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/i/ - Invasion and Raid

We do a little trolling
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/i/ now has a matrix room! Hosted on our own server. https://talk.leftychan.net/#/room/#Leftypol:matrix.org follow this link and you can create an account and be vetted and invited.

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Any way to target them without looking like complete retards?

Advice for dealing with them…
1. Rules 1 and 2, but apply it to us.
2. Re-read 1.
3. Use a VPN/Proxy, Tor, whatnot
4. Be Anonymous at ALL TIMES.




Kind of David and Goliath no?


Theyr down again


They went to some shoddy looking Russian service for DDOS protection, wonder how that will turn out.


>Implying CF isnt shady


neither of them are very trustworthy tbh


How does open dns work. Some one explain


NYPA army faggot.


Forgot your sage friend


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Nothing of value was lost when that shithole went down, except the sonichu stuff.


arguably it was one of the few places where you could get a good grasp on what gamergate actually was and who the principle actors were.

mostly how everyone involved on both sides was grifting from their involvement.


So there's this interesting conspiracy theory on /pol/ on The Real Reason^tm it went down.
They they had proof that Ghislaine Maxwell had been a major power moderator on Reddit. And that they had proven that a couple of high level people at Cloudflare had adult children participating in grooming.
I don't know how true it is but it seems plausible.


The reddit thing seems very plausible.

I personally wouldn't be surprised if an elite sex trafficker was a power player at reddit. Those faggots hate when you call them out for being faggots


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