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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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Welcome to /i/ this board is dedicated to raids and trolling of other websites and spaces. This is a leftist project and, as such, will be treated as a leftist project. This means that all trolling and raiding should be for the purposes of spreading socialist propaganda in one way or another, or, have some type of relevancy to leftism in some tangible way. Trolling for the lulz is all well and good, but, let's try to keep from that being the primary objective to our threads.
The only other stipulation here is, No advocating acts of terrorism This is not conductive; not only the socialist line and development of socialism, but, detrimental to the stability of the webserver. Promoting acts of terrorism will not be tolerated here. Thanks, enjoy.

Addendum: The congress has established a vote against the use of any law enforcement agencies as some type of weapon, specifically, against other leftists. Any one throwing the feds around or reporting sites like org to the glowies will face a deletion and a ban. Thanks. Also, it goes with out saying, we don't support weaponizing CP, or, at all. And anyone advocating such a thing will be removed from this site with out question permanently.

File: 1630695891661.jpg (48.6 KB, 600x894, 4524534r34.jpg)


We should collect an archive of and post all the dox files of right wing personalities and sociopaths on the internet we can find. Firstly, they already do it to us. There are whole websites dedicated to this and secondly it will help in combating the advance of fascism, IIRC.
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Link to the Epik leaks torrent can be found on this page for those who's curiosity it so strikes.





From the readme:


>* All domain purchases

>* All domain transfers in/out
>* All whois history, unredacted
>* All DNS changes
>* All email forwards, catch-alls, etc
>* Payment history (no credit card data, don't get excited, FBI, we're not in that game)
>* Account credentials for:
> all Epik customers, hosting, Anonymize VPN, and so on
> Epik internal systems, servers
> Epik's GoDaddy logins
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any updates on this???


use the way back machine on epicfail.is, there are three parts iirc

File: 1630694453555.jpg (43.01 KB, 474x266, 435345345.jpg)

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We should raid leftypol.org.
1. They are our community. They are us and we are them a consistent and sustained effort to post there. This will have the effect of drawing more eyes on the board and maybe giving curious anons a reason to post here.

2. The current narrative established at the org for why the drama happened in the first place is false and should be combated.

3. It will produce a massive amount of butthurt and lulz.

4. If anything this can raise awareness about the situation at hand and possibly result in some type of merging, or, concession between the boards over time.

5. Diplomacy must also be considered as our intented goal should not be to troll them for the sake of trolling them, but, rather to set the record straight, make demands, and if necessary force some type of agreement to be reached and, yes, have some fun while doing it.
ITT: General thread for raiding leftypol.org
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Sisters… is there anyone in here that isn't a low functioning cluster b pedophile that spends every day of their life trying to spam actually successful leftist sites instead of boosting their own 0pph? Maybe at least delete the CP here?


>still malding about the 4 guys who won't post on .orge
Thanks for the traffic though, 3pph.


File: 1651024475941.png (54.4 KB, 737x797, b2f74b8429266bdf667fa4e4b1….png)

The mods here are literally the reason org is so successful, lol.

We live in their heads rent free. This is just an amazing cope to deal with the fact that the site is basically on its last leg at this point. We have 3x the infrastructure they have and they haven't done anything of note since the split.


>The mods here are literally the reason org is so successful, lol.
More like the name brand recognition. If Dollars hadn't given them the bunkerchan url we'd have better pph.


What do you mean brand name recognition?

File: 1630972301249.jpg (121.76 KB, 1080x873, Haz fags BTFO.jpg)


we should raid infrared reddit/twitter/fbi.gov

1) its easy to make them flip out and it will be lulz
2) we need to steer people away from that grifting retard Haz

some easy things to make them seethe daily:

Simply post "strikes are direct action"
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File: 1641763926078.png (105.37 KB, 1223x257, ClipboardImage.png)

Look up Tahir Al-Tersa, his pseudonym a few years ago
The rest was doxxed by his airbnb host

Picrel https://leftypol.org/edu/res/2083.html#9226


Jesus Chirst, he really is trying to physically threaten a B&B host over his stay. He's like a wife beater crossed with a Karen.


Yeah he's a total shit head dude




Why'd you bump this thread? Stop trying to relive the past and create the future.

File: 1630864928011.gif (535.27 KB, 100x160, 53463565467.gif)


Let's go.
Raid these fuckers like no one else.

Also, funny enough, we can pick up ques from them
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FAGGOTs be more subtle


File: 1630891667657.jpg (27.69 KB, 396x231, you faggot lol.jpg)








File: 1631727553980.png (203.73 KB, 1903x955, trannyjannyism.png)


8chan.moe seems like a good place to raid. They seem to be in crisis over some drama concerning /random/ and /b/.
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Can you make boards there?


Yeah you just need an account


who the hells darwin


>They have drama like daily over how jannies don't let pedo shit run free enough despite having entire boards dedicated to loli/shota/t*ddler fucking disgusting stuff
kek. Do you even know where you are right now?


>Their /pol/ is particularly schizo
>implying there is one that isnt in internet

File: 1630693324315.jpg (24.92 KB, 520x150, 34534f5345.jpg)


The need to spread our ideologies to the largest currently existing board is something that has been postulated for many years in this community. There has been back and forth over it for years, but, I find it a worth while endeavor.
This thread will be for the extended trolling, posting, and propagandizing of 4chan.org/pol/ and ideas generally pertaining to that:

1. Make at least one post per day

2. Always combat the autism that you find on that place.

3. Find gems and post them here for the lulz.

4. ??????

5. Profit!
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and remember /pol/, if you are reporting this to your fellow jewish niggers then that means that the plan is working KEK COPE AND SNEED AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


It really is interesting it works no matter how you think about it. Even if they cry they are so dumb they will land on the org, so.


they dont even know .net exists kek the fucking state of them


this site is dead isnt it


Post something other than complaining about it being slow and make it alive then faggot.

File: 1639287865021.jpg (665.24 KB, 1225x785, gikopoi.jpg)


A chat site exists for 4chan and altchan users called Gikopoi. It's been in use for over 15 years by users of Western chan and textboard sites. However, there's a small number of fascists who dominate political conversations. No accounts to join, you can even join as anon or with a tripcode.

/leftypol/ should seize control of the narrative and make Gikopoi OUR hangout. We've already done a pretty good job establishing ourselves on Matrix and to a lesser degree Mastodon; Gikopoi should be a much easier win, considering there's only about 20-30 active users in the international server.


Once you pick a character and join, you can use the #rula command (just type #rula in chat box with nothing else) to open a list of active rooms you can warp to.

Hail Stalin!


sounds good OP
will join later today


cringe fantasy




It's actually pretty nice.


ur g-ay

File: 1631736075597.mp4 (9.07 MB, 576x1024, c456ecfa6766c88d7ffdcf819e….mp4)


Drop the DOXX of horrible land lords who have harrased and miss treated you. NYPA you must provide proof they are owners and not just your ex you are trying to get revenge on.
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wtf based glowuyghur


You guys asked, lol. Not everyone is a glow uyghur. The dude is a horrific boss.


called him a few times between 3 and 5am over the past few weeks. yw


proofs or gtfo


Haha, nice. Thanks friend. I fucking hate those faggots.

File: 1633887110064.jpg (50.89 KB, 720x254, Screenshot_20211011-032017….jpg)


Cunts how do I join this?


Do you know how I use matrix?




lol get filtered



I am in on a new account uyghurs. I have a few hours to stir some shit, let me in.


Wordfilter still? Oy vey!

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