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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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We should raid leftypol.org.
1. They are our community. They are us and we are them a consistent and sustained effort to post there. This will have the effect of drawing more eyes on the board and maybe giving curious anons a reason to post here.

2. The current narrative established at the org for why the drama happened in the first place is false and should be combated.

3. It will produce a massive amount of butthurt and lulz.

4. If anything this can raise awareness about the situation at hand and possibly result in some type of merging, or, concession between the boards over time.

5. Diplomacy must also be considered as our intented goal should not be to troll them for the sake of trolling them, but, rather to set the record straight, make demands, and if necessary force some type of agreement to be reached and, yes, have some fun while doing it.
ITT: General thread for raiding leftypol.org
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Some one should drop some good copy pasta or somethingbto drop on their asses because I am an uncreative faggot.


If we get another hard-ML state socialism, the socdems will do stuff like consumer-goods/health-care, anarchists get tasked with stuff like software-production, MLs will do heavy-industry/infrastructure and so on. You know to each their respective area of strength.

By the way, the Russian communists now support Putin because state-capitalism is much better than the neo-liberal shock-doctrine that would await them if the US neocons got their wish of turning back time to the 1990s

Despite of all your fiery lefty rhetoric you are still just yelling at the same boogieman as the mainstream media does. Do you not understand the simple geo-pol-math that if there is a conflict between a national bourgeoisie and the imperial bourgeoisie, you support the former against the latter, because the national bourgeoisie will put surplus towards development, while the imperial bourgeoisie just spends surplus on expanding/maintaining empire.


>If we make leftypol liberalized /reddit, the core users will reject it and find us here.
You ignore the possibility that after leftyorg gets unpleasant, that the core users could just go elsewhere, you know because the internet has more than 2 websites.
Strategy-wise, you need to figure out push and pull. If you want to do something that pushes users away from org, you also need to combine it with something that pulls them here.


Can't we try and influence the oldguard still wandering the net with no home to come here? they didn't just go away they are probably lurking the wider net out of bordem.


I just copy/paste some random thread from /pol/ with a picture of dirty feet so they’re subjected to seeing autism alongside something gross.
I’m more interested in destroying leftypol while we focus our recruiting efforts elsewhere. I don’t want ziggers, troons and false flaggots on here.


>Can't we try and influence the oldguard still wandering the net with no home to come here? they didn't just go away they are probably lurking the wider net out of bordem.
Sounds good but the "wider net" is huge, how do you intend to reach them ?


You want to wreck that site because they don't toe the Neocon line on the anti Russia narrative ?
I have loads of complaints about dotorg too, but that just makes you look like a glowy.


What makes some on elook like a glowy is obviously creating derision between a common goal because ofd your own self aggrandizing ideology.
This is like people who complain about republicans being in unions when their political affiliation has nothing to do with the benefits of being in a union. Just shut up and show some solidarity. You look like a wrecker rn and I would suggest everyone just stop giving this anon attention.


I dunno, good question.


I want to wreck that site because I hate the jannies and will pull any reason or angle just to destroy them.


Also, nothing wrong with looking like a glowie if it makes them more paranoid…


While nobody here was doing anything, I ruined a good portion of the latest /ukraine/ thread on ogre. Most of my comments are gone but you can tell from the many undeleted replies that I detoured and derailed the jannies’ favorite topic for several hours. Several hours.


File: 1692514969365-0.jpg (91.2 KB, 1283x500, moreseethe.jpg)

File: 1692514969365-1.jpg (340.36 KB, 1284x1103, >implying.jpg)

File: 1692514969365-2.jpg (636.01 KB, 1284x1829, seethe.jpg)



Started a Lysenko thread on ogre earlier today just to get them fighting each other (they are currently doing this).


ive been spamming them with gore and scat for the past few months whenever they'd ban me for retarded reasons. I think I made them more paranoid because the site is a bit dryer than it was and I've seen claims of false bans. I would post honestly to the other users so they couldn't delete my posts when I was trolling the administration.

Whenever they'd ban me, I'd use my mobile connection and restart my phone for a new IP. Now, I think, everyone on T-Mobile in my state is range banned.


>everyone on T-Mobile in my state is range banned
Actually based.

I don’t usually spam, but I’ll do false flags or concern trolls. Whenever I’m banned, I either drop slurs or what I do nowadays is I’ll open up a random home address via Google Maps and send it to them as the “appeal”.

I still have many OPs and individual posts they never removed because they never noticed it was me. The mods are actually really stupid and I don’t normally say that about people.


Isn’t it funny how after I said this and after that thread was popping, mods just removed it? Yet they act like we’re “irrelevant” and nobody comes here, but somehow they knew it was an outsider who made that thread? They might as well follow the route of how large subreddits are run where mods curate what posts are made or make them themselves.


I wonder if the ogre mods realize I made the central bankerino thread…


File: 1692653309646.jpg (729.02 KB, 1242x1286, lol,lmaoeven.jpg)



>IP orged as "sus possibly spam"
tell me again how org is not a honeypot


File: 1692656890190.png (61.56 KB, 538x877, 1692647416105.png)

This was posted on another thread but I dunno if the new freinds are aware this leak happened:


If you guys joined the matrix then it would be harder for them to track us. we have a private room for /i/ specifically but it hasn't been used forever so don't be disparaged if people don't get to you right away. We need desperately to populate it.


I’m too lazy to get on Matrix and learn how to use it. I’m a creature of habit


That's ok.
It simply means that we will have to work the prying eyes of the jannies at org into our calculations.


Until I’m motivated enough to use Matrix, I’m going to keep ogre jannies on high alert with this thread.

We should use every available VPN to spam them so they don’t know whether to ban all VPNs and ruin their site or handle matters individually, which would be time consuming.


At this point ultimantly I think it would be best for everyone to demand reunification but under our terms; Democracy and the inclusion of boards here and the removal of fag jannies like m00dy, pask, whoever else.


Reunification is impossible at this point, not just because their jannies are insufferable faggots but also because a core part of their base think we’re irrelevant and would rather prefer the company of jannies who log IPs and do perma range bans on VPNs. Anons have to island hop and hope m00by or some other retard doesn’t have a shit fit with them.


File: 1692864932455.jpeg (251.42 KB, 1056x2208, ogrejanniefaggotry.JPEG)

Absolute state


lol beautiful woman? that was you?


If you can give me a specific example or two, I can answer. I’ve fucked that board up so much with my various schizoid ramblings and shitposts that I forget much of what I’ve posted


File: 1692870188168-0.jpg (85.05 KB, 728x728, 1691425471736-1.jpg)

File: 1692870188168-1.jpg (107.73 KB, 1080x1080, 1691422938685-0.jpg)

I forgot but I think I noticed someone posting like that before


File: 1692873459858.png (551.91 KB, 1905x1270, Banned!.png)



Only 6 hours? My longest ban was like 1 or 2 weeks


eh,i've had a few perma bans, but I suppose the jannies think that IP is clean and therefore i'm a newfag or something.


That's smart


If memory serves me correctly, I’ve posted pictures of Polish and Egyptian porn stars only, plus a hippy girl with a nice ass and pretty face who’s also done porn lol. I’m a proud degenerate.
I either get 4 weeks or perma.


File: 1693097941465.jpg (636.85 KB, 677x1334, gayfaggotogremod.jpg)

Imagine policing content that’s posted on a board meant for random topics and shitposts. I actually despise those jannies and hope they choke on a sandwich.


Misato is such a sperg lol, I couldn't hate the dude even if I wanted to.


There’s really nobody on there who’s likable. Can’t think of a worse group of misfits apart from the ops team David Sherratt used to run.


fucking nasty hoe

it makes me physically ill that some landwhale is avatarfagging as Misato

>muh reactionary inkwells


I hate fucking w*men. Truly they are not capable of enjoying any art. Pitiful creatures.


File: 1693165231694.jpg (53.91 KB, 540x360, smokingthatogrepack.JPG)

>be me
>notice there’s a thread on the Romanovs
>false flag and say they should’ve been tortured first
>thread devolves into false dichotomy of “we should’ve tortured all of them” vs “what happened to them was wrong”
>thread reaches bump limit
>make new threads on the Romanovs while pretending to be Leninhat because he in particular acted very unhinged in the original thread
>threads get deleted and I’m banned
>switch to new IPs over and over
>eventually make a Leninhat general, which was the most active thread for a few hours before being deleted
>multiple people are now pretending to be Leninhat because of me, all while talking about the Romanovs and calling everyone a fascist lickspittle

Pulling psyops on ogre is practice for me. I’m only making this public knowing ogre jannies observe this thread because I’ve grown bored of impersonating Leninhat. They won’t even know my next move.


File: 1693165780923.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200, 1693077564271744.gif)

You're doing God's work soldier


What these namefags don’t realize is image boards aren’t meant to be pruned and moderated like subreddits, especially not boards that originated on infinity.

>m-misogyny bad

Niqqa the entire point of image boards is they’re used as containment zones for people to write things they wouldn’t write elsewhere online. 4chan is completely unmoderated spam garbage, but you have to appreciate the low eye queue idiocy and racism to a degree because you won’t find it anywhere else in bunches. These people are newfags who have no idea how old 4chan and various forums used to be, or that oldfag leftists would call you a double niqqer faggot on the regular.


File: 1693166241361.jpg (46.81 KB, 388x479, 22.jpg)

>They won’t even know my next move.
Kek. You should've used this picture for further impact.


File: 1693166935058.jpg (91.75 KB, 1024x793, stalinnagant.JPG)

I should’ve actually used this


what jannoids need to realize is that they should keep the fuck away from the posteriat

just be a good human spam filter and get the fuck out of my way bitch

jannies should be treated as publicly owned slaves tbh

>but you have to appreciate the low eye queue idiocy and racism

nah, you don't need to appreciate shit

you just need to embrace the chaotic nature of anonymous imageboards
all the other shit comes with the territory


Please stop this. I read a bunch of posts on org and I can't tell if they're intentionally bad as part of a raid or actual real normal common opinions..


I have created a new thread specifically for our psyops >>1351 >>1351 >>1351


File: 1693171981614.jpg (546.86 KB, 1176x1693, jannyoverreach.jpg)

I appreciate and embrace the chaos, I literally am chaos (and highly schizophrenic)
>I can't tell if they're intentionally bad as part of a raid or actual real normal common opinions
That’s exactly the point

Also before I start posting in the psyops thread look at this shit lmao

Unique IPs: 31

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