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File: 1609074166197.jpg ( 1.22 MB , 3840x2160 , 20201226162414_1.jpg )


What are your favourites? Been playing pic related (Rogue State) yesterday, it's not the best game but it has a banging national anthem.


Last week I played Suzerain at the suggestion of a topic on bunkerchan, that was better IMO but I ran into a game ending bug which is always sad.

Which ones do you love? Hidden Agenda, Democracy 3, or?

File: 1608528349459.png ( 400.74 KB , 928x615 , animal farm steam.png )


Should I get it?

I wonder if it will be in favour of libertarian socialism or a completely decontextualised porky screed. The description says it will try to 'tackle the issues of 2020' so that sounds like a winner.
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Why does it have anime style visuals?


That just looks like a contemporary western style to me, though granted there has been a heavy Japanese influence.


>I wonder if it will be in favour of libertarian socialism
Why would it be? The game is based on an anti-communist book


Figures. The fact they had the persmission of the Orwell estate just makes it more damning.

I pirated it and tried to play, but all three times I played it Snowball was exiled from the farm by Napoleon after proposing the windmill and things deteriorated from there. Also, the game basically portrays all of the pigs as pretty hypocritical and malevolent, rather than having Snowball as a 'counterweight' and basically gives the impression that animal farm sucks and it was better when the farmers ran things. I'm sure it's possible to win but after 2.5 plays I don't really wanna put in the effort to do more. It's also VERY repetitive. Overall, a 4/10.


post I was replying to

> Imre Jele – Project Founder

>“Animal Farm is a literary masterpiece which uses deceptively simple language to accurately describe the downfall of communism from the dream of equality into totalitarian oppression. The fate of the farm was all too real for me growing up in totalitarian Hungary.
> “History seems to repeat itself. And once more, Orwell’s classic has become a painfully relevant warning as some Western democracies started using tools and language eerily similar to those of oppressive regimes of the past.
> “I’ve long wanted to explore how, through video gaming, we could design an experience which immerses the player in Orwell’s vision, and in Nerial we found the perfect partner to make this happen.”

File: 1608528363041-0.png ( 422.32 KB , 1042x667 , 55i95wgho9cz.png )

File: 1608528363041-1.jpeg ( 159.34 KB , 1920x1080 , 75.jpeg )

File: 1608528363041-2.png ( 149.09 KB , 1154x705 , Zombie_chase.png )


Hi /Games/. Tired of being the same kind of talky-talk board? Want to be a Get Shit Done Board like the imageboards of yore?

Why not help in creating a leftist post-apocalyptic community for Catacylsm:DDA, a singleplayer roguelike-like survival game? It could act as propaganda, that is to say nothing obvious and not just having the communists as the good guys but that could leave players walking away thinking 'huh, maybe some of my ideas about leftism/communism were wrong/unfounded.'

You don't need any knwoledge to help, just your ideas and a willingness to learn simple markup ( JSON ) if you would like to write data.

Mostly right now I am looking for Lore, how the group came together, interesting leftist characters, backstories, mission ideas, anything.

obviously we will have to add our mascot as a character so what kind of stats and proficiencies would Alunya have? If she cannot have cat ears what would be next best thing? Wolfs?


Oh, and C:DDA is the best Survival game out there. Prove me wrong.
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also, we should consider if we want to go with the mainline DDA fork or the Bright Nights fork, or both. DDA is more near-future where bright nights is sci-fi.


I was considering the same. I'm thinking mainline for now and hopefully we can add extra content for BN. Also i'd like to see some more basic factions in vanilla and for BN to become more developed first and become more refined even if it means sticking with vanila lore.

Can you guys tell me how Alunya could be as a person? so i can choose traits and make the dialogue i write for her right now feel less wooden. Character traits, etc?


File: 1608528366755.bmp ( 5.93 MB , 1920x1080 , Catalunya.bmp )

I accidentally made her male, but here's a sketch. Maybe no cooking and some survival. And there are plenty more cat perks to add if you want, though I'm not sure how catty she is. Need a furry in here asap to offer advice.


Great. Yea, i will add more cat mutations as time goes by and if you do quests for her, get her to the larger faction base, etc!
Do you think she should start with tail and ears or just ears and they'll mutate the tail fairly early on, such as after first or second mission?
The latter was my thoughts anywas.

Can you send me over the JSON file or just post it here? I dont think this thread will get much interest but if it does we can use a free file sharing service like: https://cryptpad.fr/ Or just github to share eachothers things. :)

I'm working on dong the building she start in at hte moment and will be nice if i had base of character layed out.

I think she will be kind of cagey about her role in protests unit you get to know her more or have high speech/perception. What do you think?


Wrote her first quick quest, havn't checked yet but honestly want to just get them out and refine/bugfix later. What is her cat [KITTY] called? I think some kind of non obvous reference to her ideology or leftypol here could be quite nice.

"type": "mission_definition",
"name": { "str": "Find some cat food for Alunya." },
"goal_condition": {
"and": [ { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood", "count": 10 } }, { "u_has_items": { "item": "catfood_dry", "count": 5 } } ]
"item": "catfood_dry",
"count": 10,
"difficulty": 1,
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File: 1608528352398-0.jpg ( 2.18 MB , 2000x1358 , enroth_world_fan2.jpg )

File: 1608528352398-1.jpg ( 100.55 KB , 1280x720 , -1000°C knife.jpg )


Enroth, home.
At least it was before I fucked everything up.
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>I definitely gave up.
It's a game defintly for people with autism, as it takes a very very long time, alot of detail and planning for you to do it. H2, I need to beat Archibald's, and a few other campaigns, but i got though the hardest ones.


I cant get over how ageless the graphics in these games are. Heroes 2 is almost 25 years old and it still looks gorgeous. I wish modern indie games would go for sprite graphics like these.


File: 1608528363812-0.jpg ( 397.04 KB , 1280x800 , AoW3.jpg )

File: 1608528363812-1.jpg ( 133.15 KB , 600x331 , eador motbw.jpg )

Heroes 2 and 3 were fun as a kid, and I played 3 some later in life, but it's not that great a game. Age of Wonders 3 scratches the same itch, and is a far superior game.
Eador: Masters of the Broken World is also a very interesting game in this genre, but that definitely isn't going to be for everyone.


File: 1608528373508.jpg ( 1.38 MB , 1280x4320 , helltaker-malina-homm3.jpg )

Eh, it's been quite a while since I last played it, but I think HoMM5 wasn't half bad. Though I remember the magic system was designed in a way that many factions got in their towns schools of magic that they couldn't use effectively.

It's been an even longer while since I last played 3, and I lost my CD. I guess it's perfect timing though, there's a sale at GOG right now.


AbsoluteZero does livestreams every Sunday afternoon and plays multiplayer using HD HOMM3 HOTA mod.


File: 1608527822686-0.jpg ( 7.29 KB , 207x253 , 14c.jpg )

File: 1608527822686-1.jpg ( 5.67 KB , 264x191 , JCSoy.jpg )


I just started playing the original Deus Ex after watching Sseth's video on it recently, and I'm hooked. I played the new games a couple years which were also great, they introduced me to Cyberpunk. Thoughts on the series?
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>>2480>They have loose threads that won't be resolved until the sequel/followup, so why do you treat Mankind Divided differently?I don't like Witcher 2, but one problem it didn't have was this one. The story within the game was done well enough that ending it on a cliffhanger didn't bother anyone. Mankind Divided dropped the ball, and very clearly for trying to squeeze as much as they could out of fans. I've only played through it twice, and in one "session" so maybe i'll lighten up on it if I ever replay it, but I don't feel an urge to. Whereas with every other game in the series I have gone back to multiple times. It wasn't awful, I had fun playing it, it just wasn't at the level of the rest of them.


>>2479>use melee weapons(aim for the back)ah fuck, never tried that. thanks for the pointer.


Does Deus Ex (2000) actually hold up? Not really speaking from a gameplay perspective which I don't care about, but more story and dialogue-wise.
From what I can gather the whole story is basically a hackeyed collection of le ebin X-files tier conspiracy theories except they're TRUE :O but maybe there's more to it and it's actually worth playing. Got to Chinatown last time I played the game and I don't remember being terribly impressed, but maybe I should give it another go?


> le ebin X-files tier conspiracy theories
&ltImplying this is a bad thing
X Files is the greatest show ever made, and its conspiracies are great - and frequently anti-US government.

Anyway, the story in Deus Ex is just a fun conspiracy romp. What makes it stand out is its themes. Whilst the major theme of the game is about the role of technology (e.g. as a replacement for God) it explores many more.
It's different to the later games in that it covers a very large number of themes, whilst the newer games cover a smaller number in greater depth.
There's no game like the original (and the series) so well worth playing.


>melee weapons(aim for the back
Works half of the time. HAving to save/reload every time I wanted to whack someone with a baton is why I dropped this early. Also, sleeper crossbow is completely useless because enemies stay awake for a good ten seconds during which they'll warn everyone.

File: 1608528347129.jpg ( 46.09 KB , 357x360 , comfies.jpg )


what new games or gear have you/are you getting that you're excited about?

for the first time in my life i'm going to be able to play modern games and on high settings. no more shitty laptop gaming. i can finally play GTA5, and FO4, and Witcher 3, and so so SO many more. finna catch up on the last 5-10 years of gaming.
got a dell optiplex 9020 with an i7 4790, 500gb SSD, and 1TB HDD for $250. then i got a GTX 1660 super for $250. then a 1440p 144hz monitor for $225. it's all gonna get here around the 18th.

i'm so fucking hype bros oh my god.
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I tried Eye on you guys recommended and it was the most mind numbingly tedious horseshit ever, why the fuck is every level so insanely oversized? why does it take several minutes to sprint from one side of the hub world to the other? How the FUCK does the save system even work? I’ve never played a game where I legit could not figure out how the save system even functioned before until this game.

What the fuck.


>using computers as intended is the same as sailing the seas pillaging and murdering civilians
It's copying m8s. No, being an indie dev doesn't make you any less susceptible of me copying your shit. I might buy it from you if you give me the source code.


>Muh copying
Retarded argument. Before anyone attacks me, I pirate all my shit anyway (even crap I could get for free from uni) because I don't care. The "It's just copying brah" is stupid, because it assumes the piece of media is valueless due to the ability to copy it infinately. But nonsense. Even if it was copied infinately, there are still production costs, and if they aren't covered, no one (under commodity production) would make them. Secondly, the piece of media will only get copied a relatively small number of times, not infinately. This is the reason why any non-hobbyist digital media would have to either be paid for, or taxed out of the populace.
Oh, and a good paralel to better explain what I mean - a paintings only real produce is the act of seeing the said painting, which is infinately replicable act with no labour needed to achieve, however the artist still needs bread, and the display place needs to be maintained, hence the visitor is forced to pay for a ticket, or has his taxed labour value directed towards maintanence.


It's a meme. It's a terrible, broken game with hints of a greater vision buried inside. The hypothetical game that EYE was supposed to be is amazing though. It will be made one day, assuming the world doesn't end beforehand.


This, except that I'll only willingly support the devs if I like them enough and if I have a small amount of money to waste.

File: 1608528236274.png ( 89.88 KB , 1080x1080 , Untitled.png )


I'm a professional game dev (I do visual novels)
Would anybody be interested in a NSFW dating sim where you can choose a waifu: Stalin or Girl Stalin and steal his or her heart?
Elaborated: You are not only a worker at a train station but a revolutionary. One day, you find Stalin alone on a bench. Not recognizing him or her, you go up to them and talk to them about their troubles, and end up kissing under the moonlight. A few years later, Stalin becomes dictator of the soviet union and you recognize your old flame and decide to try your hardest to reclaim your waifu!
Please give suggestions and I'll take them into account!
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Why not a dating sim similar to that, but you can date rule 63'd versions of the rest of the Soviet leadership aswell, maybe some generals aswell?

Imagine dating a animeified-genderswapped version of Beria lmao


Girl Stalin still has the mustache.


>Genderswapped male historical figures
>Ironic VN
Cringe tbh
>dating sim
That better not be a synonym for "visual novel"

You wanna make a dating simulator, do it properly: no narration, only dialogue, dates and stats, preferably several love interests; that would be super fun and likely wouldn't get too long. Wanna make a visual novel, it's gonna have at least dozens of thousands of words and minimal gameplay, and it would honestly be more boring to read something like this with that premise. Mixing both wouldn't hurt, but in my experience, it usually doesn't go well.

My ideal would be a visual novel with romance but focused on story, taking place in the Soviet Union, with several original characters being the love interests. But I would indeed like a romance game about romancing Stalin and other high ranking officials or important people of the USSR. It would be funny if you avoid being too cringy. But why genderbend them when there are already important or famous Soviet women like Roza Shanina or Lyudmila Pavlichenko?

Hope you come back to this thread in the future and update us on your progress.



OP, I think genderswapping in this case is pretty cringe. Do Rosa instead, I hear she w-was quite d-dominant ok


Hell no.

File: 1608528365124.jpg ( 242.18 KB , 1382x864 , gta-4-art.jpg )


a reminder that GTA 4 (a 2008 game) is much better than DiaperShit 77
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>my shit game is better than your shit game
ok consoomer


>that's the joke.jpg


&ltimplying people don’t just pirate the game


kek that scene made me chuckle


Just replayed it recently. Was definitely more immersed playing it than the downgraded feel of GTA V. The early missions seem fairly plausible but towards the end it starts to just feel more of the same bullshit. Just found out on console if you squeeze the trigger it makes the reticle smaller before firing. Wish i would've known that before i beat the game because i used the AK instead of the M4 for more damage.

File: 1608528368575-0.jpg ( 11.62 KB , 155x75 , stupid quote on box cover.jpg )

File: 1608528368575-1.jpeg ( 13.74 KB , 317x113 , frothing demand.jpeg )


Have people ever actually existed who change their mind about buying a game after reading this crap?


Reviews, or just box quotes?


Box quotes. Seriously, what kind of person does this sway?


IDK, people who aren't hardcore into gaming and don't know what's good and what's not. They wouldn't use these if they didn't work to an extent.


>They wouldn't use these if they didn't work to an extent.
You may be underestimating the depravity of marketers trying to justify their existence in life.

File: 1608527715750.png ( 1.43 MB , 800x1080 , wee.png )


Has anyone read pic related? On this note, visual novel thread~ Feel free to list recommendations and what you've read
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>whining about sage
holy reddit


>le ironic VNs

I wish imageboards weren't filled with mentally ill schizos like you.


The only schizo is you

>muh reddit
&ltusing sage as a downvote while whining about "muh board is shit" on every other board is not reddit
Ok fag


>visual novels/dating sims/otome
Is otome considered such a different genre or something? are there that many girls on this site, or is it because otome offers a different kind of experience? I would hope it's both, I feel lonely.

What you consider "generic anime style" is not clear, but if you like eroge about consent, there's an otoge called Cute Demon Crashers. As an OELVN, it also has an obligatory bisexual option. https://vndb.org/v17210
The thing is, there's very few 18+ otome games, and even fewer in English:

There's also my game


There's a VNDB thread about adding FOSS and Open Source as descriptors (separate from "Freeware") on visual novel releases in the database.

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