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File: 1624598884259.jpg (22.98 KB, 474x266, windows 10 AME.jpg)


Does anyone use Windows 10 Ameliorated/AME edition?



File: 1624601530595.webm (216.39 KB, 1920x1080, windows-users.webm)



I just use LTSC


Just using this thread to offically call out @Bill Gates

You pedo saving, vaccine patenting fuck

Why is my CPU not supported? Because you want to block people from pirating shit and need their CPU's to be muh digial rights protected?




Oh yeah so back on topic

I've never used it or heard about this program
What does it do?


it's suppose to be a version of windows 10 with as much spyware stripped out as possible.


Probably fucking nothing new or interesting, tech companies know that their mainstream products have reached the near end of the rate of profit meaning no one wants to buy that shit anymore and are either regurgitating the same garbage no one wants for short term profits or are developing new products entirely


What benefit does this have over ReactOS?




From what i've seen ReactOS it's like a mix of windows 98 and xp, AME edition It can run DX12 programs better.



>Making windows suck less

Not possible. Get a real OS like a real man.
Gnu\Linux or BSD. Your pick.

Windows fags get the bullet too.


And how do you know it has achieved that end? Is it Open source? Free? Can it be audited? How do you know? Every few years windows fags come around and start mentioning pointless shit like this when the answer has always been right in front of your face.


Linux doesn't support as many games as windows.


File: 1624647794805.jpg (22.12 KB, 474x441, 426425425425.jpg)

This might have been true in the 90's, but, that doesn't really hold up anymore. It's not difficult to read a little bit of documentation on the packages on website and a few man pages. More often than not I find that is the real issue with windows users: They have become accustomed to everything being done for them rather than doing the work necessary to shape and mold your operating system as you see fit.
I have never had a single issue with wine once I understood it and the handfull of games that lack support in wine probably aren't worth playing like COD or whatever other corporate hog shit is being shoveled out these days.

I was playing Fall out 4 on wine not that long ago, actually.


That's a positive. Stop playing games.


To be fair, who gives a shit? It's not like you need to play them all.


I don't even play games but just trying to playing music on with my basic headphones was trouble and didn't work without inputting various commands on the ubuntu and the macos looking distro


Lmao. Stop.


The only game I can't play on Wine (2021 game) is one I don't even like. I'm playing it for a social event.


This is either glow or some windows cuck desperately trying to fight against the tide of GNU\Linux on the board.

Image being to stupid to google: Sudo apt-get install vlc.



this is what happened with my experiences on linux
linux should be the go ahead platform but something needs to be done about the proprietary drivers problem

basic functionalities shouldn't require googling and troubleshooting

>also implying installing vlc did anything for the problem



There is no proprietary drivers problem. The kernel has drivers dating back to 1987 in the code you retard.

>I shouldn't have to search how to use commands in the terminal

When you get a new car I presume you throw the manual out the window as well? You can't actually sit here and explain to me why or how your supposed problem happened or why you, supposedly, were unable to listen to music when it's clear you were to stupid to use the most basic of functionality which is why you are still stuck on windows like a bitch.

Cope and seethe.


an entire paragraph of being mad doesn't change the fact that using headphones on an old laptop running linux needed to be troubleshoot and fixed after every boot

the other os that exist currently work out of the box wtihout needing to do this stuff always or typing any commands for basic functionality

either accept the flaws like an adult or ironically enough act like a fanboy of the same consumerist OSes that you are trying to move away from.


Oh that was your problem!
Actually ALSA sometimes fails to select a soundcard as default output, so you will need it to be the first sound device to be recognized.
To accomplish this, you will need to unload (modprobe -r) or blacklist the kernel module 'snd_hda_intel'.


I know this is no consolation for >>9675, but next time when buying a computer, look up hardware support for Linux before buying. If you find that it's "supported" but the guys who say it works are only in forums and it takes ten steps to make it work, then don't buy it.




Just use Manjaro.>>9616


<We should use open systems and software so we can maximize our freedom and resist exploitation
>B-but muh gamez, movies, songs and social media drama!!!!
Reminder that normies are a lost cause and deserve their own choice to chain themselves to their corporate-provided addictions. Not only will they reject freedom, but will trample all over yours in their rush for their next copium hit from Netflix/Apple/Google/Facebook.


yes we must give up entertainment and just look at our slab of machine to do calculations and theorems




I use shutup10 and turn off everything. Seems to work well and i dont have to reinstall the whole os.

But holeeshit is win10 jacked to the gills with spyware


No matter how much you tweak it you will never make it not spyware.


unironically, yes


>do calculations and theorems
That is entertainment to us enlightened ones.


Dualboot Windows 10 AME for vidya and GNU/Linux for everything else


File: 1626813594139.jpg (51.28 KB, 576x1024, 1626552006531.jpg)

Imagine shutting off ypur machine just to play vidya. Either learn wine likr a chad or suck up to Microsofts penis like a virgin.




File: 1663013530602.png (3.7 KB, 200x200, web_browser.png)

Sounds like some kind of firmware issue perhaps? Problems on GNU/Linux require that the user fix them himself and that can be frustrating for newbies. If you need help with your system, the best resource there is is your distro's official IRC channel. If you can accurately describe your issue, they will almost certainly point you in the right direction if not outright tell you the command to fix your problem.

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