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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature"
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File: 1623607476002.png ( 651.12 KB , 776x902 , 1623605134609.png )


Apple respects your privacy!


They do when it comes to low level adversaries and other tech companies (because they want a monopoly on that sweet data)


File: 1623631447169.png ( 117.68 KB , 1718x624 , no one knows why.png )

No one knows why!

File: 1623518497894.jpeg ( 86.98 KB , 479x679 , gigachadette.jpeg )




File: 1623611222188.png ( 290.61 KB , 979x702 , 1623595817469.png )

mRNA metabolically decays in a few hours. Your arm making inert spike antigens for a few hours to provoke a mild immune response doesn’t provide a mechanism for causing harm years down the line. There’s a reason there’s overwhelming consensus among actual practicing experts that “long term effects” aren’t any concern here, whatever side effects are going to occur would be evident within a few weeks of injection.
“Long term effects” in the context of vaccines is about two months.

File: 1623513026744.png ( 158.28 KB , 500x461 , 1623512739690.png )


Why is it called OpenAI if it is neither open nor AI?


Technology is full of lies like these, you will get used to it.


Tech is the snake oil salesman dream

File: 1622649931587.png ( 352.27 KB , 533x526 , biribiri -facepalm.png )


> another Firefox update
< they broke the GUI again
What the fuck were they thinking? I can't even tell the active tab apart from the inactive ones, they look the same.
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they removed compact mode support


Oh. very gud response


installed this
but i still have the same problem where i can't undo a closed tab quickly


Not yet but looks very nice.


Does Shift-Control-T not work?


So /tech/bros. How long before they'll start inserting computers up our assholes without our consent?


After the cyber pandemic


An alien did that to me already.


They won't have to. Most normies will willingly shove them up their arses.

File: 1608525849497.jpeg ( 129.26 KB , 744x389 , serveimage (7).jpeg )


I'm looking for recommendations on resources, learning materials, or general advice when it comes to learning about electrical engineering. Books, videos, MIT courses, you name it. I'm open to starting with the absolute basics from Physics 101, which I admittedly have not brushed up on in a while.

In addition, I'm also interested in tinkering with hardware as part of the learning process, so any advice on that front would be greatly appreciated.
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Electroboom is unironically a good channel


Can you convert this hypercringe to webm next time


Join a ham radio club OP. Lots of people will help you learn. There is a strong DIY ethos in the community and people love sharing their plans.


File: 1623356902099.webm ( 36.17 MB , 1280x720 , What is Computer Engineer….webm )

Electrikid SEETHING at the cybernetic c h a d s


>36 Mb
thought it would be smaller

File: 1623190280028.png ( 1.36 MB , 720x1280 , a6ded92a40f0496afbb1425495….png )


I fucking hate that non-smart TVs simply stopped being made and the "best" there is is fucking 1366x768 crap.


Have you looked for chinese TVs?
Or like monoprice tvs?

I don't know now, but a few years back they offered cheap dumb TVs.



Does anybody like this way to browse their music this way?
What are some current year music apps that have this feature
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>tfw born in the wrong generation

well then /tech/ tell what is your favourite music player to use on ya phone

preferably an open source great looking one

might be a little more trouble
but it's mostly just for the aesthetic and feel like you're shuffling through an actual catalogue of albums




consider getting a dedicated music player that handles http://rockbox.org
most popular choice is a used 5th generation ipod


How many albums do you have? 10?


idk i have 800 mp3s but i am ready to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics

oh definitely if i ever get money
something with big storage and big battery that only plays music

File: 1621677797590.png ( 51.36 KB , 1200x1290 , 1200px-Qubes_OS_Logo.svg.png )


I use it daily and it's great. It never crashes on me and it's easy to use.

The only problem is that it's picky with hardware. You can buy an old thinkpad to run it on and if has an Ivy Bridge CPU, you can disable Intel ME. IMHO disabled ME and Qubes gives you the most secure computer for daily use.

What do you guys think of Qubes?
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>That's the point, if you care about surveillance, you should use Qubes
Son of a petit-bourg spotted
No, anon, that's completely unreasonable and won't scale.
Whonix? Sure
TailsOS? definitely

Qubes OS? No.
But it is great for superusers and the security/privacy emphasis.


which is better for GPU passthrough fedora or qubes (how do i make the usb persistent)

im reluctant to try out redhat since they are the ones in control they force the linux standards (based on what i leaned from past chan boards)
is Xen CoC compiliant? i hope not since its not systemD based right? (rumors has it that the linux kernel contains obfuscated code)
i wish calub veim (computernewb) shared their KVM configuration since they can run nested VT-D android emulator inside the VM and DX11 games run perfectly fine how did they even do it? sorry if this is offtopic

will it work on normal generic hardware since i bought a new motherboard from a repair shop

>>8740 (apologies if i look like a glowie)
how do i disable the other security features on qubes its too inconvenient and im afraid of data loss from encryption
gpu passthrough is hard on ubuntu and manjaro i coudn't understand the tutorial (i only need VM isolation)

unraid seems promising but i dont like web interfaces also where can i find a crack


>which is better for GPU passthrough fedora or qubes (how do i make the usb persistent)
Fedora because you have one less thing in the way (no hypervisor), but you can do GPU passthrough to Fedora VMs in Qubes.


Qubes uses systemd in dom0. I read about some guy developing a fork that uses systemvinit, but that hasn't progressed into anything that you can download.

Thankfully, there is isolation between VMs, even your AppVMs and dom0. So most security problems with systemd in dom0 (which to anyone else reading, has not proven to be less secure than other init), will be stuck in dom0.

It's possible to set up a systemd-less templateVM and make your AppVMs systemd-less. It's not easy, but it's easier than making dom0 systemd-less.

As for the code of conduct, every Linux distro seems to use the same CoC template (except maybe Apartheid Linux.) It's the community that brings drama to the distro or not. So far, it has a good community, and most of the devs are hobbyists or they get independent grants. There's no corporation like Red Hat behind the scenes.

>will it work on normal generic hardware since i bought a new motherboard from a repair shop

Probably. Most of the problems are with older hardware without hardware assisted virtualization.
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> built for Linux-libre which has no MAC system and is unsuitable for security reasons because of that
Elaborate? Linux's mandatory access controls are not free software?


No, they are free software. It's just that nobody maintains a version built for the libre kernel. It shouldn't be THAT hard to do because I don't think the things Linux-libre cleans out should overlap with SELinux/AppArmor all that much, but nobody has bothered to do it yet.

File: 1622864987276.png ( 53.37 KB , 969x964 , Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 2….png )


How do we get around the centralization of the web? It seems like a herculean task. I made my own email server but it took me so long just to be able to make it so that outlook.com accounts could receive them at all. I tried to do it from scratch and it would be received by google (as junk initially) and yahoo (junk initially) but not outlook (failed to receive). So I learned about Mail in a box and screwed around with nameservers on namecheap and it worked finally. But outlook still marks it as spam. A lot of people use outlook.
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There's a search engine that doesn't index the one million most successful sites, though I'm not sure about what metric they use for that: https://millionshort.com/ I admit I don't use it because it doesn't display anything without javascript.

I think a search engine excluding anything commercial would be cool, but I barely grasp how you could make that really work. I guess it would be either manually checking & tiny database or an automatic approach with tons of wrong deletions and wrong inclusions. A more modest goal would be to merely downrank stuff that is likely commercial. That can be done just by boosting sites with words like "GPL" or "Public Domain" or "Creative Commons" in their texts and punishing sites a bit for having words like "shop" and "buy" and the dollar sign (some collateral damage guaranteed, but whatever).


>I think a search engine excluding anything commercial would be cool
that is actually an incredible idea, all the caveats of the difficulty of creating a good search engine aside.


Making a search engine is not hard if you have modest goals. I'm thinking no image search, no pdf indexing, English language only, tiny manually approved index plus automatic inclusion of sites linked from these, but not automatically following links further.

Rank punishment for these:
฿ ₵ ¢ ₡ дин $ ₫ € ƒ ₲ ₴ ₭ Kč ლ лв. ₺ ₥ ₦ ₱ £ ៛ ₽ ₹ ₨ ৳ ₮ ₩ ¥ zł
.. . . . . .. . ﷼ .. . . . ₪

More downrank words: eshop, ebay, amazon, alibaba, rakuten, bitcoin, monero, patreon, dollar and other currency names spelled out.


The board software ate some of those currency symbols from right-to-left script.


I think a big challenge is removing private blog networks (PBNs) because they are practically spam and they are getting advanced at getting around word filters.

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