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What programming languages do you guys use? I'm mostly Python, Java, C#, C++. Used to like functional programming but IMO now that regular OO languages have alot of function features like first class functions its not as big a deal to write code in a pure functional language like lisp or haskell, better to write regular python or something and occasionally write some functional-styled code


I never wrote a real program, but I enjoy fooling around with Emacslisp, C, JavaScript and Python.


I'm a Python and NetLogo programmer for my research work (I LOVE python). I use Clojure, Java, and Javascript for my wacky personal projects.


I only play with python and batch for doing little programs for making my everyday computing easier but I love python, and sometimes try to have fun with it.


C and Lua.


A lot of Go in the last time, but also come C and Haskell and Java for Android. Would love to use Scheme after reading SICP but haven't found a project fit for it.


I use C# a lot (primary language used in my course) and despite some retarded shit, i like it a lot. I dispise javascript though, and generally any language without strong type systems. It can be usefull for some things, but it really hinders productivity and allows me to make too many mistakes. Strongly typed language with abilities to implicitly override it are the best tbh. C# doesnt really offer that either.The main gripe with C# is the .net framework and lots of the localisation shit. For example, it interprets commas and points differently in numbers based on your locality, which means the code isnt portable to other machines, which is a [b]gigantic[/b] flaw in the design.


&gt&gt143assembler nasm/fasm x86_64/i386/amd, assembly is better than all your shite, OOP-based low-shit user-friendly real-time compiled modular shit.


Whatever gets the job doneAt work I've used python, java, C#, weird SQL scripting languages, bash, powershell, and scala. In my free time I mostly default to Python but only because it usually is fine for the stuff I'm working on. I am trying to learn Go because I prefer working on distributed systems when at work and it seems like it's tailor made for that




>>168>lots of the localisation shit.string encoding, dates, and number parsing are a gigantic pain in general. localization should always be explicit, and never vary depending on context, unless it's specifically configured by the user (ie. the programmer).differently encoded strings should have different types, even if the underlying data type is the same. if you have a utf-8 string or an ASCII string, they should be different types entirely.dates should always be utc, timezones should be a separate data item that can be paired with a utc date. date localization should only be done when presenting dates to users. database apis should explode if you try to store a non utc date.number input, and more generally, formatted input should be a solved problem. surprisingly, it is extremely cumbersome to do even a simple money input field in Android, for example. good luck wiritng 400 nested adapters and 100 listeners, with 50 filters attached if you want something like a formatted credit card input. number output, as dates, should be explicitly localized always. c# is awesome in general, especially with all the linq stuff and async/await stuff is also really nice. if you're on .net, F# interoperability sounds pretty cool. haven't used F# before though. it's a shame unity doesn't support F#..


>>142when you use non functional languages for FP its always as a slapped on afterthought with poor algorithmic efficiency. Look at any functional styled code in python or rust it easily takes 10x longer to execute compared to the imperative version.its like saying theres no need for OO languages because php has OO now even though it used to be procedural, because its OO system is janky and tacked on


>>142Java, JS, C#, a bit of scala, I mostly did backend web dev. Must have wrote some shit in python a long time ago too. Kinda want to start looking into rust, the hype langage, and lisp, cause it seems coolfuck JS though, especially without at least typescript


>What programming languages do you guys use?C#, F#, python when I need to quickly process some data files (its much more expressive and easier to work with loading files and lack of type system allows me to do autistic quick designs, but unmaintainable)


rust,,, the communist programming language


>>315I was under the impression that the default serialization and backend representation for DateTime in C# was ISO 8601 complaint which is UTC


>>142I enjoy programming in R7RS Scheme, although it's not very practical if you're trying to follow the standard. I have some familiarity with C which I strongly dislike, desperately wishing my familiarity was with Ada instead. I also have some familiarity with Clojure, Ocaml, Elisp, and Chip8 the former two having interesting properties, the third being acceptable, and the fourth being a good learning experience.


python for general purposephp/sql for web devc++ for performance critical




where do i learn to code?


I like Scala. It's most of the good from strongly typed functional programming, with all the good of Java, minus many of the bad parts of java.
Start with code academy. Then we'll talk.


I've had success with a pirated textbook in c++ and stack exchange


ok thank you


These days I only write Python and shell scripts. Haven't found anything better than Python for personal projects.
Used to write a lot of C, C++, C# and Java. I still hate Java.


Python is the best language for personal project IMO, unless you specifically want to experiment with a language of course. Django specifically is incredible for APIs.


What language would I use to automate stock ordering and trend following?


I would just use some Python libraries for making HTTP requests and parsing responses. Requests + Beautiful Soup for example. Both things you mentioned are very trivial until some stupid bug makes you order a ton of stocks over night.


I imagined it be easy, especially since the place I order isn't very busy, I'd need to also make it so the bot wouldn't go past a certain budget

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