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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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File: 1633887110064.jpg (50.89 KB, 720x254, Screenshot_20211011-032017….jpg)


Cunts how do I join this?


Do you know how I use matrix?




lol get filtered



I am in on a new account uyghurs. I have a few hours to stir some shit, let me in.


Wordfilter still? Oy vey!

File: 1630948809236.jpg (324.27 KB, 985x999, tvch.jpg)


Another right wing lounge board, it's a little too easy to troll. It's primarily the /tv/ board from 8kun made into it's own image board. It's a little slow but still active.

Their /pol/ board is /dup/ for president trump: https://tvch.moe/dup/index.html

Their /b/ board is /dunk/ after the dunkachino meme: https://tvch.moe/dunk/index.html

Works on tor and clearnet browsers.
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I'm not sure if it's wise to ask this question, but what is a "proob"


spurdo spelling of "proof"
look up spurdo, its good time


File: 1634214452609.png (7.93 KB, 800x800, propellerface.png)

now i get it, spurdo is the propeller face meme, i didn't know that it had dedicated spelling


check spicscord



File: 1631761274637.jpeg (30.48 KB, 554x554, images - 2021-09-15T22002….jpeg)


I just realized we do not have a thread for raiding Youtube videos/channela. Since Youtube is extremely popular there are tons of right-wing grifters in there, and nothing better than watching their propaganda get deplataformed after hours of hard work lol.The bonus part is that Youtube is rather liberal with their policies so most if these rightoids just need a slight push and they will come out as nazis. It is also very easy to samefag and flood comment sections and reports.

Post ITT retards whose comment sections are in dire need of reeducation.
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always go the latest one.


I started on https://youtu.be/6Gus1D5I-5w and theyre already seething hard. Would reccommend


Im on it


This guy advertises on /pol/ by using our name as clickbait


what the actual fuck is this
he just spams videos with cancerous titles like elsagate

File: 1630919736814-0.png (142.29 KB, 405x405, logo.png)

File: 1630919736814-1.png (10.01 KB, 1024x768, 2021-09-05.png)


An explicitly nazi/fascist themed imageboard, you could say it's the antithesis of leftypol
Only accessible via TOR: http://tdsrvhos656xypxsqtkqmiwefuvlyqmnvk5faoo23oh2m4xqg4gr47ad.onion/

How should we approach it? It's even more dead than here and there's no chance of it becoming influential without a clearnet, plus they already got blacklisted by Cuckflare once
The /pol/yps there are too far gone for us having impact on them

Do we just spam the shit out of it?
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Yes become commie retard


Why would i want to follow outdated and failed ideologies if i know and i am aware of the future where most of the peoples are nothing more than blind followers of idiotic regimes?


Look up operation paper clip.


Fuck you nazi.


Lol, he mad. Go to the debate sticky retard.

File: 1633470000195.png (290.16 KB, 2167x2739, miner.png)


trolling 8kun.top/qresearch


I thought the mods nuked the whole site


turns out 8chan still lives as a qanon bunker
although /pnd/, the successor of 8/pol/ is dead and so are the other boards
no /leftypol/ or /leftypnd/ tho.


What's the onion? It would help fight off bans.

File: 1630718186693.jpg (107.16 KB, 669x465, 749.jpg)


Since the right got kicked from reddit, twitter, etc where do they converge currently and in large numbers?
ITT: anons post modern far/aut-right, american liberterian, nazi or free speech platforms that have active use and we discuss their strengths and weaknesses in viability of ra/i/ding said platform.
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CC is the same way. Really this begs the question: How do we even go about raiding places like this? We might have to go back to the drawing board on raids and raids aren't what they used to be 10 or even 5 years ago.


>Epik, host of 8chan, TheDonald, Gab, Parler, The Daily Stormer, Oathkeeper website and the Proudboy has been hacked, the domain information has been released. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the hack. The hack seems to be legitimate and people have started releasing data.
If we get some Usr;Email;Pswd info dumped we could use it to cause more damage and pivot and invade other spaces for example.
Is anyone keeing eyes on these releases and checked out the dumps yet?


I haven't actually seen the dumps. Post them and I will comb through them.


How do you accomplish anything? One step at a time.


Thanks for a nothing answer.

File: 1630695672774.jpg (95.8 KB, 725x557, 130744A0-E099-43F2-B9F0-53….jpg)


If we are going to raid something, raid a subreddit. Suggestions? Some retarded ancap subreddit filled with teens?
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¿how do you raid a subreddit without being a redditfag?
inb4: make a throwaway


>tfw ancraps think they are a relevant enough platform to be targeted by Government, and that everyone that opposes them is a State agent
I didn't need anymore confirmation that you people had shit for brains, for thanks for the content, i guess


Its kind of hard if the mods know how to moderate. If youre account was made today and had 0 posts, they'd assume you were a troll and ban you


i mean, how do you expect to raid without an account?


Idk vote on things I guess.

File: 1631232214455.jpg (139.19 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20210909-185953.jpg)


How can your average /pol/yp remain so steadfast in their blindingly stupid beliefs? They just play into the "comically evil nazi" stereotype, and that's it


>black Nazis
Unironically worse than regular nazis

File: 1631072150495-0.png (167.58 KB, 660x506, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1631072150495-1.png (223.46 KB, 719x677, ClipboardImage.png)


wtf is wrong with you. get a life nazi loser.


I am not a nazi


rats and cockroaches are important for environment


So are Nazis. They're full of shit and make good fertilizer.

File: 1630910176817.jpg (222.52 KB, 560x338, 4253r3fr34.jpg)


What kind of activities do you do IRL, /i/?
What advice can you give to fellow comrades here about how to engage in IRL activities.
It doesn't have to be window smashing, it can be something as simple as a FNB chapter, for example.

I live in a rurual town, so, I just do fucking shit like leave copies of Das Capital laying around in various places. I always find the mutual aid libraries that are posted up around town and leave copies of them in there. Or I leave them in our mutual aid foo resource bins, as well. Curious people who need supplies will pick it up.

We can use this thread for advice for organizational purposes IRL. Share your experiences and thoughts, etc etc, on what goes on in your real life both at work and on the street.
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How so?


This reads like a glowie baiting unironically.


How is asking for advice on how to organize your work place irl glow?


It's weird that it's so specific and also on /i/ of all places.
Maybe I'm just NOIDing out, it just seemed odd imo.
But do carry on if you want to lads.


Fucking noid. Next he'll shoot up a studio.

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