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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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you people should stop attacking and raiding leftypol and marxist/comie/anarchist/leftwing communities and leftwing adjacent communities.
>inb4 muh foreign intelegence agencies
>inb4 "glowies"
>inb4 cia(s)


Take your meds

Orgfags are a punchline. We don't actually care about them or waste time reading their convoluted wordcel screeds, let alone post there. Their 'leftism' is as paper thin and fragile as their made up gender identities.

Sounds like the Pasquale and the rest of those inbys are paranoid and trying to shift blame for the fact they're incompetent and driving away traffic.


Also, have you never read Lenin?


You fags need to o back to reddit and give our land back to us. Also, we ar probably more leftist than you are.


you realise that anyone can raid in the name of anyone because of anonymity right?


I think infighting and self-obsession with esoteric cirlcejerk lore is irreversible and causes the places to be susceptible to outside influences.
Nothing you can do, total eclipse of the heart
Also this, lots of false flagging. There was a CP spammer on ogre that the mods blame on here, but are obviously some /pol/fag from somewhere else


Far as I can tell, that spammer is an ogre mod who has it out for siberia because of the relationship general, hence why you only see that content on siberia and why it usually takes hours to get removed. It’s a plausible theory at least since /pol/yp spammers usually just post that shit on their own board.

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