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/Leftypol L General/

ITT we highlight the funniest and most pathetic moments from .ogre


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How long until they get banned for shattering the echo-chamber (briefly) lol?


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can't wait for shaytroon to rope and go to hell with bloodgasm and penny


It's oppression Olympics
>My many disorders can I claim to have in order to appear as a righteous/interesting person




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Why are they such control freaks? Like at least some of them seem to have a problem that we have this space, it's kind of concerning to me since if they really thought ours is a dead website, no one would be saying shit like this.


Put it in the general in /b/ there's no need for ANOTHER org thread JFC


That's your inner orgfag talking


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No retard. There's literally a general for org specificity. No one wants 6 threads about this.


File: 1696543128663.jpg ( 117.45 KB , 1748x525 , dot-org-glows-pro-censorhi….jpg )

dot-org glows it has a pro-censorship """disinformation""" thread

I want to point out that during Covid they didn't just censor cringe right-wing anti-vaxers they also censored actual scientists who engaged in rigorous scientific debate among peers. In that sphere all kinds of medical policy as well as medical treatment are scrutinized based on hard evidence. With that they interfered in the scientific process. I will admit that anti-vaxers are causing damage by sowing doubt about useful medical treatments, but so is stifling the scientific discourse.

The other part is the Chinese censorship system. It's obviously not great that they're doing that, but at least they're upfront about it being censorship. By doing that they are admitting to downsides and what they are doing is not optimal. Also if you read a little between the lines of CPC party documents it seems that Chinese censorship is mostly intended as protectionism to grow the Chinese media industry. So it's somewhat possible that they'll phase out or ease up on censorship once they have sufficient media power to drown out foreign influence. The Orwellian discourse from the "illiberals" is just unbearable, they doing something terrible and at the same time try to pretend it's morally virtuous.

There are obvious questions like: Why did Bill Gates whose a tech-guy without any medical training get so much influence on global health ? and Why does hardly anybody ask about how Gates' "medical philanthropy" in Africa gets away with so many medical-trial-casualties that stem from cutting corners on human-research-safety. This stuff now gets labeled """disinformation""" and then censored away.


.org is ran by american liberals. Anything which they believe is "just republican talking points" gets deleted, whether it is true or not.

It won't be long before the mods start linking fucking snopes to justify saging and removing threads.


I agree that it's important to talk about COVID and listen to many angles, because I believe that the medical principle "do no harm" was seriously violated and policies were not backed by science.

Your pic mentions holocaust denialists, well those people should receive no attention, /pol/ faggotry isn't welcome here either.


Lol. Troons who claims they are neogender ultrarevolutionaries wants to protect you from disinformation

My sides


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Leftypol jannies BTFO by autosuggestion


based hivemind


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Rough week for .ogres

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