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File: 1624038678945.png ( 17.74 KB , 579x382 , 34567899876.png )


Hello, tech, I'm looking to develop a leftypol textboard for the gemini protocol. I am curious about where I should get started, or, what language would be optimal for this. I also don't really understand how to get one language to interact with another language. (Gem text and Perl for example) I don't really want to do anything huge or something that will blow up I am just a hobbyist looking to do something fun and interesting. thoughts?
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Extend this with gemini support



Here's another textboard script that tries to remain as close as possible to 2channel but with a database and QoL features.


>That site looks like shi and is just one giant wall of topics and replies. The formatting is horrible.
Gemini markup doesn't give you many options for formatting, just some headings lists and links, and clients can render them all differently.
You're missing the point if your criticism of it is "it looks fugly".


I want something more structured like station.martinrue.org


>he was a windows user all along

oh no no no no no

File: 1624125455921.jpg ( 29 KB , 800x800 , 1615125387200.jpg )


USB 3.0 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.1 gen 1 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.1 gen 2 (10Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 1 (5Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 2 (10Gb/s)
USB 3.2 gen 2x2 (20Gb/s)

Statements dreamed up by the utterly insane.


You can get that with one fiber-optics cable. In principle they just need to bond a led on both ends of a fiber optical strand and put a signal converter chip on both ends of the cable to make it compatible with electrical ports. Eventually it could become cheap enough to stuff chips into cables, especial if the led and signal converter are integrate into one tiny piece of silicon, and you do something clever with the fact that microchip circuits are affected by light.


20 Gbps isn't even a problem with copper. regular RG-58 coax has about 30 GHz of bandwidth. it's just more expensive than twisted pair


Universal Serial Bussy

File: 1625130121380.jpg ( 37.62 KB , 900x506 , social-coercion.jpg )


Nice, now I have to carry my fucking phone around with me every time I want to check my fucking work emails because some prick at IT decided to force everyone on to two-factor authentication in order to interact with the mail server. So much for choosing to opt out of mass surveillance and the socially-malignant perpetual connectedness of carrying a phone everywhere. So much for email being convenient.

It disgusted me when Google and other Silicon Valley monopolies started forcing 2FA on people because I see it as little more than an excuse to coerce people into giving up contact information to better track and surveil them. What's the real deal with two-factor authentication? Why is it seemingly impossible to find an article critical towards it on a simple web search?
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>use the secure token
For some reason we have to try out all the insecure authentications, and only when all of that has failed is it allowed to do the secure thing and use a token


>I see it as little more than an excuse to coerce people into giving up contact information to better track and surveil them
You aren't wrong, your IT department is retarded.


>Why is it seemingly impossible to find an article critical towards it on a simple web search?

We need to break this search engine monopoly over what information is available. It's amazing how you can't find anything critical about entrenched IT shit like "cloud", or 2FA or any reliable information about user data being sold except in obscure mailing lists and niche tech communities.
I hope searx takes off.

Also, "IT departments" are cargo cults a majority of the time. Just blindly following whatever is "recommended" to them through their infra provider like IBM or Oracle, or the cloud providers like AWS or Azure these days.


>an excuse to coerce people into giving up contact information to better track and surveil them
Use TOTP instead of SMS.
>Why is it seemingly impossible to find an article critical towards it on a simple web search?
Because 2FA is a good thing. Most people use insecure or reused passwords. Any competent IT department requires it because it massively reduces the risk of account compromise.


I use this for github, no contact information needed, works offline, free software: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.shadowice.flocke.andotp/

File: 1624889713748.jpg ( 139.05 KB , 1000x380 , jobs.jpg )


I've accumulated some decent skills in coding/debugging and I was wondering if any of you knew of any job boards that posted odd jobs for programmers to make a quick $ or whatever.


There were some code bounty programs for FOSS maybe they are still a thing?


I'll look that up. Thanks.


There's a full service dedicated to this but I heard that the companies totally dominate the code monkeys contractually and they regularly don't pay out

File: 1623427821448-0.png ( 53.61 KB , 901x359 , Screenshot 2021-06-01 1817….png )

File: 1623427821448-1.png ( 15.46 KB , 932x364 , Screenshot 2021-05-30 1440….png )


brief observations on fires
>1:Once a substance is ignited it cant be set on fire again

>2:fires spread based off their temperature, the hotter a region is the faster the fire spreads

>3:Objects will increase in mass after being set on fire

>4:an unbreathable smell will be created after an object is set on fire

>5: fires are observed to die when covered with something with alot of mass even if it is flammable

>1a: the reason why you cant set a burnt object on fire again is because the substance has already reacted with its environment in a matter that it cant produce an exothermic reaction again

>evidence: when I put an ignited match in water 5 times the fire on the match went out 100% of the time and couldnt be ignited again

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File: 1624404547971.jpg ( 43.35 KB , 680x633 , >.jpg )

torch bright light light

make go hot in brr brr yuga

food go torch go hot hot

torch normal no magic, torch just torch


yeah but some of the burned reactant is turned into gasses
isn't it literally like carbon + oxygen -> co2 + h20?
these things leave the original object.


Prove your hypothesis


File: 1624849803748.jpg ( 89.83 KB , 539x900 , prometheus-carrying-fire-j….jpg )



>Yeah you'll also turn to ashes dumbass

Introducing the Waste Not Wood Ash workshop series where the Living Web Farms biochar crew takes a deep dive into understanding applications for one of our most common everyday waste products. As we deal with ashes from the last wood stove season and prepare for the next, discover practical everyday uses for wood ashes you can use year round. We’ll also explore the science of how and why wood ashes work in the garden, as an ingredient for natural soap making, or even as an ingredient in natural building materials. In part 1, Dan begins by filling in some of the gaps in wood ash research and sifting through some of the more and less useful info found on the internet.
If you have more clever ideas about how you use wood ashes around the farm and homestead, please share them in the comments below.

File: 1623943903030.jpg ( 124.24 KB , 1600x1200 , iuoui.jpg )


Does the failure of Linux desktop prove that communism will never work?

feels like a barely functioning toy compare to the commercial options. they argue over irrelevant differences, constantly reinvent the wheel, never innovate, barely handles the basics.

it has no profit motive to unite or to sort boring problems.
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also slave morality would be doing the opposite of apple because they're the leaders.


>Choices on behalf of the user
Yes some choices are very, dare I say, stupid. There's a popular meme about linux UI/freetard graphic design and etc. I would say arrogance too, detachment from what users actually desire, mixed with a degree of narcissism "I'm gonna make my own le-arch-forkerinOS" instead of contributing to something already great


They are absolutely pathetic.
Never forget that Apple was in danger of going out of business in the 90s and they were kept afloat only due to the sheer cuckedness of their fans who kept throwing money at their overpriced and outdated (especially classic MacOS) products just because of the rainbow apple logo. And apple doesn't even treat these users well, sometimes even going to the extent of suing some blogger appletard users for sharing product rumours.
I don't think it's possible for there to be a more examplary epitome of corporate bootlicking than macfags. They don't just do it for free, they literally pay premium prices from their own pockets for it.


You can with third party programs, I use AlwaysOnTop.


I tried switching to Debian a few years ago and really liked it but no matter what I tried my G13 refused to work with it, and I rely on that too much. If only there was a G13 with on-board memory for the keys.

File: 1624273933437.jpg ( 1.24 MB , 4093x2894 , EzuBuRmVcAMYE_9.jpg )


I've achieved Emacs enlightenment. My config is a thousand lines of perfection. Lisp machine gang rise up once and for all!
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I used to dump video frames to jpg with mplayer, do some wild editing with shell loops calling ImageMagick and dc, then reencode it with mencoder.
This required a lot of disk space though.
Is development still stalled due to a lawsuit?


File: 1624297841398.jpg ( 186.03 KB , 1072x1640 , 1619451624989.jpg )

Interesting thanks

Is there a single based browser?




That's it


>Is development still stalled due to a lawsuit?
I don't think so.
>We would like to thank GitHub for standing up for youtube-dl and making it possible to continue development without dropping any features. We appreciate GitHub taking potential legal risks in this regard.
>We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense

File: 1624214358404.png ( 3.8 MB , 1800x2400 , nice.png )


Give me one reason why I shouldn't.
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File: 1624236252316.jpg ( 70.22 KB , 980x653 , 1623105716400.jpg )

Yeah that's pretty gay, but, arguably it's less boot licky to have a group of devs democratically voted on to pass commits for code changes to the kernel and such. Also it's not like they are forcing us to use proprietary software. But i do agree


I don't get the capability argument. The only people that really suffer are NVIDIA fags. My AMD Ryzen will be unfazed.


>democratically voting on people
Please do not use words you do not understand. Elections are not democratic.


Wtf is this autism.

What do you think communism is retard. Can you faggots go for five seconds with out dragging out your gay ass tabkie bullshit. American elections under borg democracy are not the same thing as voting on people in and running your party you fucking faggots.

Work places should be run this way our mod team runs things democratically to some degree. This is just ideology. Stop it.


Arguably democracy is a very ambiguous word, but a marxist refutation of the represenativeness of OpenBSD's voting procedures would involve first examining potential factors like vendor pressure.


Democracy is voting to make decisions, elections have always been oligarchic in nature. You're operating on a misinformed definition of democracy that stems from an Orwellian inversion of meaning peddled by aristocrats in the late 18th century. Aristotle outlines clearly in his Politics that the people who actually invented democracy considered sortition to be democratic while elections have a tendency to select for people who are already in the upper levels of society.

File: 1608526111683.jpg ( 25.11 KB , 348x450 , 104891560-businessman-work….jpg )


I want to get an old thinkpad, like an x200 and make it into a secure, tor-only machine. What is the best way to do this? Something like Qubes OS or is that just a meme? Looking for solutions for full disc encryption, network card that connects to TOR alone, that kind of stuff.

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File: 1624122609028.png ( 372.53 KB , 1080x2340 , 1624098196882.png )

Just pay $2000 to have someone else install Qubes on a thinkpad.


what's the market here? tech-illiterate schizos?




Maybe journalists who don't need to know how to partition a drive


They also have some hardware tamperproof evidence thingy.

File: 1623523913942.jpg ( 34.64 KB , 720x451 , FB_IMG_1623417625718.jpg )


What keyboard should I use on Android?

Also, general alternative apps thread

>picture unrelated
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>>9129 (me)
>general alternative apps


Fennec https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid/

Bromite https://www.bromite.org/

Tor Browser for Android https://guardianproject.info/apps/org.torproject.torbrowser/

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Can this quickly change layouts and does it support Esperanto?


Thank you, very based!


Is there a recommended phone hardware + OS combo to get that maximizes features/ease of use?



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