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Okay, come on, I know I'm not the only one that's started playing it, what do we all think?No spoilers please, or put them in tags, cause it only just came out.


tbh it looks pretty lame, epic rick and morty humor and every other character looks like a lesbian sjw college student


I'm enjoying it, but it isn't much of an RPG for something made by Obsidian. They basically looked at what Bethesda was trying(and failing) to do with Fallout and actually made something good. I'd have rather they made an actual RPG, but this is fine. I'm was planning to replay Daggerfall sometime soon so at least I won't be burned out on RPGs.>>2215>epic rick and morty humorI don't know what that even means.>every other character looks like a lesbian sjw college studentSounds like an epic gaymergay complaint.


File: 1608527793457.png ( 129.71 KB , 216x390 , serveimage.png )



Haven't played it yet but from gameplay I've seen recently it looks pretty good, not as open ended as I would have liked how smoothly it runs is quite welcome considering how past Obsidian games have run, even their own homebrewed ones like that cancelled Aliens game and Alpha Protocol. Also I keep hearing shit about the "lol random" humor and it being compared to Rick and Morty which as someone who knew Obsidian back when they were Black Isle Studios confuses the fuck out of me, they've been known for this sort of humor since the '90s for fucks sake, it's not their fault that a dumb TV show stole it and made it unpopular today, in fact I'd rather have it like this instead of them avoiding it in order to pander to a wider audience and not offend anyone.


Doesn't come on Steam till 2020 :/


>>2219Just pirate it lmao. Or if for some WEIRD reason you wanna buy it legally but don't wanna suck Tim Sweeney's moldy cock it's also available through the Windows store. *wheezes* Who the fuck ever uses the Windows store? Still better than the [i]Epic[/i] "Competition is good" Launcher though so that's probably your best bet.or just pirate.


>>2220got any link?


>>2220Is it an indie game? If not i might pirate it to play if i am free.


>>2221If you don't mind the repack unpacking, FitGirl. If you care about that, go to https://cs.rin.ru/forum/ and search around


>>2222Not really? It's made by Obsidian who've made big budget titles before like KotoR 2 and NV, but got screwed on both of them(KotoR cause of EA, and NV because Bethesda made them do the whole game in 18 months, made them use a shitty engine, and didn't give them the payout because they didn't get an 85 on Metacritic[they got an 84] which was mostly due to the bugs from the shitty engine and rushed production) and almost went bankrupt in 2014 but is back now with a partnership with Microsoft, BUT it also got fucked again because its publisher made an Epic exclusivity deal without Obsidian's approval. So while not indie and it is made by big publishers I'd be actually OK with paying for it just cause I feel bad for Obsidian but also I don't want my money going to Microsoft so pirating's good too. Swing either way in this very odd case.


>>2218exactly, if anything Obsidian/Black Isle takes themselves much less seriously


File: 1608527794288.jpg ( 85.13 KB , 554x554 , no ethical.jpg )



>>2226Eating the rich would be ethical consumption.


File: 1608527794488.jpg ( 83.78 KB , 645x773 , 8855f9a3266d1f17b17cfd5122….jpg )

>>2214Just put it into my Tixati downloads. I'll give my impressions on it once it's done installing and I can try it out. Jim "Fucking" Sterlingson's video on it gave me a somewhat good idea on what to expect so I certainly have high hopes that it will at least be as good as New Vegas if not better.


For everyone that doesn't want to pay to be spied on through the epic launcher. It has a torrent link as well as direct download links.www.skidrowcodex.net/the-outer-worlds-codex/


>>2229Make sure you are using an ad blocker. Some of these sites have malicious ads that inject malware.


File: 1608527794854.jpg ( 11.01 KB , 475x263 , d36.jpg )

Update:Having spent all of sunday, between doing laundry, playing as soon as it got done installing I can safely conclude that its a decent game. It has great gameplay and allows for quite a bit of roleplaying in terms of dialogue. In addition it has some pretty on-the-nose anti-capitalist rhetoric in the form of in-your-face corporate propaganda ads that are plastered everywhere in the "authorized" corporate settlements, all the newspeak and clear indoctrination that's been done to the settlers so that they don't question their shitty conditions and blatantly grim shit like you and your family paying rent for your own graves after you collapse from overworking in your shitty factory job and suicide being outlawed because everyone in the settlement is considered company property and thus everyone gets collectively punished by pay-docking if someone dies intentionally and thus allows the company's property to get damaged. Only really disappointed that a qt like Parvati is not romancable tbh since she's apparently a lesbian stricken by a fellow engineer onboard the Groundbreaker. Being a friend and helping her get over her insecurities and confess her feelings to her crush was honestly pretty heartwarming though so I can easily overlook it. Actually now that I think about it most of the game so far has been me just playing cupid for other people instead of getting any action myself.TL;DR Obsidian blew it out of the park again and are based af.


>>2231is the writing any good? since the writing team behind NV left I had worried that they'd drop pretty hard on that department.


File: 1608527795081.png ( 462.11 KB , 1081x611 , Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at ….png )

>>2226>no ethical consumption under capitalism their is an exception


File: 1608527795254.jpg ( 946.43 KB , 3840x2160 , IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64….jpg )

Just beat it, the writers are fucking liberals


>>2234Actually, that sounds quite materialistic. People don't just awake to their material situations.It's a hard, brutal and painstakingly long process


>>2234Is the ending like 'oh there is no alternative? :('>>2235How hard can it be?


>>2236The only anticapitalist faction in the game is anarchists, and they're incredibly retarded, living in the wilderness instead of organizing workers, selling people spiritualism woo as a solution.The least retarded way for them to develop I found is to join hands with reformist porky that allows unions.Maybe there's a better ending and I missed it.Only character in the game talking about seizing the means turns out to be glow in the dark>>2235The game's setting is robber baron wageslave hellscape, it needed a revolution really fucking bad.


>>2237Well the game's very anti-capitalistic and is more tongue-in-cheek about the current state of the gaming industry/economy in general without really offering a solution as that's for the player to decide instead of being spoon fed what is right and what is wrong. Again that's sorta Obsidian's thing, their satire's just that; satire it doesn't have the solution on a silver platter(as much as we know the answer) and more just goes "this is a problem" and leaves it at that.


>>2238I'd like an option to decide that in the game.


>>2239the game would most likely be immediately banned in the US then [i]not that that's a downside[/i]


>>2218zoomers dont member the 90's anon


>>2218>Also I keep hearing shit about the "lol random" humor and it being compared to Rick and MortyThere's no "lol random" humor, all of the humor is just contemporary capitalism taken to its logical extreme.The only people who may think any of it is random are NEETs


Very disappointing. Not bad necessarily. It's, for lack of a better term, pretty "soy." Almost every character is quippy/clever/quirky, no one is particularly tough or hardscrabble even though the setting is very brutal. Like this character Felix who grew up in a giant space stations underclass drug addict ghetto controlled by Mad Max type gangsters seems like his doesnt have a single hair on his balls, is just this peppy spry fuccboi version of Han Solo. The setting is cool stylistically, with the junk spacer Alien/Firefly aesthetic pairing with old space opera 50s serial comics and science-fantasy stuff like that. But on the micro level the setting is never very engaging or interesting, there's some neat ideas scattered around, but more than anything it's an overload of slogan jokes and the devs beating you over the head with how bad and heartless the corporations are and how soulless consumerism is. This sounds good for commies but it's done in a pretty shallow way, just empty slogans and billboards and whatnot, very outdated or at least well trodded idea of what capitalist alienation feels like. That in itself isn't so bad but everything else just compounds it. Also so far the only solutions presented have been hippies and some kind of ethical sovereign markets or something. The dialogue is pretty good, as Obsidian's usually is, but almost all of the characters are (imo at least) pretty uninteresting. I like Parvati tho tbh, her backstory and characterization is all very nice. It's a shame her companion quest is literally walking her thru texting her asexual lesbian crush. 6/10 for me so far, idk if ill finish it I'll probably have to hear about something improving during the game to continue. It really isn't THAT bad, but between the background noise soy cringe throughout and my massive disappointment considering New Vegas is my GOAT vidya, it's hard to not be bitter.


>>2243Didnt read the thread before posting this and I'm honestly surprised you guys like it so much. The story and characters really are just not doing much for me at all. To me it feels like it's all the well intentioned and passionate but overall shoddy and unbalanced work of some very typical art/theater/writing department college kids.


>>2244Did you play Fallout 4 by mistake or something?


>>2245>Fallout 4>well intentioned and passionateFallout 4 is complete shit I would make no apologies for B*Thesda garbage.


>>2246I dunno, the way you just gave it a 6/10 and has shit story, that sounds a lot like Fallout 4.


>>2247Fallout 4 is like a 4/10


>>2248>Fallout 4, a shitty half-baked piece of shit that tries to appeal to CoD fanbois by having some semi-decent shooting mechanics, next to no story so it doesn't confuse them, and arbitrary mechanics that don't work and the game doesn't work half the time&lt4/10>Outer Worlds, a fully developed game with no bugs/crashes, focused on story and narrative with good gameplay and mechanics just being bonuses, and it doesn't constantly ask you to pay for mods&lt6/10You see why I'm thinking you might have clicked on the wrong game?


>>2249Relax nerd


It's a fantastic *game* so far. The shooting and RPG elements all work great, it really follows the legacy of New Vegas.But the story is fucking weak and shallow so far. There's really no political conflict, there are no real revolutionaries besides some cult, there arn't really any actual class politics. The devs did not bother to try to understand anarchism or socialism or ANY leftist thought. Shit, most of the time it forgets to give you any dialogue options other than fucking corporate bootlicking.


>>2249I mean ratings are pretty arbitrary by nature but yeah that sounds fair to me considering my complaints about OW. 6/10 is still above average. I just dont love the game there's much better vidya around. Recently been playing Mordhau, Rising Storm 2, and Fallout 2.


File: 1608527797705.jpg ( 22.21 KB , 513x448 , ahnucheekibreeki.jpg )

>>2232Depends on what you think is good writing I suppose, there weren't any massive plot holes that I could find and the pacing has been pretty decent so far but I haven't finished the game yet so I can't exactly say much. The characters are pretty relatable although Felix does get kinda annoying with his idealistic and sorta naïve outlook on how we should go about overthrowing the corporate authority that overrules the system we're all stuck in.Hopefully we can get more out of the game in terms of content, and well… everything else, when they (eventually) release mod tools for it. I want my tacticool modern weapon and gear mods for O P E R A T I N G goddamnit.


When's the sawyer mod out?


Starting off with the positives is that Obsidian once again shows they know how to write. Characters and sidequests felt pretty fleshed out for the most part. I do kinda feel like that they put most of the work on the companions towards pavrati though. Dummies complaining about muh lesbian forgot there were queer characters in new vegas too (Arcade Gannon in the base game was gay and Christine in the DLC was a Lesbian) and are probably ex gamergaters still needing to learn to be less of a twat. Same with people complaining about random humor because as people said at the end of the day its more statements about how further late stage capitalist this shit colony is. But yeah the writing and story carries the game for me. With how liberal the story is in its ending I kinda expect that from a game not developed by a small indie team tbh. Also this game barely has glitches so thats a big plus too.The biggest complaint I have tho is the combat. Its serviceable but like the way the game goes about difficulty is by making enemies tankier and deal more health to you and the gunplay isnt special.


>>2214Seems generic as hell and totally lacking in subtlety, with boring gameplay.


>>2252>6/10 is still above average6/10 in videogame terms means like 2/10 in movie termsAnyway, just finished it, will give my thought later.


>>2257I'd say the writing is better than most films. The gameplay is meh though.


>>2231>Only really disappointed that a qt like Parvati is not romancable tbh since she's apparently a lesbian stricken by a fellow engineer onboard the Groundbreaker. Being a friend and helping her get over her insecurities and confess her feelings to her crush was honestly pretty heartwarming though so I can easily overlook it."Fuck your companions of choice" streak is really fucking shallow and disgusting in most RPGs, included to pleased some thirsty infantiles. I'm usually not a fan and guarded against anything LGBT in media, but Parvati storyline really did please me.


>>2251> There's really no political conflict, there are no real revolutionaries besides some cult, there arn't really any actual class politics. The devs did not bother to try to understand anarchism or socialism or ANY leftist thought. Shit, most of the time it forgets to give you any dialogue options other than fucking corporate bootlicking.Chill dude. You don't make a game to "awaken the masses", because then you simply fail at both that and making a game. (Unless you specifically sell out to your political overlords of course - but - you still fail the game just not financially)If anything, the light and non-enforcing tone of presenting the conflict in that world would convince more people to look differently on their own, as opposed to violently enforcing beliefs that they do not hold.


>>2255> Its serviceable but like the way the game goes about difficulty is by making enemies tankier and deal more health to you and the gunplay isnt special.The combat was easy-peasy in all Fallout games. As soon as you figured out the mechanics of the weapons, and enemies defences and attacks. The gameplay and gratification of it is in the process of figuring it out and trying new combinations, not 360 no-scoping.


File: 1608527798519.jpg ( 17.48 KB , 670x320 , 1471961279551.jpg )

>>2257Okay, so my thoughts in general are that it's not a 9/10 or a 9.5/10 as some publications have sucked it off to be, it's a decently fun entry in the genre, but it's not revolutionary in any way. Everything it does can be clearly traced back to either Mass Effect, New Vegas, or Borderlands, from the gameplay to the narrative to the aesthetics. The story is obviously anti-capitalist, but in such a cartoony and silly way that I don't think the message will really hit home with most players. I think most people will just see it as a silly Fallout-style world and not understand what the core message is supposed to be. And, yes, Phineas is a very cliched character and instantly reminiscent of Rick in a bad way.The characters in general felt a bit stale to me, it didn't seem like the companions in particular really had any motivation to come along on your quest and that they should have done more work there. Ellie, Felix, and Nyoka in particular felt very underdeveloped.Another big problem for me was the combat - it starts fairly hard (on Hard) but then gets way way too easy very quickly. The only point in the game that the difficulty felt right for me was when trekking from Cascadia to Stellar Bay instead of buying the Navkey, and you're not even supposed to really do that. The only reason that was tricky was because of being underleveled. Overall, the game spent too long on Monarch in my opinion and that whole planet should have been trimmed down a bit to create another smaller settlement like Edgewater.The story was okay, but it often felt like you were just following directions and had no real choice in anything - except for the central choice to work with Phineas or to turn him in, which, why would you turn him in? Surely there could be some third option kind of like 'Yes Man' which is more independent of the two sides.Also, the ending boss fight was just laughable, I honestly laughed out loud looking down at Tartarus and seeing the dumb little SAM-sized robot that looked like the ones I'd been fighting all game - and then to make it annoying they just gave it a bunch of health.Anyway, overall, I'm glad I played it and it was fairly enjoyable, but at the same time, it didn't really live up to my honestly quite meager expectations that it would give Bethesda something to worry about, I think it's too insubstantial to really do that.A decent 8/10 (in videogame terms), in normal terms, 6-7/10.


>>2237That's kinda bullshit considering in Fallout New Vegas you can join the hyper reactionary slave owning Roman larpers. But in the Outer Worlds they won't let you play a space Bolshevik?


>>2263Well, it's left very vague how society looks after the Phineas ending, certainly it's a lot more left wing, you can interpret that as you will (much like Yes Man ending)


so, what's the most based faction?
I really liked the iconoclast, especially when you can help zora take over, they also have the coolest outfits in the game but don't know much about their politics.


Zora seemed like a bit too much of an opportunist to me, but tbh I did the compromise ending cause I hate needless violence deep down


So it has been a bit since I played the game.
and honestly, I’m really fucking struggling to even remember it or what the plot was. What a fucking forgettable letdown.


>Zora seemed like a bit too much of an opportunist to me
how? she was literally considered the best choice in the whole planet. With her even being recommended In some corporate reviews on a terminal some where. I thought everything she did seemed just.


Anon, if I may correct you, “UNCHECKED capitalism”. Why do people not see see a capitalist future but one that seeks wealth through material and immaterial means. Peak efficiency is when all the cogs work in tandem, oiled and tightened.


I hate when people portray anarchists as irrational. Primitivists did for anarchism what Stalin did for communism (and arguably Lenin) As if the ssshmed nature chaos is the and not a death of hierarchy.
>t. cunning linguist


Anyone got suggestions for where to get a torrent/crack for the game? I'm shit at going down Russian rabbit hole sites.


Just wait for sales on the Epic Games store.


that monarch mercenary constantly complaining about anarchism was a bitch too


Reminds me of a more lazy Subnautica TBH


Am I the only one reminded of Subnautica by this game?


redditspacing off the charts


…how in any way?


The whole 'explore a creative alien environment in semi-first person' aesthetic


Is Outer Worlds pro or anti-capitalist in terms of ideological themes, or does it not involve those at all?




It is anti-capitalist in a lazy mainstream way but hardly class conscious.


Can someone post some vidya clips of this game? The trailers remind me of Subnautica and it looks exciting.


Its just Fallout New Vegas in space.
The similarly named Outer Wilds is closer to subnautica.


>TL;DR: No Man's Sky done better
But unironically how good is No Man's Sky right now given the numerous repairs Hello Games has done?


Never even heard of Outer Wilds TBH


Fallout New Vegas in space with worse quests, worse plot and worse characters.


Outer WIlds is brilliant, much more interesting than this game.


this man speaks truth


It's basically this. I still enjoyed the game, but I was underwhelmed given the people that worked on it.


I'm the guy who made that post and to be fair according to the devs the game barely had any budget. It was more of a passion project than anything else.


I've been trying to complete this game since it released and I can rarely bring myself to play it, and when it I do it's rarely for more than a half hour. The humor is just so fucking grating. Nothing is ever taken seriously. Futurama and Rick & Morty are an enjoyable format for &lt30min segments. Not for hours of open world gameplay wherein every character is the butt of some joke.

I really want to enjoy it, I also really want to finish the main story, but I just want the jokes to fucking stop.


I think this is a big problem with modern writing, the constant dumb jokes and nothing ever being taken seriously. There's moments for humour and moments for seriousness but these people can never take it seriously. I mean soldiers like to have fun and goof off and shit when they're just waiting around but when they're in actual combat? No, they get serious and cold-blooded and shit.


I like the game so far, am doing a sneak and long rifle lone wolf build, in typical fallout fashion.
the dlc looks cool too

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