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File: 1701730861476.mp4 ( Spoiler Image, 12.72 MB , 1308x720 , GTA VI trailer.mp4 )


Who else is hyped as fuck for $2 billion worth of triple-A slop?
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>They made a game where you can simulate commiting mass shootings against black people


>Where is the video games industry to go from here?


They already did that tho, it wasn't a big hit.

There was a game that worked on the basis of crude augmented reality. It used the camerafeed from smartphones and drew small creatures on top of it while adjusting the lighting to make the imaginary creatures appear as somewhat part of the scenery. The players were supposed to collect these creatures. All of that happened outside. There was a big craze for a few months and then it was over.

Before that there were so called Augmented reality shooters where players were supposed to point their smartphone at other human players to shoot them according to the logic of arena-shooter games except that the map was a place in the real world. I think that was mostly ignored. There were smartphone holders with pistol grips for it tho.

There also were augmented reality RC-toy simulators that place some kind of vehicle in the scenery. Those looked kinda competently executed with the vehicles actually appearing to interact with the environment, except for the clunky smartphone controls.


at that point why not just do airsoft?


Airsoft looks like an expensive hobby, and it's more limited about where you can play. Running around while awkwardly holding your smartphone makes you look stupid, but nobody will call the police because they didn't know the orange tip means it's a toy-gun.

As far as fully physical play-simulation goes, paintball is probably the most fun. I never played real paintball, but i did play a few matches of a budget-variant that used 2 types of slingshots, one with elastic-rubber bands for small paintball-pellets and a traditional centrifugal rope slingshot that you spin over your head with slightly bigger paintball pellets. That was great fun and comparably cheap since renting slingshots is much cheaper than renting compressed air paintball gear. Slingshots don't impart as much kinetic energy as compressed air, and that means that you don't need protective gear other than for your eyes/ears. You can get away with diving goggles and a headband.

Paintballs are biodegradable and dissolve in water, so rain will clean up the mess but many places require permits none the less, some places only allow for it in dedicated areas that have organizational oversight and safety instructors. That's one advantage all the augmented reality shit has going for it, it's zero fuzz.

File: 1608527522412-0.jpg ( 178.5 KB , 1920x1080 , undertale.jpg )

File: 1608527522412-1.jpg ( 14.25 KB , 1280x720 , deltarune.jpg )


Thread for Undertale and Deltarune discussion! Post theories, art and bad AU's!

Official Websites:

Official Twitter (news may get posted here):

Toby's Twitlonger on Deltarune:
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I knew a dude who could play ths game on a nintendo at the hardest level and clear it in 4 hours. He was a nice person and really soft-spoken.


I love how the font change implies that he can do a perfect impression of Papyrus on command.


My theory is that he's pulling a Homestuck and making the characters bland on purpose to critique the fandom he created with the last game(hence why the Snowgrave route had so many motifs of romance throughout), and hoping he somehow makes that interesting despite retreading old ground.


I just can't feel anything for Berdly yet like some people do. Characters like Scout TF2 are interesting to me because they turned their little brother syndrome into a skill and some sense of kindness in life(no matter how selective and warped), meanwhile Berdly's just kind of stagnated. He's 15-16, so I'm certain the rest of the story will have him finding that thing, and if he does I'll enjoy watching.


File: 1700023799883.png ( 374.14 KB , 602x616 , Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at ….png )

I have the urge to voice him but can't come up with any material at the moment, anything the people want to see?

File: 1608528215450.jpg ( 355.91 KB , 650x904 , titanfall-2-cover.jpg )


How does a game this good get unnoticed?
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They rebooted the servers not too long ago with a few bug fixes, which is an interesting development. Guess they figured out that killing games server off in a cycle makes people pre-emptively avoid server games. Might as well try reviving games people already have.


>What does this have to do with leftism?
I refuse to believe that being in a state of arrested development has anything to do with politics, class struggle, etc


<What does this have to do with leftism?
>1 result


>Ooo look and me. I'm a robot pew pew pew.
>Ooo not I'm a vampire hunter slice slice slice
>Ooo now I'm spiderman… Swing swing… Wait let me update my skin, gotta collect them all

Entertainment is how porkie keeps control anon

Keep being entertained


It's a AAA service game of course it's vapid. I wasn't even applying merit to the game itself, I just found the fact that they booted the servers back up interesting from an economic standpoint.
>entertainment bad
Real entertainment is proles entertaining other proles. You are a smooth brain for not seeing utility in it. But that's not even within this thread's scope.

File: 1608527529687.png ( 1.03 MB , 1333x1223 , fc7a0a598913abdb05357302e1….png )

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What the hell was gamer gate? Did any of y'all participate in it? Was it a good thing or bad thing?
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>>12037 >>12038 >>12039 >>12040 >>12041 >>12042 >>12043 >>12044
Reading this thread and seeing the sudden autism score drop to transcusations and seething over some grammy singer that just started his transition.
Something novel died here, and search engines killed it.


File: 1698798468762.jpg ( 69.99 KB , 1024x701 , c7936604c5b71d670f269e83a6….jpg )

>That is not a Stacy, she's just tall.
she's a Stacylite pushing 30s

>Regardless once blonde stops getting attention on social media for dating an abomination she will be fucking Chad post haste.

you don't know shit about sexual selection


pick up any feminoid journal. That's why they are whining how sexual competition is hard on muh w*men

Yes, it is hard. Yes, they get pumped and dumped. Yes, there are not enough top-status Chads. Yes, it's gonna get even worse as w*men are now more educated than man.

But it's all because the dumb cunts PHYSICALLY can't date down lol. It's because they are fucking biological automatons.

A w*man LITERALLY can't date down to save her life lol.


The culture industry having the effect of mentally fucking up the people that work in it, is not controversial. And celebrities doing radical shit to them selves for attention, fame and fortune is not new either.

Nobody bats an eye if people think a celebrity lost it, but somehow this doesn't apply equally depending on their identities.


oh fuck off cunt

this thread is horrendous - a bunch of spiteful norgmoid right-leftoids dogpilling on some loli enjoyer.

when enjoyer OWNED them, reactoids descended into the beast-like incoherent bloodthirsty ramblings

arguing about ellen page is a massive step up compared to that absolute embarassment


There's clearly more than that though, and people were able to focus on the subject and spoke with some dignity. Nearly every reply at least a paragraph or more long and aimed to say at least one non-boilerplate thing to expand beyond the boilerplate. Isn't it wasteful to fail at least that bar?
This shit is what people in the 1920's thought 2000's slang would sound like.

File: 1608528280459.jpg ( 170.08 KB , 1200x1200 , PRO chair.jpg )


You DO use a gaming chair for getting your gaming on, right?
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I'm annoyed that it's called a gaming chair when the chair isn't actually part of the game. As for kneeling chairs, i tried one once and it kinda sucked, what do you get out of it ?

No this thread was probably restored from backup or subject to some other kind of website technical work, and during that process the IP count wasn't carried over.


>what do you get out of it ?
I mean it does feel weird at first but it didn't make the nerves in my back pinch like other chairs I've used. Also I can do a mild situp while at loading screens and such.


So you get health benefits out of it, i guess that's as good a reason as any.


I game bitches with my gaming cock


>I play with female dogs using a male chicken.

File: 1608528079516.jpg ( 211.89 KB , 1080x792 , 1600693399553.jpg )


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halo's campaign wipes the floor with most sp arena shit from the 90s. Not everything needs to be built around bunnyhopping autism or mp.


Damn normie.


>Vidya industry is bigger than ever, having outgrown every single form of old media (movies, music, books, etc.) other than TV, and has continued setting growth records every year
It kinda sucks, because about a decade and a half ago I was deadset going to start working in the industry, but parents and boomers scared the shit out of me so I ended up doing logistics.
Now it's a billion dollar industry and logistics is being automated.


Monopolies = shittier AAA games = more attention on indies. Let the giants asphixate at their altitudes, it'll make a whale fall reef.


>Monopolies = shittier AAA games = more attention on indies.
I want to believe, but is it really so ?

File: 1672289241478.png ( 44.08 KB , 1400x1050 , '・ω・).png )


How that self-imposed challenge going, anon?

Working on that single-credit clear? Finally going to break that speed record? Trying to finish that adventure without potions?

You do… challenge yourself, don't you? Anon?
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And why is everything you say somehow related to mass media?
>Movie ratings
>Read x author who only became fashionable 10 years ago thanks to social media
It's astonishing really


I have no idea. I'll trust your expertise on SNL and reddit


>movie ratings??
>read accessable intro to concepts you should've developed by instinct if you just drank more water growing up.
This is a video game board and I brought up a videogame. You made an SNL-brained reply. I am correct for saying that reddit culture is reactionary and SNL is one of it's culural roots.


What does this have to do with self-imposed challenges?


Is it not self-imposed if you change the rules of the game itself? I supposed it's indirect.

File: 1698601111206.jpg ( 416.32 KB , 1080x1242 , Screenshot_2023-10-30-00-3….jpg )


You guys excited for the new bugman gaym?


File: 1698602659856.mp4 ( 1.24 MB , 480x854 , consuming the slop.mp4 )

>Mmmmmmmmmm yes! more triple-a unfinished, poorly-optimized, woke slop to consume. just what I needed!


I think this is the logical conclusion of graphics card furnace games trying to be a movie with a game slapped on the side. I like games like arknights that have calm dialouge parts, because it's a *novel* with a game slapped on the side: I'm actually reading those parts, so the pacing isn't fucked.
Karl can sense that something is off, but extingushed that thought because following it would have less SEO than blaming "listening" and the hecking wokerinos in his followers' heads and not the weird vehicle. Not that reactionaries can concieve not consuming the most profitable media of the given moment, it would mean having less reach, and culture war is more important than their own enjoyment.

Also kek, listening skill are woke now.


Yeah listening isn't woke, they talk over people constantly.

As far as games go, i think the ones that make you feel zen/calm seem the rarest.

File: 1695979186114.jpg ( 29.8 KB , 474x346 , th-816144068.jpg )


>Expansive and dynamic list of characters each with their own unique personalities and abilities.
>S Tier Hero's Journey yold from multiple angles
>Looks fucking amazing even for a 16bit game from the 90s
>Enemies are not retarded and it actually presents a challenge, but, it's to challenging that it deters away from enjoying the story.
Better than everything that came after it that is for sure.


File: 1696951358209.jpg ( 164.29 KB , 609x1118 , Dragon Quest III.jpg )

>S Tier Hero's Journey
Anon please… level up.


shittttttt. Aright, alright that's fair. I have never gotten into dragons quest, though. What makes it so good? Can I get a summary of the story?


Evil awakens and the son of past hero must travel the world collecting kajiggers in order to challenge it. III in particular is great because of how customizable its class system is. It's always perplexing that a game so hugely iconic and influential has so few imitators when it comes to party customization. Japan really likes phoning in anime stories around the premise but they sure don't like making more games like it.

File: 1694949906253.jpg ( 307 KB , 1920x1080 , GTA-5.jpg )


Feel old yet?


File: 1695786700379.jpg ( 87.12 KB , 960x768 , Factor_5_dev_costs2.jpg )

10 years ago the fact that this was the most expensive game ever made filled me with existential dread for the future of the games industry. It represented everything wrong with games development at that time: hundreds of millions of dollars sunk into development on a product that absolutely cannot be allowed to fail. A cancer subordinating game design to the whims of investors who demand a buck be made at all costs. What has happened since then?

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