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File: 1625534719663.png ( 26.54 KB , 201x400 , unnamed.png )


>why yes I automated, weat, egg, sugar cane, steak, carrot, pumpkin and beetroot production
>why yes I've farmed every ingame mob including the wither
>why yes I've conquered entire biomes
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>why yes I play with Legos where there are no real threats and the goals are trivial because I'm too casual for real games


>why yes, I am a retard that gets angry at how other people choose to have fun


>why yes I have used the productive forces I have painstakingly constructed to build wonders the likes of which you can't even imagine


>why yes I enjoy tossing a bag of shit around because it's fun and you can't judge how I have fun


>why yes I play Terraria instead

File: 1625184251658-0.png ( 25.55 KB , 300x300 , 300px-Protectorate_Symbol.png )

File: 1625184251658-1.jpg ( 72 KB , 554x302 , 20210629205028_1.jpg )

File: 1625184251658-2.jpg ( 136.48 KB , 1000x463 , 959f62_dc68e34dfd864a17961….jpg )


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File: 1625509436325-0.jpg ( 288.48 KB , 1600x900 , 20210704130554_1.jpg )

File: 1625509436325-1.png ( 102.88 KB , 1142x601 , 5445.PNG )

>"that destroyed biocorp"
and that's bad?
Wasn't Biocorp an "old-world supercorporation"?

Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?
>" About 17-18 years ago Melek began his rise to power in the north, recruiting local gangs, training and shaping them into a paramilitary force that eventually grew into the army known today as the Protectorate. 15 years ago, he finally made his move and took over Biocorp's capital city Dis, and other key locations soon followed. The High Council was disbanded, the technocrats along with anyone deemed to be a threat to the new government apprehended and executed.".


There is original Biocorp, which ended after Hollow Earth incident. There is reformed Biocorp, established after that to maintain peace, that was overthrown by Melek. And now it is Protectorate Biocorp.

I guess it is kinda bad because it lead to shitload of deaths and the result was a fascist regime bent on expansion.

>Can General meleke be considered a revolutionary?

Most likely, no.


>direct movement control in isometric game
Trash taste you’re having. The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
>Can General melek be considered a revolutionary?
<Can a military junta that toppled a corporatist regime and replaced it with another oligarchy revolutionary?
If anything they’re even more reactionary.


You're still wrong, but ironically it sounds like you're making a case for isometric being a shit perspective.


>The fast paced is mostly coming from the fact that getting zoned out by multiple enemies is so easy with a shit build.
No, it comes from combat being resolved very quickly one way or another, while having plenty of tactical options. Except for a couple of encounters (beach invasion) i never felt that i grinded through enemies, repeating same actions over and over

File: 1625432036681.jpg ( 50.62 KB , 637x358 , sectoids.jpg )


the long war mod for xcom 2012 doesn't make much sense.
Xcom like all games has a snowball effect, and the rest of the difficulty tweaking is in contradiction with this.
What would make sense is for more wins to lead to a faster increase in difficulty and a shorter game overall, since you're progressing through the challenge at a quicker pace. Then if you fuck up and lose a mission or some soldiers, the penalty is having to play more game, and its not a campaign ending setback like it is now(at least on the higher difficulties).

I don't expect many to know what im talking about. I had this thought in my head from when long war was still played 6 years ago, before xcom2.


The problem is the way it is now, since the design goal was to make the campaign really long at the cost of all else. Winning doesn't feel like much of a reward. This is why people get burned out after only 20% of the whole campaign. You can't make progress and you can't take risks, you have to play the safest way possible and wait for the game to be over.

unrelated, i checked in on beaglerush and he became a huge sjw which is kinda gay but whatever. thats the price of success.


>This is why people get burned out after only 20% of the whole campaign. You can't make progress and you can't take risks, you have to play the safest way possible and wait for the game to be over.


nah,it's litterally only like that for XCOM2 where it throws bullshit at your face when you progress or upgrade stats of weaker ennemies so they are still as hard as before or if you play on autistic difficulties that are clearly not tested by sound human beings. (or if you play apocalypse for some reason )

File: 1624994260600.png ( 316.46 KB , 785x731 , ClipboardImage.png )


Why can't it be like Minecraft or GTA or Sims? I just wanted some sex mods


just watch porn lol


It just works, anon


Aren't there already Skyrim mods for that?


its not complicated, its annoying and a bit unstable so you have to plan your playthrough and make a modlist you'll stick to till the end. its generally a bad idea to remove a mod mid-playthrough.
as for minecraft yeah its kind of easier but it has the insufferable "mod is only compatable with one version" shit, which is why mod authors just can't keep up with the endless stream of new bullshit updates and a lot of good mods get abandoned.

File: 1608527889503.png ( 876.33 KB , 1280x646 , L197L_sDsoo.png )


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sauce on the top picture?


not cuming to my posts


File: 1625462822060.jpg ( 107 KB , 1024x664 , 1625461560341m.jpg )




File: 1612581801420-0.gif ( 185.78 KB , 220x220 , Mudkip_BW.gif )

File: 1612581801420-1.jpg ( 95.54 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault (27).jpg )

File: 1612581801420-2.jpg ( 269.24 KB , 1280x1143 , 1564476967987.jpg )


ITT capitalist guilty pleasures

which tier is your favorite teir?
i leik little cup (lvl 5 only)
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It stopped being a pleasure when gen 6 rolled around, 3D was a mistake.


Gen 6 was still fun because there were a few new mechanics and the 3D looked fresh at the time, even if ORAS was a bit disappointing
It's Gen 7 where everything went to shit even though they tried to write better plots. At that point every new thing they added in Gen 6 (including the Z-move gimmick which was a repeat of Mega evolution) had gone stale, plus the fact that they released two new versions of the same game instead of just one like they used to


The pokemon games are and solid gameplay wise. Hit me




Yes, I think they're fun, but I don't agree that they're solid in terms of the battle mechanics. They haven't changed the core system at all and it's gotten stale. The most innovative thing they've done was add Fairy type.

File: 1620709545263.png ( 502.2 KB , 616x353 , ClipboardImage.png )


Anyone here plays DotA2 and queues up in USE?
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I had the a similar experience to counter strike. Nothing can ever top the mechanics the game allows players to execute, but holy fuck does valve give less than half a shit about the fucking game. I can't stop now though, a new map is out.


It's the same story for all multiplayer games that have a 'competitive' aspect to them. If you stop treating them like your full time job, you will eventually stop having fun after you learn most of the game's basic mechanics.
Because single player games don't have the incentives of money, fame, validation, etc. associated with them, unless the game has replay value in which case you can make some vids on topics if you're good/invested into them.


File: 1625445808422.jpg ( 87.88 KB , 500x646 , 1501092385609835.jpg )

It's really funny, people who play Valve's games (Dota, CS, TF2, etc.) actually know them and that fat fuck Gaben for the greedy hacks they really are. They literally invented some of the worst practices in the industry to date, and give less of a shit about these games now and run them as cash grabs with the occasional scam tournament to keep the scene going.

I personally stopped playing CS since it got too boring for me.
Further now, the latest revelation is to stop playing team games which have factors outside my control (being a tard wrangler for 4 smoothbrains).

I just uninstalled Steam and every single game on my machine a few days ago. I hope I can keep at it bros.


File: 1625446133637-0.jpg ( 547.05 KB , 1288x1652 , Mikhail_Tal_1962.jpg )

File: 1625446133637-1.jpg ( 40.65 KB , 680x680 , d87.jpg )

You have two paths infront of you


File: 1625446920783.png ( 636.33 KB , 640x623 , 150192386509835.png )

I wish, mediocrity is hell.

And now that you mention it, if you really want to play skill based games, I would say even Chess would be a better way to spend your time considering it's mostly factored on individual skill, even fighting games.
A lot of being good/successful in team based games relies on… a team. A good player with 4 non cooperating randoms will almost surely lose to a stack of mediocre but well coordinated players (essentially what the talk about 'forced 50' is about, matchmaking expecting you to carry lower rated players with loss streaks on your back).

Or even better, just quit vidya and make something out of your life, the normie way. Best option of all.

File: 1625438415277.jpg ( 122.79 KB , 640x640 , 1625223285977.jpg )


Hey, I thought about making this game for a while. Usually I have these random ideas and try to put them together. I'm more of a vision and feelings oriented guy. Problem is I'm lacking an idea to give the player some grand "Aha!" moment. You know what I mean if you've played a good game before.

Anyways, so this game is about capitalism. It's supposed to be a small open world game with PS1 graphics. Your character is a random nobody. Their specific identity is of no importance. The game starts off with leading you on the path that you have to find a job and get money to make something out of yourself. You are soon confronted that the kind of jobs you like are unavailable to you, because they have ludicrous demands for junior positions and the other jobs are undignified menial jobs that will hardly give you enough money for you to make it out of poverty. The idea is to make the player believe that's what they should do and the player is made unaware of the fact that he could play the game very differently at any time. The player looks for job and he replays these boring minigames, that represent his menial job, over and over and over again. The player is free to continue and perhaps at some point they will realize they can go about things differently. In the meantime the world building will inform about the conflicts and problems around him. Politicians making promises on stage, crime on the streets, some people ridiculously rich and others pathetically poor and factions slowly brewing in society of which the player can actually join. The player will be subject to random tragic events, like getting hit by a car and having astronomical bills to pay, getting mugged on the street (by a minority and yes that is an important), yada yada. Those inevitable events are supposed to make the player realize that working to fulfill whatever goals they had will not be possible. Because they will never earn enough money. This is when the second phase of the game starts. The player will now explore alternative ways of going about things and come into contact with various factions which will mimic real life factions we see in contemporary politics. These factions must be depicted with a genuine attempt at portraying them honestly, because if we are too on the nose with "HURR DURR WE STUPID NAZIS AND WE DUMB DUMBS BELIEVE JEWS ARE BEHIND EVERYTHING" or "HURR WE ARE DUMB SJWS DUMB DUMBS WHO THINK QUOTAS CAN SOLVE EVERYTHING" people who actually identify with these grPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1624844372983-0.jpg ( 53.17 KB , 1050x503 , Dactyl-Nightmare.jpg )

File: 1624844372983-1.png ( 928.04 KB , 1200x800 , QuestVRad.png )


Will VR ever be affordable for the average gamer? Even the Quest 2 costs as much as a game console and they are trying to shove ads into them.
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Well Open Brush and NeosVR benefit creators, having a radical new UI, where your hands are your cursors and to move your camera you simply move yourself. In terms of 3d chat programs like VRChat it allows higher immersion by reducing the amount of canned animation as avatar movement is going off the tractors and it is obvious who is running in desktop mode because of that.


File: 1625187990578.png ( 908.17 KB , 1261x543 , Sin and Punishment - Star ….png )

That's very interesting, but this all sounds like stuff that is more tedious and requires more work to navigate through the interface with than simply pressing some buttons already at your fingertips. What sort of paradigm-changing feature does "virtual reality" present to game design? For example, the Wii opened up huge possibilities for third- and first-person shooting games by allowed players fine and intuitive control over aiming at things that could be independently coupled with movement. Where previous 3D console shooters often had to contend with a sluggish pace due to the inherent limitations of analog sticks for camera control, and where 3D PC shooters are stuck with digital movement on keyboards, the Wii finally compined a lightgun with other controls in a way that presented huge opportunities for fast-paced 3D shooters. What, if any, opportunities for game design does VR actually present?


Let's keep using shooters as an example. In most shooters, you have a standing pose, a crouching pose and a prone pose. Some games have leaning to the side, some let you jump, but this is not always the case. In a VR game, you can perform all of these actions and more since your body is the only limit. Want to blindly spay while hiding on the side of a building? You can do that. Want to peek behind a crate without exposing your entire body? You can do that. The same possibilities the Wii opened up are expanded upon in VR. Think of it like a Wii, Kinect and 3DS glued into one console without the baggage of designing a game around traditional controller schemes too.


File: 1625190448226-0.jpg ( 501.63 KB , 1920x1080 , NeosVR.jpg )

File: 1625190448226-1.jpg ( 81.56 KB , 1422x797 , tilt-brush.jpg )

While less efficient for heavy workloads they have a far gentler learning curve with a newbie being able to learn open (or tilt) brush easier then GIMP with the UI able to be uninstructive for the way for the easy stuff and you are drawing 2D brush strokes in a 3D space so it is kinda of half way between a 2D program like GIMP and 3D like Blender. With NeosVR you are basically playing with a live watered down Unity dev world that is sandboxed inside Neos giving you real time feed back as you adjust values and create logical nodes that actually makes it easier to learn game devlopment. This also allows you to set up your workspace with ease as you just drag and drop windows where you want them in 3D space, and allows for better collaboration as other players can see your windows in 3D space if you give them permission.

As for how this translates to games well there is already experimentation in controlling cars in VR by moving your hands and feet (full tracking) and trying to make it as good as if you really had a wheel and peddle setup, the end result would be the full tracking being a highly flexible controller.


Given how things are progressing now, it's probably going to be pretty normal eventually. It's just that it's a complicated enough set of problems that the technology doesn't advance that quickly.

File: 1624801895203.png ( 2.12 MB , 1920x1080 , td6w0m31nsvz.png )


For years and years the debate has raged over whether video games qualify as art, and as ridiculous as that debate is there's one undeniable aspect of it: video games have ideological content.

For that reason this thread should be used to approach games from a political standpoint with their political content in mind. The only thing to keep in mind here is that YOU CANNOT TALK ABOUT GAMERGATE.

Here's a big list of video games with left wing content to help discussion get going:
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Oh yeah and Disco Elysium is an obvious one, plus TNO, Equestria at War, and so on…


Video games have great potential to radicalize people because unlike other art forms, they are based around teaching people mechanics and enforcing a working understanding of mechanical systems (at least, a lot of the time - walking simulators etc are another question). Not only is there the possibility in video games to teach people the mechanics of politics and economics (a very straightforward and vulgar example), the very process of learning and understanding game mechanics predisposes people to understanding materialism and learning how to analyze how systems function. Video games are already good but could be made even better with the right application of game design. Properly radical games should be integrated into education that communists engage in, and I will fight you to the death over this.


That rec chart is kind of old. It needs Tonight We Riot and a bunch of other stuff.
>Peace Walker
I didn't finish it, and I know that it has actual communists in the story, but doesn't MSF do some jobs for non-leftists as well? Or was that just in MGSV?
>Ladykiller in a Bind
A meme recommendation? As far as I know, that's just a lesbian bondage VN. Is it actually leftist in any way?

why not? Not that I want to. The thread subject didn't even make me think about it.

>Video games are designed to sell as many copies as possible and to be as addictive as possible
That doesn't apply to all video games, particularly indie/free games. In those cases they might actually be considered works of art.

Plus, there's a lot of people involved in the creation of games, so the writer, designer, programmer, lead artist, lead composer, etc. might not personally be trying to sell many copies but make a game out of creativity. In which case I guess you might be right about games being only "artistic" but not "art".


>videogames are for nerds
Not anymore. Corporations have realized this, that's why everyone who has at least a cellphone plays them. Even the military knew this before video games were popular. Video games have massive propagandistic and educational potential.


>Video games are designed to sell as many copies as possible and to be as addictive as possible
the exact same applies to music and television as well. doesnt make those any less "art".
many of the most popular video games are shit art, made for shit reasons, but again the exact same applies to music and television. youre either a massive pseud or havent engaged with the art form outside of fifa or cod.
go ahead and tell me with a straight face that something like pathologic is not a work of art.

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