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What do you make of it? Do you always go with the presets or do you spend your Time in game to get the best Combinations possible.
I mean for games like RDR2, GTA, Ghost of Tsushima, etc.


I always go for the closest to my ideal, so character customization turns out to be very time-consuming for me, and most of the time it's not worth it because how my character looks is not important or relevant to the rest of the game.


Same, my perfectionism fucks me over


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They are extremely overrated. Its funny when games adverise about "10 billion unique configurations" or something, but in the end it just means that 90% of those will just be el creatura de americano abominations. Most of the time when I am faced with these choices I either recreate one of my OCs that I just use for moat games or go for the Lenin / Lambert from Witcher look if all the short hair options are shit. Also, being a long time WoW player really makes you apreciate limited customization. I honestly think one of the main reasons why WoW ages so well while its "killers" now look dogshit is because of how much restraint Blizzard uses when it comes to dynamic models. Sure, everything is made from the same 20 skeletons and there isn't any mesh variety, but this gives consistency that keeps the artstyle together. Also being around WoW makes you understand that the consooomer base for the cuatomization fanatics are the special snowflake deviant art OC autists who want all their characters to look like picrel.


Don't play WoW, because I want to have Sex, but damn you hit it on the Nail


I'm mostly ambivalent about it. Just another degree of "fluff" that inflates development costs but adds absolutely nothing to the game itself.




✔️ I hope we learned something


this. gets in the way of gameplay most of the time and the choices it gives you most of the time don’t actually matter.
it’s way more engaging to switch between TF2 characters with their own stories and personalities than to play as some Cartesian cogito NPC with average body proportions with weird colored hair and skin.


If it's well executed it can be fun. It's like a toy by itself to fuck around with, and the ones that give you good options let you do some funny shit like imitating other characters or real people.

The main issue I have with them is that 99% of the time they are purely cosmetic and none of the options affect gameplay at all. Body weight sliders could at least give you a tradeoff between strength and speed or something (or change to reflect your stats instead of being directly customizable). Someone who knows how to handle learning AI and simulation physics could probably make a neat fighting game where you make custom characters and it uses physics to simulate the fighting moves, and it's basically a competition to see who can design the best fighter.


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>First person game
>has character customization
Literally why? Oh look how cool The arms and shoes of my character look! -no one ever


sh-shut up, there was a couple mirrors in cyberpunk


It's pretty useless and designed to be extra time consuming and triggering peoples desire for perfectionism when the only options for customization are either behind a paywall or so ridicilously ugly that players are just spending time in the wardrobe. I really appreciate a limited wardrobe and a couple of decent presets that represent the fashion sense people had in a historical setting and not some deviant art crap that gets posted on Reddit like >>8009 has pointed out. Or as >>8642 said, switching between characters with their own destinct look and personality and not some wannabe random npc


you can at least see that customizable dick in first person right?


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Damn, I'm lookin good.


Hello, 911 Emergency? There's a handsome guy in my bathroom!


Yeah I suppose you can, but so disappointing. When I heard that Cyberpunk had customisable genitals, I was hoping you could get a monster cyber dragon cock or something or a tentacle. What a let down.


i hate it. if the game doesn't give me a choice i don't worry about it and just focus on gameplay. if the game does give me a choice i become irritated that none of the choices are what i want. it's better to have no customization than limited customization, which all customization necessarily is.

but what i really hate is the western rpg skill tree nonsense. they all use the same three categories: defense, offense, and stealth/support, depending on whether the game is single or multiplayer. nine out of ten skills are utterly useless but you need at least five points per rank to unlock the next rank which has the skill you actually want. ninety percent of skill points are wasted and every character build ends up exactly the same in the end anyway. it's a completely uninspired boring system and yet every game made in the last decade insists on using it to the point that they're now cramming it into action games and watering down many popular rpg series with it.


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i like to spend time messing about in character customization, i try and stay lore-friendly

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