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Welcome to /i/ this board is dedicated to raids and trolling of other websites and spaces. This is a leftist project and, as such, will be treated as a leftist project. This means that all trolling and raiding should be for the purposes of spreading socialist propaganda in one way or another, or, have some type of relevancy to leftism in some tangible way. Trolling for the lulz is all well and good, but, let's try to keep from that being the primary objective to our threads.
The only other stipulation here is, No advocating acts of terrorism This is not conductive; not only the socialist line and development of socialism, but, detrimental to the stability of the webserver. Promoting acts of terrorism will not be tolerated here. Thanks, enjoy.

Addendum: The congress has established a vote against the use of any law enforcement agencies as some type of weapon, specifically, against other leftists. Any one throwing the feds around or reporting sites like org to the glowies will face a deletion and a ban. Thanks. Also, it goes with out saying, we don't support weaponizing CP, or, at all. And anyone advocating such a thing will be removed from this site with out question permanently.

File: 1693171769475.png ( 67.43 KB , 570x570 , leftychan_ghost_army - Cop….png )

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Thread dedicated to psychological operations against the leftypol.org administration.

Things to consider:
<The .org mods will read this thread, use this to your advantage
<Posting over your mobile data will arouse less suspicion than over a proxy
<Threads created over an IP with no post history are heavily scrutinized
<Post in /meta/ and try to appeal any mod action against you
<Abuse the report feature
<Use a wide variety of proxy services
<Antagonize individual moderators
<Create as many personas as possible, try to have the mods always chasing a previous persona and not your current one
<The less consistency between the ideological beliefs of your personas the better
<Be consciously aware of your writing style
<Fermenting internal conflict among the mod team is of the upmost importance
<Sow dissent among the userbase whenever possible
<Have fun :)
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what happened to him? what set him off


My fav ogre mod is the one who allowed/approved of the Dasha thread


>what set him off
drugs mainly


Nah wvobbly isn't the worst of the mods - he's a liberal and a trans, so idpol topics criticizing LGBT immediately garner deletion and massive bans, but outside of that he doesn't really disturb the peace. Pasq and Comet are far more cancerous faggots that go out of their way to shit in the water and abuse their mod powers when losing an argument (while posting anonymously), as they usually do. At least wvobbly is relatively consistent, they're just schizophrenic.

Example of Comet's retardation: https://leftypol.org/meta/res/26954.html#29608


the identitarians are not harmless, their identity matrix requires everybody to take a identity position relative to their own, they will ruthlessly repress anybody who tries to opt out. If identities were military ranks, it would be like a society where you can't be a civilian.

File: 1659342408676.png ( 129.22 KB , 862x564 , fgerfgerfg.png )


The leftypol.org staff are holding enrollment to join the staff. It would cause quite a lot of ass hurt if some one were to get involved and sabotage the jannies. All you need is post history and most people here are very familiar with leftist talking points. I think this is a unique chance to fuck some shit up. Everyone here knows the jannies there are massive faggots and deserve the shit they have coming. We should make it so they cannot sleep at night.
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Once again, the deflextion.
You all keep telling me to seek help or get help yet when I go on imageboards all I see are whiny anferachievers whom wanna soak the world in blood and guts to satisfy their failed prime years.


I'll be impressed when you have a paper statistically analyzed and over saight by a third party not just a bunch of random screen shots.
You have no idea how dumb you are.

Agaun, you know absolutely nothing about me but you keep pushing this narrative because it probably makes you feel better about your shitty failed existence


Alrighty then. Enjoy your selective blindness.


Surreee, whatever you say, Bud.


File: 1708264373766.png ( 397.26 KB , 1080x2127 , gshnsns.png )

>imagine not having a life
his whole personality and only hobby is being an imageboard janny LMAOOOO

File: 1664372979518-0.png ( 1.62 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063953.png )

File: 1664372979518-1.png ( 1.95 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063946.png )

File: 1664372979518-2.png ( 1.29 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063935.png )

File: 1664372979518-3.png ( 666.4 KB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063920.png )


They're kind of a pseud though.
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is there anything funny here?



Nothing is funny to the humorless, but the post mentions that they're not trolling this board.

Sounds like you're coping that you're not as well read.

>Inb4: books aren't everything

Ya anon, I'm sure you're suuuuper busy as an irl organizer and don't have time to waste on theory


Why do we make ogers seeth so much?



Lameypol fans are hormone disrupted genetic freaks who exist in a constant state of seething.


>im an oldfag
>ivebeen reading commie literature in seventh grade

>you zoomers know nothin

This is so amusing.

Faiked adults flexiing their seniority on mediocre pseudointellectual bullshit for anyone to see.

File: 1630972301249.jpg ( 121.76 KB , 1080x873 , Haz fags BTFO.jpg )


we should raid infrared reddit/twitter/fbi.gov

1) its easy to make them flip out and it will be lulz
2) we need to steer people away from that grifting retard Haz

some easy things to make them seethe daily:

Simply post "strikes are direct action"
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Magacommunism is the only cool thing Haz has done


No, calling a diet fascist a communist is just trying to run cover for the right wing


i understand he was trying to undermine the radlib optics of western leftism to appeal to rightwingers


>Typed with cheetoh covered fingers


Ypu dont need to raid those sites.

Imageboards are the exact same way.

In fact, I can say imageboards are even worse.

File: 1691524682758.gif ( 2.38 MB , 480x270 , 1691476292636010.gif )


Seeing how more and more people are leaving .org by the day and we are growing in popularity we should do something fun as a group and raid some nazi forms and target some nazoids.
I unfortunately am a brain let and lack knowledge of Nazoid forms other than 4chan so does anyone have any good ideas for any targets?
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Are they still up? We should raid them again, kek.


fuck ogre rejects

at least incels aren't fascists that spam soyjack edits


You need to go back to .org


Litrally why?
Only org fags are anti fun retards.


>Lets go raid some Nazi forums for fun.
>No you are the giga autist not me.

Imageboards never cease to amuse with their projective immaturity.

File: 1696211759905.jpg ( 356.43 KB , 1080x1227 , Screenshot_2023-10-02-08-2….jpg )


/Leftypol L General/

ITT we highlight the funniest and most pathetic moments from .ogre
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>No room for nazoids.
Meanwhile they have antisemitic threads everyday.


>pasquale is a cryptonazi.
He's a kraut, they all are.


>Everyone who criticizes Israel is a National Socialist
Your smartre than that.


File: 1707771055339.png ( 81.32 KB , 1038x393 , schizopasq.png )

he's also an actual schizo


>Criticism of Israel = antisemitism.
Based Biden supporter


indiachan.io : no captcha for replying, very lenient posting, VPNs allowed. should make for a great raid. It's filled with muslim fascists. let's show them boys. boards to target- /b/ , /pol/ and /a/ . The rest are irrevelant and dead. they suffered a raid earlier today, the security will be tighter by this weekend. we must act quickly
just spam random new threads to derail all previous ones. spam porn since it's not allowed
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enlighten me, what is a pajeet ?

>Why so fucking racist anyways?

In general class societies spread racism because ruling classes use racial identities to divide and conquer the proles.


Pajeet = dot on forehead sand uyghur

You org troons have your panties so tightly wound it's amazing.


File: 1703997446715.jpg ( 252.06 KB , 731x1000 , Soviet Asylum.jpg )

>enlighten me, what is a pajeet ?
you can't be serious, uygha

>In general class societies spread racism because ruling classes use racial identities to divide and conquer the proles.

No dumbfuck, in general it is because racism is an endogenous property of our socio-economic reproduction cycle.

Go ask your fucking soyviet union (in Hell) why they had raycism and in general xenophobia.

At least some soyviets admitted by the end of it that rising religiosity, nationalism, xenophobia, etc, was because their soycialism FUCKING FAILED.

They didn't blame no "muh ruling classes conspiring to spread raycism" and shit.

Hitler didn't conspire shit. HE FUCKING BELIEVED IN IT.


>dot on forehead
there's a bunch of cultures that draw dots on their forehead in central Asia.
Do you mean all of them, or just the famous one from India ?

>it is because racism is an endogenous property of our socio-economic reproduction cycle.
So you mean race-identities form like castes ? Yeah I guess that could be true. But ruling classes do invest money into propping up racial identity imposition, so the divide and conquer angle is not wrong.

>Soviet Union had racism

technically true but it was really low compared to most other places in the world, especially in the west.
>rising religiosity, nationalism, xenophobia, was because system failure
That seems to be true in general. Considering the soviet dissolution, late soviet economics were really borked, but compared to late stage Neo-liberalism it seemed somewhat less dysfunctional.

>Hitler didn't conspire shit. HE FUCKING BELIEVED IN IT.

Don't forget the ruling class put Hitler in power because they thought he'd be useful for furthering their interests, he was appointed by some bigwig with a title. I too do wonder sometimes how the minds of fascists work, it appears they do not believe in a reality with internally consistent logic. It's probably true that Hitler was a believer, but you'll never be able to analyze it and concretely describe his believe structure.


File: 1704013359943.jpg ( 146.12 KB , 2000x2000 , nerd-face-emoji-clever-emo….jpg )

File: 1688872769514.png ( 22.2 KB , 500x500 , 1644784076207.png )


This site, and especially this fucking board, is dead as fuck. And yet 4chan and every other imageboard talks about how it's raiding them and think bunkerchan still exists.
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leftypol.org is mods and their matrix clique (those who get their posts pre-approved by the "modocracy" and even then one mod will remove+ban the thread another mod approved).

The nu-mods from reddit are logged in at all times. I've had mods stalk me and reply to me in a thread based on what I wrote in another thread. They check everyone's post history before they reply and will generally only reply to the "verified non-spam IPs".

The ogre user numbers are inflated. I'd say there's max 50 unique posters, if that.


This is all true. The mods are literally putting in that overtime on the board. SPOOKED AF


>>1767 me
Like i post spam and it gets instantly deleted. no fun allowed


you have already admitted "spam" means any opinion you don't like.


File: 1703020309129.png ( 222.33 KB , 1333x1009 , Bunker trannies.png )

This is not the only bunker.

File: 1695486518519.png ( 241.08 KB , 554x553 , 1689892566042 (1).png )


you people should stop attacking and raiding leftypol and marxist/comie/anarchist/leftwing communities and leftwing adjacent communities.
>inb4 muh foreign intelegence agencies
>inb4 "glowies"
>inb4 cia(s)
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Also, have you never read Lenin?


You fags need to o back to reddit and give our land back to us. Also, we ar probably more leftist than you are.


you realise that anyone can raid in the name of anyone because of anonymity right?


I think infighting and self-obsession with esoteric cirlcejerk lore is irreversible and causes the places to be susceptible to outside influences.
Nothing you can do, total eclipse of the heart
Also this, lots of false flagging. There was a CP spammer on ogre that the mods blame on here, but are obviously some /pol/fag from somewhere else


Far as I can tell, that spammer is an ogre mod who has it out for siberia because of the relationship general, hence why you only see that content on siberia and why it usually takes hours to get removed. It’s a plausible theory at least since /pol/yp spammers usually just post that shit on their own board.

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