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We're on a new board, so why not a new desktop thread? Let's keep this board active. Hopefully a fresh thread will draw some activity.

You know the drill: post your desktops, talk rice, etc etc.
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Because of their community I feel like doing something different. Maybe I'll switch to i3 or something. Tabbed layouts feel better when I'm trying to fit more than 3 windows into dwm's layout.


If you're going to switch at least use something that isn't obsolete.


Do you consider i3 obsolete? Why though? I actually think it's a good path forward since I'll be able to switch easily to sway when nvidia implements the fucking gbm backend in their driver or I buy an amd card.


It's so bloated, though.


Bloat is a meme for the most part. Would it really kill you if dwm takes up, say, 1 mb of ram and i3 takes up 5? Especially when your fucking browser is probably taking up 5 gigs.


>Especially when your fucking browser is probably taking up 5 gigs.
You just explained why bloat matters, it's not like you're running a single program at a time.


well, no. If I remove the browser out of the picture then my whole OS would be consuming way less than 1 gb. With the browser it's often 10gb out of 16. I can't remove the browser and trying to save ram in that initial 1 gb is kind of pointless.


File: 1623700198447.jpg ( 181.85 KB , 1279x1280 , 1623688283234.jpg )

Yeah but what OS are you running? 800mb is still a lot.

It's also worth noting that as the energy you spend on processioning increases the life span of your machine decreases.

My gentoo machine doesn't even break 100mb at idle and this is with i3 and a lot of unnecessary bloat. Also, what fucking browser are you using? Jesus christ.


wtf my setup is almost always at 1000-1200mb with firefox opened


I open like 100 tabs, firefox easily eats over 5-6 and more gigs like that. Also emacs eats like 600 megs or something when it has a lot of buffers opened (and all emacs extensions are better than their cli counterparts).


Why in gods name would you open so many tabs? Just close the tabs when you are done with them, kek. I use firefox too, but, I have configured mine to be as slim as possible using userChrome.css and various other standards.


Another mistake


Well i'm not done with them. That's why they aren't closed.
>Another mistake
Nah, after years of using mostly cli shit, I've realized that emacs' stuff was way better.
notmuch > mutt
elfeed > newsboat
proced > htop
vterm > terminal + tmux
And org-mode is god tier, I use it all the time to catalog my stuff.


There's this thing called a bookmark.


File: 1623723181680.jpg ( 25.25 KB , 480x275 , go-directly-to-gulag.jpg )

Found the ram-hoarding kulak


File: 1625027118679.png ( 1.53 MB , 1920x1080 , unknown.png )

Shitting and farting in Linux
VMing a good OS. Linux cannot create elephants like this


What can you really use it for apart from Terry's games?


OP what is the RSS feed reader you've got going in the third screenshot?




realistic elephants


Pleasant to work in with 16 color. Not 16,777,216 colors.


How do onget temple OS working on a vm? Curious.


File: 1626209043434.png ( 336.24 KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2021-07-13….png )

doom emacs is cool be nice

trying to interview for a rust engineer role


File: 1626210852752.png ( 3.55 MB , 1920x1080 , ClipboardImage.png )

looking at this thread i noticed how vanilla my desktop is lmao


What language is that? Go?


I'm an idiot. It's rust.


haha nah you're not an idiot
Rust isn't the easiest to parse language out there.
it's just a simple db-server implementation using the rocket web framework and the diesel ORM library


It says on the bottom lol. I missed it at first glance.

How's rust? It looks like a mix of scala and C++.


it's pretty alright. I like the tooling and the memory model. Much to do with server-side processes. the community is active, but a bit identitarian.


File: 1626222296613.png ( 242.35 KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot_2021-07-13_18-2….png )

Xubuntu is based


I switched from dwm to KDE but is there something that is:
>less bloated than kde
>not as barebones as suckless trash
>stacking, no tiling
>can do semi tiling where you drag the window to the side and it fills half the screen
>future proof (hasn't been abandoned and has a wayland successor in development)

Maybe lxqt? But I think that pure openbox doesn't have semi tiling, Idk if lxqt does.






but those are for hotkeys? I was talking about how in, for example, KDE you can drag the window with a _mouse_ to the right side or to a corner and it would tile it automatically. I've no doubts that you can do it with hotkeys in openbox but I want a mouse experience.


File: 1627054382181.png ( 4.43 MB , 1876x2642 , c8a9e125da2bf1d6552a1458f0….png )



But isn't it becoming more gnomified? CSDs in the settings apps aren't a good sign tbh. And apparently the might even use Mutter to enable wayland support.


No idea what any of that means, I just use it because it is comfy.


File: 1627213266798.webm ( 1.84 MB , 1280x1024 , rio.webm )

>stacking, no tiling
>can do semi tiling where you drag the window to the side and it fills half the screen
Window resizing in Rio might be fast and precise enough to be equivalent to tiling (video related but when creating terminals and resizing windows, Rio actually shows the dimensions as a red rectangle, which ffmpeg doesn't record, the windows seem a bit slow because of picom and the text is huge, because I sit >2m apart from my monitor)
>less bloated than kde
which rio|xargs du -h
% ps aux|egrep '[0-9] /?([^ ]/)*rio'|tr -s ' ' ' '|cut -d ' ' -f 5 # Show virtual memory of Rio in KiB
>not as barebones as suckless trash
It might be too minimal for your liking, though remember, this allows other programs to act fullfill any missing functions (I position audacious, xclock and plan9 stats with xdotool in my xinitrc).
>future proof (hasn't been abandoned and has a wayland successor in development)
There is already a clone for Wayland https://wio-project.org/


great, now I want to fuck my desktop environment..


After fucking around with openbox I've come to a decision that this isn't worth it anymore and I'll just stick to KDE.


File: 1627241844160.jpg ( 553.72 KB , 1028x837 , openbox places pipe menu.jpg )

Sorry to see you go, KDE can't do pipe menus.


Why would I need to have a menu like that when I can just press meta key and quickly enter what I need to launch?


And when you don't know what you need to launch?


Idk, never happened. I've been doing that even back when I used windows 8 and I've been doing that when I ran dwm (or other window managers) for many many months and the only thing I've used to launch stuff was dmenu and never once I've ran into the issue of not knowing what to type in.


File: 1627249943837.jpg ( 58.78 KB , 1350x404 , openbox checkmail.jpg )

You know you can do a lot more than launch things with pipe menus, right? That last image wasn't even a launcher, it was a file browser.


File: 1627337997211.png ( 1.81 MB , 1026x842 , unknown.png )

I prefer this wallpaper


based redstar


I can't really think of anything I would to do in a menu. Definitely not sending emails (I don't even use email for anything outside of website signups)


File: 1627435047865.png ( 1.01 MB , 1366x768 , Screenshot_2021-07-28_03-1….png )

Just got started with Xfce, where should I go from here?


File: 1627503658255.png ( 1.51 MB , 1920x1080 , 2021-06-13_03-08-06.png )

wallpaper may vary


File: 1647807662239.png ( 58.72 KB , 1919x1078 , 2022-03-20_20-20.png )

what font is that?

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