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Just played the first 30 mins or so, I guess I made my own bed by buying this game as one of apparently the few people that liked 'action Resident Evil', which this is I guess a repudiation of, but it's the most hackneyed cliche shit. Wandering around a boring shithole at a snail's pace with random noises that you know won't mean anything, seeing generic gross/creepy things, then characters disappearing into nothingness the second you look away at a speed that you KNOW is impossible and is just utter cliche horror shit, everything is paint by the numbers utterly. And yeah, 'it's scary', I guess so, but I also expected a game, not just the game equivalent of a trashy horror flick. Clearly I shouldn't have bought this game but I feel I was misled by the hordes of people saying how amazing this is.


the reviews are probably fake, you got got


Resident Evil 4 remains the only good mainline Resident Evil game, and even it is not without its problems.


Pft, this game was good OP. You just don't understand how to enjoy shit like this because you are a cynical jaded zoomer faggot.


Fuck off, I was born in the early 90s, I just felt like I was watching one of those shitty jumpscare horror movies where the trailer is 'LOOK AT HOW WE MADE THE AUDIENCE JUMP!!!'


File: 1612324663171.jpg ( 24.8 KB , 540x534 , awryt899.jpg )

What more do you want from RE? The whole game is about suspense which I thought the game pulls off masterfully. I think the voice acting is corny, but, fitting. RE1 was extremely corny. It's not just the jumpscares but the whole ambience of an RE game is about building suspense. You probably went into the game with this shitty attitude and here you are. I thought the game was wonderful and much better than the faggotry that was everything after re4


yeah the beginning of the game is shit. once you get past the second boss it becomes fun though.

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