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what's the most based faction?


None. The game got pretty much ruined by free to play elements.


if you know an alternative in the genre I'd love to hear about it


>TR is a militarized force which puts "order" and "loyalty" first
>NC is a rebel faction for "freedom", but was formed by corporations and is supplied by them
>VS is a technocratic cult of fanatics, but also wish to radically change the present
All of the factions seem like good choices, but all of them have major off-putting elements, too. Back in the day I chose NC, but after years of not touching the game I'm no longer sure.


>>6438 (me)
Yeah, part of the reason I chose NC was also because I thought it'd be easier to reflexively associate the colour blue with friendlies, and quickly recognize anything red and purple as hostile. After all, the HUD only tags units with the faction colour and not the common blue-and-red or green-and-red for friend and foe.


Chose NC because space ancaps guns make bigger bang


I like big boolit


NC is for playing. VS is for stanning. Only cops play TR.


VS for the transhuman-post-scarcity-space-communist future




bumping dead thread but I play TR. need to brush up on the lore tho.


File: 1612373749477.jpg ( 331.42 KB , 1466x1047 , F6nRswL.jpg )

Started playing again, feels like I'm missing out on the outfit stuff, anybody playing?


we allready have >>6435
right now this board is kinda dead, you've got to get more people from leftypol.


>right now this board is kinda dead
Well it's not going to improve with that attitude.


Merged but it went to the bottom, so I'mma bump it.

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