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Does anyone else play this cesspool of suffering and misery? I think I just want to see the promised grand new update and then abandon this game for good.
Picrelated another normal battle in ground forces.


Is it that bad? I thought it was fun


I have close to 700 hours, most in air, and my experience is as follows:
air ab: most of the times I get 9 or more kills in a match more or less effortlessly, but it's mindless and gets dull since maps with a varied and interesting airspace like the top of the world are rare and it's just a game of whose team climbs and proceeds to spawnrape.
air rb: 5 minutes of dead air air and being strafed by premium planes and us/germany superprops that can climb faster and are better than you at most things. Wanted to fly oddball vehicles like j7w that are supposed to excel at top speed and climb? Fuck you, eat shit.
top tier jet air ab: nobody plays it, japan suffers from no lineup
top tier jet air rb: suffer because you don't have sidewinders and are stock, then suffer because you unlocked a plane that became a bottom tier years ago like t2.
ground ab: die instantly whenever you peek out because everyone sees everyone at all time and the guns are instantly pointed at you. the crosshair makes the experience an exercise in mouseclick, and they likely know better spots to camp than you.
ground rb: drive around aimlessly for minutes, still die whenever you so much as peek out because every other tryhard with thousands of hours that there is (literally every player) plays at ultra low quality (graphics mode that removes a lot of visual obstacles, giving an advantage), is expert at compensating for drop and knows all the map. I got to t-34-85 d-5t and run a lineup with this and asu-57. I literally shot german tanks and td's 4-5 times at 500 meters and they didn't get a scratch, while they so much as plinked at me and i'm toast.
Overall this game is 1 mediocre match and 10 absolutely depressing soul crushing matches that make you question your proficiency at life itself. I'm not even bad, I frequently get 1st or 2nd place at titanfall 2. But it's the only game where I can drive and fly historical vehicles without buying a flightstick and shilling out a fortune for a single plane.


File: 1608528189094.jpg ( 291.83 KB , 1280x858 , 4ycif.jpg )

1053 hours here.
It is the illusion of fun, a few interesting moments and the hope of having more of them disguised in ever-present drudgery. I've been thirty months "dry", and while I'm occasionally tempted, I think I'll keep on pushing this record.

For every funny video or memory I meet, I keep reminding me of how the game has gone downhill. While (some) game mechanics have improved and the game has grown, the economy and scope have gone god-knows-where. It's become an addiction-machine, which makes life unbearable so that you'll pay up for premium, but not horrible enough for you to actually leave. At the same time they spam out new updates and content without actually addressing core issues or bugs. (Don't ask for details, I can't remember anymore, nor do I want to) I mean, since I've left, they've added Tier 6? And even helicopters? Boats? It's all a fucking distraction. It was already back then, but now? Holy fuck. And having been aware of this since almost the beginning, I made a vow to never give them a single dime. But…
Grind, grind, grind, grind. What I wrote above, combined with the fact that my tech-tree ambitions kept getting cucked by insane XP-requirements set at hundreds of (good) games in utterly hopeless vehicles (in Realistic, several hundred hours) which require themselves a dozen or so games to unlock upgrades to make them barely bearable, was what finally got me out. I came to think that, if I'm never gonna see any of the content past that point (without bribing those nickel-and-dimeing bastards), the rest of the tree didn't practically speaking exist, and I had basically already seen everything there was to see. So why suffer?

I'm not going back to that. Not because of cool vehicles, not because I miss my nice customizations, not because of those fond wing-clipping memories in the I-301. No, no, no. I'm not going back to that.
I've made up my mind.


File: 1608528189228.png ( 28.78 KB , 500x461 , i_hug_that_feel.png )

It really is a more widespread feeling than we even like to admit ourselves. I too keep leaving for months and went back again few days ago. It just makes you miserable with little payoff.


Ehem… well that was illuminating. Thanks for the comprehensive reply


Well, I've promised myself that if I won't get an enjoyable match in 3 games on a KV-1 (ZiS-5) i'm uninstalling. What do you know, gg. Some things need to be let go for good.


How similar is it to World of Tanks? I played that piece of shit for way more than I ever needed. Grinded all the way to the IS-3 until calling it quit. always hoping that, perhaps, the next tank will be in any way fun to play, but they never were. The guy who thought it was fun to fight tanks 2 tiers higher then yours needs to be shot.
Hilariously the only tank I found somewhat fun was the Bong tier 3 Valentine. Super accurate, fast firing low damage rounds are great.


It doesn't have an hp system, instead it's closer to reality with crew, modules like engine, ammo racks, transmission etc which have their own durability and so long as a shell pierces the armor any tank can be one shot. It doesn't have the accuracy circle or arty. But the addiction process and frustration are pretty much the same, so it's not worth it if you hate the general system of wot. I guess there just can't be a good tank game.

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