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File: 1608527949382.jpg ( 147.02 KB , 1280x720 , Atomic Heart.jpg )


You know I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread for this upcoming game yet, but the latest gameplay trailer has came out and good fucking god, it looks fun as fuck

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Looks more like a soviet Bioshock to me.






This is like the only episode I've watched

It looks kinda cool, but I don't really care about graphics. Seems like they focused a lot on that.


The reason I'm really hyped is because of the setting and the entire aesthetic. It really does feel and look like actual futurist soviet silicon valley, and not some boring, westoid culturally appropriated "soviet" aesthetic of dirty brutalist-dieselpunk where everyone wears a shitty ushanka and says "gomrade xDD". Just the little touches like the USSR stamp of quality on machinery, the unique atom-punkish robots, the wast amount of SCP like monsters within the facilities or one of the trailers playing a short tune of techno-remixed Stalker (the movie) theme. Also the gameplay looks fun - apparently they are trying to focus a lot on melee being viable which sounds interesting.

File: 1619148263143.jpg ( 43.23 KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )


Let's recommend, talk and post apks modded or unmodded about those games new or old that you'd play while waiting in the airport.

I loved Temple Run 2 and Angry Birds Star Wars so much

Where do you guys find old apks of games before they became too iap hungry or online
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Do you have any recommendations for free games developed for Android that are not on the Play Store? As in, you know, APKs that are intended to be downloaded and installed manually.


Whoops forgot to add that practically any game made with Ren'Py can be easily ported on Android.


pixel dungeon or something like that is very popular as an fdroid game


Thank you for telling me about F-Droid, I had no idea that it existed. That's so cool.


oh yeah fdroid is the jam
open source competitor to playstore and has some great apps that you can't find on google

like adaway, tachoyomi, newpipe
i use it mainly for andOTP

i think there is a sequel of that pixel dungeon game on playstore

File: 1623713221730.jpg ( 58.09 KB , 672x546 , 1623709462002.jpg )


This whole E3 was yikes all around. Is gaming dead?
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File: 1624081129039.jpg ( 173.61 KB , 235x385 , Get_It_Together_cover_art.jpg )

Don't care about Metroid


Excited for Metroid


Metroid has been dead for a very long time now.


Mark Fisher has been proven right once again


>Is gaming dead?
I wish

File: 1608527558724.jpg ( 87.7 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


Anyone else play TF2?

What's the frikken deal with those chynese lagbots? They're ruining the game. Oh, and I say CHYNESE lagbots because they're from CHYNA
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File: 1622774968941.png ( 328.94 KB , 565x669 , E2VaoXQWEAEvEQt.png )

Why yes I'm a tryhard.


What marxism is in the game's economy?


File: 1624127073435.png ( 846.35 KB , 1366x673 , floyderina.png )

Things you can only do on TF2 nowadays.


File: 1624127564325.png ( 161.9 KB , 1237x777 , 1624100626589.png )



get the fuck back to your shithole, /pol/yp

File: 1624105878635-0.png ( 5.1 MB , 3440x1440 , WL3_Rangers_3440x1440_B.png )

File: 1624105878635-1.png ( 106.26 KB , 978x237 , Untitled.png )

File: 1624105878635-2.png ( 2 MB , 1355x778 , Untitled (2).png )


You have played cyberpunk but not the best RPG of 2020, why is that the case?


File: 1624139259280.jpg ( 357.67 KB , 1500x844 , 1427010911673-1.jpg )

>You have played cyberpunk

File: 1624045243729.png ( 656.34 KB , 1328x1094 , 1623771736064.png )


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2
I just heard about it but it already sounds like a load of barnacles. Is there any hope it's actually a good sequel?


It definitely looks like it's gonna be a Metro 2033 ripoff with a thin Stalker veneer. But, who knows, miracles do happen sometimes.

I think half of the charm of STALKER was its low-budget cheesiness though, and the fact that it was clearly a passion project, so it's possible that a AAA sequel was always going to be a letdown.


File: 1624060292349.png ( 102.04 KB , 283x393 , ClipboardImage.png )

sorry brats

you know what this means, cyberpunk treatement.

Lost Alpha and Anomaly are still good.



>season pass
yeah, zero hope for this game. feels bad man

File: 1623931225806.jpg ( 125.41 KB , 995x1024 , 1623920381552.jpg )


Thank you Based Facebook.


Wow they finally solved the problem of consumers not paying attention to ads, truly this is the kind of genius innovation we need the free market for





advertising causes me

File: 1618537036793.jpg ( 150.37 KB , 1048x1798 , DmzGUn-V4AAvjFJ.jpg )


This thread is for everything related to indie games. Please throw some recommendations. Here is a list for our interested friends

God tier:
-cup head
-hyper light drifter
-shovel knight
-papers please

-Hotline miami
-the messenger
-Stardew valley

Not the best but could be worse
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Starsector (mods have ear-raping USSR anthem)
Devil Slayer: Raksasi (chinese top-down dark souls-like roguelike)


I played a couple episodes forever ago, really enjoyed its look and atmosphere but the story is incomprehensible, I really didn't get it.


File: 1622052490574.png ( 1016.87 KB , 816x816 , 1561151572_ATOM cover4.png )

I've been playing Atom RPG, it's basically fallout 1/2 but in soviet Russia, pretty great if you ask me.


File: 1623949375909.png ( 39.12 KB , 400x302 , sleep.png )

anybody here a lisafag?
just played Scholars of the Wilbur Sin last week, it wasn't that great, but some moments were pretty good.
I still think the original Pointless is better, that fight with Arnold was underwhelming.


File: 1623959181024.jpg ( 139.08 KB , 600x897 , indie as fuck.jpg )

>one author
>still making sales off itch.io
>manages to maintain a vision for game design despite being FOSS
Mindustry is the most successful libre game of all time and officially indie as fuck.

File: 1623091280140.jpg ( 232.07 KB , 1200x800 , 1501021339972.jpg )


School shooting simulator, when?
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yeah, there's like plenty of mods like it.
one of the oldest being escape from pittson area.


There's a japanese RPG Maker game that's pretty good. Should check it out No it's not Super Columbine Massacre RPG


Way back there was a really edgy but fun flash game on Newgrounds. A shooter came to the school and you had to escape.

I wonder if it still exists.


Lol, it's this one.
>Originally released back in 1999, Pico's school is one of the oldest flash games I have ever played. Very dark sense of humour. This game was meant to shock people as it was made not long after the columbine school shooting. Good point and click game.



File: 1623953368827.png ( 952.38 KB , 2108x794 , ClipboardImage.png )

There's also a sequel.

File: 1623735855660.png ( 3.36 MB , 1517x854 , 1622383285686.png )


George owns a Virtual Boy in Seinfeld which is quite fitting for him. I'd like to think Kramer told him about this new revolutionary console that his friend Bob Sacamano said was gonna be the next big thing which prompted him to go out and buy it.
Jerry also owns some PC titles in his shelf, like Sim City.


File: 1623736207000.jpg ( 89.98 KB , 618x482 , 1561127150594.jpg )



Jerry is a Mac user.


Does he play akuma?


who tf bought a virtual boy for the set design?
weren't those things rare to buy even in that time

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