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/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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We've grown and we have clearly taken on a bunch of new users in the last few weeks. Welcome to all fellow chads who have decided to make this their home.

My question is, what can we do to get more people on now from org? Or even just generally I guess but mainly from the cult that is org?
For anyone who was around in the early days spamming doesn't seem to work but I have had success with just casually dropping the link when necessary in relevant discussion. What is to be done?


Don't worry about it. Places like that ultimately always collapse. If you remember the 8chan days, you know that leftypol split because the BO decided to be a retarded shitbag and start banning anything that was pro-Rojava and anything that wasn't 100% unquestioningly pro-trans. The main thing to do here is just maintain a lighthearted atmosphere and to just be cool with people as well as shit on retarded ideas. That, and be open to discussing topics that .org won't cover. There's no reason to steal their users, at some point they're going to wind up with just tankies each trying to outdo each other and accusing everyone else of being "revisionist" or some other retarded shit. Imageboards are supposed to be fun, so let's have fun. That's what attracts people, and they can stay for good discussions.


I wish more people would join the matrix though so the democracy could be more vibrant


A couple thoughts

Name dropping on Leftypol is a good idea. That's how I found this place, and it's the easiest way to access users of that site. Probably best to do so in a some what negative way to avoid the wrath of the joonies and to better appeal to people who are already sick of that place.

There has to be something that sets this place apart from Leftypol. I'd figure out what that is and accent it. Just trying to make a copy of that site is bound to fail, since everything else being the same, people are simply going to hang out where the activity is.

Attention is kinda the coin of the realm. So the most fundamental thing is simply having content for people to engage with, preferably stuff that is attention grabbing or generates a bit of controversy/emotional response. People actually love conflict and drama. It's highly addictive, so there's no reason to completely shy away from it.

>Muh quality

Ok, post quality shit then. But in the meantime, post stuff that people feel compelled to read or engage with. Hell, post anything. People aren't going to come to a site where nothing is posted for the sake of quality. Moreover, this is an image board. People aren't expecting or even desiring long theoretical treatise.

Finally, add a self development board. A big draw of the right is that it actual promotes improving oneself. Places like Leftypol promote being a depressed, whiny faggot with a bad masterbation habit. Having a dedicated self development board would be a unique selling point of the site. I'd personally get rid of the boards like 777 which seem like a dead inside joke.


What is it and how do you join? I'm boomer as fuck compared to most of you, and I haven't kept up. Last time I did shit like that it was still IRC.


Who cares. This place is no better than .org save for the lax moderation. It is and will likely always remain little more than a free speech zone for when .org jannies fuck up. Want more users? Encourage said jannies to be even more unreasonable.
Without any positive projects of note to latch onto, all leftist discussions are a waste of time.


>This place is no better than .org save for the fact that it doesn't have the main problem of .org


The main problem of .org is the posters.


I've seen plenty of good posters on lameypol. The only problem is that they get piled on by jannoid encouraged z-dogs.

leftychad doesn't have this problem


Please don't lie to yourself. Good posts that provide valuable insights are rare and very often overlooked.
That the powertripping jannies on .org are biased pieces of shit doesn't change this. Even if the moderation on .org became impartial, post quality would not substantially improve. Leftypol is ultimately a chan-flavored safe space for internet leftists in a world where the left is utterly lost and enfeebled. As long as leftists have no positive project, they will have nothing of value to discuss. Something that is merely negative creates nothing.


>Encourage said jannies to be even more unreasonable.

This actually isn't a terrible idea. How do we encourage the lameypol joonies to ban even more people


Honestly this showed great promise early on. By making it seem like the enemy was hiding around every corner the jannoids became increasingly on edge. Which is a win win for us because either they are high strung fags which makes us look good or they loosen up which also makes us look good and allows us to advertise on the board.


Leftychads, we can't stop winning.


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Also if you notice their total user count is sinking as well. I wonder if this is correlated with the growth in activity here.


>This place is no better than .org save for the lax moderation.
you say that like it's nothing


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m00dy started issuing 22 week bans with made up reasons. Basically if your posts remind him of something else, you get 22 weeks off. It's completely crazy.

Also, good luck proving you weren't "ban evading". There's literally no way you can prove your innocence.


It's like when a girl is mad at you because she had a dream where you did something bad




Of course, it's definitely something. I am posting here and not there for a reason. I think leftychan is better, although lacking in activity.
But my criticism remains. If not for that one redeeming quality, this place would be just as awful, if not worse.


>Comes to the dirt bag left

>Gets offended


I'm not offended, just disappointed.


Well what did you expect?


I'm too embarrassed to tell you.


You didn't think this far ahead did you?


Well, as someone who recently gave up on org I can tell you that the mods there are doing a great job ruining the community. The website will sink itself at this rate. Its numbers are already declining.


File: 1680201933134.png ( 268.52 KB , 715x838 , leftypolmodabuseexhibitb.png )

My tune-out point was when I received a month-long ban on utterly false charges just for critiquing moderation. It's obvious at this point that there are jannies who think a community exists to serve their whim, rather than the other way around, and we should simply encourage their continued suicidal behavior.


They have done literally everything to defame this website and yet here we are. Only the most propagandized sycophants still trust the jannies over there.

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