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Do you guys remember when you could have different shells on Windows? I 'member. They're all gone now.


File: 1692656811607.png ( 27.39 KB , 1200x1200 , 1200px-Cygwin_logo.png )

You can get a bash shell by installing cygwin anon.
You can even work it so you can use sudo and pull from the repo with apt-cyg.


I'm talking about graphical shells, anon. You used to be able to rice windows like you do GNU/Linux.


i don't 'member, only the default ones on XP


File: 1692720740738.jpg ( 126.33 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault[1].jpg )

XP had some interesting shells. I had the Cairo Desktop on that. It was the only way to get multiple desktop spaces. Nowadays Windows comes standard with them. I never did manage to get a shell with spinning cubes and wobbly windows, though. Now that shit, I was really into.


What you can't do this anymore? I have 1 windows machine and it's souly for gaming.


I haven't found any that work on Win7, which was the first time I upgraded windows since XP, and I don't have Win11 because it won't run on my AMD chad CPU. All of my other computers run GNU/Linux except my one Windows laptop that is used exclusively for work. It's kind of sad, but the level of control MS now has over Users' computers is too much for anyone to waste time developing shells for it, especially since MS has implemented most of the features people wanted from these shells.

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