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We should delete the internet general as well to make sure we don't follow the path of bigotry and gossiping


Fuck Kiwifarms, they're infinitely worse than anyone they obsess over

Chris was right all along and you know it


what chris? chris kyle?


I will remain skeptical about this until I see some confirmation that the guy actually killed himself.


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Eh, less than 10% positive ratings


Holy shit, just a couple of days ago I'd been reading about drama between emulator devs and that's when I learned about byuu and Higan (not the drama related to them, though, it was about VBA and RetroArch).

>Fuck Kiwifarms, they're infinitely worse than anyone they obsess over
This. They claim their only purpose is to observe and laugh at "exceptional individuals" and that they don't consider themselves to be above those individuals, but they do have a clear bias regarding the kind of people they consider "interesting", they definitely see themselves as better than their victims (obvious projection), and despite their supposed lack of involvement in their victims' lives, the existence of the forums has a real impact.


Byuu was a huge autistic asshole, it's hard to be sympathetic about this.


You know what fucking Chris.


I was looking for info on emulators in recent /emugen/ threads and it seems that they've been invaded by a bunch of Kiwifaggots who don't even talk about emulation. lol


Why exactly? I mean, I read the KF OP but then also saw some contradicting information. Is it about the undumped Japanese game? It seems that Byuu sent it to someone else for it to be dumped (which it was, shortly afterwards).


oh good, the uyghas still did shit.


If you ever uttered his name or the name of his emulator on a forum you would summon him, and then he'd show up to trash talk your emulator while being a general ass.


This board is for talking about GAMES. Of course the death of a person relevant to gaming is a good reason to talk about that person IN THE CONTEXT OF THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS. But you aren't doing any of that. Eat shit OP.

50 % of the internet general is basically mini-kiwifarms.


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It's honestly a pattern I noticed, the easiest "out" is to blame everyone but yourself, byuu had an extremely unhealthy self-obsession, unstable behavior, toxic superiority complex and tumor sized pride, constantly smacking the hornets nest because their autism couldn't ignore any kind of criticism, constructive critique be damned, which of course then lead to much ridicule and a negative feedback loop(!). The energy that was spent fanning the flames online could've been energy used to further develop emulation, or y'know, seek help. Motivations were fucked from the get go, there was always drama with byuu and was difficult to side with them, if it wasn't kiwifarms, it would've been some other group entirely to blame for the an hero. A genius and his art will always have madness.


>if it wasn't kiwifarms, it would've been some other group entirely to blame for the an hero.
This is some extremely retarded logic lol


The kiwifarms thread about Byuu/Near wasn't even that bad. He believed some people were doing a coordinated harrassment of him and acquaintances and that those people were connected with kiwifarms in some way. There's really no evidence of that site having more to do with the harassment than 4chan and it isn't even clear what that supposed harassment amounted to. His real name was unknown until his public suicide announcement.


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your mother has retarded logic for making you lmfao
now this is more sensible, paranoia and fear of judgement took over hard, their spaghetti spilled and they jumped on something they never should've bothered to begin with, they had demons absolutely no doubt about it, that painful rumination turned to self-inflicted suffering and those inner demons made things to be worse than they really were, manifestations and doubt becoming so unbearable it all exploded in their face once their ego was struck, lack of control set in and their obsession had no fruit to bear, panic set in. I truly feel near expected eunuchull to take the money to fuck the kiwis as a last ploy, but was planning on ending their life anyway. I feel bad for them, I genuinely do, mental health is a fickle thing and should always be prioritized no matter who the fuck you are.

Though looking at their history, non-stop shitstirring, privilege to burn 120k on some harassment forum but most important of all, seeing how this could've been prevented with arguably less energy needed to enable it, or even resolve it, these factors alone make me realize there is just no winning with these people, they conditioned themselves to this mess and were dead set on causing more trouble in the foreseeable future regardless of contributions. Kid had a bright future, knew their way around console functions and emulation, no easy task, they were better off than most of us economically to boot, but squandered it over petty internet feuds.

Take care of yourself kiddos. You are the real #1.


Kiwifarms is proof of how much trashy, alienated people capitalism creates and then profits off of it


yo, fuck kiwifarms. the real lolcows are its users


judging by the person who actually went and made the byuu thread in the first place and the drama that ensued after failing to delete the thread, you are absolutely right


>the real losers are the guys who didn't kill themselves
I didn't know Justin Trudeau posted here.


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We should make them join Near then


File: 1625434450339.jpeg (5.39 KB, 170x170, OIP (2).jpeg)

Why yes, I don't like kiwifarms because the ammount of labels that overlap my identity have a pattern of having crazy people and it makes me weirded out

I don't personally knew the nes emulator creator but I'll prettend i care about them as long as I get the site that might target me out of the internet


Their userbase is full of obsessed furries, trans people, autists, Nazis, NEETs, creeps and every kind of person they hate. They even acknowlege that themselves, obviously they just bully and shit on certain individuals to feel superior in some way, like "I know I'm an autistic trans furry, but at least I'm not like those autistic trans furries!" Self-loathing definitely plays a role there, and they're fully aware of the fact that, if their identity and internet history was to be revealed, they too would be featured in their site.


File: 1625539807895.png (1.01 MB, 872x640, tomcat.png)

Your point stands strong, since that's quite literally what happens! It's so sad to see the hypocrisy at play, but it also goes to show how vulnerable they can be once you take that mask off.

For those not in the know "CIA uyghur" is the person who made the thread on byuu in the first place, essentially being the catalyst of this shitstorm, but now they have their own thread, and have had so since the beginning of the new year. Hilarious as it is tragic!! kiwi's are the oroboros of lolcows, like poetry, they play themselves. There are other examples like them,but this one should be enough.


Please stop being a faggot


Yeah, I hope that terrible gangstalking and doxing website (kiwifarms) gets taken down for good. How many people need to die because of bullying before Cloudflare and whoever hosting it finally shut it off? The celebration of doxing/bullying on there is just sick and wrong and obviously it has real world consequences.

About SNES Emulators: Been trying to think of how best to emulate/recreate the handheld gaming experience. My ideas so far are a modded Gameboy Advance/SP or Rasberry Pi with emulators put onto it. :D I have a switch deck pre-ordered too, so I am excited about the potential for emulation on it! :] There's always PC too for emulation.

Sorry to hear about Near, R.I.P. <3


Chris was right to rape her mom, or… what is it you're trying to argue, exactly?


>94/105 negative reactions to this post
What was your point again?


Imagine trying to judge a whole community based on one random post when 90% of that same community downvoted it.


>le edgy post
Best it Kiwifag


What would happen to kiwifarms if Joshua died tbqh?


Why the fuck would you let those faggots coax you into killing yourself?


This is just victim blaming, kiwifags and chan goons comb the internet for people to prey on.

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