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File: 1617816455815.jpg ( 65.03 KB , 750x804 , 1616829355749.jpg )


Hi, /games/ I opened up a stream for vidya if anyone is interested.
https://tv.leftypol.org/r/chrootStream Also, there's music.


Nice gonna watch for a bit


Thanks anon. I logged off today, but, I had a shit load of fun. Will stream again as soon as possible.


great you could use the cytube if you want


I try and pay attentuion to the cytube, lol. I forget it exists some times, lol.

I think I am going to mostly be streaming every day before work from here on out. I am streaming right now if anyone wants to jump on.


Is this Lee b8?

File: 1617592263018.jpg ( 121.64 KB , 1280x720 , EyLWlaMUUAUZ6nK.jpg )


>No animal crossing thread for 10 pages
Absolutely disgusting you uncultured plebs.
Post friend codes and Island codes, or just screenshots in general.
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are ur shops open


Just fishing or hanging out or whatever.
Ye they're open but not for too much longer.


I can stay in the shop to keep it open while i'm online though.


Wow thank you. I really didn't expect a positive reply.


animal crossing won’t help you have sex. you might as well play a real video game, creeps.

File: 1617551250712.jpg ( 317.47 KB , 978x777 , klv.jpg )


What do you think about killer7's politics?

File: 1608528346762-0.jpg ( 73.43 KB , 640x640 , Kirby's Pinball Land.jpg )

File: 1608528346762-1.jpg ( 9.37 KB , 184x184 , 3D space cadet pinball.jpg )

File: 1608528346762-2.png ( 13.16 KB , 256x224 , jaki crush.png )


What's your favorite pinball game, anon? Most of us aren't made of money so we have to settle for virtual pinball. Is there anything about your favorites that you think distinguishes them from other pinball games?
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Every home will contain a pinball machine under communism. We must make this a slogan.


I never knew that Kirbys Pinball had more "levels". Both games seemed so simillar because both games where made by HAL and both of them used the same engine. I always thought that Kirbs's Pinball is the same as Revenge of the Gladiator except thats its Kirby themed.

I've always wanted a real pinball or arcade mashine as well, i actually had the same problems as you did. I live in Europe and i've never seen a real Arcade mashine or Pinball cabinet anywhere here. The only time i did see one, was in a hotel when i was visiting Egypt a couple of years ago.
I think its a shame that Pinball mashines aren't being made anymore, there is an American company, (that i can't remember the name of) wich makes smaller versions of Arcade cabinets, but i dont think that they do the same thing with Pinball mashines, sadly.


>Revenge of the Gladiator
Curious that you keep calling it this. Don't you notice all the alligators?


File: 1610230213311.jpg ( 54.62 KB , 300x300 , 1031211-0_1.jpg )

>Don't you notice all the alligators?
I did, but i just noticed that it's actually called "Revenge of the Gator". I probably accidentally said it wrong the first few times, then got used to calling it like that.

Thanks that you've pointed it out.


File: 1617349172937-0.png ( 4.78 KB , 640x576 , Kirby's Pinball Land (USA,….png )

File: 1617349172937-1.jpg ( 14.75 KB , 300x269 , Kirby's Pinball Land Poppy….jpg )

After what amounts in my estimates to several days worth of on-and-off play, I have finally maxed out the score counter in Kirby's Pinball Land. Turns out it actually rolls over back to zero when you get to 100 million, so I had to very carefully and intentionally kill myself at 99,999,990 to place on the high score table. That bonus minigame with the goalie on the Poppy Bros. table is really broken when you get good enough at it. It's not too much trouble to rack up 1ups indefinitely if you can keep getting sent to the minigame, while the bonuses gained there are one of the most efficient ways to score huge points. The trick to getting real good at Kirby's Pinball Land is realizing that the left and right flippers actually have their own characteristics and send the ball on different trajectories even if you hit it at the exact same point on either side. I wonder if it was intentional behavior or a quirk of the game's resolution/physics system or something. I guess I can finally put this one to rest and move on to another pinball game.

File: 1617231551850.jpg ( 83.85 KB , 1200x544 , astros-playroom.jpg )


The PS5 pack in (Astro's Playroom) taps into PlayStation nostalgia while Sony didn't even give Vita developers advance warning in the closing of the Vita store this summer with some developers having to scrap their projects as they can't get it out in time.
It is like Sony hates its fans for still loving their old hardware, wanting them to only care about (and develop for) the PS5. Hell Sony's head of marketing (Jim Ryan) in 2017 basically said the PS2 was too old for anyone to really want to play anymore thus why Sony had no plans for backwards compatibility despite even the PS4 having the processing power to do PS2 software emulation at full speed with up scaling let alone the PS5.

File: 1608528074904-0.png ( 1.09 MB , 600x900 , defedi1.png )

File: 1608528074904-1.png ( 1.03 MB , 600x900 , defedi2.png )

File: 1608528074904-2.png ( 909.52 KB , 600x900 , defedi3.png )


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Since it appears that multiple threads are now talking about remasters (or remakes), what do you guys think about the Definitive Editions compared to the originals?


Its great, but it also fucks up some of the unofficial xpac campaigns. They used to have a lot of focus on being akin to the StarCraft "dungeon" missions and were a blast to play, especially since they would take a while (the Bari campaign was awsome, literally presenting in it a few year long campaign with various battles in a single "dungeon" mission). Now if I load in to Bari its just a nomad start where the logic is just "build base, beat foe" instead of the micro adventures of the past. Same with other Forgotten campaigns. Hell, they cut the Amazonian conquistador campaign which was 100% dungeon all way through.


I don't even understand why they need to change it. It seemed entirely pointless. Those campaigns were a unique twist and a well-made spin on the original game.


I guess they might have found them to be overdesigned and too complex. That, or maybe they found them to be cringe, like the first Sforza mission where your dipshit father drowns himself and his army.


They were probably just being lazy. We've all seen how successive strategy/RPG remakes have failed to even retain the same features of the original game, because apparently skill of game designers has devolved so much.

File: 1615680409530.jpeg ( 609.96 KB , 1000x1431 , CA1623C2-B5FC-441A-98BA-7….jpeg )


Death Stranding thread
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File: 1615700363150.jpg ( 203.44 KB , 500x458 , cee38f68fc423447715ba18264….jpg )

Agreed. It's one thing to be masturbatory like artsy film directors, because it's usually more about capturing an image or feeling. It's another thing to include tons of lines of psychobabble that pretend to make perfect sense. There are also pacing issues with a large chunk in the middle of the game with no story development.

Overall I enjoyed the game a ton and I'm glad some teams still risk big budgets on crazy ideas. But I still felt disappointed because someone to reign in kojimbo's insanity would have greatly improved the game.


>But I still felt disappointed because someone to reign in kojimbo's insanity would have
greatly improved the game.

I always have the feeling that a good movie/game has to have the right balance of auteur director whims and studio mandate. Too much of either is bad.

Too much studio mandate: mass market trash with no soul, i.e. capeshit, Ubisoft games

Too much director control: incomprehensible self-masturbatory trash that doesn't try to appeal to anyone, i.e. Kojima games, or movies that are four hours long like Heaven's Gate

The perfect blend is a mostly-equal struggle between director and studio where they are forced to compromise. This gives you a product that has a good central concept and heart behind it, yet is constrained and tightly wound to actually be palatable to the audience.


I'm sure there's a Marxist analysis in the game somewhere.


Razortits was right even though I hate that faggot: Kojima needs actual editors and people to tell him no for anything to be good. Sony giving him the carte blanche on every creative decision was naive and stupid.
The game is basically every shitty part of a Kojima game rolled into one boring package that was received like a wet fart days after release.


My issue with the game, gameplay wise, is that it's a half step between being arcadey and a simulation leaving anyone who'd like a full step in either direction unsatisfied.

File: 1608527519433.mp4 ( 1.61 MB , 1280x720 , Nomura and Final Fantasy 7….mp4 )


So, what do you think about the FF7 remake?
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File: 1615395765829.jpg ( 27.13 KB , 391x500 , average tetsuya nomura cha….jpg )

Fuck Nomura. He's the blight of Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts fucking sucks.
XVI will probably be better


>imagine getting angry because people don’t like a “console rpg” for weebs
Get over yourself. The only decent old FF game was VI and only because I love the art and Kefka. The gameplay was unbelievably shallow.


I'm an Eastern Euro who has never seen a console or a controler IRL, so I have to ask, are the FF games actually great, or is it one big circlejerk by and for western Nintendo fanboys who want to nostalgiajerk over their okayish childhood games like ot is with Ocharina of Time or Banzo Kazooey?


Appreciate the concept, iffy on the execution, big respect for actually doing it.


For a big part: yes. Though, the games that are respected are genuinely good, even if not nearly as good as fans make it out to be ( whenever is that not the case?)
Final Fantasy 6, 7 and 9 I can recommend to anyone. 9 being the best of them, despite the hilariously blunt ending. Final Fantasy 1 was a milestone, but unplayable by todays standards in its raw form, don't even bother.

File: 1613760948120-0.jpg ( 29.52 KB , 460x215 , header.jpg )

File: 1613760948120-1.jpg ( 359.66 KB , 1920x1080 , ss_d17109fbe930ee58c854aef….jpg )

File: 1613760948120-2.jpg ( 312.31 KB , 1920x1080 , ss_c9ea4278bbe496806dcda47….jpg )

File: 1613760948120-3.jpg ( 474.13 KB , 1920x1080 , ss_cec775dbaf1df8223c79cc1….jpg )

File: 1613760948120-4.jpg ( 274.58 KB , 1920x1080 , ss_3e9d8ecff6abd9fff6e0e63….jpg )


Made by our favorite game developers, Kremlingames, the game will have you take on managing your own fictional country (called "Republic") right after the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union between 1992 and 2004. Diverting from the previous games' path, you will play not as the country's president, but as the leader of a party of your choosing. This means that you will be able to play as the opposition for the first time in a Kremlingames product.

You will get to shape the personality, sex and background of your party's leader as well as to be able to choose between seven different parties:
>the liberals
>the conservatives
>the social-democrats
>the "socialists"
>the communists
>the nazbols
>the fascists
Each of these parties are then divided between three different factions vying for power. You can go for a reformist or revolutionary path as the communists.
There are many other features, such as interactions with foreign powers, regional separatism, international integration, etc… I'm pretty intrigued by it tbh, I hope it won't be as hard and save-scummy as their previous games. It seems to be a better version of what Suzerain aims to be.

The game will release on tuesday the 23th.
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Theres one right here: >>7861


that was made after


yup, I'm thinking it's KREMLINGAMES time


Another masterpiece then!


Idk about the viability thing. I picked Nazbols, went down the most pro-independence choices during the pregame (it seems to really boost your popularity), easily won the first elections and then grabbed agronomy and industry ministers, which (especially the agronomy) helped me easily keep planners in charge. Kept winning bigger and bigger up to 2004 after which I got bored and didn't pick it up since. I guess I should try to end the run, but really can't be asked since gameplay is so dogshit.

File: 1608527851971-0.jpg ( 36.73 KB , 640x360 , 1535993147_565241_15359933….jpg )

File: 1608527851971-1.jpg ( 290.76 KB , 900x1200 , lmh4uvs7ciw31.jpg )


Are the MGS games based and REDpilled and Kojima /ourguy/?I know Peace Walker placed Che and the Sandinistas in a positive light but 3 and 5 had some very red scare opinions on the USSR
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Worth noting that modern videogames are huge mass market commodities that require huge funding, unlike in the SNES era (or even the PS2 era to an extent), so there are lots more creative limitations nowadays and arguably ideological controls


File: 1615424094731.jpg ( 51.87 KB , 656x456 , giwtwm.jpg )

There's also the fact that Big Boss became Kojima's husbando after MGS3, which might have played a part into wanting to redeem him a bit.


Soviet Solid Snake (COD BOCW) more better. You can't change my mind.



He killed Stalin tho


File: 1615529878603-0.png ( 146.34 KB , 540x960 , Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png )

File: 1615529878603-1.png ( 189.7 KB , 540x960 , Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png )

File: 1615529878603-2.png ( 187 KB , 540x960 , Screenshot_2021-03-12-00-1….png )

Fuck, that's right. It's hard to remember all the little details in this boring ass game.

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