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File: 1624947406770.png ( 428.02 KB , 600x600 , cheater's lament.png )


>The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s):
You must have a valid Steam purchase that is between 7 days and a year old with no recent chargebacks or payment disputes.

>To remove this restriction you must make a purchase in the steam store
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If you mean sell them, I can't since the market ban exists or that would be my goto

If you mean trade them, I don't understand
Where do I trade them to and with whom


>I can't since the market ban exists
Oh that's right I'm a dumbass
>Where do I trade them to and with whom
There's a trade forum, right? I've never done it because I don't wanna learn the complexities of it just to get digital cards


unironically based and cringe at the same time.


>buying games
But why though? I only have steam for TF 2.


Maybe not solely Steam but:
>game is on sale
>game with all the DLC packs costs close to (or exceeds) 60 bucks
Is this bullcrap or what? Paying for the standalone game on sale is like paying for a longer demo.

File: 1704631142545.jpg ( 494.11 KB , 1920x1080 , wonder.jpg )


Currently stuck here. I kinda wish the special world wasn't as easy to find, because I don't wanna back out until I beat it but I got bored of trying this level.


<playing proprietary slog from the infamous copy-monopoly-take-down mafia.
may i suggest 2 FOSS games

Similar to Mario, but it has a portal gun
Well polished plattformer featuring Tux


Super Tux has turned into complete garbage these days, with the devs removing any semblance of risk-reward dynamics by taking out the lives system. Now they expect the players to collect the coins in every level… just because they're their and the player is assumed to be a perfectionist who finds that interesting. If you're gonna recommend a Tux platformer, at least say Super Tux Advance.


>If you're gonna recommend a Tux platformer, at least say Super Tux Advance.
Today i learned Super Tux Advance exists.
thanks for letting me know


File: 1705496394434.jpg ( 103.9 KB , 640x912 , Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario ….jpg )

Speaking of Mario, what's the deal with this game? I've always really admired its creative level design, and then it occurred to me recently that it was made as a sort of advertisement for a technology expo. How could they put so much effort into that?


AIR this game's got the same case as Quake 2, which is not Quake in the first place.

File: 1711680500597-0.jpg ( 12.69 KB , 640x400 , MEGARACEa.jpg )

File: 1711680500597-1.png ( 37.86 KB , 240x230 , kingdom grandprix.png )


All right can someone explain why the hell there aren't more death race games? I've never been able to understand this. Why would I want to settle for kiddie kart racing where no one ever dies when I could strap guns to my vehicle and kill everyone in front of me?

It's always baffled me why there's a whole bunch of car combat games taking place in an arena, but nobody wants to combine the idea with racing. What gives?


>why the hell there aren't more death race games?
Are you sure ? Have you checked all the indie game makers ?

>Why would I want to settle for kiddie kart racing

It's the same game mechanic though.

There's a spaceship racing game which is somewhat popular. It has interesting maps that blend atmospheric and space obstacle courses. It also has various game modes with "strapon guns". I think it's open source and has fancy graphics as well. But i can't remember the name, sorry.

File: 1617592263018.jpg ( 121.64 KB , 1280x720 , EyLWlaMUUAUZ6nK.jpg )


>No animal crossing thread for 10 pages
Absolutely disgusting you uncultured plebs.
Post friend codes and Island codes, or just screenshots in general.
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Just fishing or hanging out or whatever.
Ye they're open but not for too much longer.


I can stay in the shop to keep it open while i'm online though.


Wow thank you. I really didn't expect a positive reply.


animal crossing won’t help you have sex. you might as well play a real video game, creeps.


File: 1710868932665-0.png ( 112.03 KB , 212x348 , Tom_Nook.png )

File: 1710868932665-1.jpg ( 111.85 KB , 1280x720 , 8qy16yirt63b1.jpg )

Is Tom Nook a real uygha for letting you pay off your debt or is he still a jerk?

File: 1608527522412-0.jpg ( 178.5 KB , 1920x1080 , undertale.jpg )

File: 1608527522412-1.jpg ( 14.25 KB , 1280x720 , deltarune.jpg )


Thread for Undertale and Deltarune discussion! Post theories, art and bad AU's!

Official Websites:

Official Twitter (news may get posted here):

Toby's Twitlonger on Deltarune:
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I love how the font change implies that he can do a perfect impression of Papyrus on command.


My theory is that he's pulling a Homestuck and making the characters bland on purpose to critique the fandom he created with the last game(hence why the Snowgrave route had so many motifs of romance throughout), and hoping he somehow makes that interesting despite retreading old ground.


I just can't feel anything for Berdly yet like some people do. Characters like Scout TF2 are interesting to me because they turned their little brother syndrome into a skill and some sense of kindness in life(no matter how selective and warped), meanwhile Berdly's just kind of stagnated. He's 15-16, so I'm certain the rest of the story will have him finding that thing, and if he does I'll enjoy watching.


File: 1700023799883.png ( 374.14 KB , 602x616 , Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at ….png )

I have the urge to voice him but can't come up with any material at the moment, anything the people want to see?


>little brother syndrome

Whats that?
Also why do people always assume the worst of younger siblings?

IMO, older siblings get way too much sympathy


All right, fine… It's been 18 years, and I'll finally admit it! As much as I loath this insulting trash game for daring to call itself Mario Bros. (and the trend of dumbed down trash games that followed in its wake), Koji Kondo at least managed to belt out another irresistible banger for the main stage theme.

It's a testament to a composer's skill that I find myself getting this theme stuck in my head all the time, imagining that it's some nostalgic theme from a much earlier Mario game. But no, in fact it had the great misfortune to be attached to this turd. Well done, Kondo-san.

File: 1629858248653.jpg ( 78.77 KB , 800x600 , arcade.jpg )


Is it bad that my favorite class of games, arcade games, were the original nickel-and-dimers? In fact, why haven't we seen a resurgence of arcades as the video game industry has continued to struggle with the falling rate of profit?
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Isn't it a ripoff to have to pay each time you play?


File: 1706729956052.png ( 20.26 KB , 240x320 , Raiden Fighters Jet.png )

What if the game is just that good?


File: 1706730862633.webm ( 2.85 MB , 1080x720 , 1702830214160730.webm )

Because returning to an arcades style business model would make the falling rate of profit even worse.
Arcades machines of the 1970's, 1980's and some of the 1990's were built around a minicomputer architecture. Meaning that they was no single processors doing everything like in modern computers.
That's why they all required their own hardware for the most part. You couldn't just buy a new arcade game and plop it into your old hardware. Every arcade game was written for it's own custom hardware.
The Sega Saturn was the last console to be built with a minicomputer configuration and it was notoriously hard to program for and failed spectacularly in the market.
No that everything is on a microcomputer architecture there's no need for big bulky arcade units with one off boutique internals.
Round One is bringing back traditional arcades but most of their machines are rhythm games with huge novelty inputs like drums, turntables or mini dance floors that can detect if you're moving your body correctly. Things that can't be replicated in the home easily.


>Is it bad that my favorite class of games, arcade games, were the original nickel-and-dimers?
You probably like those games because they have very tightly focused game-play mechanics. The arcade business-model was kinda mid, not the best but also not the worst, you got to play games and you got a social gathering place. In these days computer technology was so bulky and expensive that it was either that or nothing. The only real downside to arcades was that people payed money an never ended up owning any games.

>In fact, why haven't we seen a resurgence of arcades

That might be coming tho, i've seen a youtuber talk about a arcade store owner opening a second venue, i think they just charge a small entry-fee and then all the games are free. It's mostly retro stuff but they are still building new games too apparently. For modern games there is arcade potential too: Good quality fully featured VR-gear with "full-body immersion" like a strap-in walking simulator rig and full body temperature/kinetic simulation, that stuff costs about the same as a arcade cabinet way back when. It's also very bulky too. All in all very suitable for arcades.

Whether there will be a retro and VR arcade revival, will depend on some factors:
If this becomes a open technology scene, with a organic culture that freely shares technical expertise, and builds on top of free open source technology models, it'll take off. But it could also just become a corporate walled-garden trying to build a locked down franchise model, that will completely flop. Because this has to be tinker friendly for it to not be a sterile environment with lots of out-of-order arcade booths, guarded by disinterested under-payed corporate serfs.

Btw: the Soviets had publicly funded arcades that worked like a public library. Tho most of their games were WW3 simulators, because most of computer scientists that build those, started out as technicians in the military.

>the video game industry has continued to struggle with the falling rate of profit

I think the video game industry struggles more with the falling rate of spending power of the masses. Capitalism diverting more surplus towards war and militarism lately is what's squeezing the entertainment industry. The falling rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1706755829499.jpg ( 77.42 KB , 1080x1534 , Gendo.jpg )

that Chad Gendo tho

File: 1702588531592.jpg ( 15.69 KB , 781x439 , epic-games-v-google.jpg )


Looks like people are finally getting a little sick of monopolists' bullshit. A California court just ruled in Epic Games v. Google that Google has engaged in a variety of anti-competitive behaviors with their smartphone app store. This all came to a head when Google removed Fortnite from their store because Epic Games tried to make their own independent revenue without Google's approval through in-game microtransactions.

Setting aside that smartphones are trash game machines and this lawsuit is basically one scumbag company vs another scumbag company, are we about to see a turning point in what electronic stores are allowed to do to their customers?


File: 1702588585529.jpg ( 11.9 KB , 350x350 , Slavery.jpg )

Is Valve next?


>implying the US government would ever properly regulate big tech


Funny enough, this ruling came from a jury in San Francisco, the Belly of the Beast.


> A California court just ruled in Epic Games v. Google that Google has engaged in a variety of anti-competitive behaviors with their smartphone app store.
Keep in mind that Epic games lost a virtually identical legal battle against Apple.

>are we about to see a turning point in what electronic stores are allowed to do to their customers?

One way of looking at this situation is that Google got punished for having a slightly more open Eco-system than Apple. So at the moment it looks more like we can expect more apple-type walled gardern shit.

Of course Apple might get forced to tear down that wall. There was an EU ruling that requires Apple to allow third-party app stores. That'll be a few years until this goes into effect, so i guess we have to wait and see.

ATM you have to install a custom Rom or learn how to use a Linux phone if you don't want to get fucked over.

File: 1701730861476.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 12.72 MB , 1308x720 , GTA VI trailer.mp4 )


Who else is hyped as fuck for $2 billion worth of triple-A slop?
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They already did that tho, it wasn't a big hit.

There was a game that worked on the basis of crude augmented reality. It used the camerafeed from smartphones and drew small creatures on top of it while adjusting the lighting to make the imaginary creatures appear as somewhat part of the scenery. The players were supposed to collect these creatures. All of that happened outside. There was a big craze for a few months and then it was over.

Before that there were so called Augmented reality shooters where players were supposed to point their smartphone at other human players to shoot them according to the logic of arena-shooter games except that the map was a place in the real world. I think that was mostly ignored. There were smartphone holders with pistol grips for it tho.

There also were augmented reality RC-toy simulators that place some kind of vehicle in the scenery. Those looked kinda competently executed with the vehicles actually appearing to interact with the environment, except for the clunky smartphone controls.


at that point why not just do airsoft?


Airsoft looks like an expensive hobby, and it's more limited about where you can play. Running around while awkwardly holding your smartphone makes you look stupid, but nobody will call the police because they didn't know the orange tip means it's a toy-gun.

As far as fully physical play-simulation goes, paintball is probably the most fun. I never played real paintball, but i did play a few matches of a budget-variant that used 2 types of slingshots, one with elastic-rubber bands for small paintball-pellets and a traditional centrifugal rope slingshot that you spin over your head with slightly bigger paintball pellets. That was great fun and comparably cheap since renting slingshots is much cheaper than renting compressed air paintball gear. Slingshots don't impart as much kinetic energy as compressed air, and that means that you don't need protective gear other than for your eyes/ears. You can get away with diving goggles and a headband.

Paintballs are biodegradable and dissolve in water, so rain will clean up the mess but many places require permits none the less, some places only allow for it in dedicated areas that have organizational oversight and safety instructors. That's one advantage all the augmented reality shit has going for it, it's zero fuzz.


I keep coming back to this word.


>I keep coming back to this word.
but what does it mean ?

File: 1608528215450.jpg ( 355.91 KB , 650x904 , titanfall-2-cover.jpg )


How does a game this good get unnoticed?
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They rebooted the servers not too long ago with a few bug fixes, which is an interesting development. Guess they figured out that killing games server off in a cycle makes people pre-emptively avoid server games. Might as well try reviving games people already have.


>What does this have to do with leftism?
I refuse to believe that being in a state of arrested development has anything to do with politics, class struggle, etc


<What does this have to do with leftism?
>1 result


>Ooo look and me. I'm a robot pew pew pew.
>Ooo not I'm a vampire hunter slice slice slice
>Ooo now I'm spiderman… Swing swing… Wait let me update my skin, gotta collect them all

Entertainment is how porkie keeps control anon

Keep being entertained


It's a AAA service game of course it's vapid. I wasn't even applying merit to the game itself, I just found the fact that they booted the servers back up interesting from an economic standpoint.
>entertainment bad
Real entertainment is proles entertaining other proles. You are a smooth brain for not seeing utility in it. But that's not even within this thread's scope.

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