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File: 1622202345885.png ( 1.19 MB , 1083x1600 , 1622200628007.png )


Japs are too retarded to know about mumble.
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Your IQ is just too low.


File: 1622265478605.jpg ( 56.6 KB , 576x382 , open source.jpg )



File: 1622268263873.jpg ( 44.06 KB , 823x582 , ProprietarySource.jpg )



But when you drive a tesla you don't even drive it
Yet another one of life's great past times ruined by proprietary software


>open source
Everything in this picture is bullshit but this is the biggest one.


>Doom (KotH)
>Quake (CtF)
>Rainbow: Team 6 (tactical)
>Tribes (40 player death match)
>Counter Strike: Source (tactical defuse)
<cod (death match)
<halo (death match in space)

if you actually play halo or cod seriously you are an npc
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What is the meaning of this post exactly?


old good,new bad.


yeah all kinds of vehicles including faction specific tanks


Old was new
New is old


>imagine using a bump mine to rocket jump

File: 1621864946113.png ( 1.64 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )


Albion (from Fable series) vs Tamriel (from Elder Scrolls series) vs Thedas (from Dragon Age series).

A 1x1 tricontinental war among them, which one would win? I think Albion would utterly crush both due to massive superior tech, magic in Fable series seems to be much more powerful too


Bump, I'm curious


Gotta be honest, it's so long since I played any of those games I can't really answer you


Albion is more united than Tamriel.

If this was of existential dread were to play out, the telvanni mages would be forced to delve deeper into the dwemer ruins and solve the mystery of the disappearing race.


assuming the Aedra and Daedra are a factor, Tamriel easily. the Aedra will bat for the home team and the Daedra would love releasing yet-unseen horrors onto all of these new lands from demonic beasties to magical diseases that these lands have no defense against. and thats before assuming some prophesy boy comes along and reactivates the Brass God or something ridiculous, on the day to day Tamriel would be pretty weak but when they go up to bat they go fucking hard.

File: 1621895415167.png ( 153.88 KB , 500x600 , Despair2.png )


Im a direct victim of crypto mining last week my graphic card died now im stuck with my own board graphic cards
Pls give recommendations for low spec games
I mainly prefer faster paced stuff that isnt to easy but doesnt require thinking to much about strategy etc
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Dorf Fortress


You could try Rome Total War (the original) depending on how good your on-board card is


File: 1621905603379.gif ( 2.86 MB , 256x256 , Cho Ren Sha 68K stg3 lazor….gif )

Cho Ren Sha 68K


Download RetroAchievements, make an account, and start hunting for achievements in retro console games.


extremely cpu intensive though

File: 1621751958499.mp4 ( 1.43 MB , 600x360 , a different time.mp4 )


It was a different time.


Ron Paul was a socialist


these team roomba videos made me buy orange box cause i wanted to join their server. I ended up playing on a 7chan server instead.
I miss those days




File: 1621799176653.png ( 434.96 KB , 606x476 , ClipboardImage.png )

TF2… home…

File: 1621598963667.png ( 22.54 KB , 554x554 , images (2).png )


Is anyone interested at playing Minecraft with a thrdie shitskin 25 years old NEET literal faggot?
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Server's up.


Don't play minecraft but bump for wholesomeness


Bump for lonely anon. I might join too if I can manage to login properly.


I did join a certian leftypol server, made some changes and gathered some food for others, can someone post IP adress?

File: 1621800581616.jpg ( 120.74 KB , 616x353 , ageofempires.jpg )


Can we talk about how video games like Age of Empires/Civilisation etc are conduits to right wing thought about political economy of globalisation?

Simply, they portray human society and civilisations as inherently atomised and singular in their development as well as presenting culture as essentialist.

Also, an anon posted an academic article related to this recently, but I've lost it, if anyone could repost that would be great.


Idk bout AoE but Civilization is far from essentialist. In Civilization all nations have 1 or 2 bonuses but other than that they can do anything that other nations do. It can't really be classified as essentially given that 99% of gameplay is interchangeable. Memes such as Ghandi launching nukes shows that players know it's a silly game.


Agreed, if anything Civilization will spawn each civilization near terrain that benefits its unique bonuses, in other words, you could interpret the bonuses arising from people adapting to the local environment. Civ infact, has a crude historical materialist outlook. The fact that people might interpret the game as essentializing human civilizations is more caused by the dominance of idealism in popular culture.



Actually no, Civ is kinda materialistic despite minor bonuses civs get, the success of a Civ is 90% based on external/material factors

An essentialist game is actually EU4


if I remember correctly it used to be clowned on but the existence of "Barbarians" in Civ (although possibly recently removed? I stopped playing after 5) is pretty essentialist. a group of people who fundamentally, cannot be civilized, even though they operate like a civilization, in some games outright equivocated with wolves.


I don't know what civ you played but in VI they form city-states after awhile


>wake up
>wavedash out of bed
>wavedash past sister
>"kisama ka…"
>wavedash to bathroom
>crouch cancel shit animation
>wavedash outside
>see bully by the bus stop
>"kisama wo koko de owaraseru!"
>wavedash toward bully
>he ducked
>big punish, leaving me in rage
>"Koko ga kisama no hakaba da!"
>wavedash ontop of his corpse


File: 1621745510753.png ( 2.18 MB , 1494x1166 , top size.png )

It's pretty good but the size on disc for a fighting game is beyond a joke man


look here, stage reskins take up a lot of space


I remember when even 20gb was a lot for a single game and now devs are shitting out 100gb+ non-compressed files that are mostly audio like what the fuck man this sucks


Storage space is cheap now so they don't give a shit.

File: 1617498596347.jpeg ( 68.77 KB , 256x330 , 8AF434FE-21D3-40DA-8C0E-B….jpeg )


Is the relinking of the fire like capitalism? Trying to keep it going means it comes back weaker and weaker despite all their efforts to keep the fire going.
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fiction aways mirrors reality


File: 1620960617034.png ( 96.52 KB , 422x437 , durrrrr.png )

>dialectics isn't literally magic, stop saying it is!!!!!!!!!!


Imagine being so retarded that you say nothing in a one large paragraph mixed with copious amounts of bad grammar.


you will never be taken seriously


This is a good analysis.
>>9106 is an idiot.

File: 1621613436550.png ( 244.31 KB , 1545x869 , ClipboardImage.png )


I only play sims 4 for wicked whims


Looks kinda cool, but I'm an even more advanced level of degenerate so I'd want to combine it with some kind of furry mod.


How can adults find Sim sex arousing? They're so goofy looking


Sims 4 sims look kinda nice, only Sims 3 and 2 sims look goofy and weird

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