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I'm a newbie player of creed series. I just finished AC Liberation HD & AC Brotherhood. And about to play AC IV Black Flag. I kinda interest with creed since the stories about rebellion, uprising, & well…. anything us leftists want to be. Discuss anything.

Vittoria Agli Assassini!


Played 1 and 2 but it felt like it was really going to jump the shark after that so stopped there.

>I kinda interest with creed since the stories about rebellion, uprising, & well…. anything us leftists want to be.

You shouldn't really be looking to culture industry entertainment for politics, OP. And the story in these games is about secret societies doing secret society things anyway, so it's not really relevant to class struggle politics. Marx is in one of the games, though (I forget which one).


I only played the first Assassin's creed, never really looked into it after that.


It is so surprising to me that AC series got off the ground. The first game is unironically one of the shittiest games I have ever played: bad controls, meh story, awful level design, backtracking, bad controls, hobos, drunks and mad bitches that knock you off shit, bad controls, unreasonable enemy encounters like the "boss" fight in Saladin's camp where you have to kill like 5 knights who are a bitch to kill on their on, shitty puzzle missions that waste your time and repeat by-target and did I mention bad controls?


It was still a cool concept, and the second game fixed almost all of that. The only real problem there was that they turned the climbing into "hold a couple buttons and push forward."


>Although many revolutionaries, such as Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro would later cite Marx as an influence, their fidelity to Marx's ideas is highly contested.

Is ubisoft full of anarkiddies in this essay I will…


>Is ubisoft full of Western Marxist academics / leftcoms*

Remember that Ubisoft is French, so the concentration of post-Situ and Deleuzeian schizo-Marxism is probably higher than in any other national context.
Ancoms would be deriding Marx as well as "father of authoritarianism" or some shit.


AC Unity is the most blatant propaganda about the French Revolution i have ever seen. Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r47yZIYBUzc


Yes of course comrade.
Forgive me brother anarchists.




Forget about the retard OP said in this reddit thread. Look at some based redditors comments in it.



Is it either? The impression I got was that it was demsoc, with Marx in Syndicate scolding the anarchist about how "muh revolution has to be non violent and democratic!!!", and Trotsky being portrayed as a semi-fanatic in the 2.5D game who rats out his friend because his ideas say so.


>OP: I get very frustrated with these attempts to "rehabilitate" Marx, if you will.
>Reply 1: But we're cool with Arno allying himself with Napoleon and the Marquis de Sade? And for that matter, Ezio with the Medicis, pretty ruthless in their own right.
>Reply 2: I thought that a lot of the Medici ruthlessness and slander was mostly Templar-based defamation in the AC universe?
Does this nigga understand what rehabilitation is lmao?


I'm with the Templars.


They are both shit. Assasins, when they are at their strongest, basically become lumpen mafia, like Ezios entire network. Templars at their strongest just integrate into the ruling structure of their period. Both of them are just parasytical symbiotes of the actual real world, trying to piggyback off of real historic change - Templars trying to take cuatody the Holy Land for their social engineering project, fucking around in Italy to try and influance the pope amd church, scavenging meh precursor tech, bitting each others throats in the new world for influance while the nation states fight their own independant conflicts, hell, both are basically dying powers by Unity (not to mention both are basically the same by then). Big feeling I get is that both organizations just have delusions of grandeur while fighting a useless blood feud that lasts centuries.


In one of the games I remember them talking about people living in a luxurious prison. That was my mindset as I got older watching their eternal war play out. It's a literal battle of ideology between an authoritarian peace and idealistic hope for peace that humans would eventually get to. I think the authoritarian peace is preferable, if people live in very nice prisons where they could live in their perceived traditions and fictions there's something of stability there.


No such thing as an authoritarian peace, authoritarian leaders will always put their own interests above those of the people, mankind can only be liberated by political and economic democracy


the only true based approach is to make all these secret societies face the wall


Even if you ignore the rebel aspect AC black flag is just an all around good game, also even though Unity gets a lot of hate most of the bugs are gone so you should give it a try.


File: 1621023819692.png ( 187.59 KB , 368x514 , Screenshot_167.png )

I want a AC game set in Tsarist Russia where I can run around with the bolsheviks and re-enact the Tiflis bank robbery and shit


You realise that if there was an AC game set in Tsarist Russia/civil war that the bolsheviks would be the bad guys.


It's baffling, ubisoft are beyond liberals, even liberals are supposed to support the bourgeois revolutions of france. Ubisoft are actual reactionaries.


Didn't the player save Anastasia or some bullshit like that?


Assassin's Creed Chronicles Russia
you basically run around killing bolsheviks with the tsar's daughter who escaped her family's firing squad
some real dumb libshit why would anyone expect ubisoft to be good


There you have it. I didn't even know that game existed, but I still knew it.

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