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So OpenClosedAi has appointed a NSA-guy as director.
So it's probably best to avoid that one.


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Oh nooo, they get to read all my conversations about overthrowing western capitalism I had with it… what a shame kek.

It's kinda too bad that llama3 70b is a bit hard to run even with a decent machine, and the 8b version isn't nearly as great at answering coding related questions.


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It's more like the surveillance extremists are trying to overthrow democratic governance.


There was never any democracy in the states, but yes more surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.

Also the algorithmic censorship.

I actually have no idea how someone growing up in America is supposed to de-program themselves from the propaganda they're subjected to since birth. All sources of information are controlled and altered. Between a real event and you hearing about it is a man-in-the-middle altering the footage. I suppose you have to face some intense grievances like poverty to even begin to change your mind.


>There was never any democracy in the states
Traditional bourgeois democracy tends to be very plutocratic. But the democracy-meter wasn't zero.
>surveillance powers should be concerning to everyone.
Pretty much everyone opposes it, when they aren't being gaslight by invalid arguments.

>de-program themselves from the propagand

People getting screwed by the system because poverty is inflicted on them, that does tend to break the propaganda hold. But there are other ways. In general the ideological propaganda is incongruent and if somebody thinks about it enough, it falls apart. When the official narrative contradicts lived experience that sets off that type of thinking. As they increase the gap between objective reality and propaganda fiction, these collisions between narrative and experience become more frequent, and hence more people snap out of it.

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