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I am trying to degoogle as much as possible, but I have yet to find an alternative for Google Maps. I tried some alternatives, but they all are just inferior products with crappier destination times. I live in a huge metro area and—thanks to American-style urban "planning"—I need a good maps application to get anywhere. Can /leftypol/ help me out?

Also, general DeGoogle thread.


I use OpenStreetMap but I don't drive so idk


How do you use it then? OSM doesn't tell you how to use transit.

File: 1608658825103.png ( 232.24 KB , 841x502 , plt.png )


Youtube playlist by a college professor:


videos teaching programming language theories mostly SCALA, with a few bits of scheme/c/js thrown in
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There is a widespread belief that people have "learning styles", like verbal, visual, auditory, etc., and they learn better when instructed in this "style". But the styles are ill-defined, self-reporting by students is unreliable and tests to determine them are contradictor. Moreover, experiments failed to find any benefit from instructional material tailored to specific learning styles, meaning that supposed "audiovisual learners" did not have any disadvantage from learning texts compared to students of the other "styles" and so on.


The entire debate is flawed IMHO, learning styles probably aren't about learning performance rather then about how much stress somebody experiences during learning. I want to see a long term study about how learning styles affect stress levels. People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out. So the study should also compare the drop out rates of students with learning styles.

You have to pay attention that nasty cultural battles can ensue, where one subculture tries to cause another subculture somatic stress by changing institutional designs.


File: 1627224303393.pdf ( 249.82 KB , 235x300 , the-mooc-pivot.pdf )

It is not flawed, the study addresses the claims of proponents of "learning styles" and not some random hypothesis that you have just made up on the spot.

By the way, competition and retention rates has always been terrible on MOOCs.


this post talks about stress
this post talks about educational results

talking past one another


> People that get too much stress during learning tend to drop out.

File: 1608526080361-0.png ( 58.33 KB , 1200x1200 , hacktivism.png )

File: 1608526080361-1.pdf ( 307.87 KB , rs1.pdf )


pdf on left wing hacktivism
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What's everyone's opinion on kirtaner going full anarcho-hackerman and hacking myanmar, parlor, etc.


who ?


admin of 420chan and one of the original og anon's during chanology.


based and red



File: 1626506883916.jpeg ( 54.15 KB , 600x400 , 1616450634890.jpeg )


what would be the ideal social network site???

Imageboards (ex: 4chan, *chan “alt chans”):

• Anonymous
• No registration
• OP requiring attachment forces content/memes to be produced
• Pruning catalog keeps server space needed to minimum
• Lack of upvote system reduces groupthink and disincentivizes non-originality
• Anonymity + siloing by board centered board identity over personality
• Linear reply structure that requires minimal interaction to read
• Effortposts that do happen are often phenomenal quality
• Attracts schizos, racists and “free speech” people who have been banned from other SM for good reason
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Capitalist intelligence services will exist and try to work against us


capitalist intelligence services wont exist because capitalism wont exist


4chan but instead of boards you hashtag your posts like twitter


then everything will be an overboard that you can filter though


There are decentralized imageboards like that IIRC

File: 1627009018092.png ( 42.64 KB , 600x600 , musescore-mu-whitebg-xl.png )


>corporation threatens to deport man to China and report him for protesting the CCP because he developed a sheet music downloading program that they claim violates their copyrights

What's your take on this?



>What's your take on this?
He's a Chinese dude who hates the Chinese government, they don't want him deported back to China. They probably helped him to get a gig outside of China to get rid of him in the first place. The copyright trolls are crazy if they think they can commandeer the resources of the Chinese authorities to do their bidding, especially when he doesn't seem to have violated any laws.


Yet again, porky enforcing copyright on behalf of artfags.
Reminder that artfags (and other cuckmanities sorts) are the greediest rent-seekers to ever exist.


>Otherwise, I will have to transfer information about you to lawyers who will cooperate with github.com and Chinese government to physically find you and stop the illegal use of licensed content.

Believe me, faggot. My dad works at China.


>It is entirely reasonable to find the idea that some rando from 4chan actually went to some guy's house, brandishing an allegedly illegal weapon, with the intention of causing physical harm to somebody – regardless of the potential legal consequences – over a fork of an audio editing program. The premise is mind-bogglingly stupid on its face and clearly the product of a deranged, overactive imagination.
why are they talking about sneed


Same company bought Audacity

File: 1626711434262.png ( 269.44 KB , 720x1560 , steam engine powered gun d….png )


Here's a shitty design for an oil powered gun
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Dont higher temperatures allow for faster and more dense gases allowing for more powerful blasts?


Higher temps and low molecular weight gases are needed for higher velocities. Guns powered by the usual smokeless powders max out at ~6000 fps because their combustion makes higher molecular weight gases. Light gas guns used by NASA that use hydrogen as a working fluid reach 23,000 fps.


Low molecular weight per individual particle right? Since you would only need enough mass per particle to overcome the resistance of the object your trying to create a force on and thus too much mass wastes energy?


I think it has to do with the fact that low molecular weight means easily compressible and it has a high speed of sound.



File: 1626690531157.jpg ( 90.82 KB , 399x425 , 1617237183561.jpg )


Some breakthroughs have led me to finally and definitively abandon microshit's spyware.
I had been staying on wangblows for the audio software but had no idea Linux production had come so far.

My DAW [Renoise] has a fucking excellent native linux version that exceeds WIndows performance in some cases. Grabbing audio to feed into its sampler is easier than ever with youtube-dl and ffmpeg.
yabridge lets you convert Windows VSTs to run through Wine, the ones I've tried have worked seamlessly albeit with a little overhead.
Takes a tiny bit of elbow grease to get it optimized enough for serious use, but it's pretty simple once you get past initial setup and it even supports VST3.

Feels pretty good to be making music on a system I have so much control over, it's actually given me a lot of inspiration to work on new material.
Are you a composer or producer who runs Linux? What's your workflow/software?



I use Ardour, Vital, Helm, Geomkick, Surge, Stochas, sfizz, eq10q, and some other stuff like calf plugins.

I'm a total noob though so those might be terrible tool choices.

File: 1626215010465.jpg ( 201.78 KB , 792x1000 , reza-kabir-toph-lo-res.jpg )


Does anyone know of any none fucked streaming services? Particularly ones that aren't shit on android? Youtube is trash for a whole host of reasons, especially on mobile. I'm not paying for spotify ever and doing anything on there just assaults you with an infinite amount of adds. Choose something — adds, rewind something — adds, don't skip a song in days — adds. I've always liked pandora and always thought it's a great idea but the execution is rather flawed. It seems to only play new or rarer stuff once in a blue moon. So does anyone know of any non-shit tier streaming?
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Channel7 is fun: https://7chan.org/ch7/




File: 1626852745233.jpg ( 51.82 KB , 1080x607 , meatkeyboard.jpg )



I was never able to take them seriously considering that 95% of their content was coping and seething over 4chungus

It was manic about it, so fucking weird


File: 1626936911213.jpg ( 942.35 KB , 1242x1394 , 770.jpg )

Sure give me your ip and home address

File: 1626469487974.jpg ( 286.54 KB , 770x484 , Zhaoxin_SoC.jpg )


Since US tech embargo on China is still in effect and US plans to squeeze Chinese tech companies by restricting their access to computer chips. China's reaction to this was to make one of their goals to have a home-grown alternative for Intel, AMD, TSMC and the like to decrease dependence on the US. So I was wondering what kind of progress have they been making lately and what are their prospects of ever having a viable alternative to Intel and AMD?

There is all this talk about SMIC, Loongson and Zhaoxin and that in early 2020 Zhaoxin allegedly published a chip comparable to 2017 level intel and AMD tech and they are planning to have parity with Intel in a few years. Then there are Some sources are saying that China is failing horribly at acquiring manufacturing tech for more advanced processors. And I really can't make any real sense out of it.

So when will I be able to buy a computer that uses a hardware that dunks on burger made tech and sends my personal data to Beijing instead of Washington, if ever?
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> Is there any way we can verify that the manufacturer actually made the chips according to the published plans?
> Could they still insert backdoors that we can't find?


Oh ok. Should be no problem to come up with better chip designs soon then 👍


This issue is not chip design but instead, the production of chip manufacturing machinery.


>Is there any way we can verify that the manufacturer actually made the chips according to the published plans? Could they still insert backdoors that we can't find?
You can take the official chip plans and scramble the design, that "encrypts" the hardware level so that you need special encoded binaries for software to run, it also makes inserting a hardware backdoor impractical because the backdoor circuits would only see scrambled signals. So it's possible to design around an untrustworthy hardware maker, even if technically you can't verify the contents of a chip. You will however need to compile every software from source to install it, with a special -scrambler compiler flag.


That sounds interesting, do you have more resources to learn about it?

What about a microscope?

File: 1608526061130.png ( 219.68 KB , 1380x633 , c6fe1fcb8211a65d3deb5ab422….png )


So based on basic Opsec I've been reading about you should have a seperation of your identity from your logins on TOR and whatnot for reddit or twitter or whatever the fuck. But all that shit requires emails and all these damn email providers require a phone number which defeats the whole purpose? Which email service can I use that won't demand my phone number and let me stay as anonymous as possible online?
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autistici.org, riseup.net, or protonmail.com are examples I’ve seen, but I can’t speak on the legitimacy of any of them with confidence


If temporary mails are blocked I usually try create a Protonmail account. If they want a phone number, I just reset Tor identity and try again, until they give me an option to verify with an email instead, then I just try a few temporary emails until one works. Lately it's taken me only one retry at most to get through.
In the past I also used Yandex since it was really easy to register while most websites consider it a legitimate provider. However their own captchas don't work over Tor anymore.

A much bigger problem than creating and using throwaway emails is that lots of websites effectively block Tor via infinite Google captchas on their registration and/or login forms.


It looks like riseup is the best email provider so far. Is that right?


File: 1622542308064.jpg ( 111.98 KB , 1170x1509 , a32be645c51f4a62944b84922e….jpg )

https://mailbox.org/en/ German mail provider, server in Germany, accounts from 1,- € per month, PGP encrypted inbox, encrypted mail delivery and receipt can only be activated via SSL/TLS, DANE, private IP addresses and user agent are removed from the mail header, anonymous accounts possible, aliases and temp. address can be used, OTP login for web interface, Tor Onion Service for POP3, IMAP, SMTP, video conferencing for up to 25 participants

The owner of https://dismail.de/ is a guy named Stefan Sieg the whole thing is a one-man-show but nevertheless meets highest security standards. Offered are security extensions like DANE, SPF, DKIM as well as cipher suites (TLS encryption), to secure the connection between user <-> dismail.de or dismail.de <-> email server of other providers, meet high security level requirements without neglecting the downward compatibility. IP addresses of users are removed from the email header.The provider is sponsored by donations.

The servers of https://disroot.org/en are located in the Netherlands and are operated by a small circle of volunteers who care about decentralization, open source, privacy and so on. The security extensions offered by disroot, such as DANE, SPF, DKIM, are also state of the art - as are the cipher suites. IP addresses of users and user agent are removed from the email header.The provider is sponsored by donations.


> https://dismail.de/
>2021-05-28: Too much, too many people, too much … so I have decided to stop registration of new users
NOoOOoOoooooOOooOoOoo that looked perfect

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