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DLC is good because it gives me stronger characters


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>tfw i can't convince my friends to play civ with me anymore


Never really saw the point in playing a game for 6-8 hours that you might just end up on the losing side of and be feeling shitty the whole time


Convince them to play Alpha Centauri with you


File: 1625707975464.png ( 1.22 MB , 1280x1000 , freeciv.png )

Time for a /games/ Freeciv night?


worse than that the game mechanics aren't even good
they just have the game loop figured out well enough to make clicking buttons addictive
most of the actual strategy that exists revolves around exploits or general failure for the mechanics to work as intended


civ is fucking poo poo
all these strategy games have tiny ass menus that go up rapidly in the beginning

i like the idea of the game and i remember playing some old version of it with rome

but having nothing really properly explained and just giving access to everything and every menu ui imaginable from the get go is horrible game design

i got frustrated, this was my third time trying civ
there needs to be an ease into tutorial mode that doesn't give you access to all the menus all at once

slowly it should open access
too much crap and options right from the creation of the world this game has


have you tried not being bad at the game


not a bad idea


Civ is way too complicated for my non-White low IQ brain


the only civ that I liked was the 4th one. Fall From Heaven 2 is a great mod.


Yeah there is a learning curve, civ is not unique where the "game" is unenjoyable at all levels


has your game tried being for normal players instead of players on coke?

i'm not saying the game is unfun
i'm saying the ui design and beginner philospophy of the game is unfun
the core maybe fun but i'm so irritated by the overabundance of everything that i just stop playing

lot of games today have this problem
they throw too much at the player that it just ends up being frustrating

i play for 1 turn and there's 10 menus that i didn't even know are popping up
some i can't even tell if i can click on or not

it should slowly ease the player into the gameplay instead of bombarding


Fuck you and people like you who are too retarded to just learn the game causing game devs to put unskippable tutorials in the first hour and forcing you to unlock the game's functions at a snail's pace.


Some of us have been playing games in this series for decades. I was frustrated when I picked up Civ2 as a kid, but I eventually read up on the mechanics and learned what I was supposed to do. Read. Watch. Or, put it down and play something kid friendly. Don't ask for this great game to be watered down cuz you don't have the attention span to learn it.

Ever read a pencil and paper RPG system? Learning systems can be fun. Find a wiki or a strategy guide, and just commit to ten hours of learning before you pick up the game. Or, learn something useful with those hours.


Maybe devs should be less retarded and make beginner tutorials optional instead, ever think about that?


They've literally released the same game for 20 years, they don't give a shot to teach new players because only legacy players care


File: 1625865473431.jpg ( 205.7 KB , 1280x720 , mohawk-games-reveal-new-4x….jpg )

Is Old World any good?


Is there any game which makes you feel like you're building an actual civilization (and not just a bunch of important cities)?


Alpha Centauri? To me personally it feels more like you're actually building a cohesive civilisation than a regular 4x.


I'll check it out

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