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File: 1610733518656.webm ( 8.1 MB , 360x447 , Descent-Europa-CO2-mine.webm )


A game music thread with a twist. It occurs to me that I don't encounter music like this too often in games, but it's really cool when it's done well. Looking for vidya music that creates a sense of dread and uneasiness, that stresses the player out and adds to the tenseness of a particular level or area in which it plays.
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One more for good measure






doesn't all music have a combination of consonance and dissonance?


File: 1608528350787.png ( 135.72 KB , 1202x676 , utorrent.png )


post your torrents
i'll start
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File: 1610954889611.png ( 203.9 KB , 1333x745 , torrents.png )

playing phoenix point atm, technically not great but fun overall


File: 1611686426250.png ( 86.48 KB , 941x593 , Screenshot 2021-01-26 2039….png )



Is turok still good? I used to play it when I was little and I had a really hard time with it, but I still enjoyed it. Turok 2 with all the cheats was ridiculously fun too. "oblivion is at hand" was the cheat I think.


what the fuck torrent search engines y'all use

i updated qbitorrent and now suddly no torrents are being found

i want to download all the DBXV2 dlcs


Share poster torrents plz

File: 1611894624507.jpg ( 97 KB , 1280x720 , yooka.jpg )


Yooka the chameleon and Laylee the bat are sunbathing and enjoying life's simple pleasures when their pristine afternoon is ruined by the capitalist expropriation of the One Book - a tome which contains the power to write history. It is expropriated from Yooka and Laylee by Dr Quack, the right hand man of the game's antagonist bourgeois bee, Capital B. This sets into motion the story that will lead Yooka and Laylee, who represent the peasants and workers respectively, to attempt to topple Capital B(ourgoisie).

The capitalist expropriation of their book leads our proletarian heroes to leave their pirate-ship home in search of their class enemy. The pirate ship suggests an unrealized anticapitalist conciousness in our heroes that exists before they are given the revolutionary impetus at the game's beginning. As our heroes approach the enemy's lair, Hivory Towers, they are exposed to the incredible environmental destruction caused by capital B in the search of profits. The entire landscape is covered in toxic waste. A result of the subordination of scientists like Dr. Quack to the will of the bourgeoisie.

Unlike most collect-a-thon games, Yooka Laylee does not feature coins or other capitalist fetishes as collectables. Instead, our heroes collect writing quills and pages - useful articles which represent the accumulation of knowledge and revolutionary theory by the proletariat to make possible their ultimate conflict with the bourgeoisie. The expansion of Yooka and Laylee's knowledge is greatly assisted by the strategic alliance with Trowzer Snake, who represents the petty bourgeoisie and it's historical origin in patriarchal property relations.

The symbolism in this game goes down to the details. For example, the 'corplet security' sentinal robot enemy is modled after Microsoft's Kinect camera. The studio that produced yooka laylee is staffed by former employees of Rare games, which was purchased by microsoft and forced to produce Kinect shovelware games, instead of artistically valuable ones.

Over all, I reccomend this game to all proletarian gamers.


>After their precious book, later revealed to be the magical "One Book", is sucked up by the evil Hivory Towers Corporation, Yooka and Laylee enter their headquarters to retrieve their property.
>Yooka and Laylee proceed to invite everyone from their grand adventure for a party at Shipwreck Creek, and Laylee decides to lock the book up in a safe so that it appreciates in value.




This is the kind of high quality analysis I payed a premyum membership for!

I will finally install it from epic free store

File: 1610670739819.jpg ( 264.02 KB , 1920x1006 , friendly-robot-as-002-the-….jpg )


Not a thread about a specific game as such but more a general concept - After Action Reports don't have a definite origin but they were popularized heavily by turn-based grand strategy games like the old Total War games, Civilization, some RTS games like Command and Conquer, and many tabletop games like Warhammer 40k.

The general premise is that you take the game session you played and turn it into a narrative experience meant to be read by people who hadn't experienced the campaign - stylized like a military document of sorts meant to relay the events during towards higher ups. However for this thread I think the definition should be expanded a bit to more encompass just any narrative retelling of a game experience, either single or multi-parted for any game that you think can manage it.
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Huh, Zomboid is 3d now?


yeah the beta build has almost everything 3D modeled now


File: 1610790482348-0.png ( 458.34 KB , 1178x640 , 2021،01،16-12:25:32.png )

File: 1610790482348-1.png ( 1.39 MB , 1920x1080 , cooking.png )

File: 1610790482348-2.png ( 1.29 MB , 1920x1080 , 2021،01،16-11:07:01.png )

File: 1610790482348-3.png ( 1004.73 KB , 1920x1080 , 2021،01،16-11:45:44.png )

File: 1610790482348-4.png ( 832.48 KB , 1920x1080 , 2021،01،16-11:46:44.png )

Agent Karl Survival Diary: Night #XX0

I went to loot a gas station known as the bone yard. As I walked in the hotel in search of food and supplies. I saw a graffiti saying "You're are in red territory". I stepped into the hotel. Slowly making my way in, so not alert anyone. As I searched through the rooms of the hotel, I saw a dead scavenger's corpse that is still warm. Someone killed him and they are not far away. I made my way through the dark alleyways of the hotel fighting mutated humans that throw acidic secretions, and mutated hounds.

After scavenging the whole hotel I decided to leave it and see if the restaurant still got some food in it. I jumped from the window of the hotel. Unfortunately there was a group of mutants guarding the front of the restaurant. After a nearing death several times, I finally made my way to the restaurant. It was mostly empty. I found two dead soldiers in the restaurant and a human head in a boiling pot.

Before leaving the gas station, I went to see the grocery store. It was locked. I went to search for a way to open the grocery store's door, I decided to double check the restaurant and saw a garage door leading to the back of the restaurant. After going through the door and exploring the closed area behind the restaurant, a group of mutants came out of no where. Fortunately I survived and found the card for the grocery store as well.

I went to open the doors of the grocery store and found the group of scavengers. Possibly the "red"s. After a fearsome fight, I was able to beat them. Turns out they were protecting a booze factory. I blew up the booze factory and opened a way for me to escape. There's no reason to stay here anymore.


what kind of total conversion is that btw?


Hideous destructor with Ashes 2063 sterilized. Along other mods like Ugly as sin for hunger and flashlights.

File: 1608527835124.jpg ( 28.09 KB , 460x215 , like1.jpg )


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Yeah but at least it's mentioned that right wing terrorists convention.


File: 1611186432970.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 372.49 KB , 1366x768 , thesnakethateatsitself.jpg )

I managed to get Cuba in the US sphere.
But at what cost? Everything.


she did basically this in 1996 but it worked out fine and is a good thing


>In 1996, along with the Cuban Ministries of Education (MINED), the Cuban National Center for Sex Education created a National Sex Education Program for Cuban schools to teach children about sex in terms of procreation and as a means of pleasure and holistic well-being, gender equality, sexual violence, and sexually transmitted infections.

>In 2008, the CENESEX and the National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People established May as an awareness month about LGBT issues, specifically homo- and trans-phobia. The month of May is turned into a month of awareness as well as festive activities centered around and planned by members of the LGBT+ community, and is centered around the annual International Day Against Homophobia on May 17. The National Commission for Comprehensive Attention to Transsexual People campaigns for effective AIDS prevention as well as recognition and acceptance of LGBT human rights.


One thing is raising awareness of sex ed and Lgbtq rights by a goverment office and other is going full retard being head of a ministy on parity and other radfem proposals.
Plus the game is done by some russian conservatives so their opinion is reflected on the game


File: 1611889409519.jpg ( 387.95 KB , 1366x768 , mari.jpg )

Looks like it was updated, I don't remember it this way.
It gave me a laugh nontheless.

File: 1611453040919.jpg ( 73.34 KB , 796x599 , nnnnnnoooooo.JPG )


>tfw another episode of shitcoin psychosis raises the price of GPUs
>tfw new console generation raises the price of GPUs
>tfw another wave of Trump tariffs raises the price of GPUs
>tfw even at MSRP card vendors have nearly doubled the price of an equivalent die through title inflation and gamerz are none the wiser
>tfw you offloaded all your shitcoins mined in the 2017 bubble RIGHT BEFORE the second bout of shitcoin psychosis

Seriously, how can a gamer gurl actually afford to game these days? My 2013 card is still wheezing forward, I have a huge stack of games that I want to play but can't run.
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>video games are reserved for social interactions
this is why you hate vidya btw


nothing is worse for videogames than the tedious metagaming of global multiplayer


Multiplayer is the truly boring trash, imagine playing the same game for 2000 hours just to chase meaningless ranking or whatever


Getting better is the reward, not dumb medal pixels.


>how can a gamer gurl actually afford to game these days?

File: 1608528167547.jpg ( 128.48 KB , 800x800 , war thunder.jpg )


Hello everyone, after some serious temptation due to watching various militaria channels for some months I think I'm gonna finally jump on the bandwagon and try WT/WoT. Does anyone have experience with these kind of games? How badly exactly am I gonna get fucked by premium/longtime players?

I did some searches and it seems most people agree that WT is much more realistic and simulator-y than WoT which is good cause I'd like to try realism. So, that's the one I'm downloading right now, but does anyone else have a different opinion on it?

In addition, I know there's probably a huge amount of affiliate new member deals out there but does anyone know what one is the best I can use currently, ideally linked to a good YT channel that deserves it? If not I can just search for it but hey.

General advice for getting started (or why I shouldn't)?
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related >>6080


I'm curious, if the USSR was still around, assuming it would still exist, how different would WoT be? (Considering it was made in Belarus)


Assuming that it gets created in the first place, nothing much TBH.




That's just like, your opinion man. I would totally play WT if it wasn't free to play exploitation where the pace of progression is intentionally glacial to give you a 'sense of pride and accomplishment'.

File: 1608527584362.jpg ( 176.8 KB , 615x600 , folder.jpg )


share classics, discuss what soundchip/soundfont/synth/whatever the fuck is the best, worship Shinji Hosoe

tracker/demoscene/chiptune stuff is welcome too

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File: 1608527587842.jpg ( 6.98 KB , 330x220 , 330px-MT_32.jpg )


I got an obsession with DOS games and soundcards of that era. Why don't we hear about them more often? Theses OSTs were totally different than japanese ones for consoles at the same time, because of the technology but also in the composition.
The MT-32 is my dream machine, I currently own a SC-88 that I used for Touhou and it was… something.


I don't know why the music of that game is so nostalgic to me. Even more than other N64 games




File: 1609455577817.png ( 44.08 KB , 1400x1050 , '・ω・).png )


How's that self-imposed challenge coming along, anon? You do challenge yourself… don't you?
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How do you manage to stay at level 3? I haven't palyed that game since I Was a little kid though


The Lucky Jewel guarantees the double-or-nothing minigame at the end of a battle. If you lose it you get nothing at all. It can be the coins or experience variant though, so there's an element of frustrating randomness. Later you can buy the lucky Hammer in Seaside Town after beating Yaridovich, which does the same thing but has infinite use.


Is that really an exploit though as opposed to just how the game works?


Whatever it is, it's repetitive and annoying to do constantly when you're trying to be the best.


File: 1611356634354.webm ( 3.7 MB , 240x320 , sandlobstercannon1.webm )

A clip mostly for my own benefit. How to get that heckin fairy from the first big cannon in stage six by blowing it up early. Really tricky when it's only on screen for a few seconds!

File: 1608527512520.webm ( 2.96 MB , 1280x720 , whyboner.webm )


Why did this make my PP hard tho?
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File: 1608527513606.webm ( 2.64 MB , 1416x590 , avp.webm )

better quality


nice cock


Ah, this was the moment it happened.
Ever since it's been inflation, belly stuff, force feeding, cum inflation, oviposition, preggo, etc.
Yup, that was an awkward boner.
Embrace it.



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