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What a shit game


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This seems to have potential:


The hype for this game was huge, it had so much potential


There's a rumor that it got sabotaged over some creationists at the studio demanding the game to be more like intelligent design than evolution by natural selection or they'd quit.


well the player is kinda like god since u guide ur species to success


Yes, and the original pitch was a lot more like you would simply play as the creatures and your success and failure would be a factor. In the actual game there's nothing at all reflecting natural selection even though the creatures do "evolve" (although only your species evolves). Also there's an achievement called "better than Darwin" if you beat the game without evolving.

Here's the old 2005 GDC talk by Will Wright explaining the original vision for the game, for anybody curious who isn't aware of the background.


Nothing was sabotaged, Will Wright is just a huge bullshit artist.




Actually I might have my personalities mixed up. It's either he or Peter Molyneux who are well known for making tall claims with their games and then never following through with their ideas.


You were indeed thinking of Peter Molyneux, known for Populous, Black & White, Fable, etc and claiming "you can do anything." Will Wright designed SimCity and some associated games.


iirc EA forced him to dumb it down


the only fun part was the cell stage


Is there any documentary or article on this?

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