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File: 1698601111206.jpg ( 416.32 KB , 1080x1242 , Screenshot_2023-10-30-00-3….jpg )


You guys excited for the new bugman gaym?


File: 1698602659856.mp4 ( 1.24 MB , 480x854 , consuming the slop.mp4 )

>Mmmmmmmmmm yes! more triple-a unfinished, poorly-optimized, woke slop to consume. just what I needed!


I think this is the logical conclusion of graphics card furnace games trying to be a movie with a game slapped on the side. I like games like arknights that have calm dialouge parts, because it's a *novel* with a game slapped on the side: I'm actually reading those parts, so the pacing isn't fucked.
Karl can sense that something is off, but extingushed that thought because following it would have less SEO than blaming "listening" and the hecking wokerinos in his followers' heads and not the weird vehicle. Not that reactionaries can concieve not consuming the most profitable media of the given moment, it would mean having less reach, and culture war is more important than their own enjoyment.

Also kek, listening skill are woke now.


Yeah listening isn't woke, they talk over people constantly.

As far as games go, i think the ones that make you feel zen/calm seem the rarest.

File: 1695979186114.jpg ( 29.8 KB , 474x346 , th-816144068.jpg )


>Expansive and dynamic list of characters each with their own unique personalities and abilities.
>S Tier Hero's Journey yold from multiple angles
>Looks fucking amazing even for a 16bit game from the 90s
>Enemies are not retarded and it actually presents a challenge, but, it's to challenging that it deters away from enjoying the story.
Better than everything that came after it that is for sure.


File: 1696951358209.jpg ( 164.29 KB , 609x1118 , Dragon Quest III.jpg )

>S Tier Hero's Journey
Anon please… level up.


shittttttt. Aright, alright that's fair. I have never gotten into dragons quest, though. What makes it so good? Can I get a summary of the story?


Evil awakens and the son of past hero must travel the world collecting kajiggers in order to challenge it. III in particular is great because of how customizable its class system is. It's always perplexing that a game so hugely iconic and influential has so few imitators when it comes to party customization. Japan really likes phoning in anime stories around the premise but they sure don't like making more games like it.

File: 1694949906253.jpg ( 307 KB , 1920x1080 , GTA-5.jpg )


Feel old yet?


File: 1695786700379.jpg ( 87.12 KB , 960x768 , Factor_5_dev_costs2.jpg )

10 years ago the fact that this was the most expensive game ever made filled me with existential dread for the future of the games industry. It represented everything wrong with games development at that time: hundreds of millions of dollars sunk into development on a product that absolutely cannot be allowed to fail. A cancer subordinating game design to the whims of investors who demand a buck be made at all costs. What has happened since then?


The unstoppable tendency of an industry to grow
>filled me with existential dread for the future of the games industry.
*yawn* extreme political terrorists are so wimpy deez dayz

File: 1693785232202.png ( 1.98 MB , 1268x1332 , Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at ….png )


Knew that my criticisms wouldn't be taken seriously on /v/, so I came here.

What had made the initial POSTAL 2 have integrity was how it laughed in the face of moral panic—whether on the conservative side against video games or book-banning, and later on the acts of organizations such as PETA.

The modern day's conservative moral panic is mainly focused toward the LGBTQ+ and immigrants. POSTAL 4 had an amazing opportunity to comment on these things(we already had an entire group dedicated to getting rid of books in the last game), they side with the moral panic narrative by only telling a story about the rabid SJWs.

The terrorists in POSTAL 2 were also done quite well; they could be found everywhere on the map(the grocery store, the mall, behind RWS) to show how ridiculous the narrative of "terrorists could be anywhere" that justified the Patriot Act was. They could have played it this way, too. They could have had random trans people hiding among the populace looking to cut your dick off. They could have had a mad university professor trying to hypnotize a local college campus into having gay sex. They could have had the book burners show up mid-way through that, but then target Postal Dude midway through because "Hey, look at those buttons on his clothes! Those are a secret symbol of the queer agenda! I saw it online!" and then have them target him as well.

Instead, POSTAL 4 just uses the cheap conservative joke that its ancestor would have tore to shreds and loses its shine because of it. It feels like if a modern sitcom writer tried to make a POSTAL game without understanding any of the bite that made those games special. I'm not going to pretend that they were fine art or anything like that, but it was a special component.


>muh vidya
>muh overthrow capitalism
Pick one


There's a Postal 4 now? What the heck have I missed?


Are you chastising me for playing games? Consumerism? I'm sorry to annoy you but I can't tell exactly. I'm aware that even piracy is ultimately not revolutionary, if that's what you're telling me, though that could be putting words in your mouth.


It's GamerGate's fault.


>It's the fault of dozens of trash tier video game publications colluding to release attack articles on games enthusiasts all on the same day in response to being called out for corruption.
Uh… huh?

File: 1608527545182.jpg ( 14.8 KB , 314x161 , streetfighter.jpg )

 No.355[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

General for all fighting games and fighting game competitive scenes
2D, 3D, Anime, Tag-Teams, Platform, Shrek Super Slam
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just use a keyboard what's wrong?


File: 1630195118012.jpg ( 368.38 KB , 1080x1778 , arswole ash.jpg )

What have you done during quarantine?


I learned how to handstand and am getting close to one-arm pushups. I haven't improved at a single fighting game because nothing good has come out recently and the consumerist whores in the "fighting game community" have abandoned all the good games.


Learnt how to eat pussy


File: 1694934279535-0.jpg ( 35.72 KB , 700x787 , 1694934213.jpg )

File: 1694934279535-1.jpg ( 71.29 KB , 842x464 , 1694934247.jpg )

File: 1694934279535-2.jpg ( 78.58 KB , 480x630 , 1694934249.jpg )

File: 1693951776715.jpeg ( 398.54 KB , 2400x1920 , Skyrim-symbol-974394994.jpeg )


How do I install mods in a pirated version of skyrim anniversary addition? There's a folder for mods in the directory, but, the mods do not show up when I load the game, and, on top of that the game wants me to create a Bethesda account to use them? Any advice?


I have no experience with this kind of stuff, but if i tried to do this, i'd go digging through the mod's dev-forum for a manual install guide. They probably have a executable flag to launch directly into the mod and skip all the normal game menus.

File: 1684737213408.jpg ( 145.89 KB , 912x608 , aonuma.jpg )


Learned about all the changes this dumbass made to the Majora's Mask 3DS remake recently, and from reading developer interviews it basically sounds like someone embarrassed of their creation–someone who didn't understand their own game. In other words, George Lucas Syndrome.

Starting to realize there's actually quite a lot of these figures in the games industry. What's the deal with this? Why is it so common?
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File: 1684739015210-0.png ( 273.81 KB , 531x328 , 8h703unwc1.png )

File: 1684739015210-1.png ( 213.88 KB , 466x337 , 8h703unwc2.png )

File: 1684739015210-2.png ( 310.95 KB , 662x491 , 8h703unwc3.png )



File: 1686639671744.jpeg ( 25.66 KB , 375x469 , sadclownhobopresidentman.jpeg )



the dude who made dead space and callisto protocol


I didn't play Cal Prot, what did he do?


I made a separate thread on the POSTAL series which is basically this, or how I feel they lost that understanding over the years.

File: 1693605471971.jpg ( 2.11 MB , 1920x1080 , og_image.jpg )


Can we get a Jurassic thread going?
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<Life in a crowd - plant-eaters

>Many plant-eating dinosaurs lived, walked (and stepped on each others toes and tails), and died together. The evidence for this can be seen in communal nesting sites, bone injuries, trackways and bone-beds.

<Living together - meat-eaters

>Our picture of the lone predator is changing. Recent fossil discoveries suggest some lived in co-operative packs, raised their young and were probably quite social.

I thought it was shitposting..


Based dinos


Did that idiot Michael Crichton even realize that the Jurassic was about 50 million years before most of the Cretaceous dinosaurs in his park?


What do you think of feathered dinosaurs? Would you like to see them instead of scaly dinos?


File: 1693768647772.jpg ( 121.62 KB , 425x319 , pikmin-snagret.jpg )

Yes because giant predatory birds are terrifying.

File: 1677527275391.png ( 16.77 KB , 509x222 , Goomba Thumpin'.png )


Tell me, anon: what are the best minigames in RPGs?
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You guise know an active board is a two-way street right…


Just post about stuff you're interested in. Assume the 80/20 principle will prevail, and most of it will get very little traction. Over time, the user base and activity will continue to grow.


I liked some of the minigames in Yakuza like the one where you race toy cars


some gambling minigames can be fun (though I never gambled in real life)


File: 1693768442605.png ( 3.13 KB , 160x144 , Pokemon slots.png )

I find that's generally because they either add a skill element that real gambling lacks, or you have a source of in-game funds that won't ruin your life if you lose them.

File: 1625144272062.jpg ( 220.37 KB , 1080x2340 , 509_com.bandainamcogames.d….jpg )






Useful resources for the gacha games I play

Dokkan is more single player focused
Legends is more pvp and co-op focused


There are no good gacha games, prove me wrong


Why would I want to prove you wrong


File: 1625738588564.jpg ( 126.45 KB , 1078x1786 , 200 - Copy.jpg )

>The chads have only Zenkaid their cards in various ways, the point, however, is for the GigaChads to defeat them


bump for gacha game discussion

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