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Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!


Is it even possible to play as a commie without getting deposed/killed in this?


Yes but you either have to be pro-militarist and purge the oligarchs, or you have to go full dictator and purge the military. Basically, You either have to go Leninist or get Allende'd. 10/10 great cold war game.


So you have to use the emergency measures bill and fuck up the constitution? That sucks


Ironically, you can work with the Sollists and Nationalists to get a more auth constitution passed if you threaten/bribe the reformists in the USP.
Also tbf I did an Allende run and I wasn't coup'd: I was just removed for sponsoring the communists illegally. So it might be possible if you defund the military but pick Iosef's side in every other choice.


My fool-proof guide how to do a successful Allende run:
>Propose a moderate constitution. Limit your power, reduce term limits, reduce % barrier as much as you can, don't trigger the Sollists with the immunity for justices and ex-Presidents (perhaps you can put these in the draft and then bargain for lower % barrier, needs testing)
>Downplay your power levels when convincing the liberal justice later on and say you are changing the constitution in order to make it more democratic
>Don't rock the party boat past the boat and focus on fixing the economy
>Minister of Interior will try to coup you, but if you do this right then the party will crushingly vote her down
>Make a deal with Marcel Koronti
>Use all investment options that are presented to you
>Don't be afraid of a deficit, as negative income doesn't seem to do anything
>Fund Healthcare and Education. I think you can fund other 2 as well, since as I said, deficit does nothing, but its optional. But perhaps boos military to be safe.
>Give money to your cab driver so he could pay for his kids education. You do this because you are a nice person AND NOT BECAUSE OF ANY OTHER REASON
>To afford the last point, only invest 1 personal wealth at the start of the game, as you won't be able to afford it.
>Trade with Wiktor, that small nation Hegel attacks and Hegel. Ally with the later but stop at that point and don't join the Warsaw Pact. Naval docking rights are ok
>Nationalize the industrialist porky, leave Marcel alone
>Don't abolish conscription
>Pretty sure you can steal the Gendarmerie from Josef and give it to Interior and he doesn't mind enough to coup you
>Play hardball with the Monarchist fag. She will attack you just before the end game. Call in Hegel as an ally and let Josef btfo her even with your shitty army.
>Do whatever with other options. I picked the most socialist / liberal ones and it worked out fine
Important note. This was done on the earliest version of the game, so it might be different now, but I'd guess main points remain the same. Also I think if you get the assassination attempt during the parade, that might mean you are fucked, as I seem to recall that not triggering in my victory run and it going smoothly.


Surely if it's an Allende run, you are meant to get coup'd?


Deficit does matter: if you got below -3 before turn V you will cause a financial crisis that will tank your economic level. If you go too low before turn 9 (i think it varies depending on your economy) then you will get a debt crisis (which isn't as bad but still).




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I got Allende'd but I almost succeeded in my pacifist socialist run. I was assassinated during the re-election campaign that I was going to win and it turns out that even that could have been prevented since if you have 1 Personal Wealth on hand during a specific segment you can offer to fund your driver's kids to university and he gives you a good luck charm that changes the game trigger to save you from the assassination.This is so bizarrely unintuitive that I'm wondering why the devs even included that event path into the game but w/e.

IMO the 1988 Hidden Agenda game is much more realistic and difficult. I also heard that the Suzerain devs are neoliberal morons and that they recently updated the game to be more punishing on debt and running budget deficits which is so retarded that I suspect that the game's developers are majority German austerity hawks who all have pictures of Merkel framed on their desk tables.


The devs are mostly turks lol.


I don't like Erdogan but I respect that he recently refused an IMF structural adjustment programme even though everyone was screaming at him to go for it.


>Make a deal with Marcel Koronti
I ended up getting the deal leaked. I guess it's because I created a media oversight committee or something…


I mean yeah that's probably a bad idea if you agreed to be corrupt on behalf of a media tycoon. Though this game is an accurate simulation of why politicians are how they are, they can't make any good anti-corruption measures because they'll get caught by them


So if you ally with Hegel but don't join the not-Warsaw pact you won't get couped? It seems Iosef gets pissed off at you only if you join it.
Another question regarding the budget: is there any reason not to give money to healthcare and law enforcement?
I think education makes liberals like you more, but you need healthcare to stop the polio. If you do the right moves with the military it seems don't need to increase their budget, but you need law enforcement to create the anti corruption police.


> is there any reason not to give money to healthcare
Nah spending on healthcare saves you money later (as you need to vaccinate people for polio), and if you privatise you get that money back.
>and law enforcement?
No unless you are doing an anarchist run. Tho if you are keeping all the factions friendly it may be an idea not to target anyone using the anti corruption or secret polices.
Also if you don't fund the police, Linias is more likely to challenge you to the USP leadership.
Only real reason not to is making sure you don't get a financial crash and/or a debt crisis.


damn this games actually great. doing a blind first run so not reading the other replies but wish me luck i think im almost do e


i lost reelection very badly, Lileas defected from my cabinet and took over the party, Lucian betrayed me to join her, i had the Sordish Great Depression

but i retired peacefully and wrote an autobiography, my wife remained in politics, and my son was educated in United Cortana

i wish i knew whether or not your changes get repealed if you lose, i made good advances in healthcare, military modernization, education, and infrastructure, but i didnt know that you could/should run a deficit until like halfway through the playthrough so i initially only invested in healthcare and the military

just how different is the game depending on your choices? is it worth doing other playthroughs?


>just how different is the game depending on your choices? is it worth doing other playthroughs?
Considering you are still alive, very very different.


The game differs a lot depending on your choices.
BTW, a bit of deficit is good (-1/-2) but more than that and your economy is fucked.


Is there any disadvantage to choosing the wealthy background at the start so you get more personal wealth?


None I think, it changes some dialogues like every other family background.


Apparently now it gives you some electoral negatives.


I think if you buy 3 shares at the beginning of the game, a trade war between ATO and CSP will fuck you up.


Ah I wondered if there would be some drawback there.


I haven't played Suzerain yet. But I can bet that if someone puts a good game like Collapse but with a better IU like Suzerain looks to me, or Rogue State in that way it will get a good amount of traction.
Or what do you think? What should be necessary to do a masterpiece of this genre?


I am a big fan of Kremlingames despite their flaws but Suzerain is far and away much better. Biggest issue with it rn is that replayability is limited by not having any intuitive way to skip through dialogue youve seen before.


Rogue State is shit tbh. There's literally no reason to play it more than once.


It's not amazing but it's more legible than a Kremlingame TBH. Also like I said last time the theme is fire



>So if you ally with Hegel but don't join the not-Warsaw pact you won't get couped? It seems Iosef gets pissed off at you only if you join it.
Iosef is to busy fighting the war, and he likes you for letting him have a nice war. No matter what you do, there will be no coup if there is war (which is almost inevitable if you're non-aligned)


yeah but after one playthrough, you've seen it all. Like the pandemic always strikes at that first point of the game, which just railroads your development. it's pointless, the only difference is slightly different starting parameters.
Whereas Suzerain you can be everything from Thatcher to Peron to Charles De Gaulle or worse.


You don't always get the pandemic, there's like 4 different national crises IIRC, one of them is international economic crash and I forget the other two


Suzerain is also highly constrained. For instance your son is always a retard who flunks out of school no matter how you treat him, your daughter is always supportive and kind, your wife is always a shrieking feminist harpy who will literally divorce you if you don't bend over backwards for her pet initiatives (it never happened to me because the subtext was obvious and I was in favour anyways but I saw people complaining and they made me realize how retarded it was for the devs to automatically assume your wife was super feminist even if you play as a hardcore nationalist who supported the Young Sords in the prologue) and your cabinet is composed of some of the most braindead sleazy neoliberals ever besides the education minister (the only bearable minister besides Nia) who is obviously a communist hiding in plain sight, and the Sollists who stopped caring about principles years ago besides defending the public sector, and who happen to be too busy playing ridiculously convoluted and Machiavellian power games to retain control and stomp out democratic reform to have much input.

None of your choices even matter in Suzerain because you're railroaded along into so many forced outcomes and events.

What Suzerain excels at is
A) Mostly ok writing
B) Good universe and character building - almost everyone feels like they could be real
C) Presentation - ex. Sound, Music, and UI design

But in terms of actual real choices it's a joke. Outside of the Constitutional Reform package I felt like nothing was ever particularly impactful and doing the Constitution Reform on a second try made me realize that it too was highly railroaded (for instance initial reports on votes in favour will always imply you are not going to pass it even when you already have a resounding majority in favour). Likewise for the Supreme Court vote Nia will always contact her favorite judge who will interrogate you on checks and balances. Your best friend will always be an asshole that cheats on his wife. Your secretary will always be a foreign spy.


Yeah but the stuff that is consistent are the personal interactions, as opposed to the course of the game. Even passing a broadly reformist constitution can be wildly different on every run.
Also iirc they are changing stuff about your wife, in part because of complaints. I get what they were doing: She's Evita Perón, but yeah she did divorce me on my Hitler run and like, dude, you married Hitler.


But yeah I mostly agree, a lot of the stuff is railroaded (the personal character development) but the direction and mechanics of how a government can go. Like the difference between a mild sollist and a socdem reformist government are p big, let alone going full Neo-Sollist.


Any other games generally like this besides Kremlingames? I like the feeling of actually interacting with your cabinet as a character and branching impactful choices but there's only so many times I'm willing to click through the same dialogue to see if I can get a different outcome.


Just played a


Well shit, sorry for doubleposting but I hit New Reply on accident because I'm a retard.

Just played about 6-7 straight hours and was really engrossed! I do feel that maybe the Ironman schtick is a bit too harsh as I went to war with Rumburg too early without having sufficiently beefed up my military or developed alliances with ATO/CSP and having to start all over again is a bit of a bummer.

The game really does present you with some interesting choices though, without too much of a bias. I am a bit disappointed that apparently spiralling debt isn't too much of a problem as it was a huge factor in how I ran my game and by far what I thought about the most (maybe part of the reason I lost). I did reduce maternal deaths by 86% though :)


Hidden Agenda is the grandaddy of all of these: but it's a bitch to work.


Debt is a problem if you have a weak economy, and it causes a public opinion malus.


Is the negative influence on public opinion offset by the positive effects of what your money is going towards? I've heard "relieved welfare" which is the passive effect of well-funded education + healthcare does wonders for your popularity. I've heard a lot of disagreement on the numbers behind this game, though, as it seems purposefully scarce with showing them.


I don't know (or I can't remember) if the other two are the coup by your brother, the terrorist outbrake and the wars.
Fucking wars, always destroying my hardearned infraestructure


Yeah I mean if the economy is doing well people don't care about the deficit.


The coup by your brother always happens I am p sure, at the end of the game (I beat it first time by just being popular as fuck so the public let me pull a Chavez).


That's right, your brother always tries to coup you at the end, unless you really fuck up and make the army hate you which makes him coup you earlier (and is harder to succeed in) And wars aren't counted as a national crisis, they just happen very occasionally if you have belligerent neighbours.


…you have a brother?


We're talking about Rogue State here not Suzerain, sorry lol.


>You don't always get the pandemic, there's like 4 different national crises IIRC, one of them is international economic crash and I forget the other two
Black Tuesday/2nd Great depression - big debt
Pandemic - always happens, does nothing with good healthcare
War - happens if you don't join a superpower pact or don't bend over backwards to Rumburg
Military Coup - happens if there is no war, you deviate too far from Sollism and don't go Stalin on the Old Guard.
Capital flight/Oligarch flight - happens if you're Socialist, and don't arrest with a buffed up internal security, or manipulate the Bilderberg Club. Also assassination attempt - not technically a crisis.


Bruh we still weren't talking about Suzerain


this is just a glorified visual novel


Hey it has stats and charts and everything. But yes it is a narrative based game sure.


the autosaving mechanic stopped being cool after the first playthrough and too many aspects of the story are static and never change accordingly with your choices. but still i would be lying if i said i didn't have a good time. also got pretty bummed when the game actually ended right before the second term


It's called adventure game.


Yeah, it's pretty dumb. You just have to back up your saves manually


File: 1617416460170.mp4 ( 8.25 MB , 640x360 , basenji.mp4 )

Look like Rogue State now has a remaster


I don't recommend it yet TBH, it's buggy and overlong, very repetitive. The corruption mechanic and infinitely respawning BLF camps are awful and force you to track units around the map every turn even when you just wanna skip ahead.


Anyone play the game recently with all the updates?


Haven't really touched it since I went crazy on it for a few days after I first got it. I'm still planning on doing more playthroughs, but it strikes me as the kind of game that needs a bit of time inbetween runs because of all the stuff that stays identical throughout every playthrough. Got sort of tedious to me especially after failing key moments like the new constitution vote.

What'd they change, though?


when i think of adventure games, i think about something like zelda, and not a game whose gameplay consists of reading text and clicking to advance to the next text


Zelda is an action/adventure game
The first adventure games were text-based



Well besides bug fixes and wierd text corrections, they made constitutional reform a bit harder and they made it so that there are more good and bad synergies between choices that help with economic recover (eg. Now investing into both healthcare and education gives a slight boost to economy, afaik)

They also added endgame screens with summaries and a customizable portrait.

At this point you could wait until they do a doc, but I think it's worth retrying since it's likely the last chance to beat the game before major story addons or alterations.


They made constitutional reform even harder? It already seemed impossible to pass le ebin Stalin constitution without cheating



You basically need to go 50% Stalin and focus the anti corruption or secret state police on the old guard, as well as carefully word what you say to the moderate judges.

My main want going the Stalin route is the expanded presidential decrees tbh (To purge the military & control the central bank). The rest can be negotiated.


You can, but you have to use every opportunity to swing votes.


>Control the central bank
So dumb that they don't allow you to do this on a pacifist reformist run. Central bank independence is a neolib meme that DIDN'T EVEN EXIST UNTIL FRIEDMAN THOUGHT IT UP holy shit just nuke U of Chicago nothing good ever came from that place.



Definitely agree that the intensity rating of the decrees available is not proportionate. Like desollinization and media control should be much harder to do compared to taking back central bank control for example.

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