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Hurray for labor beginning to organize it self


Socialism will not happen in the USA for a hundred years at least. Imperialist parasite countries literally can not have non-reformist unions.

If you are a communist living in the USA your best shot is to leave.

sorry, facts


Shot at what?
Neither Peruvian peasants nor Chinese state officials care about your faggy version of socialism either


File: 1673445273247.jpg ( 142.93 KB , 1242x1394 , 66f-4041092624.jpg )

>Just leave bro just leave just give up JUST GIVE UP!



File: 1673445545167.jpg ( 28.34 KB , 668x501 , sisyphus.jpg )

>your faggy version of socialism
sorry, but what is that exactly?

I think you've attached the wrong picture. I think this is the appropriate one. If you think it's a "chad move" to do something that is provably impossible, be my guest, but don't expect the rest of us to think of you as some kind of hero, fool.


File: 1673445763143.jpg ( 39.1 KB , 800x450 , 1673206916020734.jpg )


So prove it. More Americans right now distrust the government than ever before in history. The apples are ripe for the pickin' you just have to channel all of this energy into a useful avenue and, sorry to tell you, but the US empire MUST fall at the hands of a socialistic revolution for the global proletariat to be free. The whole planet is beholden to the US global empire and it's massive global accumulation of capital.

What you are saying is no better than saying give up and die. Nope, never.


"Distrust of government" is not indicative of potential for a socialist revolution, really. There's ample historic evidence for this.

>you just have to channel all of this

You and what army? Historically, all successful revolutions operated with multiple or a singular but strong communist parties. As far as I can tell "left-leaning" (lol) parties in the USA are either a complete joke/psyop (DSA, CPUSA) or "heroic" but ineffective (PSL). (If you are an anarchist I won't even discuss this point with you further.)

>the US empire MUST fall at the hands of a socialistic revolution for the global proletariat to be free

The US empire WILL fall, but not "at the hands of a socialistic revolution". We are not in contention regarding the point that your parasitic state must fall for the global proletariat to be free.

Anyway, I would recommend you to educate yourself about the historical record of "fall of empires". You can not name a single example when an empire fell and its collapse immediately led to a higher stage of societal/economic organization for its core citizens. What you are implying here goes contrary to the historical record and needs (at the very least) some proper theoretical underpinnings to be taken seriously (beyond "ppl dislike the gov", lmao).

As for your post, especially with that pic: LARP


>socialistic revolution
notice how the burger deludes himself. it's not even a "socialist" revolution he envisions, just "socialistIC". Like he unconsciously knows that as it stands now socialism is impossible in the USA, so he downgrades it to a less bold version.

And the difference in meaning is like between saying
>I'm no longer a virgin
>I'm no longer as virginly
that's your "socialistic" for you

Fucking burgers, I hope you die in nuclear hellfire.


Is there a worse job in the games industry than game testing?


Sorry sweetie. Workers are reactionary now. Only low t liberal arts students with pronouns in their bio and tech/media workers with soft hands and a porn addiction are revolutionary. Please educate yourself, polyp.


Fuck game "workers".

Why are you so defeatist? The American government is experiencing unparalleled levels of illegitimacy. How can you claim to be a socialist if you aren't going to stand up for the entire proletariat, even those in the Imperial core? You sound like a liberal arts student gonzaloite.


File: 1673506385905.jpeg ( 69.06 KB , 385x260 , lightsout.jpeg )

>entertainment workers aren't real workers
With takes this shitty, how did you even find this webzone?


>Fuck game "workers".
nah, fuck "gaymers"
just wait and see how those bitches will blame unions for bugged releases now
fucking scum

glad for qa testers, unionization was long overdue

now tech support needs to unionize too


The entire games industry is a farce
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