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File: 1624628034910.jpeg ( 97.67 KB , 460x215 , DF1A7711-6748-409F-815F-5….jpeg )


Lately I’ve seen a huge influx of good games that try to update the outdated capitalist realist Cyberpunk genre to the current political and economic landscape. Stuff like Disco Elysium is getting more and more recognition they rightfully deserve for depicting the hopeless and bleak death of modern revolution. However they’re still have some semblance of hope like with Ghostrunner having the corporation being destroyed by a revolution in contrast to the sad oppression of the system.

Another great but obscure example is whatever the fuck Cruelty Squad is. It’s fully embraced the boring drug fueled dystopia aesthetic while delivering basically Deus Ex but without the stealth. Compared to the faux shell of a Cyberpunk game 2077 was (full of cyber but nothing about the societal implications of such technologies other than some edgy infantile “message” about “soul”), this game have everything and everyone be miserable using the cyber-enhancements. Space colonization and AI being pipe dreams. Corporations are not knowingly malicious but only apart of the rot of capitalism.
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donkey's videos are funny and enjoyable




Surprised to see this here!
Extremely excited to see where this is going. Don't think I've played a teaser this promising in a long, long time.
Also, damn, that soundtrack.


The random NPCs on the yacht have some great lines.


Still pissed that I have no way to find the samples he used for that soundtrack. Really looking forward to chapter 1 whenever that releases.


I was kind of intending this thread to be a storehouse of replies for

<hurrr but who would work without profit motive???? you ever thought about that commie?

where fans have for one reason or another put in a great deal of time and effort to maintain or recreate digital experiences.

For example, I stumbled on some videos for a fan recreation of TIE fighter which, from the clips of it, looks really neat. It seems like video related is a mod based off of another mod for the million year old X-wing Alliance engine. I need to look further into it and see if it's built off of the original game, or its own standalone deal meant to mimic it.

Then there's also Tamriel Reborn that seems like it isn't just a remake of the original, but actually expands on the original Morrowind, I guess to add back in all of the content that had to be cut. Apparently they've been going at it since 2001.


Then there's DOOM, which has just had an insane amount of work done on it and with it since it was released. It's actually pretty amazing to see what people are capable of doing with it after so long.





I'm currently working on not to say a game but rather a practice in blender to recreate GTA Vs map but with more detail with things cities typically have like industrial and sanitational sites, detailed factories with interiors shops and more. This project however is taking me alot of time as modeling and texturing all the assets takes forever and if I put detail into any of said models my dogshit computer begins to start lagging as it cant handle high polygon counts. Is there a way to use pop in within blender to evade this along with easier ways to build models faster


File: 1628402918044-0.jpg ( 35.45 KB , 414x205 , bfp2R2Logo.jpg )

File: 1628402918044-1.jpg ( 29.29 KB , 450x360 , Eve of Destruction 2.jpg )

File: 1628402918044-2.jpg ( 114.19 KB , 1280x1024 , POE2 submarine.jpg )

Battlefield games had some great modding scenes until 2's rank-and-unlock bullshit killed them.


C&C has the best modding scene for any RTS games. Mental Omega was so good until they introduced all the Weeb shit.

File: 1628390443899.mp4 ( 767.74 KB , 1280x720 , You Owe me an Eye You Bast….mp4 )


gong to start ded spase 1 after i bate 2;
wat am i in for :DDD?


A slightly better game

File: 1626431865386-0.png ( 669.18 KB , 1200x630 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626431865386-1.png ( 628.72 KB , 879x882 , ClipboardImage.png )


Yesterday, Valve quietly dropped it's answer to the Nintendo Switch.
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In general NVME SDD are significantly faster then SD cards as flash card technology was never built with throughput in mind with only the most high end SD cards even matching SATA III speeds.


Well shit. Does nvme technology also consume less electricity?


Of course it does!


I wonder how long it will be before I can get a second hand one at a reasonable price.


2-3 years

File: 1627793657623.png ( 72.85 KB , 255x200 , ClipboardImage.png )


Quick! Post a 9+/10 game that has some actual educational value.
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File: 1628055655964.jpg ( 82.03 KB , 512x271 , unnamed(2).jpg )



Idk if 9/10 But Exapunks is the more normie friendly TIS-100 and arguably teaches programming.


File: 1628058427869.jpg ( 592.36 KB , 1276x717 , screenshot0227.jpg )

The Expression Amrilato


Will I actually learn some basic Esperanto if I read this?


If you take it seriously, yes. There are study sessions and minigames where it quizzes you about it. You need to pass the quizzes to continue the story but there's a setting to skip them.

File: 1625783158522.jpg ( 31.9 KB , 336x294 , 2d1.jpg )


<CCP Games tried new monetization amid a ship shortage, and it's backfired

>On top of the scarcity patches, roughly one year ago, one of the largest wars in EVE’s history began. The war has raged hot for nearly a year, causing destruction on a scale that is unheard of in EVE’s 18 year history, further diminishing the resource stockpiles of players and driving the cost of the vessels players need to fight in the war through the roof. Outside of the financial toll the war has taken on player wallets, the mental stress of the conflict also seems to be building in players on all sides. War in EVE is one of the most interesting things the game has to offer, and probably one of the more realistic simulations of massive real life campaigns available in the virtual realm. Each side needs competent generals, massive supply chains, and most importantly, players to fight in battles that can last for hours across all time zones multiple days a week. Over time, these things take a measurable toll on people who are just trying to play a game to have some fun and blow off steam. With something close to half of the game’s active playerbase involved in the conflict, it’s easy to understand how the situation could create some tension among players. Further compounding the stress of war and waning pocketbooks are the latest changes to the already complex industry system. Almost all spaceships and the ammunition and equipment for those ships are produced by players. Resources must be harvested, transported, and combined to create the ships, and when those ships die in battle, they are gone forever. Over the course of the war, those ships have been dying by the thousands. Since the changes implemented in the last few months, the production chains, cost, and complexity of crafting most ships in EVE have become more complex and expensive, leading to a further burnout of already overtaxed industry players.
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What's this clip from?



Or if you mean the anime: Future War 198X


If only all the cool assets and things from EVE could be used to make a game like Elite Dangerous or Freelancer instead of a turgid ability-based MMO trash that relies on a single gimmick (omg, in this game, that you're presumably playing for entertainment, you can lose a month's salary in a few minutes! how cool!).


The entire game has been more or less stagnant for a decade , Goonswarm won and now they have hegemony of this world and they are more ore less unassailable .

I think CCP is making one last cash grab before they cash out and the game collapses.


SomethingAwful paypigs ruining things for everyone… who could've seen it coming eh?

File: 1627374141217.png ( 167.77 KB , 1200x800 , AI dungeon.png )


Anyone else here fool around with A.I dungeon a lot?
Post your custom prompts or stories etc ITT
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Not them, but I think they're referring to a security flaw that allowed someone to access hundreds of thousands of supposedly private/unpublished stories. The bug had already been reported before that, but the AI Dungen developers ignored it that first time.

I also used it, only to write some porn (it was very successful at that), but when I tried to make it follow a very specific and less pornographic plot (for a smut fic) it constantly derailed the story with really stupid and un-sexy shit.
I hope whoever spied on my private stories had a good laugh reading my frustrated responses to the AI.
>At a certain point you realize you're writing most of the content yourself and begin to wonder why you're even playing AI Dungeon.
kek, that's exactly how it feels.


Has anyone here got KoboldAI to work on linux?


Welp, looks like I have to download my stories and delete my account before someone decides to publicly mock my shitty porn fanfiction.

I suppose this is the alternative I've been reading about. Got any guides?


File: 1627418726125.png ( 85.3 KB , 404x295 , Navi.png )


So the entire premise of Majora's Mask is that Link lost his friend Navi and went on a journey to look for her… And never finds her in the end. Did they forget about her at some point in development? Tatl gets a nice resolution to her story, but we never hear about what happened to Navi. What a cruel way treat a character from the previous story.
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much like links awakening


Link was actually on his home to Hyrule when he was shipwrecked, having finished his side quest. Link never finishes his side quest in Majora's Mask.


Isn’t it implied that he simply went back to searching after Majoras Mask


She was dead and he learns throughout the game to make peace with that


Zelda games are so boring
It's all text and text and text

What do people like about them exactly

File: 1615617998461.jpg ( 446.62 KB , 1200x600 , starcraft 2.jpg )


Real time strategy games are not as popular as they once were, but I still think they deserve their own thread. Do you guys still play them and which games?
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Sucking dick unironically takes more skill than ASSFAGGOTS. First off even in the video the MOBA person is clicking and camera cycling unnecesarily. Besides hitting hotkeys for production all of that is wasted effort since he's not even in a fight but just trying to look cool by pumping APM. It's literally equivalent to the anal fingering. but disguised with a lot of extra noise. Secondly one of the mottos of ASSFAGGOTS is macro beats everything. What this means is that you can overcome tactical and strategic mistakes simply by outputting more units than your opponent consistently because units die so fast in-game that micro decisions don't matter as much outside a few exceptions. This essentially means that you have to think much less. ASSFAGGOTS are known for following build orders and general gameplans but the combination of suction and hand movements in say anilingus is 1000x more difficult to adapt to and succeed in because unlike in ASSFAGGOTS where you know the enemy race and already know 80% of what he will do with his builds people in sucking dick can sit on each others faces and gobble schlong that remain undiscovered for MONTHS because of all the possibilities.


To talk about which "requires more skill" is a false proposition to begin with. The skill required is the skill necessary to beat your opponent.
In Starcraft you have the (theoretical) potential to micro every single unit, keep track of every piece of information on the map, keep every production facility working at maximum capacity and so on and so on, which is practically impossible, so you cut corners where you can to maximize your limited human reaction time and attention.
In a moba you can get close to perfect execution in a fight, but the macro and meta decisions here must not be underestimated - there is near unlimited room for improvement and experimentation.


File: 1628207744465.jpg ( 72.76 KB , 900x900 , external-content.duckduckg….jpg )

Literately the best SC2 content creator, change my mind.


File: 1628217336479.png ( 1.38 MB , 1920x1080 , Mindustry.png )

This is now a major feature in Mindustry. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it's pretty deep and neato, on the other it shifts skill during PvP matches into who's done the most pre-game homework to build or copy and paste the best unit behavior scripts, because there's no way you can program something complex in real time under pressure.


Why are Starcraft lore fags so insane? They basically infest every scifi forums with their fanfic and wanking even though the lore is even somehow worse than Warhammer filled with contrivances.

File: 1624274350567-0.jpg ( 200.32 KB , 1280x720 , [email protected] )

File: 1624274350568-1.jpg ( 152.44 KB , 920x504 , leftwing.jpg )

File: 1624274350568-2.png ( 2.01 MB , 1870x722 , alunya.png )

File: 1624274350568-3.mp4 ( 18.33 MB , 1280x720 , 2-3.mp4 )

File: 1624274350568-4.mp3 ( 1.97 MB , poleague_anthem.mp3 )


This is a thread for discussing /leftypol/'s team in the /pol/eague.

Strawmanning Q&A
>why the fuck would we enter a 4chan event full of retards?
/leftypol/ has been a participant since /pol/eague 4, despite bunkerchan nor leftypol.org ever being involved. The team is already signed up and validated. The only difference is that /leftypol/ have now been given authority over the roster, so we might as well have some fun.
Last time /leftypol/ came 2nd, and the capability of creating salt even with a lame team is demonstrably there. Virtual divegrass is not serious business. It's an opportunity to laugh, unite and shitpost together while watching a random number generator play out.

>where is more infomation?

Cup: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pol/eague_6
Team: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//leftypol/
Recordings: https://implying.fun/poleague5/

>when will it start?

Current consensus is after 4chan's 'World Cup' in mid-August.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oops, didn't mean to lenin cap


>>11401 (me)
we need pictures for the remaining players
I'm also thinking we could replace Tiananmen Square 1989 with something else, maybe anglo box?


File: 1628176620268-0.jpeg ( 44.18 KB , 855x614 , abu-ubaida.jpeg )

File: 1628176620268-1.png ( 160.25 KB , 410x598 , fa94df4d0b9b39b94341d7d4ae….png )

Here's some pictures for Abu.


This thread is continuing at the original location. New posts made on leftychan.net will not be seen.


File: 1628910141976.png ( 3.24 MB , 1836x1016 , Alun.png )

Verification, if needed.

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