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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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Seeing how more and more people are leaving .org by the day and we are growing in popularity we should do something fun as a group and raid some nazi forms and target some nazoids.
I unfortunately am a brain let and lack knowledge of Nazoid forms other than 4chan so does anyone have any good ideas for any targets?


fuck off



>Heckin raiding arino is bad


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We actually did this a few years ago when /i/ was first created and it was very fun.



With what objective? Sharty raids are either propagandized with screencaps and vids or are conducted directly on communities of interest. Either way it serves to produce new users to the forum. You've stated time and time again that you have no desire to bring users from the ogre. I can only assume your goal is to bring users from other faggy reddit or schizo incel spaces.


The objective is to have fun retard.
You do know what "fun" is right?
That's the only point. That and building solidarity with the current userbase. I mean I shouldn't have to spell this out but I guess giga autists like you want an explanation for everything.


Are they still up? We should raid them again, kek.


fuck ogre rejects

at least incels aren't fascists that spam soyjack edits


You need to go back to .org


Litrally why?
Only org fags are anti fun retards.


>Lets go raid some Nazi forums for fun.
>No you are the giga autist not me.

Imageboards never cease to amuse with their projective immaturity.

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