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File: 1608527895974.jpg ( 240.13 KB , 806x1200 , 8f2.jpg )


Let's end it once and for all
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no you know, all the games have to wait for a remake in a post-capitalist world to be considered art just like any other media :^)


Sometimes, but they're never high art.




That depends what your definition of art is. A game with a good, sophisticated story that has elements of tragedy or comedy can be considered art. The gameplay itself is just competition, a sport like chess played between you and another player or an AI.
>inb4 muh graphics
>inb4 muh music
That's just the decoration, the essence is the story, in video games the graphics and the music are like satellites that orbit around the story.



File: 1625496188849.jpg ( 106.24 KB , 1280x720 , Xi-Jinping-1.jpg )


Holy shit holy shit did you know comrade Xi Jinping is childhood friends w/ Nie Weiping and plays Go

Holy shit the great helmsman plays Go wow

Also a Go game general


revisionist gaming


That's to too terribly surprising tbh.

File: 1626468456320.png ( 146.9 KB , 700x250 , 466.png )


>Squeenix and Disney have collaborated for decades now
>Kingdom Hearts is a massive franchise with something like 50 games that melds Final Fantasy and Disney movies together into one cohesive(?) whole
>Disney have utterly cocked up Star Wars
>Marvel seemingly in disarray after Infinity War
>Squeenix, like Marvel before it, is a large, profitable corporation with a large stable of characters and marketable franchises

My prediction is that as profits fall off from their Marvel products, Disney is going to seek out new mergers/acquisitions to improve their prospects. Squenix is a ripe property, which Disney will seek to exploit by purchasing and/or merging with ala Pixar, and then making a bunch of movies/series based on FF, and using SE's gaming clout to expand further into the extremely profitable world of gaming.

So I hope you're reading for the Kingdom Hearts cinematic universe, because it's fucking coming.


>muh dark ness weebshit
Kingdom hearts’ “lore” is such a giant mountain of shit that is somehow worse than marlel. Most normal movie goer would laugh at it.


>Most normal movie goer
>Disney fans
>final fantasy fans


>My prediction is that as profits fall off from their Marvel products, Disney is going to seek out new mergers/acquisitions to improve their prospects
Of course dude thats par gor the course

File: 1608528169049.jpg ( 958.3 KB , 1920x2160 , TEASER.jpg )


I am a modder for Hearts of Iron IV and I'm currently updating my old mod. My main issue is that I need loading screens/menu screens. The image given is a filler so I'm looking for something different.

The images need to be 1920x1440, and they SHOULD be appropriate to have on the Steam Workshop. Thanks!


Cursed. Also who's the 1939 Soviet leader?


File: 1608528169267.mp4 ( 296.14 KB , 720x720 , SukoshiCosplays-1210421143….mp4 )


That one lewd Marxist-Leninist cosplayer that became a small meme for doing that maoist cosplay. You know, that one.


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.




File: 1621687818628-0.jpg ( 214.32 KB , 1920x1080 , .jpg )

File: 1621687818628-1.jpg ( 530.61 KB , 1016x1334 , uooi0fntxloy.jpg )

File: 1621687818628-2.png ( 18.51 KB , 640x125 , ClipboardImage.png )

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File: 1626473288297-0.png ( 934.1 KB , 1023x654 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626473288297-1.png ( 500.63 KB , 567x553 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1626473288297-2.png ( 278.04 KB , 576x752 , ClipboardImage.png )

New dev diary dropped yesterday, a few dozens screenshots, looking sexy


Magna mundi was the true EUIV but they had to kill Ubik ….


Urgh, mods will have to fix it


it doesnt look like anything like that will be implemented


The closest thing to Mana is the authority capacity or whatever it's called, which seems to be the replacement for National Focuses from V2.

File: 1608527760495-0.jpg ( 55.36 KB , 528x704 , download 1.jpg )

File: 1608527760495-1.jpg ( 25.12 KB , 256x324 , download 2.jpg )

File: 1608527760495-2.jpg ( 9.23 KB , 183x227 , download 3.jpg )


General for 4X games, but also an opportunity to introduce you all to a new game called Shadow Empire.

The game has an incredibly deep planet generation system that affects gameplay massively, including rotation of the planet (lol), makeup of the atmosphere, terrain, mineral deposits and alien life. It also has a logistics system to make you supply your units with food and ammunition, if they run out of supply they'll be very weak so you need to keep expanding the supply lines to the front and also making sure the enemy cannot cut you off. Obviously being encircled is very bad news for your troops.

You start as a minor "Regime" and your goal is to conquer the planet after the previous galaxy wide regime collapsed sending most of it into civil war and apocalypse. Each regime can be run differently and has different perks based on decisions you make throughout the game. For example if people start striking you can send in the army to deal with them (autocracy) or just pay them off (democracy), alternatively you can avoid the situation entirely by administrating the zones well, but that may lead to other troubles like a lack of credits for purchasing resources. You can run a mix of different systems so your decisions aren't set in stone for you but there are bonuses to always picking a certain method like unique units and stratagems, which are like ideological playing cards.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8XAh8Wii4k
PURCHASE: https://www.matrixgames.com/game/shadow-empire (more screenshots here showing off features)
CRACK: https://www.skidrowreloaded.com/shadow-empire-v01-03-00/
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>check out Shadow Empire updates
>they've added aerial units and aliens
Workshop when


File: 1626528823248.png ( 348.96 KB , 776x310 , header-bg.png )

I've been playing Freeciv lately, testing out different clients. So far I like freeciv-gtk2 the most, freeciv-client-gtk package in Debian. I saw someone in another thread on here suggest running a multiplayer game. Thoughts?


File: 1626619271601.png ( 1.22 MB , 1280x1000 , freeciv.png )

Switch to hexagons for the best experience.


didn't know freeciv did hex grids. will have to give that a try next


Was a beta tester for this game, really love Vic's games. He has huge plans if the game hits …

File: 1617904953191.jpeg ( 17.64 KB , 284x351 , Freespace1box.jpeg )


If no one has played this great classic space sim from the golden age of pc gaming (90s to mid 2000s) you owe it a chance. Descent Freespace, including the silent threat expansion and the sequel, Descent Freespace 2, are arguably the greatest games ever created in the space sim genre.

This guy has a pretty good video series on the games:

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Descent worked great in confined spaces with level design to facilitate hectic dodging action. I always felt like the Freespace games didn't really work.


yeah, it works fine with a mouse and keyboard


thats because freespace had nothing to do with descent, it just shared a name because they were trying to capitalize on it. Sorta like naming javascript after java


bump for this 90s classic


This topic inspired me to play Freelancer again, so thanks lads.

File: 1625935151291.png ( 572.88 KB , 850x687 , computers human beings.png )


If a game is too easy, I get down because I feel like there's no challenge and I might as well not even be playing it. If it's too hard, I get down because I can't do it and I feel inadequate for failing and worthless.

What do?
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go outside


Too hard.


PLay Dark Souls and Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic on hard mode.


Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is as challenging as you make it. Do you want unlimited cash, permanent summer, and happy citizens? Just a few settings changes on the map making menu. What about a hardcore run on an island archipelago with barely enough resources to scrape by? Also possible. The sense of progression on hard difficulty is very satisfying and engaging, especially once you get a supply chain going and multiple cities.


For hard games, just grind.
What hard and easy games have you played? Which was the last time you felt the difficulty just right/finished a game/enjoyed a game?

File: 1615446151026.png ( 971.87 KB , 1008x884 , diablo 2.png )


Diablo 2 is getting a remaster, in Diablo 2 resurrection, what does /games/ think?


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You mean it requires me to check the windows 10 box in wine config.


No, starcraft got a remaster too. I mean, you aren't necessarily wrong, but, you aren't right either.


I have been trying to understand how setting up private servers works for d2 classic. Maybe help me out?


imagine my shock


From the videos I've seen, it looks good, with some caveats:

1. It's grey and de-saturated which seems to indicate that Blizzard once again missed the fucking point and utility of the original's style, and they don't know how to convey a dark, brooding atmosphere without making the visuals literally dark.

2. It looks to be just a straight remaster without additions, expansion, or improvement over the mechanics, which is a detriment to me because I still have my original disks and if I just wanted to play that, I would. They've been charging full price for the fucking game all these years so it shouldn't just be a carbon copy of the original game, it should be an ultra deluxe edition that greatly expands on everything from the original.

That's just my impression from watching some of the gameplay videos several months ago. I have no faith in blizzard to make anything good, because if they had the ability or the talent then they'd be putting it into Diablo V or whatever instead of remaking a decades old game. So, if they are expanding on it then it wasn't reflected in what I saw.

File: 1625692321033.jpg ( 46.85 KB , 460x215 , Byzantium_&_Gaul_Pack_(Civ….jpg )


DLC is good because it gives me stronger characters
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They've literally released the same game for 20 years, they don't give a shot to teach new players because only legacy players care


File: 1625865473431.jpg ( 205.7 KB , 1280x720 , mohawk-games-reveal-new-4x….jpg )

Is Old World any good?


Is there any game which makes you feel like you're building an actual civilization (and not just a bunch of important cities)?


Alpha Centauri? To me personally it feels more like you're actually building a cohesive civilisation than a regular 4x.


I'll check it out

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