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The leftypol.org staff are holding enrollment to join the staff. It would cause quite a lot of ass hurt if some one were to get involved and sabotage the jannies. All you need is post history and most people here are very familiar with leftist talking points. I think this is a unique chance to fuck some shit up. Everyone here knows the jannies there are massive faggots and deserve the shit they have coming. We should make it so they cannot sleep at night.


Forgot to add link: leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1094923.html

(onion) http://76i2c3hn55fcj5nut3tqlboqqbbh23zvphv7lefk3vftpx6wketlanyd.onion/leftypol/res/1094923.html


Let's do it.


I haven't been posting so I have no post history but I can help. I'm in the sticky fucking with them right now.


I haven't been posting on that cretin hole either. There are a few people here that do so well enough.


I wonder if lurking to build up a profile in the future would be feasible. Should have done this from the start but the place really sucks, lol


It would be feasible. You may just get sick and take a few years off your life trying.


To what end? this is just going to make us seem vindictive.




I mean people are dissatisfied in general and they did the exact same thing to bunkerchan, so.


>I mean people are dissatisfied in general
People were dissatisfied there was a split at all, I guess I just don't see the point in antagonizing everything more.
Not like it matters though we're just two extremely niche basket weaving forums after all.


I love that you could have done this in a private channel but doing it publically is 1000x more hilarious and adds a note of terror to the opposing jannies.


That's the plan. WAR OF AGGRESSION


Yeah that is true but also it's kind of funny to watch the jannies seethe


Dont you lot feel pathetoc for wanting to ransack another mediocre imageboard?

Like seriously, what purpose or joy do you guys have in life?



Stop bumping dead threads org fag.


>Like seriously, what purpose or joy do you guys have in life?
I have pets.


thanks for proving my point.

cute. what do they look like?


>cute. what do they look like?
I am not going to post pictures because of datamining concerns.

I have two dogs. One is very old and looks like an old man, he has big ears. The other is a puppy, so extremely cute and energetic. I love them both very much. They are my best friends.


Go back to reddit/org loser.


I already joined a previous time they were holding applications. Since then I've been issuing as many arbitrary bans as I can get away with. What's crazy is that no matter how ridiculous my ban reasons get, the rest of the mod team just thinks I'm doing a good job. I'm not sure how far I can go before they remove me, but I'm going to keep escalating.


ok i will after you post another semi-obscure meme pic and shitpost about being horny and lonely in your late twenties/early thirties for the umpteenth time.


Do ypu agree tgat dog ownership is kinda like slavery in a way?
They cannot g anywjere by themselves, they have to wait for a human to be fed or let outside to poop or pee, their reproductiv functioms are removed without consemt for the selfish convenience of the human.


yup. a cat will eat its owner if the owner dies and the cat can't reach its regular food. a dog would never do that,


You need the see a therapist for this projection, kek.


Maybe thats what ypu meed. Vast majority of imageboard users need serious therapy.

And they should be transported back in time to childhood to be socially rehabilitated.


Anon, it was just so random xD and out of left field. Like, I really think you are just saying things you dislike more about yourself than anything. You know nothing about my life.


Once again, the deflextion.
You all keep telling me to seek help or get help yet when I go on imageboards all I see are whiny anferachievers whom wanna soak the world in blood and guts to satisfy their failed prime years.


I'll be impressed when you have a paper statistically analyzed and over saight by a third party not just a bunch of random screen shots.
You have no idea how dumb you are.

Agaun, you know absolutely nothing about me but you keep pushing this narrative because it probably makes you feel better about your shitty failed existence


Alrighty then. Enjoy your selective blindness.


Surreee, whatever you say, Bud.


File: 1708264373766.png ( 397.26 KB , 1080x2127 , gshnsns.png )

>imagine not having a life
his whole personality and only hobby is being an imageboard janny LMAOOOO

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