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Thread dedicated to psychological operations against the leftypol.org administration.

Things to consider:
<The .org mods will read this thread, use this to your advantage
<Posting over your mobile data will arouse less suspicion than over a proxy
<Threads created over an IP with no post history are heavily scrutinized
<Post in /meta/ and try to appeal any mod action against you
<Abuse the report feature
<Use a wide variety of proxy services
<Antagonize individual moderators
<Create as many personas as possible, try to have the mods always chasing a previous persona and not your current one
<The less consistency between the ideological beliefs of your personas the better
<Be consciously aware of your writing style
<Fermenting internal conflict among the mod team is of the upmost importance
<Sow dissent among the userbase whenever possible
<Have fun :)
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>lolis are equivalent to cp
Nice strawman, faggot, too bad that's not what the post says, go back to GET you filthy closeted fucks.


>this comes from the same people whom get mad if you criticise millennials
LOL victim complex much? I don't care for millennials either, moron.


>You hate pedos? Must be a pedo
>You hate murder? Must wanna murder
>You hate nazis? You must be a nazi


The pedo shit is interfering with my psyops. please


>make a few posts calling pasq a pedo
>tor node is shut down
it's much more fun keeping tor down for them. many users use tor exclusively, eventually those users will stop visiting.


continue on then


File: 1708353728564.png ( 625.99 KB , 1080x1750 , pasqthecuq.png )

pasquale convinced himself he's a badass because he spends every waking hour on leftypol. when he is accused of spamming F5 he laughs at it, because apparently they devised a system that allows them to monitor every post without manually refreshing. wow. it's like a cuck bragging that he automated the process of finding bulls for his wife.

this is the most fun I've had using leftypol. I go about my day, see friends, go out, protests, political meetings, read books, work, live my life. when I have a few minutes free I make a few posts about pasquale and he's there, deletes the posts within 10s of them being posted. it's both empowering and validating, he's my little plaything.


Make sure they know we aren't faggots over here.


You can no longer post with the name pasquale or pasq, it shows up as anonymous. He also disabled ban appeals from TOR. TOR is down most of the time, too. I'm gonna break him. it's clear as day that behind that facade of his is a weak-willed, mean-spirited bitch of a """""man""""". last night he banned TOR for three hours, I guess he wanted to get some sleep in. the dude is on watch 21 hours a day hahahaha


you can help in breaking him. whenever tor posting is allowed call pasquale a pedo, in any thread on any board. he deletes it within 30s. after a few posts he bans TOR. with minimal effort we can shut down their TOR permanently. I can even talk about it openly cause his ego is so fragile and he's so thin-skinned that he has to act on it. he literally can't help himself.


the goal is for pasquale to step down as mod of /leftypol/. he'll probably delete their whole db and nuke the site when he does.


>the goal is for pasquale to step down as mod of /leftypol/
the other mods hate him lol. they would probably thank us if we got him to step down. the goal is to make him act increasingly erratic until something gives.


Can we just drive the jannies clinically insane one after the other?


Well that has already happened with one, and I'm not talking about pasquale.


yeah was it m00dy? haven't seen him in the logs unless he changed names


>was it m00dy?


Does anyone know how wvobbly ended up on the ogre mod team and why he's still on it year after year? He's probably the most incompetent and arbitrary piece of shit janny I've ever seen on a leftist imageboard.


what happened to him? what set him off


My fav ogre mod is the one who allowed/approved of the Dasha thread


>what set him off
drugs mainly


Nah wvobbly isn't the worst of the mods - he's a liberal and a trans, so idpol topics criticizing LGBT immediately garner deletion and massive bans, but outside of that he doesn't really disturb the peace. Pasq and Comet are far more cancerous faggots that go out of their way to shit in the water and abuse their mod powers when losing an argument (while posting anonymously), as they usually do. At least wvobbly is relatively consistent, they're just schizophrenic.

Example of Comet's retardation: https://leftypol.org/meta/res/26954.html#29608


the identitarians are not harmless, their identity matrix requires everybody to take a identity position relative to their own, they will ruthlessly repress anybody who tries to opt out. If identities were military ranks, it would be like a society where you can't be a civilian.


File: 1710842237224.png ( 138.42 KB , 1080x907 , Screenshot_20240319-105614….png )

pasquale hates it when you point out he's a loser who spends all his time in front of a computer, watching anime. it really hurts him.

he deletes the comment then writes some stupid reply.


File: 1710842565682.png ( 457.4 KB , 1080x1434 , Screenshot_20240319-110128….png )

he's seething hahahah


File: 1711417559818.png ( 17.05 KB , 887x113 , 2024-03-22 Congress Room.png )

proofs wanted.
my experience is that most are ignorant (don't even use /meta/ or their congress room) or naively believe that the complaints are all a few leftychan users. then there's wobbly who openly enjoys userbase drama, and a couple of enablers who just think pasq's psychosis is entertaining and don't realize that it's affecting random users.


I'm raiding ogre right now! Somehow they cant ban me on the other boards! only on the leftypol board! check it out now!


Why are you retards spamming on sharty too?


Why should i use leftychan insteand of Leftypol
Someone started spaming "go to leftychan" in there, what can i do in here


like five people post here it's probably .org troons doing it




Post proofs fag


I saw it, he posted a thread that said
a bunch of times and it got removed in less than an hour


I also saw it he beheaded the jannies and fucked their wife as well.
Truly a legend.


Did she cum?


You can post a picture, and text.


what is the tl;dr of why this site dislikes .org

i dislike .org but only because their staff is moronic and terrible

but I don't know what the original reason for the split is


Extremely (at this point cartoonishly) corrupt moderation and censorship. This site exists because the jannies on the other one resisted an attempt to hold them accountable or transparent. Things only got worse from there.


You can join the matrix and hear the spheel straight from the horses mouth, or, there's also some wikis that have it archived. The jannies from organic are constantly monitoring them though to make sure any objective observations of the event are skewed in their favor, however,


>Spam ukie thread with bait about NAFO and pedos
>mods ban the wrong uygha deleting their posts
Fucking lol



What specifically did they corrupt and why and how


File: 1716935205246.png ( 1.42 MB , 750x1000 , rat janitor.png )

NTA but most of the current mods are extremely partisan and petty, openly banning from trumped up reasons and when challenged on it, either ignore the users or make condescending posts mocking them. Misato is still okay, they actually listen to feedback and aren't trigger-happy, but that's an outlier of the general behavior Wvobbly will disappear to the ass-end of nowhere for weeks, letting Cheese Pizza and other shit accumulate and leave it up for hours, then come back out of the blue (usually in the late spring-early fall) and start mass-deleting and banning people for week-long periods or more over bullshit reasons or outright because they're illiterate.

I did >>1956 and the funny part is that I wasn't even intending on getting someone else banned, Wvobbly literally couldn't read properly and banned the person calling out my bait.


>NTA but most of the current mods are extremely partisan and petty
Use names. Most of the mods barely do anything which is literally the appropriate behavior for their role, some are just still there after losing interest but many others simply don't think there's much that needs to be done.
As far as actual deletions and bans go, it's overwhelmingly just wvobbly, caballo and misato trying to curate the place, with some other brash ones like comet every so often.


>Use Names
I did mention, I don't want to bother listing each and every one of them.
>Most of the mods barely do anything
They do, just sporadically. Periods of utterly laxity even in the face of illegal content, and then sudden hard action. Zankaria mostly stays away from the moderator side of it, which is appropriate for a Dev.
>As far as actual deletions and bans go, it's overwhelmingly just wvobbly, caballo and misato trying to curate the place, with some other brash ones like comet every so often.
Caballo isn't as active as they used to be and isn't as ban-happy as before. Misato, like I said, is pretty good at moderating correctly, stepping in where necessary and mostly responding to reports. Wvobbly however is like a loose cannon. Sure, they might actually swat bad faith actors, but usually they'll smash the hammer down onto others, such as the example given. It's funny as fuck, because more than 1 thread has been made complaining about them and Pasq who are the worst offenders. Subject can be a petty twit too, but has mostly stopped being an idiot and actually moderates properly nowdays and has even argued with bad faith liberals trying to concern troll about how "the ogre members all hates minorities" and proceeded to call subject a transphobe or someshit like that.


File: 1718460702139.png ( 224.56 KB , 1080x1340 , mentalillness.png )

>don't visit leftypol for months
>check /meta/
>pasquale talking to himself again
At this point I just visit the site to remind myself that no matter how bad things get, I'm never gonna be such a loser to spend my life on some irrelevant shithole of a website. Like, imagine your whole personality being "leftypol mod". It was sad for a while, but now it's funny again.


Are you guys responsible for the asshole thread?


The left's passion for sodomy and the anus long predates leftychan.


>there's one fag here who spends hours a week making dozens of copypaste flood posts
>any of the mods click one button and delete them
>any users who see the flood posts learn its from this site and dont come here
i dont get it :/


Shut the fuck up you Ogre cuck


File: 1721154193629.gif ( 1.68 MB , 415x498 , diagnosis-skill-issue.gif )

We got spammed by those posts too once (it's a script that gets used against many imageboards) but within a few hours we added the tor captcha and haven't had the problem since. Don't blame your dev team's inability to implement basic features on us. Picrel.


lol man

Unique IPs: 26

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