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File: 1608528166984.png ( 762.64 KB , 1159x486 , Screenshot_2020-03-30 Ahor….png )


It's been 12 years.
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The game plays in high feudalism. How the fuck is that supposed to look like? The most progressive thing you'd get would be free cities and merchants.


Maybe huge peasant uprising or anprim gangs that Balkanize the kingdoms and create separate communes.


Who wants to be a filthy utopian socialist feudal anarchist?


I mean a society like that is not inherently anti-technology at all and maybe they could transit to an industrial revolution of sorts with the proletariat owning the MoP from the start through innovation in agriculture.


/v/ is now the roulette board, please go there for your video game related discussions.

File: 1608528166049.jpg ( 109.18 KB , 1280x720 , yguoanthem.jpg )


Post designs, tunes, and other lefty related Animal Crossing posts here.

Here's a yugo/polish anthem I saw online.
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>>>/roulette/ is /v/ so this goes there.

Also here's a website for sharing town tunes.


>animal cross
Why do I see this game lately everywhere and what is so special about it?


File: 1608528166723.jpg ( 202.59 KB , 960x659 , IsabelleDoomguy.jpg )

It's just the newest release in the series came out right on quarantime.
And 'people' had been 'meming' Isabelle+Doomguy crossovers due to the juxtaposition of cutesy gardening game with animals vs 'le Rip and le Tear' of Doom.
Also it being a cutesy gardening game town building simulator thing makes it a cozy simulation for interaction when stuck in the house.


What is the difference to Harvest moon?


File: 1608528166859.jpg ( 223.64 KB , 1400x1400 , ACNH.jpg )

I say 'gardening' because it really isn't a game about farming at all.
In prior games you were either the citizen or mayor of a pre-established town and you do things like:
fish, get wood from trees, get iron from rocks, pick up weeds, do errands for townsfolk/tom nook, garden flowers, catch bugs, and I'm sure I've missed some things.
In the newest one you're actually building up a new town from scratch by doing these things.
All of the activities are ultimately just to build up money or 'bells' to make your house better and/or the town better, and to buy random shit.
It's fundamentally similar to harvest moon in being a 'life-sim' of sorts and its core loop, but nothing like harvest moon's 'intense' farming gameplay,
that is focused specifically on that and is rather in depth from what I understand.
Though I've never played much Harvest Moon or even Stardew Valley so I'm less knowledgeable about what I assume is your domain.

That's all I got


Pretty much the only table top I still play is Dark Heresy. Although my group is full of bourg grognards.
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there are more then 300 posts per hour, here that is about 5 posts a minute, that should be more then enough to keep things unpredictable right?


There's always Eclipse Phase; although I haven't played it in a couple years.


File: 1608528165647.jpeg ( 238.03 KB , 875x948 , ms monopolu.jpeg )



I see that and I want to kill myself.
Some years ago, I've heard about the tabletop game "Deuda externa", foreign debt, it even has a page on ecured about how to play it. The problem it wasn't very pppular when it was sold in Argentina.


Ms. Monopoly pisses me off less because of the retarded sexism and more because it's an entire new commodity to sell for what's literally just a fucking house rule.

File: 1608528159850.jpg ( 69.64 KB , 640x703 , 157654223430.jpg )


I want to download Russian and Soviet games for my PC that recommend me

but the problem I have with this computer is very old and it doesn't have a graphics card
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File: 1608528162943.jpg ( 7.89 MB , 6300x6300 , slav.jpg )

Slavjank thread? Slavjank thread.


Kremlin games are two russian dudes that make games about communism.


I guess it's about time I make a GOG account. Now that a payment method is available for me


File: 1608528159270.jpg ( 51.05 KB , 657x429 , macarthur kaissereich.jpg )


Hello friends, since we're all bored I wondered if anyone wants to play competitive/team HOI? Ideally with like 6-7 players to hit all the major nations in whatever mod we end up playing, though perhaps more realistically 3-4. Anyone interested??
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I stopped playing Kaiserreich for the same reason.


Haven't played Kaiserreich since March. I was playing as Brazil and I went down National Populism and reestablish the Monarchy. Last thing I was doing was sending troops to Canada to support them against the Combined Syndicates. Never got back to it and my computer sustained water damage so can't go back now.


Fucking traitor
As the CSA I swiftly and ruthlessly crushed the Canadian army and almost conquered Canada before mercifully letting them be so I could crush the West and the Longists
It wasn’t until the Weltkrieg that I returned, the fools left their mainland totally undefended to battle Britain and France. They fell within weeks. To ensure the damn Northern bastards would never rise again I made Quebec into its own sovereign nation while turning both countries socialist.
Once Germany is finally defeated I will invade India and finally hang the Bastard Exile King once and for all.


Lol, but see that's the problem, the AI doesn't know how to play at all so once you know the game everything is easy. That's why I wanna try play with humanz.

Anyways, anyone who wants to play leftypol HOI, please join this link.




File: 1608528157783.png ( 2.48 MB , 1500x847 , Citystate .png )


This is copypasted from /leftypol/, in case it gets deleted over there for offtopic or whatever.Hello, I played the game for a good 10 hours (though half of that time I was only half playing and watching YT) so I can report back on how it went.Overall, the comments that other people made are correct, it is impossible to play the game as a communist. I was of course expecting the abstractions of playing a Neolib citybuilder attempted to model communism, but I wasn't expecting how broken the game's core systems are.I started out the game but quickly realised that in this game, you can't build a bridge over a river that is more than 1 tile wide. So, I nuked my save and went back to the terraforming stage.After modifying the map some, I built a tiny little commie hamlet, with all lower class (that's what they're called in this game) trailer parks. I found it kind of funny how lower class residential buildings always have grey wasteland type terrain around them, even when they instantly are building on a fresh green forest, as if their slovenly ways drain the life from the very soil around them and they instantly create a trashpit to live in.The game's systems are quite oblique, and there's no construction of for example power or water infrastructure, or schools, police, firefighters, so to increase living standards I had to just pop up the sliders in the economy tab for "healthcare" "education" and "security and justice".Anyway, we quite quickly reached 'Utopian' level living standards, which I was quite happy with, but things didn't seem to be quite working as I would have liked. My answers to the political issues that had been coming through had not exactly endeared me to the upper classes, which I wasn't really expecting, but what I had overlooked was that this game diverges from Simcity 4's mechanics.You see, in Simcity 4, you have Residential, commercial, and industrial demand, and then each of those has lower, middle, and high income demands. So for example, you can have a city with almost all lower and middle income residents but have plenty of fancy high income tech factories and the like.However, in Citystate, there is only lower, middle, and upper income demand, and commercial and industrial buildings can't grow above the first tier of development without middle and higher income demand. So, if no upper class people want to live in your city, your factories can't grow to higher levels.This left me a bit stuck for knowing what to do, but things had bePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>5200As I understand it, Simcity 4 had rudimentary agent simulation (people living in houses had jobs which they had to travel to and back through your transport network), and it could run cities of millions of people


>>5201I'm sure hacks that give roughly correct impression are possible, especially if the road geometry in a city-game is 90° angles only. You can fix movement patterns between agents in certain ways that you don't even have to do collision detection / collision prevention by AIs for >99.99 % of pairs, because they are logically prevented by the basic patterns of movement. You can have different zoom-levels of agent simulation. With the zoomed-out version the one that really counts in the end and that works in a more aggregated way (say 1 agent representing 100 people), and a more zoomed-in version (with actors literally only becoming visible, and only becoming real, when zooming in on a small part of the map) where you get a very small population of relatively clever AIs acting within boundaries set by the zoomed-out computation and not affecting the zoomed-out computation at all. Eye-candy, basically. You can read up on results from traffic studies, then do a top-down implementation with centrally steered actors roughly mimicking the results of these interactions – simulating the simulation, so to speak.


>>5202…well, don't ask me chief, I just like growing pretty skyscrapers.


I've been trying out this game. To repeat what the OP essentially said, the game operates on capitalist logic and actually trying to play the as any kind of communist simply does not work. It grows for a while, but after you run out of natural resources you're really just fucked. It might work if farmlands weren't so pitiful, but they don't employ hardly anybody and they produce pennies.


Honestly, a lot of city builder sims don't interest me as much anymore because they so tightly rely upon capitalism. Especially the historical period ones where it's just assumed that to develop better technology you have to embrace MORE CAPITALISM.

Anno 2070 looks pretty interesting though since you can either play as a capitalist or an environmentalist in 2070 after capitalists fucked the world with Global Warming and flooded it. I really should try it.

File: 1608527904352.jpg ( 51.42 KB , 551x836 , IMG_20200727_123718.jpg )


What are your thoughts on the halo franchise, bungie-era to 343-era
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man I can say the same thing about cea, new graphics are fucking gorgeous, even today, but it's all cluttered-like, so I just play on classic


File: 1608528139362-0.png ( 3.12 MB , 1920x1080 , 1.png )

File: 1608528139362-1.png ( 3.33 MB , 1920x1080 , 2.png )

File: 1608528139362-2.png ( 3.34 MB , 1920x1080 , 3.png )

played through reach recently on the MCC, forgot how good looking it was


File: 1608528139870-0.png ( 2.78 MB , 1920x1080 , 1.png )

File: 1608528139870-1.png ( 2.72 MB , 1920x1080 , 2.png )

File: 1608528139870-2.png ( 2.85 MB , 1920x1080 , 3.png )



File: 1608528140333-0.png ( 3.01 MB , 1920x1080 , 1.png )

File: 1608528140333-1.png ( 2.6 MB , 1920x1080 , 2.png )

File: 1608528140333-2.png ( 2.99 MB , 1920x1080 , 3.png )



File: 1608528140802-0.png ( 2.84 MB , 1920x1080 , 1.png )

File: 1608528140802-1.png ( 3.07 MB , 1920x1080 , 2.png )

File: 1608528140802-2.png ( 2.98 MB , 1920x1080 , 3.png )

File: 1608528128701.jpg ( 26.24 KB , 500x375 , D_NQ_NP_926458-MLB27066979….jpg )


What are you guys' thoughts on this game?
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File: 1608528134065.jpg ( 48.54 KB , 309x475 , Moscow-Petushki.jpg )

Really similar to the Communist era Russian literature I snort up my nose, so I'm assuming it's accurate.


The short film that went with this was real cool IMO.


Let’s see what you get for “Following the orders of the oppressive communist state.

>Easily enough pay and resources to feed your family as long as your good at home economics.

>Quick and stable increase in standard of living (Even without being a corrupt offical you can eventually purchase new apartments and finally a home for your family.
>Absolute job security as long as you don’t catastrophically fuck up.

Meanwhile if you become a corrupt offical or a terrorist you take a bunch of bribes from drug dealers and commit several terror attacks before fleeing the country


Unironically true for real life USSR TBH


Kinda bullshit on the "if you don't do good enough you starve" though. They should have a flat living wage with bigger bonuses based on your performance. The only cases where starvation like in the DPRK never happen to state officials.

File: 1608528135874.jpg ( 8.8 KB , 251x201 , perfumes.jpg )


Since the industrial revolution 'Lawful Evil' has become far more common than 'Neutral Evil'.

Although today it exists more in the form of crime gangs, just like how bandits were often that way back then.

'Lawful Good' and 'Chaotic Evil' are equally rare alignments to each other.

The 'good guys vs villains' stuff is often more in the form of 'chaotic good', chaotic neutral (sometimes) and 'neutral good' going up against 'lawful evil'.

If you designed a fantasy game that mirrors real life in 'alignment distribution' this is how it would look.

If a character like Mehrunes Dagon or Zamorak were to show up in the real world through some sort of 'inter-reality travel' he would be seen as a hero. Planet Earth from now to the 1990s would certainly be the most ideal setting.


Correction to last sentence, or a fictional setting inspired by real life in that time period*

File: 1608528133371.png ( 120.79 KB , 474x449 , smt.png )


can the alignment system be compared to real life politics?


It's much better than D&D's, at least.


Is it really though?


I find it a lot less cartoonish than D&D alignments.


Maybe because I'm not the most familiar with both of them but they both seem so incredible simplistic that they basically identical to me.


Yes, most ranging to nearly all bad guys or villains in real life are 'Lawful Evil'.

'Neutral Evil' and possibly 'chaotic evil' irl villains were common in pre-industrial times. 'Neutral evil' applies more to some 'crime gangs' more.

'Lawful good' is very rare and only. Chaotic or neutral good are the most common forms of 'good guys'.

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