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File: 1619846698129.jpg ( 73.84 KB , 1280x720 , tonight we riot.jpg )


Tonight We Riot, an explicitly communist beat-em-up game, is free on GOG today. Anyone here played it?

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If anyone drops a link I'll try it.




>communist and not antifa
is commupunk just cyperpunk but no-one was dumb enough to get brain implants?


This game is alright, nothing amazing, but it's cool to play an openly commie game


About to start playing this on stream for a bit tonight

File: 1615740807901.jpg ( 648.98 KB , 2000x1000 , H2x1_NSwitchDS_PillarsOfEt….jpg )


A thread dedicated for discussing the Pillars of Eternity game series, as well as anything related to the Project Eternity setting.
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I started playing the game again on your recommendation OP and am really enjoying it. My complaints about having a prebuilt party were misplaced because the interactions between characters and the relationship building mechanics are actually very interesting. Normally I'm not too partial to high fantasy but what I'm saying here >>8218 was really cynical, the setting is very cool, I like the marriage of 18th century colonial era inspired politics and tech with the existence of real but not all powerful gods. Also just as a little note I like how the Vailians(?) seem to be almost all black but are also a colonial power, avoids the eurocentrism of most fantasy without shoving in weird liberal idealization of nonwhite people even in an entirely different universe


File: 1619738344851.jpeg ( 41.71 KB , 960x720 , received_287315569534861.jpeg )

come back OP i want to talk about the game now lmao


Sorry for being away. At first I was planning to do it as a bi-daily thing, but a lot of IRL crap came up that meant I had little time to post. I'll try to rectify it, perhaps on Monday.
Anyway, did you finish the first one or both of them? And is there something in particular you wanted to discuss more about? I was planning to do Thaos>Engwith>Gods>PoE2


oh i was just fucking around anon no worries. i didnt play the 1st one and im maybe halfway thru the 2nd, got 60 hours in it so far, party level 11 and doing side quests before doing the He Waits In Fire Quest.

not sure how long the main eothas quest is or how long the faction quests are, but so far my faction priorities have been Deadfire Huana > Principi > Rautai Hauna Trading Co. > Vailia Trading Co. , with the big exception of freeing the dragon from the Watershapers Guild.

really loving the game so far. ive been playing with the turn based combat beta bc i prefer turn based in iso games, but it does make combat a little tedious because the game was obviously designed for real time combat. not sure if i made a mistake in selecting turn based but ill just play it through like this anyway, nbd.

like i said in my original misguided posts im normally not really into high fantasy or attempts to subvert it but this feels less like a subversion and more like a proper realization of high fantasy, really impressed with the overall balance of tone they accomplished. feels like a sword & sorcery pulpy dungeon crawl and also feels like an unusually compelling contribution to fantasy as a genre

idrk about Thaos at all besides dialogue with Aloth bc i havent played the first one, the Engwithans and their becoming the gods is very interesting to me though.

is there any significant gap between the gameplay of the 1st and 2nd? loving the 2nd enough that ill probably go back and play the 1st anyway but hoping its not much of a downgrade (tho i say this after having just finished a playthru of Temple of Elemental Evil from 2003 lol)


The combat in first one is a bit more annoying. Basically all your good spells are on a per-rest basis and not a per-combat one, but also are more powerful. Also you get a bigger party size than II. This means some companions are more equal than others, especially the chanter who is a builder-spender summoner and the priest who, at least in my experiance, had some of the most useful spells in game.

Base stats matter a lot more for dialogue, so I'd recommend getting more will/perception and some int (although you can Disco Elysium it because some gear gives base stats).

Since you're doing PoEII, guess I'll talk about their factions. Maybe I'll start with Huana. Oh, btw, you should totally explore what lies at the far-east side of the map (specfically the inconspicious floating flotsam). Are you doing the DLCs by any chance?

File: 1620005941277.jpg ( 128.09 KB , 1900x750 , tx.jpg )


Why are like 50% of gamers totally antisocial sociopaths whose only emotions are seething hatred and rage? Why do so many gamers seem completely incapable of empathy or goodwill?
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no, my exposure has been in actually playing multiplayer and PVP oriented games and experiencing how utterly sociopathic gamers are in their habitat.


That's because of the type of games you play, not because all "gamers" are like that. What about people who prefer single player games?


There's plenty of reasons for it, but here are just a few.

A) You're playing multiplayer games, which are over saturated with 'competitive' type players and underrepresented with other types of players, such as story focused or exploration focused or creatively focused players. Those kinds of players tend to be far more easy going, and they are also too busy playing single player games to cool down the atmosphere in multiplayer games.
B) Antisocial parasitic retards are really fucking loud and obnoxious. They are constantly screaming and broadcasting their rage. More chill and relaxed players tend to stay quiet and just play the game. When I play a multiplayer game with a server of, say, 24 people, I generally won't find 50% assholes- what I'll find are 3 players that are public but chill, 3 players that are screeching their raging spergy assholishness, and 18 players that just keep to themselves.
C) Video games are easily accessible to children, and people who have never really emotionally matured past the state of children, for whatever reason. Children aren't really capable of separating themselves from a product, and will invest their ego and self worth into it. If someone is just kind of generally a failure that spends 100% of their available time playing video games instead of growing or maturing, then they'll continue to act like children with an inability to separate themselves from the game they're playing, which leads to seething hate and rage whenever any one of a million things causes dissonance. The server having lots of either manchildren or actual children will lead to a lot of screeching and sperging out.
D) Antisocial, antagonistic and socially parasitic attitudes are actually celebrated by large segments of capitalist society. See all the people who thought that "Greed is good" was meant as an inspirational quote. Cooperation is bad, dominating others is good. Kick and claw and fight your way to the top of the heap, then stomp on the face of everyone below you so that they can't climb up and dethrone you. These are seen as positive behaviours and encouraged, so why wouldn't that translate into video games as well?


play better games lol
I've had games where other players take a few minutes to teach you tips on how to play better.


Its not the games per say but their community, it is why many people do private games where it is only people on their friends list.

File: 1619919780261.gif ( 183.56 KB , 300x100 , bitch.gif )


aight imma play a lot of Hotline miami 2 to purge myself from this retarded larp invasion from retardchan


A lifetime bitch.


File: 1619926882185.png ( 35.34 KB , 527x454 , blinq one punch man ok.png )

File: 1619676741186.jpg ( 2.8 MB , 1920x2841 , 1619663823526.jpg )


There are people out there who want to corrupt the succubus tradwife.
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Who's this semen demon on my /overboard/?


>calling Pathfinder a gacha
What the fuck


1. I've never played it
2. I was just reading to the guy's name and quads.

File: 1608528362299.jpg ( 1.02 MB , 2400x1350 , 21794-official-wow-classic….jpg )


shadow of the necropolis edition
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Slower, more deliberate gameplay isn't "shitty gameplay". The gameplay you're talking about is more suited for the singleplayer experience or the multiplayer "set match" experience. Twitchy, fast paced combat isn't suitable for the MMORPG experience, where this type of gameplay conflicts with the social experience which should always be put front an center. As the other poster pointed out, they were able to take down endgame bosses in the current iteration of WoW without need for communication which is a *problem* for any game calling itself "MMO".

If what you want is an adrenaline pumping, super-fast, twitchy experience, I'd never recommend Chess to you because that's not the experience you're going to get from Chess and, at the same time, even the most fast-paced MMO "action combat" system is going to be wholly inferior to singleplayer and set match multiplayer games. And you're not there for the MMO experience anyway, so why bother? Play the better game, the one that suits your tastes.


Speed chess is actually pretty dang adrenaline pumping.


Speed Chess isn't proper Chess. It's one of the many Chess variants.


Also, I don't think even Speed Chess is going to measure up very well in comparison to most physical sports when it comes to being "adrenaline pumping". So, instead of recommending Speed Chess to someone, I'd just recommend they play a sport. Speed Chess would very likely be inferior to someone looking for that kind of experience to something like soccer, football, rugby, tennis, etc.


Is the landlord bullying Leninist from /wowcg/ on /vg/ here by any chance?

File: 1618915892968.png ( 407.85 KB , 960x540 , 1586066194295.png )


>Heavy isn't actually a communist
>in lore his father was killed by the USSR and his family was sent to a gulag
This is like being told Santa isn't real as a kid.
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Yeah, they pulled a super lib move for PR, saying even Medic isn't evil enough to join the nazis.
Can't blame them, I guess.


I wouldn't blame the medic for flipping nazis off but not making the heavy a commie was a dick move considering how he has a ton of soviet themed cosmetics.


>in lore his father was killed by the USSR and his family was sent to a gulag
There's plenty of people that stayed/became communists despite their family going to prison.


despite that communist heavies are a popular meme
the hammer and sickle pootis heavies transcend lore


Just because you've gotten shit in the USSR doesn't mean you're a not-communist. Think about Valery Sablin, Trotsky, among others. Life is complicated.


File: 1608527534893-0.png ( 402.44 KB , 512x512 , thumbnail.png )

File: 1608527534893-1.jpg ( 74.74 KB , 268x268 , KR.jpg )

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Since /v/ is now open, I guess it is time to relocate here from /hobby/.
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and for some reason mod fascist parties follow an ideology called "third positionism". the ideology names and descriptions in this mod are very confusing in general


The real dude was pretty anti-semitic, but no the Korean thing is made up


File: 1623777814144-0.png ( 5.74 MB , 3120x4200 , posada.png )

File: 1623777814144-1.png ( 89.01 KB , 820x520 , posadaflag.png )

File: 1623777814144-2.png ( 1.22 MB , 1290x875 , posadatree.PNG )

File: 1623777814144-3.png ( 241.94 KB , 535x533 , dialectics.PNG )

EAW's Zebrica update will have Hippogriff Posadism.


File: 1624123144379.pdf ( 80.76 KB , 67x118 , TNO_L-NPP_Leak.pdf )

Talking about TNO I found a supposed leak detailing the L-NPP paths, despite the lib bias of the devs Gus still seems pretty based. Plus it also has the 1976 and 1980 L-NPP candidates.

>At this stage, mass prosecution of the upper class will begin, now that the courts are sufficiently saturated with L-NPP appointees. Hall’s FBI director will have assembled lists and evidence on the illicit gains of the American wealthy, and, starting all at once, mass arrests will be carried out of the most unsavory individuals. This is a crisis as well, as this upheaval causes capital flight from the United States,which Hall can react to in a variety of ways - including shooting down private planes.

Yeah I'm thinking he's based

<The 1976 Election - Bill Epton/Abbie Hoffman

<Head of Government - ​Abbie Hoffman
<Foreign Minister - ​Noam Chomsky
<Economy Minister - ​Fred Hampton
<Security Minister -​ Philip Agee

Noam Chomsky and Fred Hampton being in the same cabinet is very funny to me


Is there anywhere I can read or watch the tno drama stuff, all i see are nazis calling pink panzer a leftie woke snowflake and other people calling pink panzer a nazi

File: 1619500792362.jpeg ( 103.43 KB , 1079x672 , james bond burger.jpeg )




Now that's an old maymay. Did the devs stumble on knowyourmeme?


Pretty sure it's edited
But a few days ago the original picture was posted on /b/ so I guess someone on the site stumbled upon KYM after all


Moved to >>>/b/34377.

File: 1619273259917.jpg ( 209.71 KB , 800x579 , Soldiers_the_Brandenburger….jpg )


are there any games that take place during the Spartacist uprising?




Do we need any?


what does this mean


Not set during the uprising, but there is gonna be a new HoIV mod coming out where the uprising succeeded.


No we don't fucker

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