to actually save all the file that is uploaded unlike regular archive where not every file and many that are uploaded in the thread were not saved in the archive.

if i can i want to make a website for this but i do not have any experience about creating website and coding nor can i do it. i also have special-ed mental that make me unable to learn coding like normal people so its hard.

my main plan is to use httrack and use every file format list from wikipedia and other websites, then copy that list to httrack file format selection thing

i want help from every people here, so if you can please send something
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No. I just used an in-built Kate function for moving all strings into one line, that's it.


wait so, wizard, you telling me that it is complete ? no deleting thing ?


yes ?


i will take it as a yes


File: 1681485277429.jpg ( 62.53 KB , 900x500 , ancient comp.jpg )


I'll start with a few examples:

>Proprietary Software can be secure

This is a slight of hand. In theory proprietary Software can of course be secure, but in praxis there is no way for you to find out which proprietary software is or isn't secure. So from the perspective of the user proprietary software can't be considered secure because there's no reliable way to tell.

>Proprietary Software is harder to hack because the source-code isn't open

This is a security by obscurity fallacy, that for some inexplicable reason is still in circulation. Exploitable software bugs are usually found by examining the behavior of executable binaries not the source code.

>Open source is secure

Not by default, there is no automatic security-magic in publishing code on git-hub/lab. However open-sourcing code means that it can be subjected to broad public scrutiny and hence it becomes possible for the users to know which software is or isn't secure.

>Security and privacy are not the same

This fallacy is widely parroted even by the security community. You, the human is a part of your computer security, without privacy, attackers can potentially learn enough about you to figure out psychological hacks to compromise your computer security by tricking you.

>Unbreakable cryptography

This is usually wrong in praxis because it doesn't factor in that most people will give up their cypher-key after the "low-tech-biological-deciphering-algorithm" broke their pinky-finger. Cryptography can only be considered secure if the encrypted-data-vault is obfuscated as random bits on a storage medium so that the existence of the encrypted data can be denied.
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>Am i missing something ?
Yes. It was done not with a smartphone but a stationary PC.


>stationary PC.
So a desktop box ?

Assuming the user hasn't plugged in a mic or a low impedance headphone, what are you using as microphone ?

Those cheapy speaker boxes that people usually use, have classD amps, while, efficient, low cost with reasonable audio fidelity, they have a terribly high noise-floor. I doubt that you can get usable audio capture from that.
A class-D amplifier or switching amplifier is an electronic amplifier in which the amplifying devices (usually MOSFETs) operate as electronic switches, and not as linear gain devices as in other amplifiers. They operate by rapidly switching back and forth between the supply rails, using pulse-width modulation and pulse-density modulation to produce a pulse train output.

That leaves the motherboard-beeper, which usually is just a piezo connected to a 5v IO pin that goes high-low-high-low square-wave at 500Hz. Can you get audio capture from that ?


You need to ascend anon, for your home wifi you need to disable the password, then set up some utility to clear up/reset the IP connection logs daily, and now you have plausible deniability on any download/connection that you make from your house

So far as phones and etc, ofc it is all fucked, but you can set up your home connection to be quite resilient against your internet provider snooping on you



You can just desolder the microphones/speakers (they have more than one), Snowden has got some youtube videos showing how it is done. Then if you want to have phonecalls you just plug in a set of earbuds and talk through there

You need then to research your phone model to see if you can disable the GPS and other things. But at these points the weakpoint stops being you, and it becomes wherever other retard that still uses whatsapp you are working with to setup the coup detat/assassination/thievery etc


>You can just desolder the microphones/speakers (they have more than one), Snowden has got some youtube videos showing how it is done. Then if you want to have phonecalls you just plug in a set of earbuds and talk through there
Interesting stuff

>to setup the coup detat/assassination/thievery etc

Lol imagine announcing a coup d'état by using phones, rather than couriers. Even technically super sophisticated spy agencies don't trust their communication technology for the sensitive parts of their operations.

File: 1690593101635.jpg ( 69.34 KB , 1200x800 , ankle-monitor.jpg )


New attack on privacy is taking on a hole new dimension.

TLTW:The US congress has proposed a law that would require rc-drone pilots to broadcast the location of their rc-drone and their own location.

Never mind the drone stuff, this would be a precedent of mandating a tracking beacon that broadcasts your location. Such a mandate so far only exists for convicted criminals that have to wear a tracking ankle-monitor.

I think this is so egregious, that surveillance has to be re-categorized as a form of attack or assault. We ought to grant people a right to self-defense to preserve their privacy, analogous to the right to self defense against physical attacks. People should be granted the right to use very assertive measures to protect their privacy. (Going beyond the current passive defense of privacy)

Obviously privacy means the absence of surveillance


Having a transponder that squawks on a certain code is already standard in aviation, this seems like it's extending it to drones. I'm not that worried tbh.


I'm not opposed to a requirement of transponders for commercial drones. If those delivery drones ever become viable, there will probably arise a need for dedicated drone airspace corridors and possibly even some kind of flight-control system that directs what flight routes drones can take to prevent collisions.

However none of that is really relevant here. This law has a requirement for hobby drone pilots to not only have a drone-transponder, but in addition they also have to broad-cast the location of their person. This is a mandate for a personal tracking device.

Outside of a commercial setting, neither your personal stuff nor your person should be subjected to any kind of surveillance. And any attempt of subverting personal privacy should be frustrated with effective means.

File: 1690247406471.jpg ( 59.06 KB , 763x572 , eu barrier against foss.jpg )


So the EU wants to introduce software regulations (Cyber Resilience Act) that is probably going to harm FOSS pretty badly.

The politically stated goal is improving software security. However it's not likely going to achieve this, they are introducing costly security certification. Which to me appears more like a scheme to pay somebody to take responsibility, rather than actually improving engineering quality. It might also have a psychological factor like a secular version of asking a priest to bless your technology. And it kinda looks like a anti-competitive regulatory burden that favors large firms over smaller ones. It is unclear to me whether or not there is malicious intent behind this or not.

This process might make sense for large corporate software monopoly dinosaurs that still do proprietary release dumps. This legislation will probably give an unfair advantage to those business models. The irony here is of course that proprietary software lacks the openness that would allow for public code auditing, which is a vital part of modern software security. Proprietary trust me bro security/obscurity is low quality and a bit anachronistic at this point. The net-effect of favoring this could be decreased software security.

If you listen to the FOSS advocates they want to have exemptions for open-source so the C.R.A. would not undermine FOSS projects. This is reasonable because at least it wouldn't make anything worse. The security praxis of infrastructure relevant FOSS project has improved a lot in recent years and is comparably decent atm.

What would actually improve software security in the FOSS world is more code audits, you could have an EU wide census about which software is commercially deployed and then prioritize funding security-bug-bounty programs that specifically target these. This scheme is effective because the cyber-espionage-agencies do exactly that for their weaponized software exploit acquisitions. I don't understand why they wouldn't copy what already works.

I think that if they don't fix this it will lead to walling FOSS out of the EU, with the resulting brain-drain from FOSS projects looking for regulatory environments that aren't hostile.

more detailed information here:
https://news.apache.org/foundation/entry/save-open-sourcePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This definitely is a blow to the organizational capabilities of FOSS since the EU explicitly states that it will be affected. I don't think that development could realistically go underground at this current scale either. There will likely be a mixed bag of compliant larger devs and noncompliant smaller ones but it will be fuckey for sure if it happens.


It kinda depends on what is motivating this. If they really just want better IT security and it's not their goal to suffocate FOSS, they'll likely go back and fix the broken aspects of this, and it'll be temporary damage.

But if this is a monopoly move to kill off smaller competitors we have to start teaching FOSS companies how to bully back. I kinda thought that proprietary and FOSS software could co-exist now, it looked like the proprietarians had given up their war against FOSS, if that turns out to be false, it's better to just preserve FOSS and get rid of the predators that threaten it.

>I don't think that development could realistically go underground at this current scale either.

Yeah it's kinda hard to have a secret organization that wants to be fully transparent to the wider public.

>This definitely is a blow to the organizational capabilities of FOSS

I guess FOSS would turn into a programmers guild, where only guild members get source access and maintain the FOSS principles internally but not externally. At least that way organization would be maintained.

>There will likely be a mixed bag of compliant larger devs and noncompliant smaller ones but it will be fuckey for sure if it happens.

One thing to consider is that China has been super effective at poaching talent from Taiwan ever since the US began it's crackdown on microchips. There's even a Chinese graphics card company that was formed by a bunch of former NVIDIA employees that got screwed over in the chip-purge. The Chinese basically created a special economic zone that pretty much allowed these people to import the Taiwanese legal framework with long term legal guarantees.

If this is indeed the inquisition preparing to purge FOSS, it might be possible to survive in a Chinese special economic zone until shit goes back to normal. It would be kinda ironic if the Very American concept of freedom that are underpinning FOSS ideals end up getting preserved by the "muhauthoritarians".

File: 1622825249568.png ( 1.22 MB , 1796x1132 , two-onroad-transparent-01.png )


FOSS will give Tesla a run for its money. It works with many newish (2018 onwards) cars. The hardware costs $1k versus $10k+ for Tesla autopilot.
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I think someone's already done it. There is certainly an effort to bring open source ECUs to the market for many engines, and this being LS-powered, I'm sure one exists already. I would like to see an electric version. In fact, I'm very interested in electric buggies, because I would like to take one for night hunts and shoots. Right now I'm really just heavily considering an electric bike or motorcycle.


>Right now I'm really just heavily considering an electric bike or motorcycle.
At the moment you're best bet might be to go for an electric bicycle, you can get relatively open technology, for motors, controller circuits and battery packs.

Louis Rossmann the youtube repair-guy said the stuff from this shop is open and reasonable quality

here's a forum for ebikes


Thanks, anon. That might actually be a better choice, considering I don't have to go and get the license. I always like the stuff by Rossman. That manlet knows what's up.


Consider sharing how it went in case you decide to build an electric bicycle


Will do. The area I'm working in certainly lends itself to an offroad electric bike, and it might be easier to carry to and from.

File: 1690063465405.png ( 869.42 KB , 996x744 , alien.png )


I made a wiki about unretarding technology and society. What do you think? https://www.tastyfish.cz/lrs/main.html


seems interesting
can you fix dead links like for example this one https://www.tastyfish.cz/lrs/countercomplex.html i kinda wanted know what countercomplex means


Dead links are articles I haven't written yet, they should appear as red. For countercomplex see http://countercomplex.blogspot.com/.


I read the section about licenses , and i still don't understand why you consider publicdomain CC0 licenses to be better than copy-left and FOSS licenses.

Wasn't FOSS and copy-left created specifically because it was possible to modify public domain works and then close off the modified version.


I see a blank web page and can't even rightclick -> view source.
Is this spam?

File: 1688429045251.jpg ( 35.08 KB , 510x680 , 20230703_163629.jpg )


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what's a "management decision"?


Counterpoint: computers could be made less biased and impartial, ensuring that any decision taken at the managerial level, even if incorrect, could be justified as reasonable.


File: 1689879869577.jpg ( 104.15 KB , 789x564 , comrade lenin observing cr….jpg )

>noooooooooo11 you can't abolish muh management position above you!
t. sovkovian bourgeocrat screeching @ automatization of production in the country that he owns through le howly state

Damn, the SU really did catch up the US.
Nobody even asked why should it follow the capitalist empire's trail.


>People don't want computers deciding their fate because they wanna be mangers.
Elon go to bed.


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