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File: 1663490795308.jpg ( 39.09 KB , 600x346 , trfcu.jpg )


We've grown and we have clearly taken on a bunch of new users in the last few weeks. Welcome to all fellow chads who have decided to make this their home.

My question is, what can we do to get more people on now from org? Or even just generally I guess but mainly from the cult that is org?
For anyone who was around in the early days spamming doesn't seem to work but I have had success with just casually dropping the link when necessary in relevant discussion. What is to be done?
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I'm too embarrassed to tell you.


You didn't think this far ahead did you?


Well, as someone who recently gave up on org I can tell you that the mods there are doing a great job ruining the community. The website will sink itself at this rate. Its numbers are already declining.


File: 1680201933134.png ( 268.52 KB , 715x838 , leftypolmodabuseexhibitb.png )

My tune-out point was when I received a month-long ban on utterly false charges just for critiquing moderation. It's obvious at this point that there are jannies who think a community exists to serve their whim, rather than the other way around, and we should simply encourage their continued suicidal behavior.


They have done literally everything to defame this website and yet here we are. Only the most propagandized sycophants still trust the jannies over there.

File: 1677617691781.jpg ( 82.86 KB , 600x600 , 1675807253059475.jpg )



It was clearly made by a salty org mod and I can't edit anything on united chans. Some one needs to correct this bullshit seeing how org has basically single handedly killed the entire user base.


don't care, fuck ogre, fuck jannies, fuck faggot space, fuck transhumanistBO, fuck leftist spergs, fuck hotwheels, and most importantly fuck moot


The fact moot still gets so much hate is hilarious to me.

File: 1677598988854.png ( 1.24 MB , 1392x1384 , 1676821501957208.png )


Canadian gl0wie is also a ped0phile


( 一一) irrelevant…


Irrelevant+was posted last week

File: 1670880595862.jpg ( 72.4 KB , 900x900 , 1ab3a40c288d6d10bfd5f6ee56….jpg )


indiachan.io : no captcha for replying, very lenient posting, VPNs allowed. should make for a great raid. It's filled with muslim fascists. let's show them boys. boards to target- /b/ , /pol/ and /a/ . The rest are irrevelant and dead. they suffered a raid earlier today, the security will be tighter by this weekend. we must act quickly
just spam random new threads to derail all previous ones. spam porn since it's not allowed
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Their /a/ board was raided today, a lot of old threads were wiped before the jannies came. Our objective is to wipe out as many threads as we can. Join us at indiachan.io/a/catalog.html to raid again. Time: 8-10 hours from now


The raid starts in 90 minutes, ie. 8:30pm GMT or 3:30pm EST. Make sure to do your part


I managed to wipe out /a/, stole 2 GETs, and wiped out 70% of /yoga/. We could've wiped the entire site if a couple of other anons had assisted me. I'll do another raid at 8:30pm gmt tomorrow, set a timer and join me pls


8:30pm gmt today, just a couple of hours left


3 boards have been wiped out

File: 1674421605586.png ( 74.7 KB , 599x777 , 167442028966.png )


Crossposting this on as many /i/ boards as I can.

Recently, Twitter art policers have started to go after Mike Inel, an NSFW artist and animator for making porn of The Amazing World of Gumball several years ago.

Mike is just one in a long line of NSFW artists who have been hassled online by terminally online and terminally fandom kids with no ambitions, goals, father figures, or pussy in the forseeable future.

Maybe it's time to start milking some lulz from them.


File: 1674427216245.jpeg ( 21.54 KB , 640x480 , clockworkorange-138029877….jpeg )

>muh Twatter


lol his porn was heartless shit. an absolute shadman. fuck him.


i'm browsing through his tag on paheal and laughing out loud at the fact that you think this guy is anywhere in the same galaxy as shadman.


Fuck off with your degenerate shit.


File: 1669862834426.png ( 69.97 KB , 717x492 , 1669862059933435.png )


Does pic related explain the behavior of leftypol mods?


Interesting. Can you bring some more evidence on this topic?

File: 1665844563110.jpg ( 97.3 KB , 500x500 , 1652585335064.jpg )


How do we get haz and infrared to shout out the board or possibly start lurking the board like he used to do back in the day? We would have to convince him that this is not org which he will think at first cause well he kind of takes things at face value…if we didn't he'd probably still think this is a pedophile website or something.
But considering how much freedom of speech is respected here I think infrared and leftychan could both benifit from this.
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No just on this board.


Why do Hazbots accuse everyone of being Imperialists while fallatiing American Imperialists that used 9/11 to invade and occupy two Muslim countries for 20 years.
I can't seem to get an answer from any Haz followers on this for some reason.




>specifically make thread about a retard
>get told nobody likes said retard
>durr retard derangement syndrome
How compelling. Get out.


say something interesting

File: 1661026857088.jpg ( 118.7 KB , 828x1186 , FaH8TxyWIAEx7yn.jpg )


If this thread needs to be moved, then so be it.

It's very rare to come by /i/ boards anymore, and I'm happy to see leftychan and 94chan host them.

However, with this site, I feel like serious action and trolling need to be separated from each other.

/i/ has always been about lulz first and foremost over political causes, which was what caused so much heat during the Chanology days and led to its grave.

Maybe action that advanced the working class and action for lulz can be split into separate boards. /praxis/ or /irl/ for the former, and /i/ for the latter.

Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work and hope you guys get somewhere!


I don't think we need to sperate this into two boards tbh. We. Would just have a general for lulz raids.


>/i/ has always been about lulz first and foremost over political causes, which was what caused so much heat during the Chanology days and led to its grave.
This uyghur gets it. Trolling should never have a purpose. Raids and trolling for anything other than lulz always turn out to be self-defeating endeavors. In addition to Chanology, /pol/'s hilarious failures at raiding are prime examples.

File: 1664372979518-0.png ( 1.62 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063953.png )

File: 1664372979518-1.png ( 1.95 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063946.png )

File: 1664372979518-2.png ( 1.29 MB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063935.png )

File: 1664372979518-3.png ( 666.4 KB , 1440x2960 , Screenshot_20220928-063920.png )


They're kind of a pseud though.


I love u guys


is there anything funny here?



Nothing is funny to the humorless, but the post mentions that they're not trolling this board.

Sounds like you're coping that you're not as well read.

>Inb4: books aren't everything

Ya anon, I'm sure you're suuuuper busy as an irl organizer and don't have time to waste on theory


Why do we make ogers seeth so much?



Lameypol fans are hormone disrupted genetic freaks who exist in a constant state of seething.

File: 1662352215102.png ( 27.99 KB , 800x302 , KiwiFarmsLogo.svg.png )


Any way to target them without looking like complete retards?

Advice for dealing with them…
1. Rules 1 and 2, but apply it to us.
2. Re-read 1.
3. Use a VPN/Proxy, Tor, whatnot
4. Be Anonymous at ALL TIMES.
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File: 1663304483726.jpg ( 109.59 KB , 900x900 , 1144adqadqwqddqdq.jpg )



Nothing of value was lost when that shithole went down, except the sonichu stuff.


arguably it was one of the few places where you could get a good grasp on what gamergate actually was and who the principle actors were.

mostly how everyone involved on both sides was grifting from their involvement.


So there's this interesting conspiracy theory on /pol/ on The Real Reason^tm it went down.
They they had proof that Ghislaine Maxwell had been a major power moderator on Reddit. And that they had proven that a couple of high level people at Cloudflare had adult children participating in grooming.
I don't know how true it is but it seems plausible.


The reddit thing seems very plausible.

I personally wouldn't be surprised if an elite sex trafficker was a power player at reddit. Those faggots hate when you call them out for being faggots


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